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(updated August 01, 2011)

journal news archive
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2006 Archive
Mar 20

Oblivion is released! (Dances around in my dorm room.)

Mar 25

I install Oblivion on my laptop and begin to play the game for the first time . . . and I'm bummed out with what they did to this game. Hey Bethesda, what happened to the "sequel to Morrowind"??? I was expecting a RPG, not a crummy FPS!!! Did someone not get the memo?

Apr 09

My Oblivion Journal website is launched! Coming Attractions: Ok, you might have noticed that there's not much here yet. For now this is just sort of a preview of things to come. Hey, give me a break! I'm really doing the best that I can here. The problem is that I'm currently (as of April 2006) nearing the end of my second semester of my first year at college, so I won't be able to play or post much until after all my exams are over in May. I would love to be able to have more game time right now, but I need to be patient (or my GPA will take a nosedive). Plus the game needs a patch (hopefully coming soon), and I have some major issues with this game as well, that I'm trying to deal with, so you'll have to be patient for a little while longer yet. But my Oblivion Journal is in the works - I promise! Oh, I'm also having some minor eye surgery (just being zapped by a laser) this week, so that might also slow me down just a bit.

Apr 11

Chapter One went online today - The story part of my Oblivion Journal has officially begun.

Apr 18

Waiting on a patch: Ok, so it's been a week and I haven't added anything. I've been working on an OB Tips page, which is more difficult than I expected. The other thing is that I'm still waiting on a patch - hey, the game's been out for nearly a month. Yet two official (as in pay-for) MODs have been released. (ok, so I'm getting a bit annoyed at Bethesda's priorities.)

May 14

My last final was on Thursday, so now I'm back home for the summer. Now I just need to catch up on my sleep for about a week. I have started working on my journal again, by making some minor changes to my OB Journal Intro Page, and adding the screenshot of my character. I also completed and posted my Oblivion Tips Page, my Oblivion Graphics Tweaks Page. The patch still hasn't been released, but I've now found and installed enough MODs and about to start playing the game again (I didn't get very far at all with the released version of the game).

May 20

Chapter 2 online

May 23

Chapter 3 online

May 30

Chapter 4 online.

Jun 02

Chapter 5 online.

Jun 08

Chapter 6 online.

Jun 16

Chapter 7 online.

Jun 28

Chapter 8 online

Jul 05

updated my MODs Page - added a couple of new mods and updated several to their latest versions.

Jul 06

Bethesda releases Patch (link). This patch fixes a number of Bugs in the game, some Quests fixes, and some Plugin fixes. All these things needed fixing, but I was hoping that some of my game play issues would have also been fixed.

Jul 10

I finally finished Chapter 9 - This is Sooo Not Fair! Ok, so it took me way longer than the couple of days I had promised. And I'm really sorry, but it's all the weather's fault . . . really. It's been so nice for the past week - so I've been out doing other things, like kayaking (about 50 miles - in 4 outings), and going to a concert, and doing some hiking, and a bunch of shopping. Hey, it actually feels like summer time, after weeks of so much wet weather here!

Jul 22

updated my MODs Page - added a couple of new mods and updated several to their latest versions.

Jul 28

Completed Chapter 11 - I Wasn't Even Looking For an Adventure! Hey, I'm really sorry that it's taking me such a long time to complete each chapter. I'll try to do better, but I really can't promise anything.

Aug 24

I finally finished Chapter 11 - An Early Morning Hike I also updated my MODs Page

Oct 06

MODs Page updated again. I'm back at college, where I'm having my most difficult semester yet. So I haven't had much free time at all.

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2007 Archive

I finally bought a new desktop PC and have started playing Oblivion again (after months of not having enough free time). It's sooo nice to play with all the sliders maxxed out. :)


After being away from OB for months, I've recently discovered that there are a whole bunch of great new Mods - which is great for me, but also means that it will be a while until I'll be updating my journal.

Aug 07

I finally updated this page and I'm nearly done updating all my Mods, so now I'm working on updating my MODs Page.

Aug 24

I'm nearly done testing all the new Mods that I've added. So now I have to update my MODs Page - and am about to start a new game, because some of these mods work better with a new game.

Sep 02

I'm done testing all the new Mods that I've added and have begun to update my MODs Page (I'm currently using ~ 70 Mods, so this will take me a while). I've also recently begun a new game, and am in the process of updating my journal entries to reflect the changes from the new mods that I'm now using.

Sep 06

I just updated Chapter 3 to match my new game - due to the changes from some of the MODs that I'm now using. I also added a few new MODs on my MODs Page.

Sep 08

I updated Chapter 4 tonight - to reflect my MOD changes. I also added a few more MODs on my MODs Page.

Sep 10

I updated Chapter 5 tonight - which is a nearly a complete rewrite. I also added a few more MODs on my MODs Page.

Sep 15

I uploaded Chapter 6 tonight - which is an entirely new chapter - filling in the gap between where Chapter 5 ended and where my old Chapter 6 began.

Sep 16

I updated Chapter 7 this morning - which is mostly unchanged from my older version - since I was mostly able to repeat what I did in my earlier game. I did however redo all the screen shots. I also did some updates to my MODs Page.

Sep 19

I completed my updated versions of Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 tonight. I also add one more MOD to my MODs Page.

Sep 22

I just updated version of Chapter 10, which is pretty much a complete rewrite.

Oct 14

I finally was able to update Chapter 11 to reflect my current game, which is another nearly complete rewrite. I also added Reneer's Gold Mod and updated my links to the latest versions of Cyrodiil Transportation Network, Reneer's Guard Overhaul, and Harvest [Flora].

Oct 28

I just updated my old version of Chapter 12, which completes the rewrite of my 2006 journal. So this entire journal is now based on the game that I began playing in late August of 2007. I also updated some MODs on my MODs Page and added a MODs 101 (The Basics) section to my OB-Tips Page.

Nov 03

Iupdated some MODs on my MODs Page, mostly due to new versions. I also added two new MODs: Ethereal: Eyes Universal Edition and Real Lights. Plus I updated my MOD Load Order Page.

Nov 09

Ijust completed Chapter 13.

Nov 21

Iupdated some MODs on my MODs Page, due to new released MOD versions.

Dec 02

I added my Oblivion Nightfall video, completed Chapter 14, and updated my MODs Page.

Dec 18

I just completed Chapter 15 - Exploring the Ayleid Ruins of Belda, and updated my MODs Page.

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2008 Archive
Jan 15 I just completed moving and setting up Arwen's Realm (my forums) on a brand new site. The owner of the eAmp site had major server problems a few weeks ago, with all the data being lost on a number of hosted forums - including mine. Since I needed to rebuild the forums from scratch, I decided to moving to a new host who was recommended by several other forum owners. Unfortunately this means that all the forum members will have to register again. I know this is a bit of a pain, and I'm sorry that this is necessary. On the plus side: I think that you will really like the new forums, which are better than ever. Arwen's Realm (new site): Completely redesigning Arwen's Realm has taken up all of my spare time lately, so this journal has been temporarily put on hold.
Jan 29

I updated a few links today and added a couple of additional download links on my MODs Page. I'm currently working on Chapter 16 - but I'm back at my university now, so my free time is quite limited.

Mar 05

On Valentines Day I took a really bad fall during my morning team workout and was rushed to Newport Hospital by ambulance. It turned out that I broke my hip and had to have surgery. I now have 3 metal pins holding me together, and am going to be on crutches for most of this semester - so no sailing for me. :( Since then I've been struggling to keep up with my studies, as I got a bit behind - so I've had to put this site (and my game on hold for now). I did just manage to update my MODs Page, as a number of mods have been updated lately. It may be a while until I can get back to working on Chapter 16. Sorry.

Apr 05

Goodness, it's been a month since I've updated this site (sorry). I'm getting really tired of my crutches, but they do enable me to get around my campus - even if everything seems 4 times as far now. And I'm stuck on these things until at least the end of April, so my patience is really beginning to wear thin. There's only a few more weeks left until this semester ends, which means that I'm constantly overloaded with all my school work, so I probably won't have time to play Oblivion, or to complete my next chapter. I did manage to spend some redoing the look of of this site and my MODs Page is now totally up to date again.

Apr 12

I was able to test out a few new mods today. Some need more testing before I can recommend them, but See You Sleep is such a cool mod that I decided to immediately share it with you, so it is now on my MODs Page, along with some screenshots, so that you can see why I love this mod.

Apr 29

Quick update: I'm currently testing out a bunch of new mods, including T.I.E. (which is much smaller, and less complex, than OOO). I also just added DarkUId DarN, which I highly recommend! I also added updates to newer versions of some mods listed on my MODs Page.

May 05 I just added Duke Patrick's Magic You Can Believe In to my MODs Section, which changes the magic effects to give them a more realistic appearance, and makes magic look more mystical. I also made a few minor updates. Once my finals are over next week, I'll be making some major changes to my OB MODs page. I need to do this due because I'll be adding a bunch of additional mods in the next couple of weeks, and the page is getting too large.
Jun 01 I'm currently completely redoing my OB-mods pages, which of course is taking way longer than I planned. When I completed my spring semester a couple of weeks ago, I purchased the GOTY edition of Oblivion, so I did a new install and have been spending most of my free time putting together a new updated collection of recommended mods. Yesterday I finally figured out the load order that seems to have all of my 116 installed mods working together well. Last night I just began my new game (yet again), and everything is working great! So, just as soon as I catch up in the game with where my character was in my OB Journal, I'll finally be able to write Chapter 16.
June 06 My new Oblivion MODs Section is now online. This is a major overhaul of what was formerly just a single page. Now there are three large main pages (plus an archive page) - and now cover over 90 mods. I've put a huge amount of effort into this section, since it is the core of this journal - so please check it out and let me know what you think about it.
Jun 18 I just updated my new Oblivion MODs Section with some new mods and a brand new mod load order. And just started my new game very early this morning (I was up until 1:30 am, before I finished importing my character into my new game). This was not something that I planned, but my Oblivion folder got corrupted and messed up my recent saved games. So I had to do a whole new install of Oblivion to fix it. So I just need a need a few more days to pull this all together and catch up with the end of Chapter 15. Update: I just finished editing Chapters 1 through 4 to match my current game and mods.
I added Wrye Bash to my Oblivion MODs Section. I include my own modified instructions on how to use this wonderful (but rather complicated) modding tool, along with necessary Tagging instructions for any of the mods that I'm currently using.
Jun 29 I really am working hard to catch up with where I was at the end of Chapter 15 - but this is taking me much longer than I had hoped. The main problem is that some of the new mods that I'm using are forcing me to play quite differently. So I'm having to do a lot more rewriting of my earlier journal chapters than I had expected (and writing is a very slow process for me). As of this evening I've now caught up with Chapter 10 (the updated versions of 1-10 are now online).
Jul 13 My journal update has been delayed due to a computer problem and/or Oblivion bug that was causing my game to crash every time that I tried to save. The only solution was to restart my game over yet again, so I'm still trying to catch up. I'm now back up to where I was in Chapter 11, so hopefully it won't take me much longer to get past Chapter 15. Sorry for the long delay, but the past few weeks have been really frustrating in trying to solve my crash on save problem.
Aug 08 I had my final surgery today (for my latest medical procedure), so I still need a few days until I'll be able to sit at my computer long enough to do my next journal update. Hopefully my stitches won't be too painful after a few days, as I'm stuck with them for another week.
Aug 19 Chapter 14 is now updated, plus I made some updates to the mods section, and added two new mods: Enhanced Water and Let The People Drink. I also updated my mod load order.
Aug 25 Chapter 15 is now updated. So all my Oblivion Journal chapters have now been updated (summer 2008) and all include my latest recommended mods (and reflect my current game).
Sep 06 I just complete Chapter 16 - which is a completely new chapter. I also updated my OB Mods Section
Sep 28 I updated my OB Mods Section today plus I added a bunch of new stuff to my Arwen's Tips page. I'm still working on completing Chapter 17, but still need a bit more time (my studies and varsity sailing are keeping me way too busy lately).
Dec 21 I finally updated my OB Mods Section [14 mods now have new versions]. Now that I'm back home for a few weeks, I'm trying to get things back up to date here.
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2009 Archive
Jan 01

OB Mods Section updated (new versions for 8 mods) and added the following mods:
Duke Patrick's Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert The Target
Duke Patrick's Basic Script Effect Silencer
New BAB Add-ons (still testing): Armor Of Gaia, Atronach's Prize, AlienSlof's Oblivion Robe Trader, AlienSlofs Bracelets and Rings.

I'm currently trying to get Chapter 17 written, but had to update a number of major mods first (since I hadn't had the time to play Oblivion during the past semester at my university). Just a few more updates to install this morning, then I can get back to playing. Chapter 17 should be up in a day or two.

Jan 05

I just posted my update of Chapter 16 this afternoon, which was necessary to bring it up do date with the latest mod updates and additions.

I'm working to complete Chapter 17, but it will likely be another day or so (I have to travel again tomorrow, back down to my medical center for more tests).

Also my OB Mods Section has just had some minor updates added.

Jan 09

Chapter 17 is finally finished.

I recently added a few new mods to my OB Mods Section. If you use BAB, you might want to check out BAB Adventuress Wares Shop, which adds a small village, with a shop that features BAB items AND Babarized - Kalikutís Rare Trade Goods, adds a new shop selling armor, clothing, weapons and enchanted items.

If you are a fan of Extreme Realism (for hardcore role-playing), ABO has released a major update to his Realistic Fatigue mod.

I also found a better alternative to Illumination Within, with the Animated Window Lighting System mod.

Jan 18

You probably noticed that my Oblivion Journal is getting a makeover. It was time for a change and this is what I came up with. I hope you like the new look. (It will be a while before all the sections are remodeled.)

I've just completed a major update to my Oblivion Mods Section. I'm currently updating all the chapters of my story - for two reasons:
1.) to incorporate the new look of my site (which was designed primarily to make my fantasy story look more like an old hand written journal.
2.) to bring the chapters up to date with my current game, and with all my current mods (as many have been updated or replaced recently.

Jan 31

The fantasy story portion of my Oblivion Journal is getting a rewrite to reflect my current game, with all the new/updated mods that I'm using (yes, I've started over yet again). For those of you who are getting frustrated with yet another delay to releasing new chapters. I'm really sorry, but a large part of my Oblivion Journal is my mod list. Besides, my story is written about my actual game experience, which includes the need to start a new game.

Ok, so my rewrite is well underway, using my new site design . . . giving my fantasy story the appearance of an old hand written journal. The only problem is that there's no easy way for me to just replace my previous chapters with the rewrites, without having some major gaps and discrepancies between the new versions and the older ones. So this is what I've done: Only my rewritten chapters are linked in my Journal Index. But I've also provided a link at the end of the index that will take you to the 2008 version of my Journal ( all 17 chapters).

I've also added a number of new mods, including: Water Reflection Blur, AliveWatersNoFish, Zumbs Lockpicking Mod, Oblivion Wound Effects & Penalties

And the following mods have had recent major updates: Realistic Leveling, LOD Replacement, Proximity Based Sneak Penalties, - Drop Lit Torches OBSE

Feb 16

Even though I'm back at my studies, I have still been doing regular updates to both my journal and my mod pages - I have just been neglecting to post it here in my news section.

Journal progress: Rewrites are now complete through Chapter 11. One of the cool things about Oblivion is how the game plays differently each time - and changing your character's stats and adding a bunch of new mods makes for even greater differences. What this mean is that my later chapters are more like complete rewrites, rather than just a few minor edits. (I actually like this current version/ game much better than my earlier one - as my character is now playing out much closer to what I imagine her to be like.)

New Mods in February (so far): Oblivion Graphics Extender, Exit Oblivion With No Crash Guaranteed, Streamline, Toggleable Quantity Prompt Updated, Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys, Inventory is a Backpack, Sittable Rocks, Drop Lit Torches OBSE

Recent major updates: Realistic Leveling, Enhanced Weather, Common Oblivion, Reneer's Guard Overhaul, Real Hunger, Cobl, Real Sleep Extended, Duke Patrick's SCA Melee Combat, Duke Patrick's SCA Combat Archery, Bananasplit Better Cities

My Mod Load Order Page has just been updated again. Plus I'm play testing a number of really great mods that I'll be adding here once they get out of the beta stage.

Feb 20

Rewrites are now completed through Chapter 12.

Latest Mod Reviews Added: Auto-Save and Time, Lextons Scales Armour, Really AEVWD, Ignoring the Main Quest has Consequences, SoT Holidays, Q - More and Moldy Ingredients, Intoxicant Improvement ***New version of Real Sleep Extended (v.1.4 had a serious bug)

Mar 02

My Fallout3 Journal just went online today. There is currently not much there since I haven't even begun playing the game yet. (This will likely be mostly just my mod list/review for the game).

Rewrites of my OB Journal are now completed through Chapter 13.

Latest OB Mod Reviews Added: Carry Sacks, Gold is an Inventory Item, Gold Change II, Chapel Tithe, Duke Patrick's Basic Hypothermia, Arwen's DP SCA Combat Sound Patch, NPCs Yield, FineWeapons and RustyItems for OOO, More Immersive Sound Edited

Jun 09 After a few months of neglect (while I've been concentrating on my Fallout3 Journal), all my mod links are now current or are marked "Currently Unavailable," and all the latest versions are now given.
Jun 19

I updated the mod list today with the most common versions for all the mods. I also updated my MOD Load Order section

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