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(updated September 09, 2013)

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My Skyrim Adventure Has Begun

Screenshots From My Game:
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Arwen's Skyrim Journal - Current News

August 5, 2012: Chapter 3 is temporarily on hold until I get my Skyrim mods balanced a bit better.  My game play is getting closer to where I want it to be, but there are still a few things that I would like to find a way to correct before starting a new game from the beginning. There are a couple of mods that are due to be updated within the next week, so I'll probably just wait for them (one was released today, but I'm still tweaking it's ini file).  I also need to spend this week wrapping up my next version of my FONV Realism Tweaks, as I've promise to try to release it by the end of the week.

July 29, 2012: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were just updated to reflect my current Skyrim game (with all the mods I am currently using). Among other things, it now includes my latest Skyrim Wood Elf character (who looks very different from my previous Skyrim character).  I'm currently working on Chapter3.

July 26, 2012: I am now finally back at work on my Skyrim Journal. For now I'm working on adding to, and updating my Skyrim Mod List so that it is current with the mods that I am now using. When my hard drive died in April, I lost all my Skyrim files (including all my saved games).  So I've had to start over from scratch, and am still getting all my mods installed before I start a new game.

I love to get email feedback . . . Writing is a very slow process for me, and it literally takes me several days just to write a single chapter . . . so it really helps me to know whether my efforts in writing this journal are still worth it, or are people getting sick of my journals by now? What do you think of the rest of my site? Any suggestions for how I can improve things.

Trials of a Reluctant Dragonborn - Index

Caution: Even my first chapters include some spoilers. And the spoilers will certainly increase as I get further into the game. So, if you are playing Skyrim, you might not want to read any further than your own progress in the game.

Chapter 1 - Prologue / What is Skyrim? / My Skyrim Character / Some Notes about My Journal

Chapter 2 - Welcome to Skyrim / The Stormcloak Rebels /The Block


Old News

May 14, 2012: My Skyrim Journal is currently on hold, due to my disappointment with the game itself. [The role-playing aspects were crippled to the point that it no longer even feels like a Bethesda RPG to me.]  This could have been such a great RPG, but it was mainstreamed in a way that pretty much ruined it for me. I've also had nearly constant computer issues since early December, so I haven't been able to keep up with any of my RPG Journals (or even play my own games) for months. I just had to have my main hard drive replaced, so I'm slowing reinstalling everything. Eventually my Skyrim Journal will likely include a modding section, but I no longer have any plans for anything beyond that.

December 23, 2011: The last six weeks or so have left little time for writing any of my fantasy stories, and the Holiday season has snuck upon me, without me getting even a single chapter released.  My intentions were good, but other parts of my life needed my attention (most of which I did not have the option to ignore), so I've had to postpone my writing again.  Writing is something that I do enjoy, but turning out a chapter is a slow and difficult process for me.  Because of my language issues, writing requires my total concentration so I am only able to write when I have a large chunk of free time to do so.

I'm going to be away for Christmas for several days, but I do plan to finish Chapter 3 as soon as possible.  Once I have my new computer set up and running, and the Creation Kit has been released, I'll be back to playing Skyrim (with my own modded changes), and will try to add new chapters to my fantasy story on a regular basis. 

I wish everyone a very happy and safe Holiday Season.

December 17, 2011: Chapter 3 is still in the works, and should be available in another day or two.  December has been as crazy busy month, right from the first day, and it has taken me half the month just to catch up.  I ordered a new custom gaming computer on the 1st, which should arrive around the end of the month.  I was planning to upgrade last Spring, but I had to put it on hold after some unexpected medical expenses last February (see my Dec 2 News post on my Home Page).  I've been disappointed in how I had to scale back the graphics to play Skyrim on my current computer . . . so, besides not really having the time to play lately, I decided to wait until I have my new gaming beast, before I play any more (except for playing long enough to finish Chapter 3). I'm also modding my game enough to improve the appearance of my character (and to improve the game play balance a bit). The other major delay was that I've been spending most of my free time working an update to my Fallout NV Realism Tweaks, which was in need of a few bug fixes (which were not at all easy to squash). I finished the update late on the 15th.  So now I can finally concentrate on Skyrim again.

November 15, 2011: Chapter 2 is now available. I haven't had much free time to actually play the game yet. I also began writing Chapter 3 today (which most of the screenshot on the left are from).

November 10, 2011: Chapter 1 is now online (which is my pre-game play prologue, since I won't have Skyrim for another day or two).


My current 2012 Wood Elf Character


Old 2011 Character Images:


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Continued in Chapter One


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