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(updated October 19, 2014)

2005 Archives
Jan 20

Website: You might have notice some changes, as I completed my new Home Page today. I hope that you all like the new look. (I just love my little weather addition!) After having the basically the same look since my site went online, it was time for a major change. My entire website is in the process of being redone, but that's going to take a while yet.

Medical: Next Monday, Jan 24th, I have to go back to the medical center for yet another operation (sigh). This is just minor surgery, and involves two procedures, which are both follow ups from two of the surgeries that I had last year. The whole thing is expected to take about four hours, and I'll be awake the entire time (oh joy). I'm supposed to be able to go home the same day. Hopefully this my last surgery for a long while, as this will be my fifth operation in the last 20 months. I really would like to be done with all this so that I can get on with my life.

Feb 05

Website: Made a few minor changes to my home page. I also just put my newly redone Avatar Page online.

Medical: My latest surgery (Jan 24th) went very well. There were a few minor complications (which were overcome) and it was more involved and much more painful than I had anticipated, so it was a very long 4 hours (I had to remain awake the entire time). So I'm currently recovering and aren't allowed to do any real physical activity for at least another week or so. I'm still pretty sore, so it's not like I feel like doing that much just yet. But I am finally able to sleep reasonably well, after a really bad first week. I go back to have the rest of my bandages and all my stitches removed (ouch!) on this coming Wednesday (some of my bandages were removed last Saturday.)

Feb 19

Website: I just put my newly redone Morrowind Journal Index Page online.  The rest of my Journal will eventually be redone in this format.

Medical: My latest surgery was Jan 24th, and involved a couple of procedures, and lasted  4 hours (I had to remain awake the entire time).   I'm still currently recovering and my surgeon won't allowed to do any real physical activity for another couple of weeks.  I was hoping to be more recovered by now, but I'm still pretty sore.  But I am finally able to sleep again, after having the rest of my bandages and all my stitches removed just over a week ago.  I can now at least get out some and take short walks.  And I've got approval to try some short periods of xc skiing, as soon as I'm feeling up to it.  

Feb 21 Website: My new updated Morrowind Intro Page is now online, with the new format.
Feb 28

Website: The first 9 chapters of my Morrowind Journal have been redone to match this format. Also my MW Intro Page and my MW Journal Index Page have both been redone.

Medical: My healing from my latest surgery (Jan 24) is going very well. Last Tuesday (2/22) I was able to xc ski again for the first time. I started out taking it really easy, but felt so good that I ended up doing 10K. Two days later I skied for 4 hours and did 18K. It's so good to be active again!

May 18 Website: I'm working on a new Kayaking Page, which is online, but is still very incomplete at this point.  And I really need to spend some time getting things updated here.

Medical: Earlier this month I had a follow up for my Jan. operation.  One of my procedures appears to have been completely successful, but the other one didn't seem to improve this much.  Oh well.   My surgeon wants to examine me again in three months.  Hopefully it's just too early to tell yet.

College: It been a long process, but I just found out today that I have been accepted in the program that I applied to!   Less than three years ago it didn't seem likely that I would ever be going to college, so this is pretty amazing.  I'm going to be taking a course there this summer, just to get adjusted to the school.  And then I'll be a full time student starting this fall.  I'm both excited and a bit scared.

Jul 28

Website: I know . . . I'm way behind in updating things again. But I have a really good excuse this time . . . honest. The thing is that I now have a new computer (a really cool laptop ... which I love). So now I'm running Win XP, and my website software would only work for Win98 ! Sooo I had to upgrade to the new version. The next problem is that the upgrade was sort of expensive ... and with college expenses, the ridiculous price of gas, and buying a new computer (on credit), and concert tickets, my funds were really, really low (as in the minus digits). So I had to wait until I could actually afford this software. Pretty good excuse, huh? Anyhoo . . . my new website software arrived in yesterday's mail and I stayed up late to install it and to FTP all my files from the server to my laptop. Now I'm trying to figure out how to run this program . . . but hey, I got this far. I will be doing a bunch of updating really soon . . . promise.

College: I completed my summer class in June. This was my very first college course, so I was a bit nervous. Plus I had to prove to myself (and to others) that I was actually ready for college. Well, I worked really hard, but I enjoyed my class, even though it was a bit intense (a full semester course in just 5 weeks!). And I did just fine . . . in fact, I ended up with the highest grade average in the class! I attended my freshmen Fall Orientation a couple of weeks ago, and registered for all my classes. Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to commute for at least my 1st semester, due to very limited dorm space. This is a real bummer, since my college is 90 miles away, which means that I'll be driving at least 3 hours every day that I have to be there. Fortunately I was able to get my classes arranged so that I only have to go three days a week (I only need to take four classes, since I took my fifth class this summer). Anyhoo, I'm sure that it will all work out. Right now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my summer. :)

Aug 29

Website: I still need to update more of the site. I have updated more of my MW Journal to the newer format.

College:  Woohoo! . . . I have a dorm room! My "very slight chance" at getting into a dorm room actually worked out. What happened was that the international block (rooms reserved for international students) didn't need two female spaces. And I was given one of those spots. I just found out last Friday, and I move in next Monday afternoon (Sept 5th), so I've been going a bit nuts trying to get all my stuff together, and shopping for stuff that I needed, but didn't have. And rescheduling (or relocating) all my appointments for the next month or so. Today, with the help of my advisor, I added a 5th class. I just figured that I should take a full course load, now that I won't have to make the three hour drive every day. I also had to find a way to finance my room and board. On Wednesday I have to drive down to my college for another meeting with the head of Disability Services, pick up the rest of my textbooks, and straighten out my finances. 

Oct 11

Website: Still too busy to keep up with things.

College:  As you can tell by my lack of updates lately, college is keeping me very busy. I have a pretty full course load, which, along with just adjusting to being in college, and living on campus, was nearly too much for the first week or so. Being a full time college student can really be a bit overwhelming at first! By the start of my second week I had adjusted pretty well. Then I went and complicated things by trying out for volleyball. And I made the team! So my already busy life was even busier.  But I felt like I needed some real physical activity, and the team needed a 6th player. Unfortunately I didnít realize that playing volleyball would be so painful! We had four 3-hour practices during my first week. I've never really played volleyball before, so after 12 hours of practice my arms were covered with bruises. And my ankles swelled up, until my skinny ankles became fat. I was sooo sore! Our fall season just ended last Saturday. We had a really good team (I was by far the worse player), and finished out the season with 7 wins, out of 9 games. And came in 2nd in Saturdayís tournament.

Nov 26 Website: Completely redid my Girl Gamer page, as it needed it badly - I still have some more stuff to add, but I wanted to get what I have completed online.  I also redid my MW Mods page to match my other updated Morrowind Journal pages.

College:  Currently home for a 4 day Thanksgiving break.  Only four more weeks left in this semester, so things are getting a bit crazy - as we all gear up for finals. I recently became a member of the Student Senate, and am on the Student Concerns Committee.  I just can't seem to do anything without getting totally involved.

2006 Archives
Apr 11 College: I've been really busy in college - it's been a tough semester!

Medical: I have to have some minor eye surgery tomorrow (just getting zapped with a laser), but I have been doing a lot of work on this site (it's just not obvious on this page)

Website: I needed more space and finally found some.  I just moved all my Morrowind pages and images there, and have been trying to get the rest of my old pages updated to this format. (Now updated  through chapter 26, Avatar page, and MW-Tips page.)   But the biggest news is that Oblivion was finally released last month - to very mixed reviews from Morrowind fans.  I have some major issues with the game, but I'm hoping that these are fixable.  Anyhoo I decided to start an Oblivion Journal, as a sequel to my Morrowind Journal.  The Intro page went online a couple of days ago, and I just posted Chapter one today.

May 16

College: My last final was on Thursday, so now I'm back home for the summer.  Now I just need to catch up on my sleep for a bout a week. 

Medical: My eye surgery went very well and looks to have been successful - I should know more by the end of the month, when I have my next checkup.

Website: I have started  working on my Oblivion Journal again - updated the Intro page and added a couple of new pages on tips, tweaks, and MODs.  I finally have the game running well on my computer, and am about to start the game over again from the beginning - this time with some MODs that will hopefully fix most of the issues that I have with the released version.

Jun 08

College: I made it through my first year!  Now I'm back home until fall.  This summer I'm working on all the Freshmen Orientations at my college - giving tours of the campus to all the new paralegal and criminal justice majors (part of my duties as the Secretary of the Student Senate).

Kayaking: (I really need to update that page!)  I went out for an evening paddle a couple of days ago and got to watch a bald eagle catch a large fish out on the lake, then I follow him and saw where he landed in a big pine tree, where he ate his dinner.  My friend and I floated right below him for about 20 minutes - what an awesome sight!

Medical: Currently everything is fine.  My eye exam last month had promising results - my next eye exam isn't until fall.

Website: I posted Chapter 6 of my Oblivion Journal this morning and just updated my MODs Page as well.  A few weeks ago I started the game over again from the beginning - this time with a bunch of mods that have fixed most of the issues that I had with the released version of Oblivion.  My journal is both a fantasy story and sort of a role-playing guide to the game.

2007 Archives
Jan 07

College: I'm currently on break, between semesters . . . for one more week.  College life has me insanely busy, and the new campus network with its firewall makes it impossible for me to update my web pages.

Which is why that I just started my own blog . . . which I should be able to keep updated, even while I'm at college.  Here's the link to my blog: Arwen's Realm

Now Iím finally home between semesters, but still not having much free time, as I always have to use my breaks to catch up on doctor appointments. Iím also about to start my internship and spent last Wednesday at sort of an orientation (which was a bit scary for me).  Plus Iím planning on going on for my BA, after my spring graduation, which means transferring to another college (somewhere) next year. So Iím trying to figure out where to go right now.  My college nominated me for two national scholarships, so I have to do all sorts of paperwork and write several essays on my supposed break.

Recreation: Like none, since it's too cold for kayaking, but too warm this winter to have any snow . . . even in northern NH . . . so no XC skiing this break.  This is serious bummer, because I was sooo looking forward to getting in some good long workouts.  Oh well, there's always the gym at college.  So when are we going to actually wake up and try to do something about global warming?

Medical: Currently everything is mostly fine.  Tomorrow I do have to make a trip down to my favorite  medical center again . . . but just for one of my semi-annual checkups.

May 18 College: Today I received my Associate's degree!  And I've just been accepted into a University (RWU) - and they awarded me a two-year scholarship!  So I'm going for my BA (actually I'm going to be doing a double major).

College: It's taken me a couple of months, but I've finally got everything together for attending college next month - the hardest part has been finances (or rather, my lack of), but I just receive a huge grant, so I can actually afford to go now!  This has been sooo stressful!

Medical: Currently everything is mostly fine.  I made my semi-annual trip down to my favorite  medical center again . . . but just for one of my  checkups.


Website: I finally updated my Oblivion Journal intro page, which was way overdue.

Sep 03

Website: I spent some yesterday getting some of my Oblivion Journal's MODs Page updated. It's a very slow process, because I have to make sure that I'm posting the latest version - as well as locating all the download links.  I also just added a MOD Load Order Page, which lists all the mods that I'm currently using (that have esp's or esm's) in the order that I'm loading them.

College: I made it through my first week at my new university.  And, just to complicate my life a bit further, I decided to try out for my university's sailing team - and am now sort of a member (new members have to prove themselves for a couple of weeks).

Sep 30

Website: This month I completely updated my  Oblivion Journal's MODs Page to reflect the MODS that I'm currently using in my game.  I still need to add a few of the newer MODs that I'm using.  I also have rewritten my Oblivion Journal through Chapter 10 - to match my current game (and the current MODs)

College: Things are going well, although I'm having trouble keeping up with my class assignments.  Taking 5 courses, that all require a lot of reading and writing is perhaps more than I should have taken on (due to my language issues).  The good news is that I'm officially a member of the sailing team!  I'm the most inexperienced member (I never even sailed until this semester), but I'm slowly getting better.

Oct 07 Website: After many hours of work, my entire website is Finally on one site, which should improve loading times and will make it easier to update.  I also updated a bunch of my pages, so you might notice some changes.
Dec 02 Website: I've just made same rather cool additions to my site (well, I think they are neat) - please send me an email and let me know what you think. I now have a chat box, that even lets you know when I'm online to chat with you.  There a new video section, plus my own first attempt at making an in-game video, that I named Oblivion Nightfall is now available to view.  My Oblivion Journal now has 14 Chapters, which are all new since August 2007.

College: The semester is nearly over, which means I'm very busy.  Only one more week of classes and then finals week (groan). I have five major papers due (one/class) - 2 are totally done, 2 are nearly complete, and the last one is barely started.  (I sooo need a break)
Dec 18 Website: I just completed a few minor changes on my website.  My Oblivion Journal now has 15 Chapters.  I also just updated my Girl Gamer page.

College: My fall semester is now over, which means I'm very on winter break, and finally catching up on my sleep, and getting in some great xc-skiing at home.  The last two weeks of school was very exhausting, as I was getting by on only about 4 hours of sleep each night (and some nights I got no where new that much).
2008 Archives
Jan 29

Website: I just updated my Kayak Page (even though it is still mid winter).

College: I moved back into my dorm on Jan. 22, so I'm now in the second week of my spring semester.

Mar 05 College and Medical: On Valentines Day I took a really bad fall during my morning team workout and was rushed to Newport Hospital by ambulance. It turned out that I broke my femur at my hip joint and had to have surgery. I now have 3 metal pins holding me together, and am going to be on crutches for most of this semester - so no sailing for me, although I'm still attending meeting and helping out when I can.
Apr 05

Website: Goodness, it's been a month since I've updated this site. But I did finally do a major update of most of my pages today (pretty much everything but my Morrowind Journal).

College/Medical: I saw my surgeon on the 1st, and he told me that I'm healing very well, but also that I'm going to have to remain on crutches until at least the end of April, and I won't be able to sail competitively until next fall. I'm getting really tired of my crutches, but they do enable me to get around my campus - even if everything seems 4 times as far now. Crutching around with 30 pounds of books in my pack is a bit of a workout, but it's just not the same as working out with my sailing team or competing. There's only another month till classes end this semester, which means that I'm constantly overloaded with all my school work. And then I get to face finals for a week.

Aug 08 Website: Sorry for not updating this page (my updates have been just posted in my Oblivion Journal this summer - I'll try to keep this page better updated in the future). Anyhoo, here's a really brief summary of what's been happening lately:

Medical: I really hate to sound like I'm complaining, but the truth is that I've had a rather difficult summer - in fact, the only real traveling I've done (other than my trip home from college ) has been my repeated drives down to my medical center over the summer. I was really hoping to have a more enjoyable summer, but it just didn't work out this year. I have been able to do a fair amount of kayaking, but doing so has been quite painful, as I'm still not totally recovered from my fractured femur.  I'm also being treated for a frozen shoulder (from being on crutches for so long and from the 30 pounds of textbooks that I hauled around on my back). And then I had three biopsies for skin cancer in July - which all came back positive (major bummer). The good news is that I have Basil Cell cancer, which is very treatable, through minor surgery. I had surgery for two areas last week and had my final surgery today. So now I just have to heal (and accept the fact that I now have 3 more scars to add to my collection.

Dec 21 Website and College: I haven't done very well at all at keeping things updated here. It just turned out to be my most difficult semester ever, so I had to stay totally concentrated on my academics and on sailing (my team is currently #3 in North America). Now that I'm home for a few weeks, I plan on updating a bunch of stuff here.
2009 Archives
Mar 02

Websites: Ok so my plans to add a bunch of stuff here (while I was on winter break) didn't exactly happen.  But I haven't have nearly as much free time as I was hoping.  Basically my life has become crazy busy and I had to do so much writing in all of my classes, that I get headaches from trying to force my brain to do what is too difficult. So, when I do actually have some free time, the last thing I want to do is spend more time writing.  I know, it's a pretty lame excuse.  And I do  really want to keep my websites updated.

Medical: Anyhoo things are going pretty well overall.  I'm like 90% healed from my injury now.  I had to have a minor operation just before Thanksgiving, to have the 3 long metal pins removed - which set me back a bit.  But now I'm doing much better and am running 5K a couple of times a week, at well under 30 minutes . . . which isn't bad.

College: Ok, so even though it is still very much winter here . . . our team has actually begun sailing again (we returned to the bay on February 28th) - which is not nearly as fun as when it is warm out (the air and the water are currently not much above freezing).  And I'm in my toughest semester ever (thank goodness this is my last one!) - as a double major, I have to do two thesis - plus major research papers in two of my other classes, plus I have a 5th class that is also all reading and writing.  (Which reminds me, I have tow papers due tomorrow, and my first class is at 8 am, so I have to hit the books really soon.)

Websites: I'm doing yet another rewrite of my Oblivion Journal  - in my completely redesigned website (eventually I'll redo my entire site in my new format). My problem is that never have enough time to get very far, and when I do have some free time, I end up installing a bunch of new mods, and then restart my game.  Then my game doesn't play out the same at all, so I have to start rewriting everything yet again.  Ok, so here I am whining about not having enough free time, and get what I do?  I get involved in another RPG, and add a whole new section to my website.  By "involvement" so far has only been in ordering Fallout3, and in getting my website ready for it.  My Fallout3 Journal is now online, even though I haven't started playing the game yet.  Mostly this is just my way of getting this journal organized for any future mods that I'll be adding.  But I have started collecting mods already, and my Future Fallout Mods list is now online (with download links). 

Mar 23

Websites: Over the past month or so I've updated my website to match this new format.  The following sections are now completed: New Archives, My Avatar, and my Girl Gamer page.

My Fallout3 Journal has now expanded to cover nine pages; most of which are devoted to mods.  I now have all 30 plus of the mods that I'm using posted in my recommended Fallout 3 mods list, along with my new mod load order guide, and a Fallout 3 tips page.  So there's now a lot of information available on this site.

College: Spring break ended yesterday, so I was back in my classes today.  The final push is on (I graduate exactly 2 months from today), so we're all busier than ever.  The library was full today and it was a bit of a challenge to be able to find a free computer there to work on.

June 11 I've only been back home for a few weeks (after graduating from my university), and my life has been sort of unsettled, so I've only been out kayaking a few times - paddling only about 25 miles so far. Part of the problem has been that it has been a really rainy and cool spring, so it has been difficult to get people interested in paddling (plus my weekends have been rather full with other things) - hopefully the weather will improve soon and I'll be able spend more time on the water.
Jun 15

Websites: My Fallout3 Journal has now expanded to cover 16 pages; most of which are devoted to mods, but it also includes my new Fallout3 fantasy story, the Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.  The first four chapters are now online.

I also just updated the following: Oblivion Journal - on June 9th; My Avatar Page - on June 11th; Kayak Page - on June 11th; White Mountains - on June 11th; My Hiking Page - on June 12th; Girl Gamer - on June 11th

College: I graduated on May 23, after completing a double major at my university.  In the first week of June my sailing team competed in the Nationals, taking 6th place.  Now I just need to figure out what to do next.  I'm currently back home, working though a state agency, in hopes of finding employment.

July 14

Websites: Nearly all my efforts over the past month has been focused on My Fallout3 Journal. I hate the fact that I've been neglecting the rest of my site so much lately, but I am capable of only focusing on one thing at at time . . . and this is particularly true when it involves any amount of writing . . . and it is also true with my game play.  The big news (for me) is that I've actually been creating my own FO3 mods - and have released 4 of my mods in the past few weeks:
Gore No More  - removes most of the excessive gore from the game.
Less Blood - reduces the amount of excessive blood displayed in the game, while improving the decals.
Arwen's Tweaks - many small changes that make game play much more realistic and more challenging (includes changes to VATS).
Arwen's XPR - takes you roughly 3 times longer to level up, with more emphasis on rewards for the RPG aspects and less for killing.

Sept 23

Websites: I just changed over to a higher priced hosting package, which should now allow me to keep my site online for the entire month. My website is now averaging 3000 hits per day, which is 4 times the amount of traffic it was getting just a year ago (69,000 hits so far this month). I'm thrilled about this, but success comes with a price, as I was exceeding my monthly allotted bandwidth (which meant that my site would be unavailable during the last week of each month).

My Fallout3 Journal has now expanded to cover 20 pages.  I just released my latest update to my FO3 Realism Tweaks, which now contains 7 modules.

I was been so busy modding all summer that I did not have any time to really play FO3 (or Oblivion), but I'm hoping to get back into playing FO3, so that I can add some new chapters to my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer

Sept 28

Websites: updated my Bio Page last night: Now in an easier to read format on a single page.

Dec 11

My computer is currently vacationing in sunny California (being repaired) and I'm home in NH shoveling my driveway in 17 degree weather, trying to function without it.  A word of advice: BACKUP . . . and do it often!  It's been a real pain recreating a bunch of stuff that, had I been smart, would have been a very simple restore.

Fortunately my best friend is letting me use her computer, but trying to share one computer is not at all easy for me.  To make things worse, her computer is not really fast enough to run Fallout 3 or Oblivion.  So I can't even complete the latest update of my FO3 Realism Tweaks mod.

But I have succeeded in transferring all my website files over to this computer, so I will be able keep this website somewhat updated while my computer is away.

2010 Archives
Jan 16 My computer arrived back home on Christmas Eve, while I was away for the holidays, but I had it up and running by Dec 28th.

Since then I've been totally focused on completing v.3.2 of my Realism Tweaks, which was finally released on Jan 6th.  Version 3.2 was a major update (my biggest yet!).  And I just released v.3.3 yesterday.  I'm going to taking a break from modding, but will continue to release minor updates for my current mods.  I just began a new Fallout 3 game . . . am I'll finally back to writing my "Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer" again.

Feb 8 My computer is acting up yet again . . . this time my graphics card decided to die at the end of the month.  A new one arrived last week . . . but it was apparently defective, as it wouldn't run at all. So now I'm running my computer on an old borrowed card . . . which means no graphic intensive games until my new card arrives (hopefully sometime tomorrow).

But I have not been idle . . . in the past few weeks I have totally redone my Morrowind Journal . . . including adding a final chapter (the end of the main quest . . . finally!).

Mar 29 My computer is all better, and my games are running better than ever, thanks to my new GeForce card (a GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked 896MB).  I'm still working on my Fallout 3 mods (primarily on updating my Realism Tweaks).

I received Mass Effect 1& 2 for my birthday (in the end of February), and took a couple of weeks off from Fallout 3 to blast my way through both games (I actually found that I enjoyed ME1 more than ME2).

May 15 Sorry for not posting any news posts for like a month and a half. I really have been doing stuff . . . but not all that much has been news worthy. 

Mostly I've just been working on my Fallout 3 site, and updating my Realism Tweaks (I just released version 4.4 on Friday).

And I finally released Chapter 5 of my "Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer."  I'm now slowly writing Chapter 6, but I need to put in some more time playing my game (instead of spending so much time play testing my mod).

2011 Archives
Feb 9 Ok, so I've like totally neglected to update my home page for . . . like ever! Sorry. I really do mean to keep this page updated, but it just falls through my memory cracks . . . so it just sits here, with the same old stuff for months, until I happen to notice that I've neglected it yet again (but when I do notice it, I generally don't have the time to do anything about it).

Well, I've been very busy since my last update. I'm now creating an overhaul mod for Fallout New Vegas (my NV Realism Tweaks), while still releasing updates for my Fallout 3 Realism Tweaks.  Plus I'm trying to keep up with my support for both (by answering tons of email, pms, and forum posts).  My Realism Tweaks have become much more popular than I ever would have imagined . . . which is great.  The only problem is that I'm spending so much time working on my two overhauls that I have like no time to play my own Fallout games.  90% of my own game time is spent play testing my latest changes.  So besides this home page being neglected, my fantasy stories have not had new chapters added for ages!

So here's my plan: I'm going to try to complete my New Vegas Tweaks in the next few weeks (and release another major overhaul to my FO3 Tweaks).  And then I'll see if I can get back into actually playing my own games . . . at which time I'll start adding new chapters to my fantasy stories again. 

So I'll (hopefully) keep you posted here every week or so on how my plan is working out.

June 3 So much for keeping up with things here. Anyhoo, I do mean well . . . I just cannot possibly keep up with all that I want/need to do in my life . . . so some things tend to fall off my radar, unless they are near the top of my to do list.  I'm going to try to do better.

And, in case you didn't notice, I have recently made a LOT of changes here.  There's now a brand new Skyrim Journal, and most of my website has now been update with my new Skyrim theme.  And I updated this page's content as well . . . and even update my video section.

June 16 Version 2.3 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released very late last night. I'm now slowing adding other mods to my own game, and to my FNV mod list.  I'm also working on trying to complete version 5.6 of my Fallout 3 Tweaks, which should hopefully be released in a few days. I recently updated my Skyrim Journal, mostly with some additions to my Concerns section, including my Post E3 gameplay demo impressions.
July 29 Since you found your way here, you likely noticed that I moved my entire website to a new host.  I was exceeding my monthly bandwidth with my previous host, which often resulted in my site being suspended for the last few days of the month.  When this happened just after mid way through July, I figured that it was time to do something (and my older hosted site was up for renewal in mid August).

My new hosted site is quite a bit faster and I now have unlimited monthly bandwidth. So I'll be able to expand my site and will even be able to add large file downloads.  But my monthly hosting fees are quite a bit higher. So, for the first time ever (in the 9 years that my site has been online), I have added a PayPal donation button to the bottom on my pages.

I released version 2.4 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks this past week.  I'm hoping that this version will be my last Major update.  But I'll still likely continue to release minor updates.

Dec 02 A LOT has happened in the past few months (since this page was last updated):

1.) First of all I need to thank the two people who made such generous contributions to my website, which were very much appreciated (even though it took me a while to figure out how to accept PayPal contributions).  So THANK-YOU very much!

2.) I released the final versions of  my Fallout Realism Tweaks (for both FO3 and NV).  There may still be an occasional minor update, but my overhauls are essentially done.  I'm actually working on v.3.3 for my NV Tweaks (a minor update to improve a couple of things).  I'll also be releasing compatibility patches for most of the NV DLC (just as soon as I have the time to create them).

3.) Skyrim was released! And my Skyrim Journal is now my most active journal. When the Creation Kit is released in January, I'll begin work on my Skyrim Realism Tweaks.

4.) 2011 has been a very tough year financially. The year started off extremely well. Several years ago I had opened a CD (Certificate of Deposit) at my local bank that to be used to help pay for my college expenses.  I was very fortunate to receive several large scholarships and grants (I was actually recruited by RWU). So my degree ended up costing me MUCH less than I had expected.  Last year I withdrew enough from my CD to totally pay off my college loans. That's the good news.

5.) Then in February I needed medical treatment, which ended up wiping me out financially for most of the rest of the year. I still had my remaining CD funds, but a withdrawal before its renewal date comes with a large fine. My doctor let me pay off my medical expenses over 6 months (in very large payments) and my best friend loaned me enough money to get by, but I had like no money left for anything else.  I finally made my last payment to my doctor in the end of August and have just recently been able to repay my friend in full. So I'm no longer drowning in debt. Yeah!

6.) To celebrate, I finally ordered a brand new gaming computer yesterday (which was my CD renewal date).  This time I transferred some funds into my regular savings account (which was like totally empty), just in case I run into any unexpected expenses this coming year.

My new gaming computer is being custom built for me by a small company that specializes in gaming PCs. Wth a LOT of help from the owner, I picked out every single component (from the case to the memory), they order all the parts, assemble my PC, tweaks it and tests it (and fully guarantees it, along with free life time technical support).  The cost is actually way less than a similar PC from a large company (like Dell).  But a custom build like this takes a bit longer, so I won't have my new PC until sometime in January (hopefully by the first half of the month).

Dec 15 Version 3.3 of my Fallout NV Realism Tweaks was released late yesterday.  I also just updated my Girl Gamer page.
Dec 17 To get into the Christmas spirit (and to show my prayers for snow), I've added a new background image. Today, while out Christmas shopping, my best friend and I took a detour over to our favorite Nordic Center and bought our season passes, which are still a great deal this (the cost of a season pass is now less than paying for 8 day passes).  It has been such a mild fall, that they still don't have enough snow on trails to really ski yet, but we wanted to beat the Holiday rush (when the place will be packed).  Hopefully this will turn out to be another snowy with up here in the White Mountains . . . as our economy really relies on visitors coming up here to play (and pay) in the snow.
2012 Archives
Feb 22

First of all, I would like to thank the individuals who have been so generous in donating to this site since my last update.  Your gifts are currently the only way that I can afford to keep my website online . . . so they were VERY much appreciated

So far, 2012 has not been a very good year for me, I continue to be plagued by unexpected medical issues and the high bills that always accompany them (and I had really hoped to be able to catch up a bit this year).  I hate to complain, but I could really use a break.

My new gaming PC arrived on January 7th, which should have been really good news.  Unfortunately it was damaged during shipping (by a FedEx gorilla?), so I had to send it back for repairs.  The damage was pretty extensive: the SSD, motherboard, and one of the GPUs all have to be replaced.  The end of February is now just a week away, and I'm still waiting for my new PC.  This has been more than a little frustrating, and has left me in limbo with a lot of things, such as modding for Skyrim, since it doesn't make sense to install a bunch of things on my current PC, when I'll just have to reinstall everything when my new PC finally arrives (that was my rationale, but when I ordered my PC on December 1st, I expected to be using it way sooner than the end of February).

On top of that, despite my prayers for snow, this has been one of the most snowless winters I can remember.  The ground around my house has been white with a few inches of snow/ice mix for most the winter (when there should be a foot or two of base by now).  February is normally our snowiest month, by so far we've had maybe 2 inches total, and even that melted after a day or so of our latest unseasonably warm weather.  My yard is now covered by large bare spots. Fortunately the Nordic Ski Center is located right at the base of the mountains, where there has been a bit more snow.  X-C skiing hasn't be very good, but I have been able to find days when it wasn't bad.  So I have gotten out some . . . just not nearly enough.  So it has been a long, rather depressing winter so far.

The only real good news is that I was selected as a Beta Tester by Microsoft, for a new game that will be released at the end of this month (02/29/12).  My beta testing lasted from Jan 5th, until Feb 14th (and it was a lot of fun . . . which was something that I really needed during those weeks). I'm still bound by my Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) until Feb 29th, so I cannot release any information at all on this game until then.  But I will be adding a new section on this website, as I will be supporting this new game (which is not a RPG) with information, links, and my own tips.

Mar 15

My new gaming PC arrived again on March 1st (I had initially received it on January 7th, but had been damaged during shipping, so I sent it back to be repaired. Unfortunately it arrived damaged again!  I cannot believe my incredibly bad luck with my attempts at getting a new PC! And the damage was even worse this time.  The upper graphics card had been ripped out of its socket in the motherboard, and had bent the socket badly, nearly flattening the back side. This time I sent it back and asked for a full refund.  I give up!  For some unknown reason,  I'm just not meant to have a new PC right now.  So I guess I'll have to make due with my current PC until it dies.

The most snowless winter I can remember ended last weekend (even though Spring doesn't officially begin until March 21st).  The latest unseasonably warm weather resulted in the early closing of my Nordic Center (which normally stays open until at least the end of March), so I've put my cross-country skis away for the season. What a crummy winter this has been! Well, at least all this warm weather should mean that I'll be able to begin kayaking a few weeks earlier.  But I'll still have to wait for at least another couple of weeks, as the lake is still frozen over.

May 06

Computer Issues: PC quit on me on April 21st.  One of my hard drives died, and it was the drive that my Operating system was on.  It was fixed in just over a week, but I have to reinstall everything, so getting back up to speed has been a slow, painful process (as it had been a while since I had done a full backup, as I was planning to just move all my data over onto my new PC . . . and THAT never happen, since my new PC kept arriving in a non-working state. So my bad luck in 2012 continues (sigh).  I'm still working to reinstall everything, but it will be a while yet until I'll have my Fallout and Skyrim games (and mods) up and running again.  So any updates to those pages will likely not happen for a few more weeks.

Medical: So far this year's medical expenses have turned out to be less than I had expected (since there were no complications this time) . . . so financially, I'm much better off than last year (when I was totally broke for most of the year).  And, according to me endocrinologist . . . I'm very healthy ( I even gave blood this past week).  I still have to schedule a full physical, but I'm feeling pretty good . . . just a few pounds over my optimum weight (probably from less than normal ski outings this winter).

Weird Weather: This ended up being the warmest winter on record here . . .  but when Spring officially arrived, the weather finally decided to get cold.  It actually snowed here on Easter Sunday (April 8th).  But then we had another warm spell, and the temperature shot up to the mid 80s F.  Then it got cold again, and we had like a week with below freezing temperatures every night . . . and I had to start making fires again to keep my house warm. And I'm still burning wood, and I've NEVER had to burn wood in May before. Totally weird.

Kayaking: Despite our flakey Spring weather, I managed to get in four good paddles in April (in very cold water), and have already paddled about 30 miles.  Yesterday we drove down to the Squam Lakes and did a 3-hour paddle in VERY nice conditions . . . on  practically empty lakes.  The air was warm, but I guess the water is still too cold for all but the most fanatic paddlers.  The big news is that I'm finally trading up to a New Sea Kayak. After paddling my current kayak for 7 seasons, and well over 2000 miles, I'm more than ready to more up to a more advanced model.

May 10 Fallout 3 Journal: So far this year has been a total disaster as far as trying to accomplish anything.  After four straight months of computer issues, I finally seem to have my old computer running pretty well again (after replacing my main hard drive and reinstalling everything over the past few weeks).  Today I finally reinstalled Fallout 3, along with all my previous mods.  I had to start a new game, so I'll first have to catch up with where I left off at the end of Chapter 5 (along with any necessary edits to my current chapter), before I can finish writing Chapter 6 . . . but this should not take too long.
May 14

Fallout 3 Journal: My current focus is on my Fallout 3 Journal, as I have I am now playing the game again from the beginning and will soon be caught up enough to begin writing a new chapter (once I get all my older chapters updated to match my current game).  I had just finished updating chapters 1 through 3 (and uploaded them); and should have the others done within a few days.

Future Games: I just found out that the new Tomb Raider game has been delayed to early 2013.  This is one of the few new Fall games that I have been looking forward to. From the developer: "Our priority now is to make sure we fully deliver the very highest quality game. In order to do this, we have decided to move the gameís release date by a few months, from Fall 2012 to the first quarter of 2013. Weíre doing things that are completely new to Tomb Raider in this game and the additional development time will allow us to put the finishing touches into the game and polish it to a level that you deserve. We believe this is the right choice and I guarantee it will be worth the wait. The game is looking amazing and we can't wait to show it to everyone at E3 in a few weeks."

May 16 Fallout 3 Journal: As I posted earlier, after replacing my hard drive, I had to reinstall Fallout 3 (and all my mods), so I've started a new game and am currently updating my early chapters to match my current game (and the most recent version of my Realism Tweaks). Chapters 1 through 5 have now all been updated.  And I just posted Chapter 6 (much of which is totally new).
May 17

Fallout 3 Journal: I've made some pretty good progress with my long neglected Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer  (my Fallout 3 fantasy story). Late yesterday I completed my rewrite of chapter 6, so all my previous 6 chapters have now been edited to match my current game and my current mods.  I'm currently working on chapter 7

May 30

I finally completed a major update of My Hiking Journal. It is now broken up into 3 pages, with new sections on summit weather and on hiking gear (which includes my weekend quest to find some new hiking boots . . . after my old ones blew out last Fall). I've also been doing some regular updates to my Kayak Page

Fallout 3 Journal: Chapter 7 of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer  should be finished within a few days (too many other real-life issues to deal with last week, so my gaming time was pretty much non-existent).

June 4
Kayaking section: Last Friday, now that I have hiking boots again, I went on my first hike this year . . . a solo climb up Cannon Mountain.

Kayaking section: Today I found out that my new kayak is due to arrive on June 15th.  So, recreationally, things are definitely going well.  Other things have not been so great for me lately, but I'm hanging in there, trying to stay positive, and keeping my faith that things will eventually get better . . . eventually.  This past weekend was a mess for me, but today has been better, and I'm hoping to get back to work on my Fallout 3 Journal by tomorrow.

June 6
Kayaking section: Yesterday I found out that  our new kayaks, which we were planning to pick up next week, were both damaged during shipping.  Bummer!  What is it with shipping companies lately?  First my new computer was damaged (twice!) and now my new kayak has been damaged (along with my best friend's new kayak).  It will now be at least the end of July before replacements will arrive . . . and it may take even longer than that.  Both the store in Maine, and the kayak manufacturer were full of apologies on the phone.  I'm not upset at them, as it wasn't their fault.  And there are much worse things that could have happened, so I need to stay positive about all this.  In time it will all work out.  It is just that I was really looking forward to being able to paddle a new kayak this summer.  And I have been very patient (I ordered my kayak on March 31st). The store manager has been great and is given us a number of options, including giving us a special reduced price for any kayak that we buy from them (as replacements for the Tempests, that he cannot guarantee will even arrive before the end of summer).  So we are driving down to the coast on Saturday to take a look at a couple of other sea kayaks, that he is holding for us.

I just finish a long overdue update to my Bio Page, by adding a whole new section at the end of the page.

June 11 Fallout 3 Journal: My other responsibilities and interests (such as kayaking and hiking) have been taking up most of my time lately, which means that Chapter 7 is still unfinished.  If things go as planned, I should be able to wrap up this chapter a bit later this week and post it here.  No promises, but I'll try to get this long overdue chapter finished this week.

Kayaking section: On Saturday morning my best friend and I made the 2.5 hour drive down to the store in Kittery, Maine to see if we could find alternatives to the new kayaks we had ordered (which had been delayed for about two months).  We spend about an hour "trying  on" a number of different kayak models, but none of them felt exactly right. So we were given a refund for our down payment, but the manager is still going to try to get our 'WS Tempest' kayaks, and we will have the first option to purchase them (at a discounted price) when they finally arrive (hopefully by the end of July).  Not really what we were hoping, but we both decided that waiting to get the kayak that feels right to us is more important than settling on kayaks that are not exactly what we want.

June 19
Hiking section: Added, my 10 mile hike up Mount Flume and Mount Liberty, that I made last Thursday (June 14th).  This turned out to be a much more difficult hike than I had planned.

Kayaking section: Added my last three paddles (under My Latest Paddle Outings) including a photo that I took from my kayak, of the bald eagle nest, that is new this year on my home lake.

July 14

Fallout 3 Journal: I finally released version 6.2 of my Fallout 3 Realism Tweaks late on July 10th. This is a Major update . . . and the first major update since last November.  If you are using my mod, I highly recommend that you grab this update, as there are a number of pretty significant improvements.

I'm currently working on adding most  of these changes to my Fallout New Vegas Realism Tweaks, which is overdue for an update (v.3.3 was released last December).  Version 3.4 will take me at least another week to complete.

Kayaking section: Added my last few paddles (under My Latest Paddle Outings).  My best friend's new kayak unexpected arrived at the end of June (mine is still on back order). So we made the 5-hour round trip on June 26th, arriving in Kittery at the same time as a semi-severe thunderstorm (and I really don't like thunderstorms). We waited for the downpour to let up while we both took turns 'trying on' her new Tempest. It was a tight fit for her compared with her Dagger, but was actually a perfect fit for a sea kayak. I had more of a problem, as my longer legs made it a real challenge, so I had to actually slide my legs in first, and then drop my butt into the seat. This was doable with the kayak sitting on foam cradles on the floor, but it was going to be a LOT trickier trying to do this on the water (without tipping over).

The manager had reduced the price of our kayaks, as compensation for all the delays so we were getting ours for 25% off .  For me, the discount will only be beneficial if my Tempest actually arrives at some point. But the manager said that he has both a 165 pro and a 170 pro on order, and that I can have first choice of either one. The storm had let up quite a bit by the time we loaded the kayak on my friends Jeep . . . but we still got pretty wet, and I never totally warmed up until I took a nice hot bath at home that evening.

I'm a bit bummed about that my kayak is still on backorder, since the paddling season is half over.  But I'm happy for her (she loves her new Tempest), and she did let me paddle it for a few minutes. For more than anyone could possibly want to read about my long struggle, see Selecting a New Sea Kayak.

Hiking section: I still need to add a post about my last hike (on June 30th).  I'll try to add it this weekend.

July 26 Skyrim Journal: I finally spent some time this week getting my game reinstalled and all my needed Skyrim utility programs up and running correctly again.  So I am now back hard at work on my Skyrim Journal.  I spent the entire day updating my Skyrim Mod List.
Aug 8

Skyrim Journal: My Skyrim Mod List has been expanded a bunch over the past few weeks, with the addition of over 30 new mods.

Fallout New Vegas Journal: This week I'm back working on a major update to my NV Realism Tweaks, and hope to release it sometime this weekend.

Kayaking section: Added my last three paddle outing, and added another entry to my  Selecting a New Sea Kayak section. If things work out this week as planned, I'll be picking up my new Tempest on Friday!  I still don't know whether I'll end up with a 165 or a 170.  My best friend let me paddle her 165 Tempest on Monday, and I really liked it, but it was pretty challenging for me to get into and out of (as my legs are a bit too long for this kayak).  I'm hoping to finally sit in a Tempest 170 Pro on Friday (I haven't even seem a Tempest 170 yet), and then I should have a better idea of which kayak is best for me. My dealer is now holding a red 165 Pro reserved for me (which arrived last Thursday), and a 170 Pro scheduled to arrive this Thursday, which he is also reserving for me.  So it is all up to me now, as I can have my pick of either Tempest. Wish me luck in making the right decision.

Aug 14 I just released version 3.4 of my Fallout New Vegas Realism Tweaks, which is definitely a MAJOR update, which includes a TON of changes.

Kayaking section: My new sea kayak finally arrived at my dealer in Maine on Friday (I ordered it way back on March 31st!), and I drove down there on Saturday to pick it up.  (My journal/story of all that I went through is covered under  Selecting a New Sea Kayak). 

Hiking section: I still need to add a post about my last hike (on June 30th).  I've plotted out my route and added my photos of the hike, but I have misplaced my notes on the hike itself, so I'm trying to write out the details from memory.

Aug 23 Kayaking section: After a 3-1/2 month wait, I finally picked up my new sea kayak on August 12!  That was the day that I  finally saw my first Tempest 170 Pro . . . and it had my name on it.  As soon as I sat in the 170, I instantly knew this was the kayak for me. It fits me like it was custom made for my build, and it is MUCH easier for me to get in an out of than the 165 was.

I have now paddled my Tempest over 25 miles and am VERY happy that I decided to go with the larger 170. It  paddles like a dream for me, and tracks extremely well. My guess is that I've gained about 1 mph in average speed over what I was paddling in my Dagger. Yes, the 165 is a bit more responsive, and I have to work a bit harder to hold my 170 on edge. But the differences are fairly minor, and being able to easily get into and out of my kayak is more important to me. Plus I have a bit more storage space, when I need it.

Sept 10

Skyrim Journal: My Skyrim Mod List has been expanded a bunch over the past month, and currently includes about 40 mods and utilities.

Fallout New Vegas Journal: Just checked all the mods on my FONV Mod List, to make sure that all the latest versions were listed.

Sept 21 Hiking section: I finally added my hike up Mount Crawford.
Oct 26

Skyrim Journal: I just updated my Skyrim Mod List again, with the latest versions of all the mods.

Kayaking section: Updated to cover all my latest paddle outings.

2013 Archives
Feb 21
Sorry for the lack of updates. Mostly I've been spending my free time trying to get both my Fallout Realism Tweaks to final versions, so that I can move on to other things. My overhauls are sooo involved now that when I'm doing a major update, that I have to totally focus on them (which means that I end up neglecting other things).

I'm getting close . . . version 4.0 of my FONV version was released on Feb 2nd, as a "final" version (but I'm working on v.4.1, which is needed to fix a few minor issues). Version 7.0 of my FO3 version is nearly done.

The other news is that there have been a couple of medical issues that have slowed me down a bit this winter. Yesterday I had to drive a couple of hours south to have surgery done on my left eye. I had the same surgery done about 7 years ago, and never expected to have to go through with this again. My surgery went ok (I won't know how successful it was for a few more weeks), but it was very painful this time, and my vision is going to be messed up for another day or so (driving home was not much fun). If my vision is better by tomorrow, I may possibly be able to release V.7.0 of my FO3 Tweaks by late Friday.

Mar 12

I just completed a major rewrite of my Girl Gamer Page, where my latest game section covers DreamFall Chapters . . . the long awaited third game in "The Longest Journey" Saga.

Version 7.0 of my Realism Tweaks was on February 23, 2013 and is a Major update.  This update includes a bunch of changes that will have a major effect on your game play.  This finally completes what I began in v.6.4: the re-balancing of my Full Tweaks, optimization of all my scripts, overhauling my optional features, and the addition of a few brand new features that I have been working on. If you've never used my Tweaks before, you're in for a whole new experience; if you've used my Tweaks before, you're in for a few surprises. This is likely the last major update, as this should be the final version of my Tweaks.  But I'm currently working on v.7.1, as a minor update that will probably just fix a few bugs in the final version.

I'm also working on v.4.1 of my NV Realism Tweaks, which will add some of the latest changes from my FO3 Tweaks, and fix a few bugs in the final version.  Then I plan to get back to work on my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer again, which is desperately in need of a new chapter.

I also updated my Bio Page, but my update ended up being way more of a downer than I intended (it didn't help that I just found out that I need to go through yet another expensive medical procedure in April). Medically I'm mostly doing ok, and my left eye seems to have healed well.  I have to make another long drive south on Friday for tests to see if my latest eye surgery was successful . . . and to see if I need to go through the same procedure with my right eye.

Mar 20

Today is the first day of Spring . . . but yesterday's snowstorm left us with about 8 inches of new snow and it is still only 20 degrees (F) this morning . . . so it is still winter here (in every other way).  Personally I'm thrilled, as that means I get another week or two of Nordic skiing.  Besides, the lakes here are still frozen solid, so it will be a while until I'll be able to kayak.  I love both seasons . . . it is the in-between season that I hate . . . when there is no longer enough snow to ski, but still too much ice to kayak.

I just updated my Girl Gamer Page again, and added a new "Games to Watch" section that includes Remember Me, a new cyberpunk adventure game that is scheduled to be released in June.

Mar 30

We've had a week of Spring weather . . . with temps up in the 40s (F) . . . so my snow is melting fast now.  There's still more snow than bare ground, but it won't be long until the balance tips the other way.  We had a warmer than normal winter, with less than normal snow (for the second year in a row), so we never had much of a base, so it should melt fast . . . even in the woods. I still ended up skiing an average of once per week all winter . . . but I definitely prefer winters with more snow.

Last Saturday was our last Nordic Ski outing (the center actually closes tomorrow) there's not much snow left now, after a week of warm weather, but a week ago it was still like the middle of winter with blizzard-like conditions (high winds and snowing hard).  We skied over to a trail (the Mountain Road) that climbs most of the way up the downhill ski area, that is 5 miles long each way and gains about 1200 vertical feet.  The trail is in the woods most of the way, so we were mostly sheltered from the winds, but it snow hard the entire time, and the summit was only 18 degrees (F).  The trail had just been groomed that morning, and the new snow made for perfect ski conditions.  We probably skied 15 miles total (including a section at the bottom that we had to walk up, as it had recently been logged).  The weather made this feel a real adventure, and it was my best ski outing all winter. What a great way to end the season!

Up here in Northern New England, Sugaring is now in full swing (when people collect sap from maple tree, and boil it down until it becomes maple syrup).  I have a neighbor who has a sugar house, so a number of my trees are tapped, and now have buckets hanging from them, that fill with sap as the day warms up (I get all the free maple syrup that I need).

The lakes up here are still frozen solid, but the state law requires that all ice houses (for ice fishing) must be off the lakes by April 1st.  Now that skiing is now likely over for me, I'm ready to start kayaking again . . . but I'll have to be patient for a few more weeks.

I've been working on updates for my Fallout Overhauls: version 4.1 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released yesterday. This is a Minor, but important update that fixes some bugs and further improves game play balance. My Fallout 3 version should be out soon.

Apr 07

Spring weather has be sporadic so far this month . . . I actually had to shovel my driveway on April 2nd, but then it warmed up during the week . . .  until yesterday, when it was cold and windy all day. Needless to say, the lakes up here are still covered with ice.  So no kayaking for me for yet.  I'm sure that we'll be getting some more consistent warm weather soon, and once that happens, the layer of ice on the lakes will break up pretty fast.

Version 7.1 of my Realism Tweaks was release today. This is a Minor update that fixes some bugs and further improves game play balance. Even though this is a minor update, it is a very important one, especially if you are currently using v.7.0. Now that final versions of both of my Fallout Realism Tweaks (FO3 and New Vegas) have been released and recently updated, I will be finally getting back to work on my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer again, which is desperately in need of a new chapter.

Apr 15

I'm still waiting for the weather here to feel like Spring.  We have had snow showers for the past 6 days now, and I woke to another fresh dusting of snow this morning. This new snow hasn't amounted to anything, as it melts as soon as the temperature rises above freezing.  But my nearby lake is still frozen solid, so no kayaking for me yet. Last year my first paddle was on April 14th, so I'm already a day late . . . and it will likely be at least another week before the ice is off this year. 

But my best friend and I will be heading down to the University of New Hampshire to attend this year's New England Paddlesport Show early Saturday morning . . . so it will at least feel like the paddling season has begun.

This past weekend I decided to completely reinstall Fallout 3, before beginning a new game and getting back to work on my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer again.  I'm now working on installing the mods that I want to use in this play through, and updating my Fallout 3 mod list to match.

Apr 16 My kayak Journal is now updated, as I get ready to begin the 2013 kayak season (as I wrote in my last post, we're having a late Spring up here). I also archived my 2012 Kayak Journal, but it is still be available, if anyone is actually interested in still reading it (it includes the journal of my 2012 paddles and the trials that I went through in selecting a new sea kayak).
July 17

I'm finally back . . . Since late Spring I've been having computer issues, and just recently got things working well again (at least for the moment).  I also started a new job last month, so I haven't had as much free time lately. I'm in the process of putting together a new computer build (that I'll have build for me).  I REALLY need to replace my old +6-year-old beast . . . and, if my plans work out this time, I may actually have a new computer by the end of summer.

I just paid to have this website hosted for two more years, so at least that part is covered (which was possible only through the donations that I have received, along with finally having a bit more income).

If my old computer holds together, I should be able to get the rest of my site updated within the next week or so . . . and perhaps finally finish version 4.2 of my Fallout NV Tweaks. Once I actually have a PC that can run Skyrim well, I'll update and expand that section of my site.

Aug 30

Note: This is just a quick update, as I need to spend a lot more time learning how to use this new web authoring program. So far I have only figured out how to do some basic editing, and even this little update has taken me a very long time to do.

My computer "fix" in mid July only lasted about a week before my computer started having problems again.  First I lost my sound, but then it started working again, so I thought it was just a minor issue that somehow resolved itself.  But two days later my computer would not boot up unless I reset the CMOS settings each time. I figured that it was just a dead motherboard battery, so I replaced  it, but that didn't help at all.

The next day, my computer would not boot up no matter what I tried. It was getting power, but other than the fans and lights, nothing was working . . . as in all I was getting was a black screen. The best guess was that my motherboard shorted out.  Initially I decided to take it to my local tech guy, and get an estimate for repairs . . . I even lugged the heavy tower out to my car (which was not an easy task, since it weighs almost 60 pounds).  But then I decided that it wasn't sensible to spend any more money on repairing this old computer.  It made a lot more sense for me to just replace my old +6-year-old beast with a new gaming computer.

I had spent weeks doing research on custom computer companies, selected the one I liked the best, and was close to figuring out (with a LOT of help) a build that I thought would get me the best gaming performance, within my budget.  I just needed to wait until the end of the month, when I would have the funds I needed. Then I spent the next few days making the last few changes to my build. On July 29th, I finally order my new gaming computer, and it arrived on August 14th ... which was like 2 weeks earlier than I had expected (since my build included two special order items). 

I LOVE my new computer, which is faster than I even hoped it would be.  The only problem has been that my life has been so busy lately, that I haven't had time to install everything yet.  So it's going to be a bit before I'll have Fallout 3 and NV up and running (with all my mods installed and the GECK and my other mod editing tools installed and configured for this new computer).

I also needed to replace my website program before I could update my website (I have always used MS FrontPage, which doesn't run on my laptop's Windows 7 OS; or on my new gaming PC's Windows 8 OS).  But I'm slowly making progress: I install my ftp software and MS Expression Web yesterday. Now I just need to learn how to use this new program (which is a bit more complex than MS FrontPage).  I'll begin updating other parts of my website as soon as I can (starting with my Computer page, because I've been getting a lot of email, asking about my new computer).

Sept 12 Lately I've been working on getting this site all updated, but I'm using a new html program (which I'm learning to use in the process)m so this is going a bit slower than I had hoped. So far, besides this Home page, my Custom Gaming Computer page has been updated with the information on my new system; and my Girl Gamer page has been updated to include some information on "Banished,"a game that I just discovered, which is planned to be released within a few months. I've also done some reformatting and added a few updates to my Skyrim Journal, and to both of my Fallout Journals.
Oct 4

I work at an Inn in the White Mountains, and this is one of out busiest times of the year . . . from mid September through Columbus Day weekend (Oct 12-14). This is out Foliage Season (which is practically out 5th season here . . . between summer and (late)Fall). We are now at "Peak Foliage," which is when the colors are their best (enough leaves have now turned, and most leaves are still on the trees), and our roads and inns are full of "leaf peepers," who travel up here (from all over the world) to view our area's natural beauty. So I've been a bit busier than normal, as I've been putting in some longer hours at work.

I've also been immersed on my next update for my New Vegas Realism Tweaks , which was originally planned to be released by late Spring (until all my computer issues put everything on hold). With any luck at all, version 5.0 should be ready to release within another week or so. And then I'll get to work on porting over most of those changes/improvements to the Fallout 3 version of my Realism Tweaks.

So I haven't had nearly enough free time to do much else (although I have managed to squeeze in some kayaking, when the weather has cooperated). But I have just updated my Girl Gamer page again, this time to include some information on Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation HD, which has just been confirmed, and is planned to be released in early 2014.

Nov 18 Version 5.0 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was finally released on October 30th, as my final major update. I am currently working on version 8.0 of my Fallout 3 Realism Tweaks, with an estimated release by the end of November.

Fallout 4?: On November 14th, Bethesda registered Fallout 4 trademark . . . this seems to indicate that FO4 is perhaps in the works. Here's the Link.
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