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(updated February 08, 2010)

Arwen's MW Journal
Awesome Support!

Written June 14, 2003:

I am overwhelmed and sooo moved by all the awesome support of everyone! Thanks so much for thinking of me in such a wonderful and caring way! I posted that I was having surgery on May 30th and had asked for prayers on the Elder Scrolls forum.

On May 29th, "Kyli" (forum nick) started a new message thread on the forum, with a request for
Bethesda to sign a copy of Bloodmoon (the new expansion to Morrowind) for me, as a get well gift. Positive support for doing this for me by other forum members was so overwhelming, that the thread soon reached the 200 post limit and was locked and continued in a second thread.

Pete Hines, Bethesda's marketing and public relations director (and ES forum moderator), soon posted that he wanted to help out in this effort and contacted "Kyli" to "work out the details." But they soon ran into a problem: no one knew my mailing address or even my last name; so "Kyli" and several other members sent me email, explaining what they and Bethesda were trying to do. But I had already left home for the medical center before "Kyli" had even posted the original thread. So I knew nothing about any of this for well over a week, went I was able to use my computer again.

I was so touched when I learned what the ES forum members and Bethesda wanted to do for me. I immediately contacted "Kyli", who agreed to continue coordinating things with Pete. It was still a few days before I was able to read through the ES forum message threads. When I saw all the wonderful support for me there, I immediately started crying tears of joy. I was just so deeply moved by all this and added my reply of thanks to the communal support thread:

". . . I'm amazed and so deeply moved by all the support that the ES Forum community has shown to me here. I knew that I had a bunch of really great friends here, but I had no idea that so many of you cared about me this much! I am sooo very touched by all the love and all the positive thoughts!

I put together my MW Journal as a way to give something back to the MW community. I never expected or dreamed that I would ever get something back in return for my efforts. But I'm so grateful for such a gesture of support and appreciation from so many, including the wonderful people at Bethesda . . .

A Special Package Arrives

This past Thursday evening (June 12th, 2003) a large package arrived for me from Bethesda Softworks. Inside was my signed the copy of the Bloodmoon expansion!

But there was so much more in this package! I also received the special Collector's Edition of Morrowind, a leather-covered Morrowind appointment book, a Morrowind female wood elf sweatshirt, as well as a nice get well note from Pete! It took me a while to stop crying long enough to write a email of thanks to Pete at Bethesda. I received this nice reply for him the very next morning:

". . . You're very welcome. I was afraid the sweatshirt might be a little too big, but I happened to have one in my office that had a female wood elf on it and figured, who better to send it to? ;)

. . . I'm just glad we could do something for you to let you know we were thinking of you and appreciate having you as a big part of our community.

. . . Glad to hear the surgery went well and I hope your recovery continues to go well too . . ."

It's still going to while before I'll install Bloodmoon, as I want to complete the main quest first.

But I'm so grateful for all that was done for me.

What a wonderful way to be welcomed back, after my surgery!

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