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(updated August 01, 2011)

arwen's mod List
index page
Arwen's Intro to Oblivion MODS
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | HarsherWorld | Expansions | Sound Effects

latest News (8/01/11):


Previous update (5/4/11): Just updated a few more file links today, including Duke Patrick's Basic Hypothermia II (version one's link was removed a while ago, since it had been removed from TES Nexus)

After a few months of neglect (while I've been concentrating on my Fallout 3 Journal and my Fallout New Vegas Journal), all my Oblivion mod links are now current or are marked "Currently Unavailable," and all the latest versions are now given. Let me know if you're having trouble finding one of the mods on my list and I'll try to help you. I'm currently using 134 mods in my game (2.55 gigs of OMODs), with over 150 active esps and esms.

Recent Mod Additions/Updates:

MenuQue (added 05/19/11) - Menu/font plugin for OBSE - any mod that has [requires MenuQue] needs to have this installed
Enhanced Economy - newer economic mod that offers improvements over what Living Economy does.

Thank-You: to all the talented people who have made these modification (MODs), and are generous in, not only sharing their efforts, but for all their support within Elder Scrolls modding community. Because of your combined efforts, Oblivion is now a very different game for me, and for countless others. Without you guys, I wouldn't even be playing Oblivion, and would never have begun writing my Oblivion Journal.

About Arwen's Oblivion Journal: It is both a fantasy story and sort of a role-playing guide to the game. But I'm trying to keep this a bit more immersive than my Morrowind Journal was. So I'm separating my story from the game itself. If you just stumbled into this Oblivion Mod Section, and are interested, you might want to check out my Oblivion Journal Introduction Page.

About Arwen's Mod List: This has become a rather extensive list of my recommended mods for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion role-playing game. Unless otherwise stated, I am currently using every single one of these mods in my own game. These are the mods I have selected in my own personal quest to make Oblivion a better game . . . and "a better game" in this case, refers to a "better role-playing game." I did not make any of these mods (although I did play test a number of them for the modders, and have made suggestions that have been implemented in several.)

A couple of these mods require that you start a new game. (I've tried to mark all the one's that do.) They might seem to work fine with saved games, but some changes won't take affect until you begin a new game.

If you plan on installing any of the mods that I've listed here, you should check out my MOD Load Order section, which also includes some of the newest mods that I haven't added yet (since I'm still play testing them).

If you're experienced with installing and mods, you can skip ahead to myMOD Index . . . if not, I would strongly suggest that you read the next section first.

Are you unsure about how to install MODs?

Are you not even sure what a MOD is?
It so, you should first read my MODs 101 - The Basics section.

Warnings About Using These MODs (and disclaimer):

My Oblivion Journal MOD pages are my way to share the mods I am using. I've tested out every one of these mods in my own game, and haven't noticed any major conflicts, but I can't guarantee that they won't cause problems for others (and incorrect load order will cause conflicts).

Please don't try to install any of these MODs without:

1.) first backing up your saved games folder
2.) knowing how to install the MOD
3.) knowing how to uninstall the MOD
4.) understanding exactly what each MOD does.

I also highly recommend that you use the Oblivion Mod Manager to install MODs

See the Oblivion MOD FAQ (in process) on the Elder Scrolls Forums - by dev_akm

Before you start installing MODs . . . I suggest that you do the following:

1.) Update your Oblivion game with the latest patch
2.) Make a backup copy of your entire Oblivion folder (if you have the free space)
3.) Install the Oblivion Mod Manager and use it to install your mods.

Arwen Note: The Oblivion directory is very large, so only back it up if you have plenty of free space on your hard drive. (If you back up your Oblivion folder, before installing any mods, and you game somehow gets messed up, you won't have to go through the entire reinstall next time.)

Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Arwen's MOD List Index

For a complete list of all the mods I am using in my current game, you can jump to my MOD Load Order section, which can also be used as a guide for the correct (as far as I can tell) load order of all these mods.

Arwen Note: Mods marked with *** in front of their name, are what I consider to be the most essential, as they have the most impact on making Oblivion a better RPG. If you are not using the ***Mods, your game play will be very different from what I write about in my journal.

I've arranged my recommended mods by my own categories as a way to organize them. Many of these mods could fit in more than one category, so placement has been very subjective on my part.

mod category index

part one: utilities|interface|rebalancing & leveling|quest fixing & patches

part two - graphic mods: cosmetic mods | environmental mods

part three: realism mods

part four - extreme realism mods: survival | timescale | combat | harsher world

part five: expansions | sound effects

mod archive: Mods that I am no longer using - and why

featured mods: Cross reference of the mods that are featured in my Oblivion Journal chapters

mod load order: Opens new page, giving my load order, for all my currently installed mod

alphabetical listing of mods: Cross reference of my currently install mods that I've reviewed

Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Arwen's MOD List - Part One

Note: Mods that have been recently updated (in last month or so) have highlighted update text
Mods that are a bit older, but that I have recently updated, have the green update text.
Mods that have not been updated since 2009: no updated date given

Utilities (tools that make mods work better together):

  Oblivion Mod Manager - makes installing, managing, and uninstalling mods much easier. Use this!
04/08/11 Oblivion Script Extender - any mod that has [requires OBSE] needs to have this installed
03/12/11 MenuQue - Menu/font plugin for OBSE - any mod that has [requires MenuQue] needs to have this installed
01/14/11 Oblivion Graphics Extender [OBGE] - plugin for OBSE which adds additional graphic capabilities
  Pluggy - plugin for OBSE - any mod that has [requires OBSE and Pluggy] needs this installed
  Fast Exit - enables you to exit the game without it crashing (replaces Clean Quit).
01/22/11 Wrye Bash - a mod/save game management utility and so much more - a tool that "bashes" your OB mods
  Item Interchange - share items between mods, in much the way that COBL does, only on a broader scale
  Streamline - enhances performance by reducing stuttering and lag, and smoothing out gameplay

Interface (enhancing the graphical interface):

  DarkUId DarN - greatly improves the stock Oblivion user interface, menus, and maps
  Elven Map Redux - changes default brown map to a full color "elven" map, more detailed icons.
  Elven Map For Shivering Isles - changes the Shivering Isles map to an Elven Map Redux look
  Menu Escape - adds right mouse button (and/or space bar) functionality to menu navigation
09/20/10 Toggleable Quantity Prompt Updated - makes it easier to select qualities of items in your inventory
  2nd to 1st Person - changes the popup dialog to reflect a more 1st person, role-playing atmosphere
  Auto-Save and Time - safe auto-saves, immersive clock, alarm clock, variable timescale, respawn interval setting, and menumode time . . . all in one little mod
  Days & Months - adds Earth's names for the months and days of the week after Tamriel's
10/25/10 Storage Sacks - adds 10 configurable, carryable sacks to the game (an alternative to the above mod)

REBALANCING & LEVELING (major changes that affect the entire game):

  *** Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - a complete makeover of Oblivion
  *** Race Balancing Project - an overhaul of all races, birthsigns and the whole Magicka system
03/10/10 *** Realistic Leveling - more realistic leveling and attribute advances, for better game play

Quest Fixing & Patches (bug fixes and removal of hand-holding elements):

  *** DarkUId DarN - allow you to remove the location and arrow icons from the map and compass
  No More Annoying Messages - no more big "Loading Area" messages.
  Quest Message Popup Remover - Prevents messages from appearing - now you can use your brain.
  *** Unofficial Oblivion Patch - fixes over 1600 bugs in the game, including many quest bugs.
  *** Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch - fixes over 270 bugs in the Shivering Isles expansion
  Unofficial Official MODs Patch -fixes the bugs in the official mods that were released by Bethesda
04/06/10 SM Plugin Refurbish - all the official add-ons (including SI) will now start in more immersive ways
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Arwen's MOD List - Part Two

Cosmetic(graphical improvements of characters):

  Ethereal Eyes Universal Edition - adds custom eye - where my Wood Elf's blue eyes came from
  Facial Textures by Enayla - replaces all the human, elven & orc head textures with new base textures.
  Natural Faces - adds 512x512 resolution base face textures (up from 128x128)
  Corean Hair for Original Race - 26 new hairstyles to select from - for original races
  BAB BIU Adventuress Body - complete female body replacement mod - with clothing and armor
  Babarized - OOO Armors - alters OOO armor so that it will fit the BAB body
  Babarized - Female Armor Pack - replaces female vanilla armor with more feminine versions
  BAB Adventuress Wares Shop - adds a small village, with a shop that features BAB items
  Babarized - Brash's Leather Armors - ranger/archer leather armor, wooden bows, and much more
  Lextons Scales Armour - five different armors made of scales - compatible with BAB female body
  Babarized - Kalikut's Rare Trade Goods - shop selling armor, clothing, weapons and enchanted items
  More BAB Add-ons - additional misc. BAB addons that I'm still play testing
  Kafei's Better Amulet and Better Ring Replacers - much better looking jewelry
  TNR All Races Final - an NPC total conversion mod - greatly enhances the appearance of 1,237 NPCs
  Initial Glow - magical glow effect of spells and enchantments will just flash briefly, and then disappear.
  Get Wet Update - your character and NPCs/creatures now appear wet from rain -and from swimming.

ENVIRONMENTAL (graphical improvements to the environment):


Environmental - Water

  Enhanced Water - greatly improves the appearance of the water - both above and below the surface
  Alive Waters - adds plants, fish, and shipwrecks to Oblivion's underwater
  AliveWatersNoFish - adds just the plants, and shipwrecks, without any fish

Environmental - Weather

09/09/10 Enhanced Weather - a photorealistic weather mod, with a fully seasonable weather script, and SI support
  Storms & Sounds - adds thunder & lightning and you now hear the weather sounds when inside
  Rainbows in Tamriel - adds rainbows to the game's weather system.
Environmental - Plants
  Diverse Grasses - adds to and changes all the grass in the game - also optional LOD textures
  Oscars Nicer Grass - alternate grass mod: lower grass length and density, with much better FPS.
  Harvest [Flora] - graphically shows when you've harvested a plant
Environmental - Landscape
  LOD Replacement - replaces the blurry mush of distant textures with much better looking textures.
03/07/11 Really AEVWD - a modest approach to distant viewable objects, aka LOD
Environmental - Lighting
03/31/11 Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys - exterior window lights turn on when dark + adds animated, scripted smoke to all chimneys
  Cities Alive at Night - no more dark and dead looking cities when you approach them.
  Real Lights - removes most of the fake lights and rebalances the interior lightning system
Environmental - Misc.
  Book Jackets Oblivion - greatly improves the appearance of the exteriors of all books
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Arwen's MOD List - Part Three

REALISM (for more realistic, and better role-playing):

Economy Mods (affect trade, fees, banking, and gold)

*** Living Economy - adds more realism and diversity to the mercantile environment
02/13/11 Enhanced Economy - newer economic mod that offers improvements over what Living Economy does
  Reneer's Gold Mod - allows you to drop gold coins and place in containers - also adds weight to coins
  *** Gold is an Inventory Item - alternative to Reneer's Gold mod
  Gold Change II - just changes the name from Gold (coins) to Septim(s)
  Bank of Cyrodiil - now you can keep your valuables in a safe place - and your gold earns interest
  Chapel Tithe - 1% of your total gold is now deducted when you pray at an Altar of the Nine.
*** Cyrodiil Transportation Network - adds back Morrowind style travel to Oblivion (with fees to pay)

Misc. Realism Mods (adds and/or affects items, animation, consequences, and improves NPC AI)

  *** Common Oblivion - adds lots of little things through a shared library - allows different mods to "talk" to each other. Any mod that has [requires Cobl] needs to have this installed.
  Q - More and Moldy Ingredients - adds spoiled and moldy food to the game world
  Intoxicant Improvement - replaces the textures of the Skooma, ale, mead, beer, brandy, and wine bottles. Bundled with Lap's "Inebriation" - if you drink an alcoholic beverage you'll receive an inebriation effect.
  SoT Holidays - adds the Tamriellic holidays, on the lore correct date, with holiday benefits
02/06/11 Reneer's Guard Overhaul - changes how guards react to player crimes and gives you more options
  *** Zumbs Lockpicking Mod - replaces lock picking mini-game with animated real-time lock picking
  *** Stealth Overhaul - makes sneaking around more interesting and rewarding
  *** Proximity Based Sneak Penalties - factors in visible light & proximity penalties to your sneak skill
07/25/10 *** Choices and Consequences Updated - Cobl - adds dialog choices & consequences, along with some quest changes
  Roleplaying Dialogues - gives you more (text) dialog choices.
  Ignoring the Main Quest has Consequences - Oblivion gates will still start to appear after a while
  Persuasion Overhaul - replaces that horrid mini game with more immersive, and more difficult persuasion - where taunts actually have an effect on NPCs
  Bathing Mod - this cool mod adds the ability to take a bath in the game - along with copper bathtubs
03/11/11 See You Sleep - now you can watch your character actually climb into bed, lie down, and fall asleep
Realistic Physics & Force - killing no longer causes enemies to fly upward or through the air
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Arwen's MOD List - Part Four

EXTREME REALISM (for hardcore role-playing):

Survival Mods (eat/drink/sleep/fatigue/encumbrance):
  *** Real Hunger, Cobl - your character now needs to eat food - being hungry results in loss of stats
  *** FF Real Thirst, Cobl - your character now needs to drink water. - being thirsty results in loss of stats
10/28/10 *** Real Sleep Extended - your character now needs to sleep - being over-tired results in loss of stats (a more advanced version of Real Sleep, and Real Sleep Updated)
  aaaBors Bedrolls (fixed) - allows you to pick up existing bedrolls, and buy bedrolls from merchants
  *** Realistic Fatigue - your character now gets tired from running, jumping, fast swimming, and combat
  *** Realistic Health - graphically simulates deteriorating health, with declining health and fatigue stats as a disease progresses
01/16/11 *** Duke Patrick's Basic Hypothermia II - cold weather, altitude, and getting wet (and more) will now affect your character - also adds seasonal effects
  *** Oblivion Wound Effects & Penalties - your character's injuries now affect your stats, and some wounds result in blood loss, which can only be treated with bandages (so keep a supply handy)
04/10/11 Inventory is a Backpack - now you can instantly drop most of load, just by dropping your backpack
  Sittable Rocks - now you can sit down on a rock and take a rest while you're out in the wilderness

*** Changing The Timescale - for longer game days, highly recommended when using survival mods

Combat Mods: (for more realistic . . . and much more challenging combat)
06/10/10 Duke Patrick's Magic You Can Believe In - more realistic (and very cool) magic effects (cosmetic only)
07/31/11 *** Duke Patrick's Combat Archery - major realism and balance overhaul for combat archery
03/20/10 *** Duke Patricks - Actors Can Miss Now - does exactly what the title says . . . NPCs arrows can now miss you.
01/19/10 *** Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs - does exactly what the title says
07/29/10 *** Duke Patrick's Basic Script Effect Silencer - install this mod if you use any of Duke Patrick's mods
  Arwen's DP SCA Combat Sound Patch - fixes minor sound conflict with Realistic Fatigue
01/02/11 *** NPCs Yield - NPCs will surrender and yield when they start losing a fight
  Arrow Replacement Pack - arrows that are now appropriate in length for a Medieval era
  FineWeapons and RustyItems for OOO - gives fine weapons a more expensive look, and make rusty weapons and armor actually look rusty.

Mods for a Harsher World:
  *** Darker Dungeons - makes dungeons so dark that torches are actually needed to light your way
  Let There Be Darkness - possible new replacement for Darker Dungeons
  Brighter Drop Lit Torches With Weight - torches now weigh 1 pound, but are brighter, and droppable
04/04/10 Drop Lit Torches OBSE - alternative/improved version of original drop lit torches (my personal choice)
  Lights Out - interior daylight lights will turn off at 7PM and turn back on at 7am
  Extinguish the Lights - Compatible with Real Lights - suppress any light source, with your hand, or with special dousing arrows
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Arwen's MOD List - Part Five

EXPANSION (additional lands/items):


Remove the Invisible Border Wall - how to get rid of the invisible wall along Cyrodiil's border


Tamriel Travelers - adds Traveling Traders and Traveling Merchants all over Cyrodiil

Quals Harvest - adds apple and orange trees (with edible fruit), harvestable logs and more
Salmo the Baker - Salmo the Baker in Skingrad now sell his bread and rolls
04/06/11 Bananasplit Better Cities - makes the small, empty-feeling cities feel much more alive - and larger.
Let The People Drink - adds fountains and a Great Aqueduct from Charcoal Cave to the Imperial City
The Lost Spires - uncover the mysteries of ancient Tamriel by joining the Archeology Guild.

SOUND (additions and enhancement of game audio):



Oblivion Sound Sets - gives your character ability to speak - and also gives him or her a personality

Elf Female Younger Voice Replacement - changes sound files to a younger female voice

Louder Nirnroots - turns up the volume of the Nirnroot sound
Ambient Town Sounds - adds ambient sounds to the towns and cities, making them feel more alive
  More Immersive Sound Edited - tweaks the ambient sounds to improve immersion & the nature feeling
Musical Immersion - Tweaks the music to be more in sync with your game - enhances the immersion
Symphony of Violence - This mod makes combat sound much more realistic.
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Archived Mods

(Mods that I am no longer using - and why)

3/02/09 Bag of Alchemy - among other things, helps you to quickly find ingredients with the same effect.

ChaseCamera Mod - just fixes some minor chase camera issues

1/01/09 Denock Arrow - allows you to remove a ready arrow from your bow, by pressing the grab key
6/20/08 Fatality Cam - sometimes you want to see what happens after you dies

FF Vim & Vigor Overhauled -your character will have to eat, drink, and sleep, regularly

8/18/08 First Person Sitting Perspective Fix - now you actually feel like you're sitting down


Illumination Within Revived - timed lighting for windows of shops, homes & other buildings
6/06/08 Jump Adjustment - adjusts jump so to be more realistic
1/08/09 Kalikuts Bracelets - a collection of bracelets for the default Oblivion body, Robert's body, and BAB
1/08/09 Kalikut's Necklaces for BAB - this mod adds some really nice necklaces for BAB
1/29/09 Level Rates Modifiedskills level slower than in vanilla Oblivion (esps for 2, 3, 4, or 5 times slower)
1/07/09 Lore Dialogue 300 - adds more text dialog when having a conversation with an NPC
2/20/09 Menu Time- makes game time pass while you are are trading, reading a book, lock picking, etc.

Natural Environments Mod - better weather & water - also adds birds and insects

6/20/08 NVIDIA Black Screen Fix - This mod fixes the annoying black screen bug that afflicts NVIDIA cards

Oblivion Face Exchange Lite - change, import and export your character's appearance

8/04/08 Oblivion Savegame Manager - save and manage your saved games in character profile groups

Oblivion XP Levelling - Alternative leveling system where Experience Points (XP) are used to advance

1/28/09 P1D Key Chain - This mod adds a key chain to your inventory, which contains all your keys.
1/29/09 Real Sleep Updated - your character now needs to sleep - being over-tired results in loss of stats
6/06/08 Running Revised - this mod makes running more realistic
1/29/09 Silk Dragon Imports for BAB - adds a dress shop in the Imperial City Market District for BABs
1/28/09 S.P.A.M. - changes how the level-up attribute modifiers are determined


Swclock - posts the game time every 1.5 minutes. Plus it gives day, month, or year changes.
6/06/08 T.I.E. (Tamriel Immersion Experience) - an alternative/addition to OOO - a thief-centered overhaul


Timekeeper Advanced - displays game time (configured interval or key press) - plus much much more


Travelers Inns - alters the containers in all inns to allow for safe storage, for multiple night stays

3/26/09 Water Reflection Blur - adds blur effect to the surface of water
Index | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing | Quest Fixing | Cosmetic | Environmental
Realism | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | Expansions | Sound Effects
Featured MODs

In my Oblivion Journal, the last section of each chapter is Gaming Comments and Tips. This is where I list the MODs that are directly related to that chapter - and what effect each MOD had on my game play. Here's the cross reference of the MODs that are featured in each journal chapter.

Chapter 2 Quest Popup Remover / Day's and Months / Ethereal Eyes Universal Edition / Facial Textures by Enayla / Natural Faces

Chapter 3 Cobl (Common Oblivion) / Real Hunger, COBL / FF Real Thirst

Chapter 4 Oblivion Wound Effects & Penalties / Race Balancing Project / Lights Out / Corean Hair for Original Race

Chapter 5 Rainbows / Realistic Fatigue / Race Balancing Project / Denock Arrow

Chapter 6 Roleplaying Dialogues / Enhanced Quest Roleplaying/ Louder Nirnroots / Tamriel Travelers / Real Sleep Extended

Chapter 7 OOO - Trapped Chests / Zumbs Lockpicking Mod

Chapter 8 Bananasplit Better Cities / Streamline / Animated Window Lighting System / Salmo the Baker / Real Sleep Extended

Chapter 9 Elven Map Redus / TNR All Races Final / Bathing Mod / Living Economy / Animated Window Lighting System

Chapter 10 Realistic Fatigue / Realistic Health / Darker Dungeons /

Chapter 11 Stealth Overhaul / Proximity Based Sneak Penalties / Race Balancing Project

Chapter 12 Persuasion Overhaul / Enhanced Weather / OOO - slower leveling

Chapter 13 Real Hunger, Cobl / OOO - New NPC classes - Amazons

Chapter 14 Duke Patricks SCA Combat Archery / Reneer's Gold Mod

Chapter 15 OOO - Guild Item Ownership / Choices and Consequences

Chapter 16 Harvest [Flora] / Bag of Alchemy

Chapter 17 Roleplaying Dialogues / Storm & Sounds / Let the People Drink!

Chapter 18 The Lost Spires

Chapter 19 Babarized Brash Leather Armor / Bank of Cyrodiil / Bananasplit Better Cities

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