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(updated August 01, 2011)

Arwen's Mod List
part Three

(See Part Four for Extreme Realism )

Realism Mods (for better role-playing)

These realism MODs have greatly enhanced my role-playing experience. MODs in this section do not really make the game any harder - just better (more realistic) in many ways.

Page Index | Economy Realism | Misc. Realism
Economy Mods (affect trade, fees, banking, and gold)

Arwen Note: One of the first things that I noticed when trading was that all the merchants seemed to buy and sell items for the same amount (as long as your persuasion level is the same with them). And their money didn't increase or decrease during transactions. The following mod corrects all this and much more. I'm using the optional Living Economy - Items.esp and the Cutthroat Merchants.esp (see below). Version 3.7 now includes Shivering Isles merchant support.

*** Living Economy v.3.7 (12/13/07) - by Creepyfellow & Valdacil:

"Makes ALL player transactions affect merchant's barter gold. A la Morrowind. If you sell an item for 400 gold, the merchant's gold will go down by 400 gold and vice versa. Repairs, Recharges and Spell purchases also affect the merchant's barter gold. This mod creates more realistic bartering mechanics and harder "get rich quick" schemes. The NPC's Mercantile skill will be the main factor in determining their gold. Additional factors are the player's Mercantile skill and/or his level. Additionally, different merchant types will have different base gold values. Smiths will have more gold than a common merchant reflecting the often expensive prices of arms, while a pawnbroker will have less. This brings even more diversity to the mercantile environment."

Arwen Note: I recommend using both of the Optional esps for the most realistic economy:

Living Economy - Items.esp: "This plug-in grants dynamic prices to all the items in game, simulating a supply & demand system. This gives the player incentives for visiting different shops and cities to get the best deals when selling loot or buying new supplies."

- Shop Based Prices: "Smiths will offer more gold for arms and repair hammers while paying nothing for miscellaneous clutter. The mage's guild and other magic shops will pay handsomely for any soul gems, Aylied stones or staves you may find in your travels. Trader's will pay base price for everything."
- Quantity Based Prices: "Prices will also adjust according to the amount of the item a merchant has. A smith that only has 1 hammer left will not let go of it so cheaply (or pay handsomely for another); however, if he had too many in stock, he let them go cheaper."
- Regional Prices: "Different Cities will offer different prices for different types of items. Also introduces Global Economy and Local Economy factors that will modify prices of all items in their respective places (whole province or local city). You'll be able to sell weapons in Leyawiin for a higher price than you would on Skingrad, buy glass items cheaper on Cheydinhal, sell luxury items higher on Anvil, etc..."

Cutthroat Merchants.esp: "This makes merchants a bit more "tight". It lowers the initial lowest sell haggle value by 15%. And increases the buy by around 100%. Also doubles the range of the haggle bar (from 40 to 60). So you can haggle from 30% to 90% instead of just to 70%. This will effectively slow down the initial gold influx of players and makes it worthwhile to increase your mercantile skill."

Load Order: Load before OOO

Living Economy

Enhanced Economy v.5.2.2 (02/13/11) [requires OBSE, and MenuQue] - by Ole Boe (a.k.a. TheNiceOne):

"Completely overhauls Oblivion's economic game to make it immersive and interesting, and optionally making it harder to get rich fast."

Main Features:
* Dynamic Barter Gold: Merchants don't have infinite gold, but receive/lose gold when you buy/sell items.
* Merchant Quests: Merchants will ask you for help to find items in caves/ruins that otherwise see little action.
* Haggle Overhaul: Disable Haggle menu and get automatically correct prices - or keep it, but with restriction on the number of haggle attempts.
* Real Values: Bartering are done at real values, and not rounded up. So an arrow worth 1 gold, sold at 30% will net you 0.3 gold, not 1.
* Local Economy: Item prices varies depending on the city and the merchant. A Smith will pay well for swords, but not for clothes. Also let you easily change the base price of variuous item types.
* Item repricing: Lets you easily reprice individual items by editing/importing text files with price data. A number of such files included.
* Global Economy: The merchants' prices and willingness to trade is affected by the Oblivion crisis.
* Gold Adjustment: Adjust how much gold you get from quest or any other source.
* Item Removal: Reduce the number of enchanted items found in the game.
* Repricing: Reprices the buyable houses, Reduces the high values of enchanted loot. Reprices all services.
* House Taxes: Makes you have to pay tax for your houses.
* Value-based Mercantile Leveling: Gain more experience when selling expensive items (or group of items).
* Illegal looting: It is illegal to loot dead guards or other friendly NPCs, containers in cities, or plants belonging to farms.

All except the first are completely optional!

Arwen Note: I've always used Living Economy, because it improved Oblivion's economic system so much over the default game, but it had its issues and hasn't be updated for years.  Enhanced Economy looks to be a much better mod . . .  I haven't personally tried this mod yet, but I feel that I can recommend any of Ole Boe's mods, and other users have recommended this mod to me. (I'll  give it a try once I get back to playing Oblivion this summer.)

Enhanced Economy

Reneer's Gold Mod v.1.5 (9/30/09) - by Reneer:

"This mod allows the player to drop gold and place it into containers. Also, it makes the gold weighted, so you cannot carry around massive amounts of gold at the same time. This mod is (currently) intended to be used alongside a banking mod, though in the future this mod may feature its own banking system. Using the Gold Configuration Ring, you can change the weight of the gold, as well as how much gold per actual gold piece is dropped from your inventory. Also, you can change the behavior of NPCs - they can either give you gold in transactions, or bank notes."

Version 1.4a - Fixed problems with gold weight not being properly counted.

Version 1.4 - Fixes encumbrance problem demonstrated by kuertee, makes the mod compatible with Tamriel Resource Exchange.

Version 1.3 - Changed Configuration Ring from a Ring to a Misc Item. Made changes so that gold weight can be set to 0.

Arwen Note: With this MOD you will no longer be able to carry thousands of gold coins that don't add a single pound to your load. If you use this MOD, I would also suggest that you use the Bank of Cyrodiil MOD (next mod), so that you can deposit your gold coins. This MOD is still in beta, but Reneer has been updating it regularly, and the current version seems to work without any problems. There are currently two bugs (which might not be bugs, but are just the way that the current version works):

Do not try to drag your gold from your inventory - doing so will just remove all your gold, and you won't be able to recover it. To drop gold, open your inventory, hold down the shift key, and right click on your gold - then you can select the amount. The gold coins will then be dropped at your feet - and you can then use the "z" key to move them to your desktop (or where ever).

In your inventory, your gold coins will still be listed as weighing "0" (just like their value is listed as "0"), but the total weight of your gold coins will be added to your total inventory weight.

The default setting of 0.0010/coin is not very realistic, but if you have much gold you will likely need to use this setting until you can get to a bank. (With 0.0010/coin, every 1000 gold coins adds just 1 pound to your inventory.) I'm using what I feel is a more realistic setting of 0.010/coin, where 100 gold coins weighs 1 pound. (With this heavier setting, you'll need to convert some of your coins into bank notes for those large purchases.)

Reneer's Gold Mod

*** Gold is an Inventory Item v.0.59 (11/29/09) - by Kuertee:

"This is an alternative to Reneer's Gold Mod. This mod is not as full-featured as Reneer's. E.g. This mod does not have any Credit notes."

Arwen Note: I used Reneer's Gold Mod for a long time, but the mod stopped working correctly for me - such as no longer being able to change the weight of a gold coin (it was likely due to a mod conflict that I couldn't trace down). This mod sets the weight at 0.01/coin, which is what I had previously been using. (And there is an option in the ini file to make gold weightless.)

New with version 0.52: there's now an option that labels all the gold coins as " Septims," instead of "Gold".
All you have to do is open the ini file and change this line to read:
set kuerteeGIAIIQUest.septimsInsteadOfGold to 1

This also works great with the next mod

Gold is an Inventory Item

Gold Change II v.1.0 (12/08/07) - by Eltath

Arwen Note: This mod just changes the name of coins from Gold to Septims. The above mod was made to work with this one.

Gold Change II

Bank of Cyrodiil v.1.11 (4/23/06) - by Zarkis (better gold textures by VagabondAngel):

"This mod adds a bank to the Imperial City Market District (with a sign made by Arcanox). You can deposit and withdraw gold and earn interest at a rate of 5-7 gold per 1000 gold per day (partly dependent on your mercantile skill). For a small fee you can also use a secure chest in the vault. Version 1.1.adds banking functionality to all traders in the minor cities: You can deposit and withdraw gold, but you have to pay a 2% fee for each transaction."

Arwen Note: This mod is not dependant on Reneer's Gold Mod (see previous mod), but is the two work extremely well together. If you use Bananasplit Better Cities, make sure that you install the Bank of Cyrodiil fix (included in the BBC Extras folder).

Bank of Cyrodiil

Chapel Tithe v.2.1 (10/23/08) - by Picador:

"The chapels of the Nine need to be maintained somehow; why not by the generous patronage of their parishioners?
Every time you pray for healing and restoration at an Altar of the Nine, you are obliged to make a monetary contribution proportional to your wealth. The poor donate nothing, but the rich donate a small fraction of their holdings to maintain the chapel and its priests.

This mod will add a small cost to the otherwise free disease-curing, attribute-restoring, health-replenishing powers of an Altar of the Nine. Don't be a cheapskate; pay up. The amount deducted when you pray at an Altar of the Nine is 1% of your total gold.

Exists in two versions: a non-OBSE version, and an OBSE version that allows you to tweak the amount of gold in an .ini file. You can also set the tithe to a flat amount in the .ini file."

Arwen Note: This is a nice little mod that adds a bit of reality to the being healed at a chapel - and it allows you a way to donate money to the chapels (with an automatic deduction). One of my biggest complaints in the game is that gold it too easy to come by. Part of the reason is that too many things are free. So I'm all for any realistic ways to make it more of a challenge to become wealthy.

Chapel Tithe

*** Cyrodiil Transportation Network v.1.31 (12/2/07) - by Elessar_VPR:

"Adds back Morrowind style travel to Oblivion, including: Mage Guild Guides, Ships, Horse Carriage, Divine Intervention and Mark and Recall . . . When you first play with the mod you will receive a ring (x*Fast Travel Ring*x) when you equip it, it will give you the option to enable or disable Oblivion's normal fast travel system. If you want to change your mind at any time, just equip the ring again!"

Arwen Note: I have always disliked Oblivion's fast travel (the clickable map). In my opinion fast travel is nothing more than more "mainstreaming" (and I'm being polite here). It takes no effort and it costs nothing - both of which ruins immersion in a RPG. Even though game time passes, there's no cost or effect of your travels, and the passage of game time doesn't even matter in vanilla Oblivion, so its passage during fast travel is practically meaningless.

To me, having to negotiate travel added a great deal to MW - just hearing the mournful calls of stilt strider, as I entered a town, or hearing that deep scratchy voice of a dark elf, trying to drum up business, added to the game. The same is true of being able to go down to the docks and talk with the captain of a boat, and negotiate travel to a distant port. Or walking into a Mages Guild, and negotiating a teleport to another guild hall, and stepping onto the teleport platform and having the mage send me off. That's immersion that you just don't get from a clickable map.

In Oblivion, you either have to use fast travel (giving up immersion) or walk - there are no other travel options. In MW we had real choices. The Cyrodiil Transportation MOD gives us our choices back - by adding a Morrowind type of transportation network.

Cyrodiil Transportation Network

Page Index | Economy Realism | Misc. Realism
Misc. Realism Mods (affects items, animation, consequences, and NPC AI)

***Common Oblivion (Cobl) v.1.72 (9/26/09) - by COBL Team:

"If you downloaded Cobl for itself, then you'll find that it significantly enriches the world of Oblivion: new books, new ingredients, new foods, etc. There are no quests, but you'll find the world a better more interesting place in many small and large ways. If on the other hand, you downloaded Cobl because some other mod required you do to so, then... You'll still find the world a more interesting place! But you'll also get the benefit of having multiple mods work better together, and be richer, more powerful mods in themselves."

Common Oblivion is:
- a world enrichment mod that adds lots of little things that enriches your gameplay experience.
- a shared library that acts as a resource for other mods
- an integration tool that allows different mods to "talk" to each other


- Alchemical Sorters (store and sort your alchemical items)
- Cobl Clock (configurable on screen clock)
- Lore Books (lore books from previous Elder Scroll games)
- Tamrielic Ingredients (ingredients from Morrowind and Daggerfall)
- Tarnsman's Beer! (Beer's to buy from stores)
- Foods from Salmo the Baker (a large selection of foods)
- The Luggage (a hold all container accessible from pubs, guild halls, homes)
Shared Library:
All the items listed above are available for use in mods. Many home mods are making use alchemical sorters, foods, water sources, mage altars, etc. that are defined in Cobl. Other mods make use of more advanced features, like Cobl's Death Handling, which allows the player's death to be safely intercepted and modified. Or more simply, Cobl provides a shared Options menu, which any mod can use to make their options easy to find and configure.
Mod Communication - Cobl provides several interfaces that allow mods to communicate information:
- Foods added by one mod can be used to satisfy hunger requirements of a hunger mod.
- Water wells placed by a village mod can fill water containers of a thirst mod.
- An afterlife mod can suspend the activity and penalties of hunger/thirst/sleep mods.

Cobl Options Menu

Arwen Note: Cobl is a very cool addition to Oblivion Mods. And it is rapidly becoming a "must have" mod, as more and more mods are beginning to use Cobl resources. I love the fact that cobl mods can share a single configuration menu (an inventory item called "options"). You'll notice that there are now a number of mods in my recommended mod list that require Cobl - and expect to see even more in the near future, as more mods are Cobalized. [Note: Version 1.54 now has more options than I have listed here, but I haven't played enough to cover all these yet.]

Version 1.55 added Denock Arrows to the Cobl option menu, so I no longer need that mod.

Version 1.60 adds:
- Buffet Plate: (must have a cobl-aware hunger mod installed) Basically, you can now go into any tavern/inn in (Vanilla) Cyrodiil and SI and find a "Buffet Plate." Activate it, pay the buffet price (10-20 gold depending on class of location) and you can eat all you want off the plate. Finally, it's now attractive to head into the local tavern just to eat -- and you get a decent selection of foods!
- Hibernation Potion: This is a potion that you can buy in a few places (e.g. mystic emporium) that will indefinitely suspend your needs (from cobl aware mods) so long as you don't move more than 10' or so from your initial position. It's meant to be used if you need to respawn (by waiting three days or so) or are about to travel by a ship that will deposit you somewhere else a couple of days later with no chance to eat/sleep/drink in the meantime. (only works with cobl aware survival mods)
- Coblize Items: This is a new (but rather overdue) feature that will exchange some items from OOO and MMM for Cobl equivalents. You'll need to activate it from the options menu if you want it. (And be sure to activate OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp and/or MMM-Cobl.esp). After that, the operation will kick in after your close your inventory or a container. Cobl will check for replaceable items, and if present, do the replacement. There are related tweaks to lists and inventory. (Hmm... Forgot to add bash tags -- next version.)

Load Order: Load befor OOO (see my Mod Load Order List)

Tes4Mod:Cobl/Mods (Current Cobl mods)

Cobl Website

Common Oblivion (Cobl)

Q - More and Moldy Ingredients v.1.1 (6/26/06) - by asQarne:

"With this mod, around 26 new moldy and spoiled ingredients will be added to the food lists, so they randomly appear in chest and crates. Ever tried to eat a moldy fruit? With logic alone you should be able to tell it's not a good idea. These moldy ingredients work prefect for poisons though, or just for added realism."

Arwen Note: I found it a bit weird that so much food is just hanging around where you can just pick it up. Of course this is comes in real handy if you're using a need-to-eat survival mod like Real Hunger, Cobl. But it is still not very realistic. And it's it funny how, even down in the sewers, all the food is perfectly preserved - like you're taking it out of a refrigerator or something. Well this mod fixes some of those issues. Now some of the food you pick up will not be editable - and if you do eat it, you'll likely regret it. A nice bonus is that you'll now have some new ingredients with which to make those health-damaging potions. The moldy and spoiled food items are a bit rare, so you have to keep your eyes open for them.

Q - More and Moldy Ingredients

Intoxicant Improvement v.2 (7/02/06) - by Haydox:

"This mod replaces the textures of the Skooma, ale, mead, beer, Cyrodilic brandy, all 4 wine bottles and all the potion bottles. It also adds new models for the Cyrodilic brandy and Shadowbanish Wine and new inventory icons for Cyrodilic Brandy and all the Potions."

This mod also includes Inebriation v1.21 (4/08/06) - by Lap: "This mod makes all alcoholic drinks actually give a drunken affect. Don't drink too much or you might end up passing out and getting a nasty hangover. This goes especially for those light weight characters. New to 1.2 is the ability to brew your own wine, beer, and cider!"

Arwen Note: It seemed silly to me that my little Wood Elf could drink alcoholic beverages with no effect whatsoever. It was nice that these beverages were drinkable, but shouldn't they be a bit stronger than water? Now they are. When you select an alcoholic beverage, you are give the option of picking it up or drinking it. If you chose "drink" you'll receive a mild inebriation effect - and a second drink will increase the effect, and the third drink . . . Need I say more?

Compatibility & Load Order: OOO has Lap's Inebriation mod bundled with it, but is not the same as Lap's original mod, plus Haydox's new textures are extremely well done and add a whole new degree of realism and variety to the appearance of all these beverages. (Plus there's an "Extra" folder, that includes optional textures.)

Load after OOO

Intoxicant Improvement

SoT Holidays v.1.0 (10/22/08) - by SkyShadowing:

"I was playing Morrowind with Princess_Stomper's excellent holiday mod (highly recommended, btw), and realized that there is nothing like this yet in Oblivion (despite promises from Bethesda that there would be...) So I made it. All holidays featured in the mod are on their lore correct dates. Many different abilities, like free cure at the chapels or free ale or rooms at the inns, or discounts at most shops. This mod's features does not work in the Shivering Isles. To simulate the discounts given by many merchants on the holidays, I have incorporated a menumodecheck that, when you're in the respective buy menu, will give you a large boost in Mercantile. This will not allow you to invest, only buy cheaper."

"A pop-up window will appear when a holiday arrives. I will also tell you that the Harvest's End Festival is cancelled the first time it comes around in a new game. Why? Because it's on the day the game begins... the day the Emperor dies."

Arwen Note: This mod is more about lore than realism, but it still fits best here. This is one pop up message that I don't mind. It's cool to wake up and learn that today is a holiday, and you may get to enjoy a holiday bonus.

SoT Holidays

***Reneer's Guard Overhaul v.2.54 (02/06/11) - by Reneer:

"This mod changes the Guard behavior by modifying how Guards react to player crimes.

- If you attack a guard, only that Guard will defend himself (no other Guards will attack unless they see the fighting.)
- If you manage to outrun the Guards, they will no longer chase you to the ends of Tamriel.
- If you are sent to jail, the guards will kill you rather than trying to put you back into your cell if you escape.
- If you manage to kill all the Guards that witnessed your crime, that crime gold will be removed. If you attack a Guard from long range and they do not immediately see you, they will begin to search for you.
- While searching they will recruit other Guards to help them search.
- If any of those Guards finds you (and you have your weapon out,) they will try to arrest you.
- Each city now has its own crime gold - meaning that if you attack someone in Chorrol, the guards in Cheydinhal will not attack you because they do not know about the crime in Chorrol.
- Different crimes will be remembered for different amounts of time (typically anywhere from one game day for stealing to seven game days for murder.)
- Wanted Posters will now be posted in several different locations around Cyrodiil - currently they don't have any impact except to look pretty. In future versions they may change how NPCs react to you. They will only appear when your gold for a particular region goes above 1000.
- There are Disguises that you can use in-game to avoid detection by the Guards for your crimes. These Disguises can be purchased at Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise.
- You are also able to bribe Guards to leave their posts. Say you want to rob a store, but there is a Guard sitting right outside. Just bribe him, and he will wander off. If he sees you committing a crime, though, he will still come after you.
- Guards will now arrest NPCs if the NPC has committed a crime and cannot pay their crime gold. The NPC will be escorted to the nearest prison and incarcerated for a period of days depending upon the severity of their crime. If an NPC has the gold to pay for a crime, they will simply pay the fee and not go to jail."

Arwen Note: This is a major overhaul of the way that guards and crime work in the game. Crime is now much more realistic.

Reneer's Guard Overhaul

Zumbs Lockpicking Mod OBSE v.1.2 (8/04/09) [requires OBSE] - by Zumbs and Tekuromoto:

"This mod exchanges the lockpicking minigame with real-time lockpicking. It integrates (almost) seamlessly into Oblivion, including animations, sounds and easy configuration. Have you ever wondered why time magically seemed to stop when you started lockpicking? Even if it took you 500 tries? Or why a falling tumbler could break your steel lockpick? Or what happened to all those broken pieces in the lock? I did, and that's why I made this mod.
This mod gives you the option of getting rid of the lockpicking minigame and replace it with real-time lockpicking. The mod adds three new equipable lockpicks. When one of these lockpicks is equipped, you can attempt to pick a lock by pointing the lockpick towards a locked item and left clicking. Beware that someone may see you and report your crime!"

New features added with version 1.1:

- Compatibility with OOO traps
- Lockpicks have a number of uses that decrease every time lockpicking fails (must be enabled in the .ini)
- Configurable chance for critical success/failure
- Critical failure may demote your lockpicks, so that a set of Quality Lockpicks are turned into a Lockpick
- Tweak: Increased chance to make a critical success/failure (approximately 1:100 for each)

Compatibility and Load Order: This mod is compatible with OOO, but LAPs Security Rebalance is part of OOO, which prevents you from trying to pick a hard lock with low security skills (you'll just get a message saying that you are not skilled enough). So it is recommended that you disable this by entering the following console command: Set LapMinLock to 0 [If you later want to enable it, just enter: Set LapMinLock to 1]
Load after OOO

Arwen Note: This mod adds real-time, animated lock picking, similar to lock picking in Morrowind. There's also a non-OBSE version available. Installing this mod will disable the lockpick minigame. If you want to keep the minigame as an option, remove "\menus\lockpick_menu.xml" from the mod before installing. [I just made a backup of the "Oblivion\data\menus\lockpick_menu.xml", before installing this mod.]

Zumbs Lockpicking Mod

*** Stealth Overhaul v.1.3 (11/03/06) - [requires OBSE] by Jog:

"This mod attempts to make sneaking around more interesting and worthwhile, and tries to force you into a more classic rogue-role when you seriously want to sneak around. Wearing heavy armor is now a serious issue, and sneak-attacks with the right-weapons are much more powerful. Features: The backstabbing multiplier is dependent on the weapon's speed and range/size, a small dagger might have up to x15 while slow Longswords and Maces might have no multiplier at all. When your victim survives the sneak-attack you now can run away and have a fair chance to vanish in the shadows again. A sneaking expert might not be detected at all when he sneak-attacks with a bow. Worn heavy armor (cuirass greaves boots) as well as drawn weapons and shields now add a penalty to your sneak skill. Wearing no armor at all grants you a 10% bonus to sneak"

Arwen Note: This mod also adds 3 new quick-keys that store complete outfits (Clothes/Armor, Weapon, Shield, Ammo, Rings, Amulet), which makes it really easy to change between combat and non-combat outfits.

Stealth Overhaul

***Proximity Based Sneak Penalties v 1.5 (1/29/09) - by DuggeDank:

". . . adds penalties to your sneak skill whenever you get close to NPCs and creatures."

The mod utilizes an exponential curve to apply penalties which gives a smooth increase of the proximity penalty depending on the distance between you and any nearby enemies. The default distance where penalties will start to apply is 500 units.

The penalties are different if you are within LOS or out of LOS/invisible.

It can also take light currently cast at the player into consideration and apply penalties accordingly, and it has
a torch/light spell penalty to stop you from sneaking undetected when carrying a torch.

An invisibility "nerfer" is also included. This makes it so that if you get too close to an actor (<60 units) when invisible the invisibility will be dispelled. (you have been detected by other means such as touch/smell/sixth sense and therefore your illusion is seen through).

Arwen Note: This mod seems to work very well with Stealth Overhaul (which makes stealth too easy at higher levels). Plus this mod factors in light (and torches) into your ability to sneak up on someone. I highly recommend using these two mods together for the most realism.

Proximity Based Sneak Penalties

Arwen Note: The next four mods add choices, consequences, dialog, lore, and quests. I currently have all 4 of these installed, and they seem to be working well together with no apparent problems (these are not dependant of each other in any way).

***Choices and Consequences updated v.2.03 (07/25/10) [requires Cobl] - by Lingwei (modified by: Migck, Gabba)

Choices and Consequences: "The original Oblivion had some complaints regarding some of its aspects. Choices and Consequences will try and address some of these complaints."

- Mages and Fighters Guild advancement changes - faction reputation + skill requirements
- Quest arrow & journal changes - the first mod to add in written directions to replace the quest arrow
- Dark Brotherhood additions - A new sanctuary for Bruma along with three Dark Brotherhood exclusive sidequests quests in the above style plus an extra quest to deal with the sleeper agents of the Mythic Dawn. (Note that the current version works with either new games or preexisting games, however it is still recommended that you start the mod with a game in which you have not joined one of the guilds yet in order to get the best experience.)
- Toggleable Quest Arrow and Directions - The final major part of the mod will deal with the journal and quest arrow. These features have been criticized for being 'dumbed down'. I'm going to dumb them up. The quest arrow will be made toggleable by a spell. While mods to get rid of the quest arrow came out within days of Oblivion's release there were almost no directions within the game that the player could follow. Choices and Consequences will add in new dialogue that gives the direction of the where you need to go. It will also remove some of the more redundant journal entries (e.g you are at Cave X, you should go inside - well duh).
- The Compatibility folder contains patch files for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Martigen Monster Mod, SM Plugin Refurbish - Orrery, and FCOM.

Arwen Note: I use the DarkUId DarN interface to turn off and toggle the map arrows, which works great for me.

Choices and Consequences Updated

***Roleplaying Dialogues v.0.72b (5/25/07) - by meatbag999:

"This mod's goal is to make the boring conversation between NPCs and player more interesting."

Arwen Note: This MOD gives you more (text) dialog choices. And you really should also install Reneer's Guard Overhaul mod if you plan on insulting or threatening a guard - because guards in vanilla Oblivion are telepathic, which means that a whole bunch of guards will track down and kill you for your "crime" (Reneer's guards are not nearly as telepathic).

Load Order: Load before Reneer's Guard Overhaul (see my Mod Load Order List)

Roleplaying Dialogues

Ignoring the Main Quest has Consequences v.0.5 (2/20/09) - by Kuertee:

"Gates to the planes of Oblivion will start to appear if the main quest is ignored. By default, these conditions must be met before the first gate opens:

1. level 10 attained by the player
2. 14 days have passed after the Emperor's assassination

Arwen Note: Now if you totally ignore the Main Quest, the Oblivion gates will still begin to appear. I love mods that add consequences for your actions (or in this case, for your inaction). This mod also adds some reality to the fact that the Emperor's death set into motion a chain of events, which will happen no matter what the player does or does not do.

Ignoring the Main Quest has Consequences

Persuasion Overhaul [requires OBSE] v.1.43 (12/03/09) - by Eric Parsons, updated by Strategy Master:

"This mod gets rid of the persuasion mini-game . . . implements persuasion through regular dialogue. You are free to pick any option you want, and either try the same one over and over or alternate between many. Each time you pick an option, you have a base chance of success based on your speechcraft skill. Then, your chances are modified based on the current disposition of the NPC. The higher their disposition, the harder it is to raise it further. Finally, each option has an individual modifier based on a number of factors, making it easier or harder to use that option with a particular NPC. For instance, you will have a much easier time coercing a farmer than you will the Arena Grand Champion, and the burly Nord in the local tavern will be more impressed by your boasting than will the Countess of Chorrol, etc. In this way, there is some amount of player skill and role playing required for successful persuasion rather than randomly clicking options."

Version 1.4 [requires OBSE]:

"Reduced message spam. If a message is still up when you click the next persuasion option the message will not display. This prevents all the messages queuing up and then get displayed for a few minutes once persuasion ends.

Persuasion will no longer increase disposition for someone at 0 disposition (only bribe and charm spells can let you persuade with them again)

Implemented new Taunt option that tries to get the NPC to attack you and so that they get in trouble with the guards and not you."

Arwen Note: I never liked the persuasion mini-game because of the way that it ruined game immersion for me. It killed the feeling that I was talking to a person. I also didn't like that the mini-game was more dependant on how well I did than on my character's speechcraft ability. I feel that the mini-games (likes so many other "features") makes Oblivion less of a RPG. This mod makes persuasion more like the way it was done in Morrowind. It's still not perfect and it is still a chore, but this mod is a major improvement. (Note: this mod will make persuasion more difficult for you, until you raise your speechcraft skills.)

Persuasion Overhaul

Bathing Mod v.1.2 (9/12/08) - by Antistar:

"Using the standard installation of the Bathing Mod, your character becomes dirtier and smellier for every day they go without bathing. This manifests as a cumulative penalty to your character's Personality stat. There are seven penalty levels: once you reach seven days without bathing you will not smell any worse as time passes, but you will smell *very* bad - and will receive a significant Personality penalty by that stage. You can purchase bars of soap from general merchants in Cyrodiil (one is all you will need; they do not run out) and use them to wash; provided you can find a body of water, or a bathtub. You will need to be swimming in water to use the soap, not just standing in water (this is a scripting limitation). To use the soap, simply click on it in your inventory. If you are swimming in water, you will wash with it, and have any Personality penalties removed within seconds. To use the placeable bathtubs, purchase one (a 'Copper Bathtub') from a general merchant in Cyrodiil."

"Using the 'bonus, not penalty' version of the mod is the same as the standard version: except your character does not become dirtier over time. Instead, you will gain a bonus to Personality for 24 hours after you bathe."

Version 1.2 changes: Ten new bathtub types (by SickleYield) added. Supplies of soap and bathtubs in merchant inventories now respawn. Removed static 'steam' effects from bathroom areas in purchasable houses, as bathtubs now have their own animated steam effects. Placer object physics have been tweaked slightly.

Arwen Note: This cool mod adds the ability to take a bath in the game (which is different than just swimming - since you have to buy and use soap). And you can add a nice copper bathtub to your home, for taking long hot soaks after a hard day of adventuring. Plus there are Personality benefits for taking a bath (and penalties for not taking one - depending on which option you chose).

Bathing Mod

See You Sleep v.1.5.2 (03/11/11) [requires OBSE] - by mmmpld:

"This mod allows the player to sleep in beds, rather than beside a bed. Should be pretty intuitive, activate a bed and you should get in. Activate again to show the sleep menu, after the sleep menu you'll get out of bed. If you Activate right after the sleep menu you can go back to sleep. Use the Sleepwear Configuration item to open the Sleepwear Menu (found in the Misc section of your inventory). From here you can set what items you would like to wear when getting into bed. You must have the item on you when you sleep for it to equip."

Version 1.5 Changes:
* Player now dresses itself when getting up.
* Skip sleepwear if weapons out.
* Improved return from the Dreamworld quest.
* COBL menu system compatibility and menu tweaks.
* Improved Jail handling.
* Mountain Shack compatibility.
* Shadowcrest Vineyard compatibility.

Arwen Note:Not being able to ever see your character in a bed has always bothered me. (I've tried an animation mod to sort of do this, but it didn't work all that well.) This cool mod adds so much more immersion to sleeping! Now you actually get to watch your character climb into bed and fall asleep - and you can even pick what outfit you want to sleep in.

After a long day adventuring . . . I just click on the bed, and my tired Wood Elf automatically un-equips her armor, boots, and weapons, and changes into something more comfy for sleeping - then climbs into bed, soon closes her eyes, and falls asleep.

Compatibility: This mod may be incompatible with any mod that changes the default beds. Also see my load order notes with Real Sleep.

Optional Portable Campsite Patch (available at download link)

See You Sleep

Arwen Note: One of the things that really annoyed me about the released version of Oblivion was the way that bodies flew through the air when hit by a killing blow or arrow. This just sensationalized killing, which is something that I'm totally against. This next mod fixed this. The latest version also includes friction effects (sliding) and realistic Magical Force effects.

Realistic Physics & Force Package v.1.0 (6/26/06) - bandit462:

"This mod aims at changing the ragdoll physics considerably and the force which acts upon characters/creatures as a result of a strike of any kind. Ragdolls will not only fall at a greater velocity, but they will also fall in a more realistic/random manner instead of the generic "slumping" pattern. There are three separate .esp files, which control how much force is controlled after striking an opponent with a hand-to-hand weapon, arrows, or magic. This results in more realistic deaths and knockdowns, and takes away that "matrix feel" with enemies flying through the air."

Realistic Physics & Force Package

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