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(updated December 20, 2011)

Arwen's Mod List
part Four

Page Menu: Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | (see Part Three for non-extreme realism)

Extreme Realism Mods (for Hardcore Role-Playing)

Warning! The mods in this section are not for the casual gamer.

These Extreme Realism MODs will make your game much more difficult.

They will also make your game world much more realistic, immersive, and challenging.

Are you up ready to move up to Hardcore Role-playing?

Realism mods (like the ones in Part Three) make the game a bit more realistic . . . without making it any more difficult. The mods here that I call Extreme Realism also make the game more realistic . . . but they also increase the difficulty that the player faces in the game.

I have separated the Extreme Realism mods into the following categories:

Survival Mods (along with a section on changing the timescale) - these are mods that add the need to eat, drink, and sleep; plus mods that add fatigued and encumbrance penalties. Now you have to be concerned about your character's basic needs and you have to conserve your strength.

Combat Mods - these are mods that make combat much more realistic . . . and much more difficult.

A Harsher World - these mods make the game world environment a bit harsher . . such as making dungeons, caves, and ruins so dark that you will need a torch just to find your way.

Using any of these mods will make your game a bit more challenging. If you use them all (like I do) you will have to play your game with a great deal of strategy (and constant planning) . . . just to survive. If you're not careful, you might also discover that hardcore role-playing is a lot more fun.

Page Index | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World

Survival Mods (eat/drink/sleep/fatigue/encumbrance)

The first mods that I've listed in this section are commonly referred to as survival mods - because of how they change the default game.

If you use these survival mods, your character will actually have to eat food, drink water, and sleep in a bed (or in a bedroll) to survive. Then I went one step further and added a fatigue mod that causes your character to get tired while running, jumping, swinging a weapon, or swimming fast.

My complete survival collection now includes four main hunger, thirst, fatigue, and sleep mods.

I have spent a LOT of time testing out most of the available survival mods. The following mods are the winners. These mods seem to work very well together, with only very minor conflicts with the rest of my installed mods. And they add survival needs to the game - without these needs becoming a burden (at least not to me). Do not use these mods without slowing down the default timescale in the game - or you will quickly get frustrated. See Changing Timescale Settings

Important: READ THE README FILES that come with these mods - and do so before you install, and especially before you uninstall these mods - not following the directions can really mess up your game.

*** Real Hunger, Cobl v.1.6.1 (2/08/09) [requires COBL] - by Dominic Watson (additional work by Thingamajig, Cipscis, and Wrye):

Version 1.6.1 changes: "Modify vampire test for greater compatibility."

General Real Hunger Features - "The following are general features of the various versions of Real Hunger:

- When you get hungry, you will hear grumbling noises to tell you that you need food. If you want messages to display as well as hearing the sounds, use the "Messages" option in the Real Hunger options menu.
- While your stomach is grumbling, enemies will find it easier to detect you. This can be turned off through the "Sneak Penalties" option in the Real Hunger options menu.
- When you view the stats menu, a message appears displaying how much food you need to be fully stuffed.
- The following stats are effected by hunger: Agility, Endurance, Strength, Willpower & Personality. Health & fatigue are not directly effected but your max health and fatigue will diminish as your stats are drained.
- Level of hunger is unlimited (0=Stuffed -> inf=somewhat hungry). So in theory, if you were a God, you wouldn't need to eat.
- Every player can go without food for 10% of their endurance level (in hours), after that, hunger will increase around 1pt per hour unless your character is sleeping or waiting, in which case they will get hungry 1pt every two hours if they're sleeping, and 4pt every three hours if they're waiting.

Here's what's different about the COBL version:

- Dinner Plate (COBL inventory item) - "You only get nourishment from food that you eat from the COBL Dinner Plate. Select the plate, close the inventory menu, and the dinner plate menu will appear and with all foods from your inventory. Selecting items counts as eating them. This is done without having to modify any food from any mod, and without any scripts on the food."
- Wortcraft is "the process of extracting (or trying to extract) the alchemical properties of the ingredient for an immediate personal effect. Wortcraft is Not Eating, so your character gains no nourishment from foods consumed this way. And eating food from the COBL Dinner Plate yields no alchemical effects."
- COBL Options (inventory item called "+[Options]") - "Can be used to configure Real Hunger Messages and Sneak Penalties.
- Food Recognition - "COBL does all the food calculation. Hence, if COBL (or a COBL-aware mod) adds recognition for a particular food, then it will show up on your dinner plate and count as food. COBL currently recognizes food that it adds (Salmo the Baker, Tamrielic Ingredients) plus foods from Shivering Isles (if you have COBL SI.esp active). The list will likely grow later. Note that RH-COBL will not require an update to recognize these foods."
- COBL's Food Value - "largely done by weight - so Boar Meat gives twice the nourishment of Beef, since is weighs twice as much as Beef. "If you have messages turned on, then RH-COBL will tell you after each meal how many food units you gained from it."

Arwen Note: This mod is a really great example of why I'm using Coblized versions of mods whenever possible. I've tried all the popular hunger mods and there are two recurring problems:

The first problem: Not being compatible with the of food items from other mods (like Salmo) - previously this was done with a patch (which had to be redone every time that either mod was updated) - without a compatibility patch, your character gained no nourishment from these foods. COBL mods can be made to recognize and share resources like food items.

The second problem: To use a food item for food, you must give up an alchemy effect for that item. Vim & Vigor overcame this by converting food items into rations - which was clever, but also a bit clunky. And it took away from the immersion a bit - since my character was stuck living only on tasteless rations and never got to eat real food. Coble overcame this through the Coble Dinner Plate, which locates all the edible items in your inventory (or available in an inn), and allows you to select what food to have for dinner - with no loss of any alchemy effect.

Real Hunger COBL

*** FF Real Thirst, Cobl v.1.0 (2/10/08) [requires COBL] by EggDropSoap:

"COBL provides a standardized set of water source scripts that modders can apply to water sources in house mods and other mods that place wells and water features. These COBL water source scripts don't do anything unless a survival mod overrides them and makes them DO something. FF Real Thirst, COBL takes control of these scripts and uses them for its own nefarious purposes.

The upshot is that not only can FF_Real_Thirst users drink and refill their waterskins at wells, barrels, and waterfalls across Cyrodiil, they can now also do so at water sources placed in homes, castles, and other places by COBL-aware mods.

Future versions of COBL will feature its own placed water sources as well, so that you can switch between Cobl-aware survival mods and still be sure that the water barrel that you remember being at that one camp will still be there. For now FF Real Thirst, COBL uses the same camp water barrel placements that are featured in the original"

IMPORTANT: The COBL version requires that FF Real Thirst v.1.2 - by FritZ_FretZ [requires OBSE], has first been installed, which also requiresthe Shivering Isles expansion (patched to v1.2.416)

Arwen Note: This is the best thirst mod that I have tried. It is very easy to use (without being a burden), there are plenty of water sources , and it is easy to tell when my character is thirsty (she gives a little cough and a message is displayed - if she doesn't get water, her cough gets more severe). Messages can be toggled off and effects can be configured through the COBL Options (misc. inventory item). FF Real Thirst also adds "portable camping gear including a portable rainbarrel, purchasable as a package from any of the eight general traders in Tamriel. It adds a one time 'sinkable well' for mod added housing use, also available from the general traders. It adds one waterskin and a drinking cup to the PC's inventory when initially activated. It adds additional waterskins and placeable water kegs that may be purchased from the game's general traders. It adds bottled water, available for purchase from all stock inns and taverns."

Download & install both: FF Real Thirst v.1.2 AND FF Real Thirst, Cobl

Real Sleep Extended (with portable bedrolls) v.2.5 (10/28/10) [requires OBSE] - by Ole Boe (TheNiceOne) - Based on Real Sleep 1.4, created by Dominic Watson, updated by Cipscis:

"You need some sleep each day (less the higher your Endurance is). If you stay awake too long, your stats will be temporarily reduced, more the longer you stay awake. Get recovered by sleeping, but the best sleep is found inside, at nights."

"Real Sleep Extended is actually two mods in one esp, two mods that can be enabled/disabled separately in the RealSleepExtended.ini file if you want the functionality of one only."

The optional automatic, dynamic timescale allows you to change the game's timescale depending on whether you are indoor/outdoor, fighting, sneaking, walking, running, swimming or riding. All are controlled in the ini. If you want a default timescale of 20, that is changed to 1 whenever you're indoors, but ignore figthing/sneaking, then it's easy to set in the ini, etc. (see my Dynamic Timescale settings notes at the end).

Version 2.4 - 2.5 changes:
* 2.5:
* Added HUD Status Bars support
* Removed Customisable HUD components support
* Set ownership of bedrolls to prevent NPCs from going to sleep on the bedroll where you already sleep.
* Message added when using fast wait
* Fixed error in OMOD installation script
* Added separate timescale for sitting
* Added separate timescale for fast travel
* Added fast wait functionality
* Changed the way bedrolls are picked up
* Added setting for weight of bedrolls
* Added check for stages in The Ayleid Steps where timescale should be kept to 30

Differences between Real Sleep Extended and Real Sleep:

- The original Real Sleep (RS) always required 1h sleep for 2h awake, so a player with 100 Endurance would need just as much sleep (8h each day) as one with 0 Endurance. In this mod (RSE) you need less sleep the longer you can stay awake.
- In RS, the awake time was hardcoded to 8h + Endurance/10. Those two numbers (the static and the endurance factor) can be tweaked in RSE (and have a different default).
- In RS, the sleep was just as effective during the day as during the night. In RSE the sleep effectiveness is dependant on time of day (this can be turned off).
- In RS, the sleep was just as effective inside as outside. In RSE, the sleep is less effective outside - unless you have a very high agility. So choose real beds if you can.
- RS did not take vampirism into account at all (and some reported a vampire bug). In RSE, a vampire needs no sleep.
- In RSE, you can sleep extra long to be able to stay awake up to 4hrs more than normal. That way you can prepare for a long journey.
- In RS your attributes were reduced by 1 for each hour of tiredness. In RSE this is halved to 1 for each 2 hours. Also, RSE doesn't make you more tired after 24h of missing sleep. (Your attributes have already been reduced by 12 by then.)
- In RSE you can turn off the effect with a console command. This makes it safer to uninstall the mod, since any attribute reduction in effect when the mod is uninstalled will become permanent.

Arwen Note: This mod, which is a more advance version of Real Sleep (and of Real Sleep Updated), makes it necessary for my Wood Elf to sleep. The best part is that it is flexible in how it works. She's supposed to get 8 hours of sleep every night (which is what she requires to be fully rested), but if she gets less, she can still function pretty well, for quite a long while. She'll just not be fully rested, so her stats will slowly drop the longer she stays awake. Basically if she doesn't get enough sleep, she gets tired and isn't 100% - that's pretty much the way real life is.With this new version, if your character gets a couple of hours extra sleep, they can last a bit longer the next day, before they begin to get tired. Real Sleep Extended is also designed to be compatible with ABO's mods, in particular Realistic Fatigue.

By editing the RealSleepExtended.ini file, you can adjust the settings to suit your gameplay.
Here are my changes from the default settings:

set RSE.maxTiredness to 36 [maxTiredness is the maximum hours of tiredness before the player stops being more sleepy. I felt the the Default 20 was too easy (and not very realistic). I wanted my penalties to continue to increase for longer.]

set RSE.percentageDecrease to 2 [I felt that the Default 0.75 did not simulate the need for sleep adequately, so I'm trying a setting of 2 (but this may not be high enough for me, since this is still only a 2% drop in attributes / hour).]
The number of attributes you are penalized for each hour your character stays awake after they start to need sleep is now based on how how their attributes are. For instance, using my 2 setting, a character with strength attribute of 25 would drop to 23 (-2 points) after 4 hours of being sleepy (25 * 2 /100 /hour without sleep). Under the exact same conditions, a strength attribute of 50 would drop to 46 (-4 points) (50 * 2 /100 /hour).

Dynamic Timescale settings: I've set my default timescale to 8 (which is what I've been using in my game) and set the timescale at 4 for when I'm fighting or sneaking:

set RSE.timeAdjustment to 1 [enables the dynamic timescale]
set RSE.timeDefault to 8 [timescale setting (in this case 8/24 = 1 game day lasts 3 real hours)]
set RSE.timeCombat to 4 [timescale during combat (4 = twice as slow as my regular timescale)]
set RSE.timeSneaking to 4 [timescale during sneak mode (4 = twice as slow as my regular timescale)]
set RSE.timeInterior to 8 [timescale while inside (I set this the same as my regular timescale)]

Real Sleep Extended

aaaBors Bedrolls v.1.4 (1/15/09) - original mod by aaaBors, updated by ataribaby, which was then updated by jrockfishy, which has now been updated by theluckyone17:

aaaBors' original readme: "Added Bedrolls to traders and pawnbrokers across Cyrodiil. Tested with the Copious Coinpurse in the Imperial City Market District, but they should be available at any trader or pawnbroker. Bedrolls is exactly what its namesake implies: It adds Bedrolls to the Oblivion game world. Or rather, it makes the existing Bedrolls movable. That is to say, you now have the option of picking up a sleeping bag and taking it with you, so that you can go anywhere and use it to sleep (not just "wait") anywhere you would otherwise be allowed to. (For instance, you can't sleep in combat, or while trespassing, or other standard no-no's."

Arwen Note: When I first played the game, my character was able to sleep in the bandits' bedrolls after she defeated them . . . but she couldn't pick up one of the bedrolls and take it with her. Now you can. In this latest version, the bedrolls now weigh only 7 game pounds (feathers) . . . while aaaBors' original bedrolls weighed 10 game pounds . . . so they'll be a bit easier to lug around now. (10 pounds did seem a bit much, and 7-pound bedroll is believable to me.) FF Real Thirst does add some nice camping gear that you can purchase, it's pretty expensive and really heavy. So this bedroll mod is the perfect alternative for those little overnight excursions into the wilderness.

Updated 1/30/09: Unfortunately it seems that aaaBors' bedroll mod caused a major problem to anyone who had to serve jail time. "The scripts used to allow the bedroll behavior interfered with the bedrolls located in jails. As a result, going to jail was a life sentence... the character couldn't use the bedroll to serve their jail time." So several modders have made updates to the aaaBors' bedroll mod. Last fall, version 1.2 was released, but that one used a script that caused game bloat (saves get really large). Now we have version 1.4, and this one is still not perfect (who would have guessed a little innocent bedroll could cause so many problems): "The conversion did cause one itty bitty issue... dropping more than one bedroll at a time causes the second bedroll to not display. In short, don't drop a second bedroll without picking the first one up, otherwise you'll lose your bedroll (and have to go hunting to find where you left the first one)."

Anyhoo, this is the bedroll mod that I'm now suggesting that you use in your game, since it seems to have the smallest issue of any bedroll mod that I can find.

Load Order:See You Sleep and Bedrolls are currently not fully compatible. If I load See You Sleep last, the lie-down-and-sleep animation works with the bedrolls, but I can no longer pick up a bedroll. If I load Bedrolls last I can pick up the bedrolls, but See You Sleep no longer works with any bedrolls (but it still works just fine with other types of beds.) Hopefully this will be fixed in a later version, but for now, if you want to use both mods, you have to decide what is most important to you. I'm loading Bedrolls last because I want to be able to pick up bedrolls and take them with me.

aaaBors Bedrolls

*** Realistic Fatigue [requires OBSE] v.2.4 (11/01/09) - by Donovan Baarda (ABO):

"Tweaks all fatigue/encumbrance/movement settings to be more realistic and provide better gameplay. Adds immersive blur/pant fatigue warnings. Adds to all actors fatigue drains for health/encumbrance, fatigue burns for standing/walking/climbing, fatigue/movement based chance of stagger/trip, and NPC panting.

In Oblivion by default, any character can regenerate fatigue while running, even when carrying as much as they can lift. Endurance has no impact on regeneration rate of fatigue, and it recovers so fast fatigue affecting potions and spells are useless. Encumbrance has no affect on fatigue at all. If you go over the magic encumbrance limit, you can't move, but if you are just below it, you can run forever. Fatigue and health have only bars to indicate how low they are. Right up until the moment of death or collapse you appear unimpaired, making your death a surprise every time it happens.

The mod attempts to address these problems and provide a better gaming experience by making fatigue more important and realistic. It affects all actors equally and doesn't just disadvantage the player. It attempts to be simple and easily configurable, with minimal game changes so it should be highly compatible with other mods. It has the following features:

- Fully configurable using a RealisticFatigue.ini settings file. So if you don't like the default settings, you can adjust any feature (or even turn them off).
- Adds immersive visual blur and panting sounds that gradually increase in intensity and frequency as player fatigue gets lower. You will notice when you are getting fatigued.
- Tweaks all fatigue, encumbrance, and movement game settings to be more realistic and provide better gameplay. The settings are based on research into real human fatigue, encumbrance, and movement models.
- The fatigue effects are applied equally to all actors including creatures, NPCs, and the player. Includes NPC lipsynced panting, so you can hear when your enemy is getting worn down. Even your horse will start to stumble if you ride it too hard.
- Your fatigue reserve is reduced when you are over encumbered and when your health drops.
- Adds extra encumbrance based fatigue burns for standing, walking, and climbing uphill. Fatigue burns for walking and running are slightly reduced when going downhill. Sitting removes any encumbrance based fatigue drains and burns, so your fatigue will recover faster if you sit down.
- Adds fatigue, movement, and terrain based chances of staggering or tripping. You are most likely to stagger or trip on landing or hitting a step. Running sidewards or backwards increases the chance of tripping or staggering, and high acrobatics and luck reduce it. The chance increases as fatigue gets low, so you will see your enemies start to stagger and trip as you wear them down."

Arwen Note: This is an amazing fatigue mod. Fatigue no longer affects just your character, but now affects all NPCs and creatures in the game. This mod adds fatigue effects in a way that keeps the game balanced - since your character is not the only one who gets tired.

This mod also makes encumbrance much more realistic. Endurance and encumbrance are now tied in with fatigue. The more your character tries to carry, the faster they get tired - just like in real life. I love the visual blur and the panting sound effects - and a really nice touch is how my character holds her breath while swimming under water, and then starts panting again we she surfaces.

When this mod is first loaded it automatically restores your fatigue and removes any lingering drains that might have been left behind by previous versions. If you ever need to run the fatigue repair utility manually, just open the console and enter startQuest aaRFRepair

I stopped using a reduced backwards running mod after I installed Realistic Fatigue. It felt like I was being penalized double for running backwards, since I was losing fatigue as fast as if I was running - yet I was moving only slightly faster than if I was walking backwards). Since I'm losing fatigue while running, any backward running during combat is pretty limited - so I only use backward running as a way to dodge attacks (with a very brief key press), which feels pretty realistic during combat.

RealisticFatigue.ini - you can customize all the settings by editing this file). Since the default settings work pretty well for me, I've only made the following minor edits:
set aaRFIndicator.fatigueBlurGain to 0.1
; recommend 0.5 [lower fatigue before any blur effect] set aaRFIndicator.healthBlurGain to 0.2 ; recommend 1.0 [lower health before any blur effect
set aaRFIndicator.fatiguePantGain to 1.3 ; recommend 1.0 [to hear I'm getting tired a bit sooner]
set aaRealisticFatigue.npcPantGain to 1.3 ; recommend 1.0 [NPCs sound tired a bit sooner]

Skill Leveling: If you use Realistic Fatigue with a leveling mod like Realistic Leveling (which I highly recommend), you will find that your skills like Block, Blunt, Heavy Armor, and Blade are slowly improving, even when you're not actually using them. According to ABO: "That is the strength and endurance skill advances based on encumbrance and fatigue. If you run around with high encumbrance and low fatigue your strength and endurance skills will advance. It applies experience evenly to all strength skills based on high encumbrance, and evenly to all endurance skills based on low fatigue. For mods like Realistic Leveling this will translate into your strength and endurance slowly increasing. For vanilla and some other leveling mods it will translate into strength and endurance bonus options at levelup. The same thing happens with acrobatics and tripping... except in the case of acrobatics it affects only the acrobatics skill."

Arwen Note: I understand ABO's reasoning for the advancement of these skills, but I never liked this feature. It just felt wrong to be advancing in skills that I wasn't even using, and with Realistic Leveling I found that my skills were increasing too fast, which meant that I was leveling up too fast. This is how you can disable this in the ini:

Go to the SKill Advancement Settings and make the following edits (defaults for all 3 are 0.01)
set aaRealisticFatigue.fSkillStrengthEncumb to 0.00
set aaRealisticFatigue.fSkillEnduranceFatigue to 0.00
set aaRealisticFatigue.fSkillAcrobaticsTrip to 0.00

If you're having trouble surviving during combat, because your load is causing your fatigue to drop too quickly, you might want to try using Inventory is a Backpack, which allows you to instantly drop most of your load. And if you're frustrated because there's no way to rest when out in the wilderness, try using Sittable Rocks.

Realistic Fatigue

Duke Patrick's Basic Hypothermia II - v.3.1 (01/16/11):

"I created some very special non-glowing shaders to make your PC face (only the face) flush red with heat or pale blue with cold depending on the circumstances."

Sound effects feedback when you are: Under shelter from rain; Feel "out of the ordinary" heat or cold changes; Get Thermal Sickness from cold or heat.

3rd person Animations AND 1st person screen effects for Heat Stroke; Cold Shivering

Visible HUD feedback:
- Numbers will flash (only when the heat and cold PC sound effects trigger) at the top of
your screen as to your percentage of Core Body Heat, estimated ambient world
temperature and the your heat Rate of Change.
- Your color health, magicka and fatigue bars will throttle up and down in relation to your
percentage of body warmth when you have thermal sickness.

This mod will work with other mods new lands and worlds. Not as effectively as in the Tamara world but as well as I can make it to maintain the immersion.

- Reward attributes boosts for cooling off with a dip in the lake or warming up by a fire.
- Clothing and magic protections/weakness will matter but it is NOT going to be ever be a major part of the mod (see the read me file for why). But Cloaks (in this mod or from other mods) will make a huge difference in getting wet from rain and help the most (of all clothing) for keeping warm.
- Getting wet can terrible in the wrong weather, so this makes many lakes a barrier and not just a simple "change in the walking animation".
- Finding shelter from the rain under such things as rock protrusions, tents and architectural overhangs.
- Finding sun shelter (like with rain) from the direct sun will help with managing your heat.
- Physical Activity will warm you up a little. Heavy activity (like fighting or running) will do the most. Clothing (helps cardiovascular heat from radiating away).
- FAST COOL DOWN if you take off your torso clothing (shirt) and torso armor and cloak and you must stand/sit still.

Environment plays the biggest role in determining world temperature. However all the following factors are include in calculating effects on the player:
Large fires and lava that uses a sound effect with the name FLAME , FIRE or LAVA.
(Torch will help a little).
Disease with the word "fever" in the name.
Rainy weather
Month of the year
Time of day
Getting drenched with water (swimming or rain).
Indoor locations hinders the drain effects of Rain and Snow and warm effects of the Sun, are a little warmer sometimes, and increases the warmth effects of fires.

This Mod will not effect vampires...they do not feel the hot or cold....they are dead.

RACE MODIFIERS! (You must read the read me file to use the race modifiers.)

This mod is not compatible YET with my sickness detection mod. But that mod is very old and probably no one uses it anymore anyway.

Duke Patrick's Basic Hypothermia II

*** Realistic Health [requires OBSE and OBGE] v.1.3 (01/25/09) - by Donovan Baarda (ABO):

". . . provides immersive indicators for low health and disease, and slow fatigue and health burns for disease. It attempts to be simple and easily configurable, with minimal game changes so it should be highly compatible with other mods. I wrote it because I was wanted a decent health indicator and was not happy with any that I found. It includes a light-weight OBGE shader for low health tunnel-vision-fadeout and disease peripheral-vision-color effects. I designed these visual effects based on personal experience with sporting injuries and fevers. It has the following features:

Fully configurable: default settings should work for most users, but you can adjusted or turned off any ferature in the RealisticHealth.ini file
Very simple: 1 quest, 1 small script, 1 settings file, and 1 optimized OBGE shader. The code is very small and clean, and only provides visual effects and fatigue and health burns for disease.
Compatible: uses OBSE to look up diseases so it should be fully compatible with any custom diseases added or modified by other mods. Ignores diseases with any positive fortify effects as used by some mods for providing special benefits.

Health Effects: tunnel-vision-greyout fade and blur effect that start at 50% health (at default settings) and increase in intensity as your health gets lower.

Disease Effects: peripheral-vision color fade-in/fade-out and blur effect becomes noticeable within one hour (at default settings), and increases in intensity the longer you have the disease. You will also start to loose fatigue and health at steadily increasing rates as the disease progresses. Diseases reach their peak intensity after about eight hours of game time (not real time), when you will be loosing 10% of remaining fatigue and 1% of remaining health every second.

Arwen Note: This mod increases game immersion by graphically simulating your character's deteriorating health. It also adds negative effects to your health and fatigue stats as a disease progresses. So, when you get a disease now in the game, you can no longer just ignore it . . . you really have to find a cure soon. This mod works extremely well with Realistic Fatigue (also made by ABO)

Version 2.2 is a major update. This is just a few of the changes:
- Add creature low fatigue hit sound "pant"
- Add restore fatigue and turned off pant/blur indicators on player death, so resurrected actors have full fatigue.
- Change stagger/trip from acrobatics to agility based.
- Adds creature "hit" sounds for low fatigue, so you hear when creatures are fatigued
- Your horse will begin to whinny if it is being ridden too hard and it might start to stumble.
- The OBMM setup script now presents you with options for the most commonly tweaked settings.

Realistic Health

Oblivion Wound Effects & Penalties (OWEP) v.1.3 (01/07/08) - by Valamir:

"OWEP makes it so that a player near death will fight less effectively than at full health by applying penalties as the Player's health decreases. Also, there is a random chance that the player will suffer a grievous wound while in battle, and he/she will start to suffer from blood loss. The loss of blood progressively drains health, fatigue and magicka away until the blood loss can be stopped. Restore Health potions and spells will not stem the loss of blood, though they may give the player the needed time to apply the remedy: bandages. While they stop the effects of blood loss bandages do not restore health. That remains the "job" of potions, spells and/or rest. Also, bandages may not be applied during combat. All of which makes combat much more interesting, and challenging."

Version 1.3 changes: "Bandages can now be found in various places throughout the Shivering Isles, primarily in the camps. Tilse Areleth at Common Treasures is the one and only vendor that carries bandages in the Shivering Isles. Bandages are no longer a "virtual item" and now have a unique fully Havocked model and have been placed in various locations throughout the game. They are still a clothing item (ring) that is equipped on the left hand, and the biped model remains a brass ring. When equipped, bandages still do not appear in the game and are used up immediately upon closing the inventory screen."

Arwen Note: Version 1.3 requires SI (but v.1.26 is available if you don't have the expansion). I'm using OWEP with Realistic Fatigue, which makes combat (and surviving) even more challenging. The two mods seem to work well together . . . but the wound penalties are definitely more severe when you combine this mod with a fatigue mod. But I love the realism that this mod adds . . . and I am able to survive (most of the time), it just requires more caution on my part. At first I though that it would be difficult to find enough bandages to tend all my wounds, but that hasn't been a problem (yet). For one thing, you don't get grievous wounds that often, and the bandages are not hard to come by. You start the game with two bandages, and I found more in the tutorial dungeon. When I exited the prison sewers, I had only needed to use bandages ones to stop my bleeding, and I had 5 bandages in my inventory.

Oblivion Wound Effects & Penalties

Arwen Note: These next two mods do not make the game more difficult (they actually make things a bit easier) . . . but they do add realism . . . PLUS the are made especially for use with the survival mods that add fatigue and encumbrance penalties. The first one adds a backpack that you can drop to lighten your load (like during combat). The second one adds a way to sit and rest in the wilderness, so that you can restore your fatigue faster.

Inventory is a backpack [requires OBSE] v.0.7 (04/10/11) - by Kuertee:

"Your inventory is a backpack. Drop the backpack item and all items that are (1) not equipped, (2) not hot-keyed, and (3) not a quest item will be removed from the player's inventory. This includes Gold.

Pick-up the backpack to reacquire your items. Putting the backpack into a container will dump your items into that container. This feature prevents the backpack from getting stored into any container.

Need to be unencumbered in fights? Drop your backpack. But don't forget it because without it you won't be able to carry much. You can drop the backpack by doing one of the following:
1. Drop it from your inventory screen. OR
2. Press the one-key drop-command. The default is G. This is changeable in the INI file. OR
3. If enabled, tap the combination-keys drop-command in succession. The default combo-keys are A, D, S.
This feature is disabled by default. Enable and set the keys for this feature in the INI file."

Arwen Note: When you install the mod, the backpack will be added to your inventory. (But, if you ever have to replace it for some reason, additional packs can be purchased from weapon smiths.)

New with version 0.56: your character can now equip this backpack - as in actually visibly wear it. It uses the tail slot, so if you equip another item that uses this slot, the backpack will be unequipped (most capes seem to use this slot).

If you use Realistic Fatigue, I highly recommend that you give this mod a try. I'm finding that being able to survive during combat relies on me being able to keep my fatigue from dropping too low. And since your fatigue is tied to how great a load you are carrying, being able to instantly drop most of your load can be a real lifesaver.

Inventory is a Backpack

Sittable Rocks v.0.54 (03/06/09) [requires OBSE] - by kuertee:

"When the Sit key is pressed while a rock is targeted, a small sittable rock is created. When a new rock is targeted elsewhere, the sittable rock is moved to it."

Current version adds more objects that you can sit on: logs, broken columns, wall ruins, and stone walls.

Arwen Note: One of the early problems that I had with Realistic Fatigue was that my character had no way to sit down and rest while out in the wilderness. This mod fixes that issue . . . and it adds something that I always felt was missing in the game. Now when you're climbing a mountain, you can actually sit down and catch your breath. You can also sit on some of the rubble in Ayleid and fort ruins. Plus, if you click on a tree, you will sit on a new rock at the base . . . simulating resting with your back up against a tree.

Sittable Rocks

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Changing The Timescale (for longer game days)

The default game speed is too fast to use reality MODs that add eating, drinking, and sleeping needs . . . you may start to feel that all you character is doing is eating and sleeping (as these needs will be popping up every few minutes). This is why you need to change your timescale settings.

The default game speed is 30:1, meaning that a game day lasts 48 minutes in real time (24/30).

I've always felt that the days weren't nearly long enough.

So I changed my game speed to 8:1. So a game day now lasts 3 hours for me (24/8).

This game speed works much better. (I used 12:1 for a while, but still felt that the game days were a bit too short.) Some people use an even lower setting, like a 1:1 setting - 1 game hour equals 1 real hour. You just have to decide what works best for you.

This is how 8:1 works for me: My favorite way to play OB is through one complete game day cycle in one sitting. With the timescale set to 8, a waking game day lasts about 2 hours (24 hours - 8 to sleep, leaves you with only 16 hours of game awake time and 16/8=2 playing hours). And 2 hours of playing at one sitting is about right for me.

With the way that I play (using my eat/drink/sleep mods): I get up at 6am, do some things before eating breakfast around 8am, eat breakfast, adventure some more, eat lunch around 1pm, adventure some more, have a late dinner around 8pm, hang out until going to bed around 10 or 11pm. This translates in real time to a total of 2 hours of gameplay:
- wake up until breakfast = ~15 minutes
- adventure for ~40 minutes, then do lunch
- adventure for ~50 minutes, than do dinner
- hang out (chat, read, mix potions, whatever) for ~15 minutes - then go to bed.

If I'm getting a major workout from too much adventuring, I'll also need at least one snack, more water, and perhaps even a nap during the day - but that just takes a little planning.

Changing the Timescale

Open the console (~ key)

Type the following in (to set game speed to 8:1):

set timescale to 8

Exit the console. The new game speed will be saved with your game.

To reset the default speed (of 30:1), open the console and type:

set timescale to 30

To view current game speed setting, open the console and type:

show timescale

Page Menu: Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | (see Part Three for non-extreme realism)

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Combat Mods

The mods in this section completely overhaul combat in the game,
making it much more realistic - and much more difficult to master.

Update 3/23/10: Unfortunately Duke Patrick's SCA Melee Combat and Hypothermia mods are no longer available, so I've removed them from my list at his request. (Please do not contact me, asking that I send you my own copy. Duke is a friend on mine, and I totally respect his wishes concerning his mods.)

Update 8/30/11: Duke Patrick has recently updated his "Melee Combat NO RECOIL" mod, his "Combat Archery" mod, and his "Actors Can Miss Now" mod.  These two mods, plus "Magic You Can Believe In," are now available at TESNexus and/or at TES Alliance (I've updated their information and links below).

Duke Patrick's - Melee Combat NO RECOIL Rev 3 [Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v20. NO BETAS] (08/28/11):

"This mod changes the combat to feel more like SCA combat, a worldwide historical organization that includes full armor, full speed and full contact western European medieval martial arts. (As much as I am able to do in an Oblivion mod.) The mod is based on my 30 years of melee tournament and war experience. SCA wars consist, on a good day, of two teams of several thousand fighters all in one battlefield trying to knock each others' heads off with everything from short swords to 12 foot spears!

This mod includes:
- NO MORE BLOCK RECOIL! Staggering and recoil will happen from hits, "short shots" and other combat related reasons but no more "hobbled" attack combos! And being paralyzed (none magical) will almost never happen!
- Dead bodies get bashed to the ground violently instead of floating down thru the air like a feather.
- Locational hits with critical damage (INI configurable)
- Location armor for the head, body and legs. Wearing a good helmet may be all you need!
- Blunt damage will be more effective against light armor.
- Both the player and the NPC can Bob and Weave to avoid attacks. You will consume fatigue based on encumbrance load.
- Enemy melee AI is greatly improved and will also watch for the player's "tells", but this also means you can "trick" them!
- AI settings have been overhauled to attack, block and move more deviously, dynamically and ruthlessly.
- You can now use actual real-life sword and shield feints to land your shots (such as the "rising snap"!)
- BOTH Passive and Active blocking!
- Weapon/shield size matters! Bigger weapons/shields give you more geometric protection. But they also take more fatigue to parry with! The bigger the weapon/shield relative to your body size, the better your passive block chance. The better your block skill, the better your chance to parry. Bigger heavy shields / weapons have the advantage to absorb more damage than lighter/smaller ones.
- Weapons stats are now much more realistic. Weapon hit range is based on the actual model length of the weapon in the game. No more 20 foot long short swords! War hammers do not swing quickly like they are made of plastic. Weapon damage stats are not dramatically cranked up, they are only balanced relativistically with the speed and range of the weapon. This is all done via scripts "on the fly" so even custom weapons from other mods are included.
- Draining your fatigue completely with button bashing will result in blurred vision! ( INI configurable for the players.)
- Defensive Geometry and great timing is now more important than great player speed and reflexes. The angle of attack is a little tighter, so Offensive Geometry is more important in landing a shot.
- Footwork and range games are now very important for blocks and attacks.
- H2H now includes grapple blocks and throws.
- Fighting Giants is now a very scary undertaking, sometimes the only way to live is to run away! (see the crash course document for more tips on combat.)
- Bottle necking overwhelming numbers (such as with doorways) and other such tricks MUST be done or you will die!
- Weapon speed (timing) vs damage is now the second most important tactical consideration. Heavy one-handed weapons take an eternity to hit, but they hit HARD!
- Power attacks now require good timing to land but they do more damage!
- Wrap Shots This is a shot where you stand very close and swing your weapon to wrap around your opponent's shield thus reducing the benefits of a large shield.
- Short Shots This happens when you hit at the center of gravity on your weapon producing attacks that hit like a mace even if you are using a sword.
- Aiming under their weapon or shield gives a bonus to land your shot.
- If a feint works, the shield or weapon will move out of position right before the attack lands. This gives you a view of the opponent being OPEN for the shot as you land the blow instead of your weapon just "passing through" the shield as if the shield was made from smoke.
- In general "results" in this mod are based on the attributes, actions timing, conditions and dynamics of the combat not on simplistic dice rolls. This means you can eventually learn to take advantage of the subtle factors in combat and predict your opponent's action.
- All blunt weapons now have a good chance to stagger or even "push over" depending on how heavy the blunt weapon is and how strong the attacker is (modified by his fatigue) versus the target's strength.
- Swinging your weapon will use much less fatigue than when your weapon actually hits a target. For technical reasons this feature only works on living targets not things like trees.
- Armor is much more effective against fist, claws and teeth type attacks.
- Kick Bash And Shield Bash (the normal shield bash in the game that auto triggers is removed. Now it is manually triggered.)
- Khajiits can now inflict double H2H damage.



Duke Patrick's Magic You Can Believe In v.6.0 (06/10/10):

"Less 'cartoon' and more organic and magical shaders for more immerse play. I have not completely finished it at this time. So some of the effects are still not what I want."

Arwen Note: This is a another one of those nice little changes that just makes the game a bit better. This one is mostly a cosmetic mod, but it also makes magic more realistic and more mysterious - which just looks and feels more like what I've always imagined casting spells would be like. As you can see below, restoration adds runes, but not all spells show runes - protect is golden, with the impression of strengthening fibers that flow over my character. Note that this mod is still not completed, and not all the spells have been completed. When updates are posted, I'll post it here.

Sequence of my character, casting the restoration spell and the new cool runes effect.

Load Order: Duke Patrick's Mods generally need to load near the end of your load order - and, if you're using more than one of his mods, they need to load in a specific order to work correctly (follow the load order in the Readme). You may also want to check out my Mod Load Order section.

Duke Patrick's Magic You Can Believe In

*** Duke Patrick's Combat Archery  v.5.5.2 (7/31/11) [requires OBSE]:

"This is an immersion mod based on my older POC project called Duke Patrick's SCA Combat Archery Mod. This Combat Archery Mod is designed to bring a fun balance to realistically high damage bows to make fighting with a realistically lethal bow in the game less like using a Rifled Musket."

Arwen Note: Bosmer are known for their expertise with a bow and arrow, but the default archery in OB made everyone an expert. And that's just wrong.

When I discovered Duke Patrick's SCA Melee Combat mod, I loved the realism it added. The only problem was that the archery in the SCA mod was way too deadly - which while more realistic, it made archery even more overpowered in the game.

My little wimpy, level one Wood Elf could pick up a combat bow and magically had the strength to use it nearly as well as the strongest character in the game - and she rarely missed . . . even when an enemy was a long distance away.

So I did something that I'm really good at . . . I complained. And, to my surprise, Duke Patrick agreed with me. And he said that he would be willing to make an archery mod . . . if I was willing to help. Since I was the one doing the whining, I sort of had to agree to help, even though I know next to nothing about making mods. So I suddenly found myself part of a mod team, where I was responsible for lore research, and for play-testing the new mod (which was fun).

Duke Patrick's SCA Combat Archery Mod was released on May 30th, 2008; and the new Combat Archery Mod was released in 2010. It is a major overhaul of how archery works in Oblivion (it affects the NPCs as well). The following is a small part of what this mod does:

- NPC may miss their magic and arrows shots if you move around or jump, but a high marksmen with good equipment NPC can still hit you easily if they themselves are not moving around and take aim for a few seconds.
- Bows can be player set to do various multiples of the vanilla damage (or of what ever damage is set to the bow in the game by other mods).
- Arrow damage and speed will be calculated based on the materials and craftsmanship used to make the arrow. A bonus is given to magic arrows. This arrow damage feature is optional.
- Duke Patrick’s "Don’t Shoot Me Bro" system helps to prevent NPC from shooting their friends in the back!
- The bow jerks off target after the shot is fired. You will need to re-aim after each shot. However this feature is optional.
- Breathing bow sway if you are in zoom sniper mode, but you can also hold your breath!
- Moving around will make you miss (shoot off the cross hair) a lot. Running or jumping is worst than walking. This is reduced by holding still for a few moments. There is an optional Bobbing bow sway effect that visually tells you when momentum is no longer effecting your shot after moving or jumping.
- Moving backward has RISK! This is NOT a random event. My mod detects tripping hazards! You may trip over the dead, change in elevations like stairs or large world objects that interfere with your movement such as a chair!
- The PC strength is now as important as their skill in detraining the damage that a weapon can inflict. Weapon selection strategy will be important by using the right kind of bow for the PC Marksmanship agility and strength!
- Stronger bows will take much longer to draw the arrow then weaker bows depending on your strength. If you try to use a Bow that is stronger than you are it will take a great deal of time to draw the bow.
- Bows eat fatigue no mater what skill level you are. The stronger ones eat more than the weaker ones. So if your bow is stronger than you are your may become exhausted very quickly TRYING to draw the bow!
- If you fire the bow without drawing it all the way your arrow will be drastically reduced in speed AND DAMAGE.
- Slow arrows will bounce off of the armor your target is wearing.
- Arrows that hit Critical locations such as the Head, Solar Plexus or Crotch will cause pain and may multiply damage done by the arrow. Plus an optional feature where the player character will say things like "That had to hurt!' when they land a critical hit on their opponent.
- Weaker bows fire faster and use less fatigue, so if you are a good marksman that can hit the Critical locations more often you may find using a weaker bow is a much better strategy!
- Shield men will now be the archer's worst night mare! NPC will Shield Charge and sprint at you to knock you and your bow to the ground. (Kill them before they get too close!) You can do the same to Archer NPC.
- Bows are not mêlée weapons! You will not be able to draw your bow if you are being crowded by your opponent (they are too close to you). If the NPC hits you as you are drawing the bow it will be knocked off target. You can do the same to Archer NPC.
- Better NPC AI! Your target will side step or block the arrow if they see you fire at them and have the agility, speed and skill to do so.
- Npc will run up inclines to get you now. (no more perching on top of a pile of rocks!)
- Aim your bow straight down to the ground to denock it!
- Arrows that are stuck in the NPC have a chance of being dislodged and dropped to the ground in combat.
- Quiver Capacity limit for both the actors and the player. Everyone now has a limited number of “conveniently assessable” arrows. Extra arrows must be keep in a protective arrow case or you risk breaking them if you are staggered or fall down. This will hamper but not “cold stop” the player and the actors from getting more arrows in combat. YOU NEED TO READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU USE THIS FEATURE!
Rev 5.1.1:
- Broken arrows are now worth 1 gold.
- A small change to one script to help reduce consol spam.
- Now critical shots at the legs will work on all actors including creatures.
- Actors Can Miss Now is merged into this mod from now on.
- Fixed headshot calc so that helms are only as good as your Max Armor game setting.
- mixed arrow types allowed in Inventory! Now you may have various types of unequipped arrows in your inventory as long as the equipped and unequipped total are still less or equal to your quiver limit.

Install: Be sure to load the INI file in the same directory as the ESP file. OBSE 18 or better needed. Do NOT use any "Duke Patrick" BOW and ARROW compatibility patches with this mod. All bows and arrows from other mods are automatically adjusted on the fly.  If you have used the old "Duke Patrick SCA Combat Archery" mod before YOU MUST DO A CLEAN INSTALL on this mod.

Uninstall: As of rev 1.8, if you want to reset your gold value prices on bows and arrows before you unstill the mod, you must set aaDPSCABOWSWAYquest.NoPriceChange to 1 in the ini file. Then you load your save game, and wait/play for at least 10 seconds. Then save and uninstall the mod. If you uninstall without first saving with NoPriceChange set to 1, the price changes made by this mod will be stuck in your saved games.

Load Order: Load near the end of your load order. You may also want to check out my Load Order section.

Arwen Note: if you find that the NPCs are sidestepping way too quickly (dodging all your arrows), you can slow them down a bit by opening the console and typing:

Set DPDodgeSpeedAdjust to ? [Where the ? is a number from 1 to 10]
Default setting is 2. 1 = faster sidestepping; 3 = slower. Try a setting of 4 first tweak from there (but don't use too high a number, or the high damage of your bows will make combat unbalanced)

Duke Patricks Combat Archery

Duke Patrick's - Actors Can Miss Now:

- You can now hear the arrows fly by you, the NPC miss their shots easily if you run around, but a high marksmen with good equipment NPC can still hit you easily if they themselves are not moving around and take aim for a few seconds.
- The NPC's formula to miss the shot is almost identical to the one for the player in my upcoming "Duke Patrick's Immersion Combat Archery mod".
- Some of the factors that can make the NPC miss the shot are:
- If you are jumping, falling or otherwise moving around such as side stepping, running is best to make them miss.
- If they are jumping, falling or otherwise moving around, running hurts their shot the most.
- Their level of marksmanship, agility and luck in that order of importance.
- If they are crouching (sneaking) this helps their accuracy as well!
- Momentum is included in this, meaning that if they were running they must stop running for a few seconds to eliminate
the penalty from their shot. If they try to fire at you immediately after running at you their shot will be hampered.
- And the farther you are away from them the more likely the shot may miss you.
- These are a lot of penalties to the NPC for their aim. But remember that an expert NPC marksman can overcome these penalties as long as they take a little time to stand still and then take the shot. Especially at middle to close range.

Arwen Note: This is now merged with Duke Patrick's Combat Archery mod. For even more realism (in appearance only), install Grumblepunk's Arrow Replacement Pack mod.

Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs v.4.0 (1/19/10) [requires OBSE]:

"This mod will make the dumb creatures react in a simple manner to another creature flopping over dead such as when they are hit with an arrow and killed. 20-foot detection from the killed creature IF they are in the line of sight!

Any creature smart enough to use a weapon to also be smart enough to be alerted upon finding a freshly killed comrade. This will include any creature from any mod.

This mod will only get the NPC to "wake up" (change from a lazy unwary stroll to an excited faster sweep of the area and give a bonus to their ability for detection) and to call out to other NPCs to also "wake up". For the purposes of the mod I decided that the "reaction" will be a sudden alert state (drawn weapons for example) and in some cases the NPC will yell something appropriate, and then will run around either to runaway and hide or to look for what ever has caused the death of the NPC that was discovered. The intention of my mod is purely an aesthetic immersion game enhancer by inducing a realistic reaction from NPC coming into range of another NPC that was recently killed and was of the same "alignment" of the NPC that makes the discovery.

What happens after that (what occurs when the NPC detects the player) is left to other mods to handle.

- The mod works for FRESH kills. So There is a time limit on the corpse getting reactions. (Rationale: Once the body is found by the NPC the body will be dragged off either by the upset NPCs that are now alerted or by hungry creatures.)
- Good guys get upset about dead good guys, bad guys get upset about dead bad guys, no one cares if it is a dead "dumb" creature.
- This will have an indirect affect on the PC being discovered more easily as the NPC running around will cover much more ground in a shorter amount of time! But it will also boost the NPC ability to detect because they are now in an alerted state.
- A simple transfer of the alert state will be passed on to other NPCs as the alerted NPC runs around!
- A timer is used to stop this effect for 120 seconds after they NPC has been in combat as they would not react after a big fight. They would not be "suddenly" surprised to see a dead friend after a battle. Especially when they accidentally shoot each other with arrows all the time!
- Your sneak skill and your distance will still affect your chances of being spotted after NPCs are alerted.
- If you kill somebody at NIGHT there is less of a chance the body will be spotted.
- You can also drag the body into a dark corner behind some crates and you will have effectively hidden the body!
Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs

Duke Patrick's Basic Script Effect Silencer v.5.1 (Basic version - 07/29/10):

"This mod eliminates the sounds and the colors lights (what I call fireworks) from the SCRIPT EFFECT class of magic. It increases the speed of the projectile to 9999 so that it is compatible with Deadly Reflex."

Arwen Note: If you use any of Duke Patrick's mods, you should also install this mod.

Load Order:This mod MUST be loaded after all other mods.

Duke Patrick's Basic Script Effect Silencer

Arwen's DP SCA Combat Sound Patch v.1.0 (1/01/09) - by Arwen:

Why I made this mod: I found the heartbeat to be unrealistly loud. I also discovered a minor (but rather annoying) conflict between this mod and Realistic Fatigue. Both mods use a heavy breathing sound as a verbal indication of when your game character is tiring (as their fatigue is getting low). So only one panting sound was needed, and the Realistic Fatigue mod turned off the panting sound when your character was swimming. With both mods installed, my little Wood Elf panted even while she was swimming under water - which totally felt wrong to me (after all, she doesn't have gills).

This little patch makes two minor changes to the sound files in Duke Patrick's SCA melee combat mod.

1.) It reduces the level of the heartbeat (1jerrysheartbeat.wav) to roughly half its original level.
2.) It eliminates the heavy breathing (1jerrysbreathhard.wav) by replacing the file with a quiet wav file

Arwen Note: Even though Duke's SCA Combat mod is no longer available, I decided to keep my sound fix here for all the people who are already using his mod. Also if you reinstall (or update) Duke Patrick's SCA Combat mod, it will overwrite these modified sound files, so you'll also have to reinstall this mod as well.

Arwen's DP SCA Combat Sound Patch - Direct Download
[Note: Right click on the above Download Link and select "save link as."]

NPCs yield v.0.66 (1/02/11) - by Kuertee:

"NPCs will start checking their fight-or-flee behavior when their Health drops below 50%. And they will surrender and yield to their opponent when their Health is 37.5% of their opponent's Health. A surrendered NPC will, for 10 minutes (of real time), have their Aggression set to 0 and will receive a Disposition bonus of 100 against their opponent. After that time limit, their Aggression level is reset and their Disposition bonus towards the actor they surrendered to is removed."

Arwen Note: Now you can defend yourself without having to kill your opponent every time. This mod doesn't make combat more difficult; but it does add a new dimension of reality to combat. And it does give you choices, which you can use to reflect the type of character you are playing.

Compatability:For Vows and Covenants players: "The player will need to demand surrender before their opponents yield. After they yield, they will act like the any default friendly NPC."

NPCs Yield

Arwen Note: These next two mods do not make combat more difficult . . . but they do add realism . . . by making some of the weapons more realistic in appearance. So I decided they would fit best here, at the end of the combat mods.

Arrow Replacement Pack v.1.0 (10/02/08) - by Grumblepunk:

"I wanted arrows that approximated real world examples from the Medieval era, so I made them. I chose to maintain the default arrow textures, to keep them more in line with the Tamrielic archetypes. . . . This mod replaces all arrows with new models that are both more accurate and longer, so that they sit properly on the hand. Quivers have been altered, where necessary, to accommodate the new meshes. Textures are unchanged and all models currently use the Bethesda default."

Arrow Replacement Pack

FineWeapons and RustyItems for OOO OMOD [requires OOO and OBMM] v.1.0 (9/28/07) - original mods by Windsurfer; OOO compatibility and OMOD by Nightmare:

"This mod provides a modified versions of Windsurfer's FineWeapons 1.0 and RustyItems 1.3 that adds Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul's changes to the items stats."

FineWeapons v.1.0 (10/06/06) - by Windsurfer: "I have now completed everyone request to make fine weapons different and unique. Before anyone asks I have done all the iron ones. The steel fine weapons have there own different mesh and texture already. On all of the weapons I have: Changed the wood to a more upper-class looking version; Certain parts have been retextured to look like gold; Most have been lightened to make then look newer; and Handles have been darkened to look like a more expensive wood."

RustyItems v.1.3 (10/14/06) - by Windsurfer: "This is a small but effective mod I created. It retextures all rusty items to actually look rusty. This includes all armor (male and female) and well as weapons.

Arwen Note: If you are not using OOO, you can get the original mods here:
FineWeapons Download
RustyItems Download

Load Order: Load after OOO

FineWeapons and RustyItems for OOO OMOD

Page Menu: Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World | (see Part Three for non-extreme realism)

Page Index | Survival | Timescale | Combat | Harsher World

Mods for a Harsher World

Arwen Note: Since all the mods on this page fit the "harsher world" category, this section is sort of a misc. catch-all.

*** Darker Dungeons v.1.1 (01/07/08) - by Teenk/TESO_MODs:

"Makes ALL dungeons in the game darker. Torches are very useful"

Arwen Note: Dungeons, caves and ruins are not nearly dark enough in the vanilla game. This game fixes that. There are two esps in this mod - only make one esp active: If you have the Shivering Isles add-on installed, use the "Dark Dungeons - SI.esp", otherwise use the "Dark Dungeons.esp" (do not use both).

For the best immersion, I highly recommend that you also use Brighter Drop Lit Torches With Weight, Real Lights, Lights Out, and Extinguish the Lights.

Does not work in the Oblivion realm (see next mod for an alternative)

Load Order: Make sure that you load this mod after any mod that changes lighting (I put it near the very end in my load order).

Wrye Bash Tag: {{BASH:C.Light}}


Default Dungeon Lighting

With the Darker Dungeons MOD

Torches are a Necessity with Darker Dungeons Drawing a Weapon with Drop Lit Torches


Darker Dungeons

Let There Be Darkness v.1.2 (5/26/09) - by LprMan:

"The goal of this mod is to make dungeons to look better/more realistic by making them darker. This was accomplished by setting both the universal ambient lighting and fog black. Now, when there is no light source near, it is going to be pitch black, and everything far away from you will be black too due to new fog values. Dungeons feel more real, and all lighting really stands out now (as well as normal maps).

However, this mod DOES NOT remove the "fake" lights, i.e. the small lights coming out of nowhere, scattered around in dungeons. Disabling them all would be a huge amount of work and it would potentially create a whole lot more conflicts. I wanted to keep this plugin small and simple.

Now you might ask how this mod is different from the good old "Darker Dungeons". Firstly, Darker Dungeons does not touch the fog values at all. Also, Darker Dungeons does not affect dungeons in Oblivion realm at all."

Version 1.1: nows support for Shivering Isles, KotN and Mehrunes Razor

Arwen Note: Alternative for Darker Nights (DN does not work in the Oblivion realm).

Wrye Bash Tag: {{BASH:C.Light}}

Let There Be Darkness

Brighter Drop Lit Torches With Weight v.1.0 (01/08/08) - by StarX:

"This is a small modification of Frugal's excellent Drop Lit Torches. I simply added weight (1 pound) and made the torches a bit brighter."

Arwen Note: If you're using the Darker Dungeons mod, you may get a bit frustrated that torches now seem rather dim (since the default torches were not really made to light your way in total darkness). This mod fixes that by making torches brighter. Another thing that it does is that now torches actually have weight (one pound each), so you'll no longer be lugging a dozen around with you all the time. If you've never used Drop Lit Torches, this is what this Mod does:
1.) It adds a Hot-Key torch to your inventory, which you can add to one of you weapon slots - then when you hit that hot-key, you'll equip (or unequip) a torch (as long as you have a torch in your inventory).
2.) If you are carrying a torch and draw a weapon, the torch will fall to the ground (the "drop" part), but it will remain lit, so you'll be able to see your attacker (see above screenshots, with Darker Dungeons).

Note: Drop Lit Torches is now part of OOO. If you're using OOO, just add this mod after OOO. If you are not using OOO just add this mod before Darker Dungeons.

Brighter Drop Lit Torches With Weight

Alternate/addon mod: Drop Lit Torches OBSE v.2.4 (04/04/10) - Strategy Master:

"This mod is an OBSE extension of Frugal's drop lit torches. This improves upon frugals original formula by fixing the following:

- Annoying messages no longer occur through torch usage
- Torches are now dropped when wielding a staff
- The hotkey torch should no longer require player to on rare occasions use it twice to work.
- Automatic compatibility detection with mods that modify the default torch with extra weight or modified light radius or cost so no more any need for alternate plugins.
- Now you can press a hotkey (by default '0') to equip your torch. This button canbe s

et to what ever you wish using the ini file provided.
- I have also included the torch sound patch from Daeger. This gets rid of the equip/unequip sounds when you drop a torch. Unrar the torchsoundpatch.rar into your oblivion data folder."

V2.4 changes:
Now when you pick up a dropped torch out of combat, you will sheath your weapon and equip the torch automatically.
- Added initialization message to console to be able to tell if the ini or default settings are being used.

Arwen Note: I liked the realism torches which actual weighed something, but I found that the previous mod made the torches unrealistically bright for me (this might just be because I now have a bright LCD monitor). So I've switched to only using this mod. And I really do the elimination of the torch messages (which I found annoying), and the occasional non-responding key command. The best improvement is the use of the 0-hotkey (or any other key that you want to assign in the ini file). I had always used the '5' key for equipping my hotkey torch . . . now I have freed up a hotkey.

Drop Lit Torches OBSE

Lights Out v.1.0 (5/18/06) - by Dung Beetle:

"Now all (if I didn't miss any, there were about 2000 custom references I had to make) daylight lights will turn off at 7PM and turn back on at 7am. It doesn't have a transition but it's only something you'll notice twice a day at most. I hope you enjoy it, because it took a week to do. If you find any missed lights, tell me so I can add them. Doesn't mess with anything but lights (static references)."

Arwen Note: In the very beginning of my game, it was shortly after1 am when my character began exploring the Imperial Substructure. Every now and then there was an opening into the upper level that lets in daylight. Now this just doesn't make any sense. It's the middle of the night, so why is there any daylight at all? This mod attempts to correct this out of sync daylight issue. (Note: this doesn't seem to affect interior windows, like my cell window, but it does fix the daylight that enters through holes in the ceiling of caves and dungeons.)

Lights Out

Extinguish the Lights - Compatible with Real Lights v.0.9.4 (12/10/08) by Ismelda:

Arwen Note: This mod allows you to temporarily extinguish any light source flames, with your hand or with new dousing arrows. The lights will automatically relight after a while.

"These arrows have no other effect than dousing lights. The quiver and arrows are from the Ayleid Glass mod because it was the only crystalline arrows I could get my hand on with a resource free tag. With the recent improvement of lights in Better Cities Mod, you can now extinguish all the lights from the cities. But this will work only with Better Cities. A Master files containing the new lights have been made and you will need this master to make the mod work but you will not need Better Cities Mod. Just know that this mod gives you more lights to extinguish with Better Cities."

Compatibility: Made to work with Bananasplit Better Cities (BBC), but BBC is not required. If you do have BBC installed, you don't need the 2-Light Resources download file. Includes two separate esps: a Real Lights version and a non-Real Lights version.

Extinguish the Lights - Compatible with Real Lights

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