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(updated October 04, 2013)

journal news archive
2010 Archive
Oct 19 Fallout New Vegas was released today (my preorder is on its way and should arrive sometime late today . . . so look for my first impressions soon). My Fallout New Vegas site is now online, as I do plan on modding it and I will be creating another recommended mod list for this newest game. Ok, so there's not really much hers yet . . . but don't worry . . . that will soon change. I just need a day or so the actually play the game . . . and I'm sure that I'll have some first impressions to share.
Oct 20 My copy of Fallout New Vegas arrived late yesterday, so I've had a chance to play a bit. I posted a little bit on my first impressions, which Ill try to expand tomorrow.  I've also begun modding my game . . . and version 1.0 of my NV Realism Tweaks is well under way (although I still need at least a few more days before I'll be releasing anything).  And I downloaded a few mods . . . so hopefully my FO:NV mod list will receive its first entries in a day or so (just as soon as I get the chance to play test a few).  Oh, and I'm patiently waiting for a decent hair mod . . . and the default hair selection is pretty bad (I'm NOT at all happy with my character's appearance.) So I've had a pretty busy day.  Time to get some sleep.
Oct 21 MyFNV Mod Listnow has its first entries.  And I've posted my first screenshot of my first attempt at trying to create a decent looking player character.
Oct 23 Version 1.0 of my New Vegas Realism Tweakswas released yesterday (so I'm exhausted and still haven't had the free time to add my Realism Tweaks section to this site . . . but it should be done in a few days.  I've also added the first mods to my FO:NV mod list.  I've also updated my FO:NV tips page, and added a new Game Play Tips section.
Nov 4

Version 1.2 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released last Saturday.  And I've expanded my mod list a touch.  I'm still not using many mods, as I'm mostly focused on getting my NV Realism Tweaks completed enough so that I can enjoy playing the game (guess who wasn't exactly impressed with the default game?). I'll be adding more to my first impressions section in a few days.  Oh, and I added a new screenshot (just scroll down a bit).

Nov 12

I finally expanded my First Impressions today, and wrote a new section in the introduction (index) of my  my fantasy story: "Trials of a New Vegas Girl." Version 1.3 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on November 7th.  I'm currently working on version 1.4, which will include my efforts to improve the balance of the default weapons . . . with a special focus on improving energy weapons.  Version 1.4 will also include my new Camera (bonus) module  I've also updated my FO:NV mod list . . . the mods listed (which are still not many yet) should all be current.

Nov 23 Version 1.4.2 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on November 20th.  I'm currently working on version 1.5, which should be out next week, and will add several NVSE scripts, completing my Realism core module. V.1.4.2 also includes my new Camera module. Sorry for the lack of other updates, but I really need to focus on completing my Realism Tweaks before I can play though my own game.  My Realism Core is by far the toughest module, the other 3 main modules should go much faster as they are all partially completed already.
Nov 30 Version 1.5 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released. This version adds 10 new NVSE scripts, and makes a number of minor balancing improvement.  It also improves the Pip-Boy light (in color, intensity, and reduced harshness).
Dec 11 Version 1.6 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on December 9th, and  includes my new Time Passes Quest Script (an expanded version of my formerly my Needs Quest script, combined with my earlier Sleep Quest script, plus my new Menu Time script). I've also overhauled my three Weapon Effects: All three scripts were totally rewritten and rebalanced, and the bugs in v.1.5 have (hopefully) been eliminated.  Plus you now have the option of having your fatigue displayed.  This version should essentially complete my Realism Core module . . . v.1.7 will be the first version that includes my Hard-Core module.
Dec 15

Since yesterday morning, I can no longer even play the game. I tried to update to the new patch, and Steam basically totaled my installed game. I tried all sorts of things, but nothing helped, so I uninstalled the game, but now I cannot reinstall it, as Steam will not let me log into the network. So I tried uninstalling Steam and reinstalled it. But I still cannot connect with the Steam Network. So two months of work is totally down the drain for me, as I have no idea how to fix this . . . and I've received no help from Steam Support. Unless I am able to fix this, I'll be shutting down my New Vegas Journal site, since there's like no point.  And I seriously doubt that I'll be able to get New Vegas running again, as I just spent the last two days trying everything that I can possibly think of.

Dec 27

Thanks to a post by Daelda in my mod's [RELZ] thread I was finally able to reinstall my game.   I had Advanced System Care installed on my computer, but it had always seemed to work just fine along side all my other programs, including Steam and New Vegas. I had not updated the program this week, so I really didn't see how it could be the problem.  But I had tried everything else, so I figured that I would uninstall it. And then I tried Steam again and it WORKED!  It took me forever to download the entire game again, but I can run it again, so I'm back in business. I had to reinstall GECK, FNVEdit, NVSE, and the mods I was using. I have begun working on version 1.7 of my NV Realism Tweaks, which will include my Hard-Cord module for the first time.  But I first need to complete a long over due update to my FO3 Realism Tweaks . . . so it will still be a while yet.

2011 Archive
Jan 25 It took me a LOT longer to update my FO3 Tweaks than I had expected (mostly because I decided to do a major overhaul of my Med-Tec module).  Most of the changes that I just made to my FO3 Tweaks will eventually be added to NV Tweaks, but this did set my NV Tweaks a couple of weeks behind schedule . . . and my Hard-Core module still needs at least another week of work.  So, after putting this up for a user vote, I released an small interim update. Version 1.6.5 was released just yesterday, to fix a few bugs that popped up in v.1.6, and to add a couple of new changes, which should pretty much complete my Realism Core module.  So now I'm back to work on v.1.7, and my Hard-Core module.
Mar 10 Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  Between health issues and trying to finish up my NV Realism Tweaks overhaul, I haven't had much free time for anything else (including even playing the game, other than my time spent play testing my Tweaks). Ok, so here's what's been happening: Version 1.8 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on March 4th, and  now includes 4 modules: the Realism Core, Hard-Core, Encumbrance, and Camera modules.  I am currently working on the last module: my Med-Tec module, which will greatly expand Injuries and Treatment, and make the Needs (eat/drink/sleep) truly hardcore. I hope to have v.1.9 ready to release by sometime this coming weekend, but I cannot promise that this will happen.  It will include my Med-Tec module, so this next version will be my first release that includes my Full NV Realism Tweaks, which I have been slaving over since New Vegas was released nearly 5 months ago. So my mod will essentially be done, although v.1.9 will not be my final version, as I'll still be making small improvements and adding a few more new feature for a bit yet.

But, after v.1.9 is released, I plan to spend way less time modding, and way more time playing the game.  And, with any luck at all, this site will be getting a LOT more updates by the end of the month . . . and I plan to finally write the first chapters of my "Trials of a New Vegas Girl."

Mar 19 Not much new to report, but it was time for an update.  The release of v.1.9 has been delayed . . . it is just taking me a lot longer to make all the changes to all the food and water (and the recipes slowed me down a bit, until I figured out how I was going to handle them).  Version 1.9 will include my Med-Tec module, and this is by far my Realism Tweaks' most complex module.  And, like all my modules, this is not just a port over from my FO3 version . . . I'm rewriting many of the scripts and adding a bunch of new ones . . . and I'm adding some new items (mess kits and cooking kits) and a new stat (bacteria), and a few new water types.  I've also balanced all my injuries (wounds, burns, trauma, etc.) and all the treatment . . . especially for New Vegas (and the rest of my NV Tweaks). I'm hoping that I'll be able to wrap this up by next weekend.
Apr 02

Version 1.9 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was finally released on March 29th, and  now includes all 5 modules, including my new NV Med-Tec module, which greatly expand Injuries and Treatment, and make the Needs (eat/drink/sleep) truly hardcore.  My NV Realism Tweak is now essentially done (finally!).  But I have begun working on v.2.0 (which will be just a minor update . . . mostly to further improve the game balance); and I'm trying to wrap up version 5.5 of my FO3 Tweaks . . . which should be my "Final" version.  Plus I'm going to take some time over the next week or so to check out some mods, and expand my NV mod list pages.  After that I'm going to begin a new game and just play for a good bit (and actually start writing my "Trials of a New Vegas Girl."

Apr 10

Version 2.0 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on April 8th.  This should be my last major update . . . which means that I'll actually be able to play the game again (from the beginning), and begin writing my "Trials of a New Vegas Girl." I also added my Hard-Core Module Details page, which includes all the Perk changes, and may be helpful in planning out a new character's stats.

Apr 27

Version 2.1 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on April 24th.  This is a minor update, mostly to fix a couple of bugs that were discovered after v.2.0 was released, and I wanted to take care of the bugs before the upcoming Steam patch was released.

On Monday Fallout NV was updated to version 1.3 (the Steam patch), which again put modding into a bit of a hold, until both the NVSE and the GECK had been updated.  As of late yesterday all seems to be fully updated and compatible again.

May 21

Version 2.2 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released on May 19th.  This is a minor update, mostly to rebalanced weapons (mostly ranged weapons) due to 1.3 official patch changes (but in a way that retains my mod's weapon balance), and to fix a couple of bugs.

June 16 Version 2.3 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released very late last night.  I'm now slowing adding other mods to my own game, and to this mod list.  My updated Load Order page lists all that mods that I am currently using in my own game . . . along with my recommended load order.
July 23 I released version 2.4 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks very late last night. I'm hoping that this version will be my last Major update. But I'll still likely continue to release minor updates.
Aug 09 Version 2.5 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks is now available and is a fairly major update, with improved Dynamic Stealth, Barter-based merchant repair costs, Rebalanced Med-Tec injuries and treatment, Morphine injection animations, and improved Dynamic Timescale.
Sept 05 Version 3.0.1 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks is now available and is a MAJOR update. And yes, I do remember that I posted way back in April, when v.2.0 was released, that my mod was "essentially done." Apparently I was being way too optimistic (yet again). But this is a really good update (promise), so you really should grab it (especially after I went to all the effort to all these changes available).
Oct 25

Version 3.2 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks is now available and is a minor update to version 3.1 (which was released on 10/16/11, as a MAJOR update).  My NV Realism Tweaks now include a Core Master esm and 6 modules, including my new One Life module (released in v.3.1). With One Life enabled, you now longer die, but now pass out and are looted (among other things). I also just updated my NV Mod List and my Load Order page.

Dec 15 Version 3.3 of my New Vegas Realism Tweaks was released late yesterday and is a minor update, but it will result in some pretty significant game play changes (and it adds some stability improvements to my One Life module). 
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