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(updated February 08, 2010)

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  Arwen's Morrowind Journal - Updates

February 8, 2010: My totally reformatted (and edited) Morrowind Journal is finally complete and is now online.  My "Trials of a Clueless Wood Elf" is now reorganized into 33 easier to read chapters . . . including a brand new final chapter . . . on completing the Main Quest.

December 18, 2009: I decide to redo my Morrowind Journal (yet again) to match the format of my newer Oblivion and Fallout 3 Journals.  I'm going to leave most of the original text in my "Trials of a Clueless Wood Elf" (other than adding some minor corrections/clarifications), but I'm going to reformat all the single lines of text into paragraphs, which will allow me to combine chapters . . . both of which should make my story much more readable (my only worry is that it may lose some of its quirkiness).  Besides, I need to consolidate all my web pages a bit, which should help reduce my site's bandwidth usage a bit.

August 10, 2007: I just finished updating all the remaining chapters in my Morrowind Journal to the new format.

August 14, 2007: Chapter 32 is finally online (after a two-year delay) - this is, by far, my longest chapter. 

September 21, 2007: Chapter 33 (the completion of the Main Quest), is on hold for now - as I just don't have the free time this semester to work on both my MW Journal and My Oblivion Journal.  But I have posted what I have written so far in Chapter 33 for you to read

Even though I'm not doing a Tribunal or Bloodmoon journal - her adventures are being continued in The Sequel.

I love to get email feedback . . . Writing is a very slow process for me, and it literally takes me several days just to write a single chapter . . .  so it really helps me to know whether my efforts in writing my journals are still worth it, or are people getting sick of my journals by now?  What do you think of the rest of my site?  Any suggestions for how I can improve things.

Trials of a Clueless Wood Elf - Index

Chapter 1 - Discovering a New Game
My Very First RPG Character / A Tourist in Seyda Neen / Night Life in Seyda Neen

Chapter 2 - Making a New Character . . . again
Day Two, Leaving Town / A Babe in the Wilderness / Day Two . . . again

Chapter 3 - I'm hurt and Lost . . . and it's Getting Dark!
Figuring Out How to Cast a Spell /  Trying to Make Some Money

Chapter 4 - Jogging to Pelagiad
Morrowind Economics 101 / The Halfway Tavern / Camping Out

Chapter 5- Things That Go Bump in the Night
Fort Moonmoth / Nervous Delivery Girl

*** Caution: Starting with Chapter 6, now that I'm starting to do quests, there are going to be a lot more spoilers included. I'll still try to give away as little as possible, but I can't keep all the spoilers out anymore.

Chapter 6 - Joining The Mages Guild
Why Can't I Make Potions / Making Healthy Juice

Chapter 7 - Is the Mages Guild the Mob?
The Evil Mage / How Did I End Up In Jurassic Park?

Chapter 8 - Finding Punabi and Silipund
Helljoint Disease / Escort Service

Chapter 9 - Fargoth's Cottage
Stuck in Seyda Neen / Back to Balmora / A Little Favor

Chapter 10 - OK . . . Where's the Door?
Ash Storm / Tomb Raiding

Chapter 11 - What Drugs?
The Shipwreck / The Huge City of Vivec

Chapter 12 - Dreams and Bridges
Help Me, I Can't Say No! / I Just Need to Find a Book

Chapter 13 - I'm a Terrible Thief
Where's the Limeware? / Beam Me Home / Back to Arkngthand

Chapter 14 - Soul Trapping and Enchanting
A Short Visit in Caldera / Hlormar and the "Witch"

Chapter 15 - Arwen Messes Up Again!
Ashlanders and a Ransom / Maar Gan, Finally / Exploring Ald'ruhn

Chapter 16 - The Caldera Ebony Mine
Caius Finally Tells Me the Whole Story / A Strange Place and a Tough Battle / Traveling to the North Coast

Chapter 17 - Urshilaku Camp
What is the N'wah? / My Yurt & Island Hopping

Chapter 18 - The Gateway Haunting
Solving the Haunting Who's Spying on the Mages?

Chapter 19 - Borrowing a Rare Book
Koal Cave & Other Places / The Dwemer Ruins of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz

Chapter 20 - The Ghost Fence
The Urshilaku Burial Caverns / Ok, Now What do I do?

Chapter 21 - Finding the Sixth House Base / Back to Ilunibi / Dagoth Gares' Curse

Chapter 22 - Bummer . . . I Have Corprus Disease
Nchuleftingth Ruins / Molag Mar and Suran

Chapter 23 - You Want to Leave Who in Charge?
Dargon Fel and Mzulef / Where is Mehra Milo?

Chapter 24 - Inside The Ministry of Truth
The Secret Monastery / Grazelands and Dissapla Mine

Chapter 25 - Thieves and Pack Guars
No Dates in Tel Mora / Waiting for the Moons

Chapter 26 - Not More Tests!
The Stronghold of Kogoruhn / Skink-In-Tree's-Shade

Chapter 27 - Warrior's Test & Wisdom's Test
Dealing with a Necromancer / Soul Trapping an Ash Ghoul

Chapter 28 - Finding a Secret Library
Solving the Wisdom Test / The Cavern of the Incarnate

Chapter 29 - Back to Urshilaku Camp
Ashlander War Leader / A Safe Home

Chapter 30 - Zainab Tribe and a Vampire
The Making of a Bride / Helping an Argonian Slave

Chapter 31 - Tribunal: Attack in the Inn
Too Many Caves! / Ashlander Politics

Chapter 32 - The Missing Notes
The Forth Trial: House Hlaalu / House Redoran / House Telvanni

Chapter 33 - Ok . . . So Now What?
The Sixth Trial / Fulfilling My Destiny . . . Which Nearly Did Me In! / Final Notes / The Adventure Continues

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The Sequel - The Adventure Continues . . .

Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that the sequel to my Morrowind Journal is also online.
Oblivion, Bethesda's sequel to Morrowind, was released on March 20, 2006.
If you've enjoyed the adventures of my quirky Wood Elf through the province of Morrowind,
just wait until you see what happens to her in Cyrodiil!
She's the exact same character, but now a little older and a little wiser (I hope).
And she has a whole new look (thanks to Oblivion's Face Generator):

So many people have emailed me, asking me to continue my Morrowind Journal,
that I finally decided to continue - but with a whole new sequel.
And you were worried that my Wood Elf's adventures were over .  .  .

Arwen's Oblivion Journal - "Trials of a Semi-Clueless Wood Elf"

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Continued in Chapter one

Discovering a New Game

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