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(updated September 09, 2013)

journal news archive
2011 Archive
Jun 01 My Skyrim Journal goes online.  Skyrim won't be released for 5 1/2 months (on 11/11/11).  Until I have may copy of the game, this site will mostly just include some background information on this upcoming RPG . . . The Elder Scrolls V (TES V).  I'll also add my own personal concerns from time to time (which will be based on the information that Bethesda has released to date).
Aug 27 I added a bit more to my Concerns section, including my Post E3 gameplay demo impressions, and an update on my impressions of what we now know won't be in the game.  [updated 9/20/11]
Oct 25 Bethesda finally released the PC requirements for Skyrim today (which I now have posted in right panel).  The game will be released in just over 2 weeks, so there's not much time left, if you need to upgrade your PC.  Fortunately the requirements are not too demanding, so my trusty old 2007 PC should be able to run it fairly well (but probably not on max settings). Bethesda also confirmed that Skyrim is a Steamworks title, so you'll need an Internet connection to activate it.
Oct 31

I just expanded My Character section into a separate section, with a couple new images.  I'll be playing Skyrim in just 2 weeks now, so expect this site to rapidly expand once that happens.  This week I'm working on the final major update of my FO3 Realism Tweaks, after wrapping up the final major version of my FNV Realism Tweaks last week.

Nov 08

Skyrim is due in just three days now.  I pre-ordered my copy through Amazon, with the promise that it would be delivered on 11/11/11 (so I'm keeping my fingers crossed).  I just found out that the Creation Kit is not on the Skyrim DVD, but will be a separate download . . . when it is finished (apparently they are still making the final tweaks to the released version).  Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for it.  I've just begun work on the Prologue of my Skyrim fantasy story: "Trials of a Reluctant Dragonborn," which will be up in a day or so.

Nov 10

Nvidia Releases New Battlefield 3, Skyrim Beta Drivers. Bethesda's Skyrim Mods forum opened today ... but the Creation Kit has not yet been released: "The team is working to get it released as quickly as possible. As soon as we have more information to share, we'll let you know." My pre-ordered copy of Skyrim just shipped from Amazon, so there's still a chance I'll be playing by late tomorrow. Chapter 1 of my "Trials of a Reluctant Dragonborn," is now available.

Nov 11 Added Mods index page (just in preparation for upcoming mods which will be added to my Skyrim Mod list.  I also added News Archive Page, as this column had filled up in the last couple of days.
Nov 15

Chapter 2 of my "Trials of a Reluctant Dragonborn," is now available. Skyrim Sales Soar to 3.4 Million in Just Two Days (not counting digital downloads) . . . so a mess of gamers are now playing Skyrim.

Nov 16 My Skyrim Tweaks and Tips page is now online.
Nov 29

The Skyrim 1.2 Update is due out tomorrow (see Update/Patch Fixes), which is good news.  Beth has also stated that the Creation Kit will be release after this patch (but there is still no release date for it).  So we're a bit closer to getting the mod tools that a LOT of us have been waiting for.

I've had a number of real life issues that have kept me away from gaming for the past week or so, but I'm now past most of them and back working on my gaming journals. I'm currently writing Chapter 3 of my "Trials of a Reluctant Dragonborn," which should be available in the next day or so.

Due to some of the issues that I'm personally having with the game (my PC is being quirky again), and the fact that I REALLY want to mod in some tweaks before I play much, I may put my own game on hold until the Creation Kit has been released. I'm also in the process of putting together a new computer build (along with some creative financing).  If all goes well, I'll be ordering my new gaming PC by the end of the week. My new beast will be able to run Skyrim (and most current games) on the highest settings.

Dec 01

The Skyrim 1.2 Update was released yesterday (Your game will be updated as soon as you start Steam . . . unless you have the auto-updating thingie turned off).  From Bethesda's Blog: "Creation Kit — Beginning in January, PC players will be able to download the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios to create Skyrim."  <snip> "Steam Workshop — We’re excited to share news that we’ve been working closely with Valve to integrate Steam Workshop into the Creation Kit. Using the Workshop, you’ll have free user content with the push of a button. The Creation Kit will bundle your mod and upload it to the Workshop, where everyone can browse, rate, and flag mods for download." Another update is planned for sometime next week, to fix some of the problems caused by patch 1.2 (such as broken damage resistance and the dragons sometimes flying backwards).

Computer Update: I just ordered a brand new Gaming PC today (thanks to having a really good credit history), which should get me back up to speed again. (As in, I'll be able to play Skyrim on ultra settings, instead of being limited to medium settings).  I'm hoping my new beast/monster will arrive by the end of this month.  In the meantime I'll keep updating this site . . . and hopefully playing games. (I'll be posting the specs on my Skyrim Tweaks and Tips page.)

Dec 07

The Skyrim 1.3 Update is now available on Steam: General stability improvements; Optimized for Core 2 Duo CPUs; Radiant Story fix; Fixed magic resistances calculations; Fixed book placement on bookshelves; Fixed dragon animation issues; Y-look input now scales correctly.  Next week's patch is planned to include support for 4GB (Large Address Aware).

Dec 08

Added NVIDIA's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tweak Guide to my Skyrim Links section.

Dec 21

My New Gaming PC: Delayed for another week, due to a failed CPU Water Cooler (during testing).  With any luck, it will arrive by the end of the first week of the new year (and I'll be able to play Skyrim with the settings maxed out).


2012 Archive
Jan 02 It's a brand new year and my Skyrim Mod List is now online.  After being away for the Christmas holiday for several days, I'm back to work on my Skyrim Journal.  The  won't be be out until next month), but a lot of mods have already been released.

My new gaming PC won't arrive for another week or so and I'm waiting on the Creation Kit (so I can begin writing scripts for my Skyrim Realism Tweaks) so playing Skyrim is currently on hold for me. 

But I have begun testing a few mods on my current PC, and first of those that pasted my play testing (the ones that improve the way that I want to play the game) are slowing being added to my mod list.

Feb 05 Sorry for the lack of news lately, but its been a tough month for me, and I just found it too depressing to write about.  But, since it has been over a month now since I've updated this page, I feel it is time to post some of what's been going on.

The Bad News: My new gaming computer arrive on January 7th, which should have been a good thing . . . the bad part was that it arrived damaged (I'm blaming it on a FedEx gorilla), so I had to return it.  The SSHD was dislodged and damaged (and this was what the OS was installed on), and the motherboard was also damaged, so both will be replaced.  But, I'm still waiting. That was NOT the best way to begin a new year.

The other issue is snow ... as in, the lack of.  I live in the White Mountains region of northern New Hampshire, where our winter economy (and our sanity) relies on having a decent snowfall, to draw people up here to ski.  The downhill ski areas all make snow (when it is cold enough), but Nordic skiing relies totally on natural snowfall . . . and I'm a Nordic skier, so even though I have a season pass at a large nearby Nordic Center, I've only skied three times so far (and winter is more than half over).  Believe me, a long, cold winter, with not enough sun and little snow is depressing. I've also been sick on and off all month (which also cut into my ski outings).

The Good News: I've been beta testing a new game for Microsoft, which is planned to be released this Spring.  I'm under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so I cannot discuss it (but I can tell you that is not a RPG, so it won't be competing with Skyrim).  My beta testing has kept me busy, in a good way, but it hasn't left me time to really get involved in any other game projects. 

The month of January came and went, and we still don't have Skyrim's Creation Kit.  This was mostly due to the need to update Skyrim first, so that the game and the editor would be compatible ... and that just happened on last Thursday (version 1.4 was released on Feb 2), and we have now been promised that the Creation Kit will be released on Tuesday (Feb 7).

Feb 20

My new gaming computer has still not arrived, and I haven't been playing Skyrim (or working on my Skyrim Journal).  As I still have to move everything over to my new PC, when it finally arrives.

The  Creation Kit was released a week or so ago, but I've barely opened it.  The problem for me is that the scripting language is has been changed quite a bit and the way that scripts are handled is totally foreign to me.  Scripting is HARD for me, so this is a HUGE issue. 

So I'm not so sure that I'll even attempt to do my planned Realism Tweaks Overhaul for Skyrim.  I may just focus on compiling a recommended mod list, based on the mods that I end up using in my own game, and perhaps release a few small mods to fill in the gaps.  I honestly haven't made up my mind yet, and won't be able to until I have everything moved over to my new PC, and have the time to take a look at the available mods at that point.

May 14

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I'm not having a very good year so far.  My new gaming PC arrived again on March 1st (I had initially received it on January 7th, but had been damaged during shipping, so I sent it back to be repaired. Unfortunately it arrived damaged again! I cannot believe my incredibly bad luck with my attempts at getting a new PC! And the damage was even worse this time. The upper graphics card had been ripped out of its socket in the motherboard, and had bent the socket badly, nearly flattening the back side. This time I sent it back and asked for a full refund. I give up! For some unknown reason, I'm just not meant to have a new PC right now. So I guess I'll have to make due with my current PC until it dies.

Then my old PC quit on me on April 21st.  One of my hard drives died, and it was the drive that my Operating system was on.  It was fixed in just over a week, but I'm still working to reinstall everything, so it will be a while yet until I'll have Skyrim and its mods up and running again.

Eventually my Skyrim Journal will likely include a modding section, but I no longer have any plans for anything beyond that.

Jul 26 I finally spent some time this week getting my game reinstalled and all my needed Skyrim utility programs up and running correctly again. So I am now back hard at work on my Skyrim Journal. I've only messed around a bit at my own Skyrim mods and currently have no plans to ever release a Skyrim version on my Realism Tweaks. (I just do not have the time in the foreseeable future to take on another major overhaul project on my own.) But I have been play testing quite a few mods and are adding my favorite ones to my Skyrim mod list. I spent the entire day updating my Skyrim Journal, so it is now much more up to date. I still have a lot more to do here, but I am doing the best I can to get this back up to date.

Added to my Skyrim Mod List today:
- Apachii Sky Hair
- Duke Patricks - Archery & Combat
- Equipable Skyrim Map
- More Powerful Dragons
- High Res Face Maps for Men
- Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel
- SkyUI
- The Eyes Of Beauty

I also updated Chapter 1 of my "Trials of a Reluctant Dragonborn" fantasy story today, so that it now includes my latest Skyrim Bosmer character (who looks very different from my previous character).

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