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Updated September 14, 2013

journal news archive
2009 Archive
Feb 28 I ordered Fallout 3 today, so that it will arrive in time for my spring break (which begins on March 14th).
Mar 02 As you can see, my Fallout 3 Journal is now online. But don't expect much for while, since I haven't even begun playing the game yet. Mostly this is just my way of getting my journal organized for any future mods that I'll be adding. But, since I have started collecting mods already, I decided to make my Future Fallout Mods list available (with download links). And I just found out that my game has shipped, so it will definitely be at my home before I get there
Mar 07

I added a bit to my home page today. There's now a Game Background section, where I've provided a little information about the game (and about role-playing games in general). There's also a new Links section.

I also added a new Fallout Tips section, which is where I'll be posting my tips and tweaks on increasing performance, Fallout.ini edits, and Console commands.

My Future Fallout Mods list is now organized by category, which should make it a bit easier to find mods. I've also added a bunch more mods to my list. (Fallout was delivered to my home yesterday . . . but my spring break is still another week away.)

Mar 09 I have begun selecting the mods that I plan to add to my game and these are now all listed in my Mod Section.
Mar 14 I began playing Fallout last night and am beginning to get used to the game. I've also begun installing my first mods (but mostly just for minor graphic changes, so my gameplay is still vanilla. I also updated My Character section. After I get the hang of things, I plan on adding some mods to improve the gameplay, for the way that I like to play RPGs.
Mar 22 My Fallout 3 mod pages have expanded quite a bit this week, since I've now playing the game. I have been installing all the mods that passed my play testing and that seem to be working well together. So my recommended mod list now includes that 30 plus mods that I am currently using in my own game. I have also posted my current mod load order, which includes all the mods I am using.

I also wrote some basic instructions on how to install a mod with FOMM in my Fallout Tips section. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to do this, as it is a bit different from OBMM, so I figured that others might like some basic instructions on how to get started.

There is now a new Archive Mods page, which lists some alternative mod to the ones that I am personally using. I also just removed my Future Mod page, now that I have completed my recommended mod list. (Don't worry, "completed" is a relative term, as I'll continue to add to my list as I find other mods to include.)

Apr 05 Not many changes this week other than a few new mod additions and changes in my Mod Section. I now have 42 mods installed in my current game (53 active plugins), which are all listed in my Mod Load Order section. My game seems very stable, so these mods appear to be working very well together.
Apr 17 Added a few new mod additions and updates earlier this week (and confirmed that I have all the latest versions posted). I just expanded my Part Two: Graphic Mods section, so that it should be a bit easier to navigate, now that there are more mods on that page. My current game now has 54 mods activated (67 active plugins), plus 7 sound/texture replacing mods, which are now all listed in my Mod Load Order section (which I just updated today). I also posted a short update and a recent screenshot at the end of My First Impressions Section.
Apr 19 This week I've been focusing on texture replacement mods, and have added a few to my mod list (I'm still play testing others) My current game now has 71 mods activated (79 active plugins), plus 17 sound/texture replacing mods, which are now all listed in my Mod Load Order section (which I just updated today).
May 04 I just finished updating my Mod Load Order section. This is my last full week of classes at my university, and I still have tow thesis to complete, a major research paper, and a project to present - and then finals. I raced this past weekend and we have New England Team Race Championships this coming weekend. So I have like no free time until just before my graduation - which means this will likely be my last update for a while. If you've sent me an email in the last week and I still haven't replied, this is the reason. I promise that I will eventually reply - I'm just really stressed with my current work load.
May 24 I'm back home now after graduating from my university yesterday. I haven't had time to do a major update yet, but I did just update all the mods with their newest versions. In the next two days or so I'll begin adding most of the mods that I've been play testing (which are now only listed in my Mod Load Order section).
May 27 I redid most of this main page today, in order to accommodate my new Fallout 3 fantasy story section, called: Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.

I'm also slowly adding many of the mods that I've been play testing over the past couple of months. Recent new additions include:
Female Texture Mod- another more feminine face texture without the glam, suitable for the Wasteland
Enhanced Weather - Rain - adds rain to Fallout.
Fractured Nature - adds dead looking leaves and foliage to the scenery - a tree mod that fits the game.
Better Clutter - replaces many of the misc. items with high detailed, higher resolution versions.
Also a new version of the Fellout - The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul mod was released, which is a major update.

May 28 My first two chapters of the Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer are now online.
Jun 1 Chapter 3 of the Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer is now online.
Jun 4 I recently added the following mods:
A Note Easily Missed - quest that adds insight into the lives of some people before the nuclear disaster
An Evening With Mister Manchester - quest created as a continuation of "A Note Easily Missed"
Brahmin Dairy Products - adds dairy products, which are made from the 2-headed Brahmin cows
Enhanced Blood Texture - high resolution textures for screen, world, wounds and static blood decals
Explosion Knockdowns - gives most explosions a knockdown effect
Faces of the Company - alters the faces of the Talon Company
Faces of the Law - alters the faces of the Regulators
Missing Unique Armor and Clothing - adds 31 pieces of Bethesda-created armor and clothing
Jun 15 Chapter 4 of the Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer is now online.

The following mods have been added to my recommended list:
Combat Enhanced Package - makes a bunch of realism tweaks - mostly combat related (replaces GTO)
GNR Radio Fixed
- various Galaxy News Radio fixes
No Magic Effects
- no more repair or charisma perks from the clothing you are wearing
- adds wearable holsters, for your hand guns - pistols will no longer be Velcroed to your side

I now have 85 mods installed in my game (103 total plugins). I made some major changes to my Mod Load Order this morning, mostly due to the compatibility differences between the Combat Enhanced Package mod and GTO (which the Combat Enhanced Package mod replaces).

Jun 26

Fallout 3 Update/Patch version 1.6 was released a few days ago by Bethesda, and I'm now recommending that you patch your game with this version. After patching my game, I did some rather extensive testing, by loading different saves (including some really old ones) and entering new cells . . . and I had no issues at all, in fact my game never crashed once. So there's finally a new official patch that I feel like I can recommend. IMPORTANT! If you have FOSE installed you need to update to the latest version (v.1.1 beta 8 or later).

The following mods have been added to my recommended list this week:
Ballistics - Modular Edition - more realistic projectile weapons (tracers, smoking barrel, range)
Batteries Plus- gives Energy Cells, Microfusion Cells, and Fission Batteries new, higher res textures
Enhanced Weather - Rainbows- add-on for Enhanced Weather - adds rainbows to Fallout
Gore No More (my own mod) - removes most of the excessive gore from the game
Krzymar HI-RES Moon - a high-resolution texture replacement for all visible moon phases
Retextured Clutter Collection - much higher detailed, more realistic looking misc. items
Sandbag Retexture - no more blurry-looking sandbags

Jul 03 I've spent all my spare time this week working on my Less Blood mod (version 1.0 was released yesterday). I still have one mod that I'm working on, but I'm going to spend some time playing the game (so I can finish writing Chapter 5, which is long overdue).

The following mods have been added to my recommended list this week:
Less Blood
(my own mod) - reduces the amount of excessive blood displayed in the game, while improving the decals.

This Week's Updates:
An Evening With Mister Manchester (6/28/09) - quest continuation of "A Note Easily Missed"
Better Living Through Chems - v.0.3.2 (6/25/09) - increases the realism of drugs, adds many new drugs, adds visual effects, changes the penalties of overuse, and more.
Fallout Mod Manager (6/28/09) - makes installing, managing, and uninstalling mods much easier.

Jul 09 I just released Arwen's Tweaks (my 3rd mod), which makes many small changes that make game play much more realistic and more challenging (includes changes to VATS).

I have 81 mods installed in my game (104 total plugins), plus 29 non-esp mods (texture and sound replacers).

Marts Mutant Mod was just updated today - this very popular mod adds a huge range of diversity to creatures and NPCs as well as new and unique creatures and NPCs to encounter.

Jul 11 I'm still busy creating new mods . . . there were still some things that I wanted to fix in my one game, and I couldn't find any mods that made the changes that I wanted. (But I'm nearly ready to stop all my play testing and get back into playing my own game again.)

I just released version 1.0 of Arwen's XPR (my 4th mod), which reduces the default Experience Points Rewards (XPR) by a factor of 5 (should be compatible with Broken Steel). I'm still working on a more inclusive version of this mod, which will reduce XP for some of the rewards that are not affected by the XPR multipliers.

Jul 14 I'm nearly done with creating FO3 mods (for now) . . . I just need to finish a minor update of my Arwen's Tweaks mod; and then complete my latest version of Arwen's XPR mod, which slows down how fast you level up. With version 2.1, it will take roughly 3 times longer to level up . . . and experience point rewards (XPR) will be more balanced, with a greater reduction in killing XPR than for the less action-focused XPR (like quest solving, lock picking, exploration, and computer hacking). Version 2.1 should be released tomorrow . . . then I'll be able to get back into playing the game (instead of spending all my game-time just testing out my mods).
Jul 29 I made quite a few changes this week to mod list, due to the release of version 2.0 of my Arwen's Realism Tweaks (which a major update and now contains 5 modules). My Tweaks replaces some of the previous mods I was using, and in some cases I replaced mods with ones that I found to be mod compatible. (I didn't want to make too many changes here until I released version 2.0.) My mod load order page now matches my current load order (which seems to be very stable).
Jul 31 Fallout 3 Update / Patch version 1.7 is now available.
Aug 10 I just released version 2.3 of my Realism Tweaks:
Corrects some MAJOR bugs and balances game play much better.
- Weapons now do 2.5 times more damage (which puts them up to the level I had intended them to be).
- Melee damage strength multiplier is 50% higher than in default game (but lower than in earlier versions)
- Weapons now deteriorate 50% slower (except for melee weapons); armor deteriorates 30% slower.
- Major tweaks to sneak: NPCs are able to detect you easier (hiding was a bit too easy with v.2.1).
- Gun spread in VATS is now the same as in regular combat (instead of 50% less, as in the default game)

I'm hoping my Realism Tweaks mod will not require another update for a while, so that I can finally get back to playing the game (and continuing with my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.

Aug 25 Sorry for the lack of updates lately ... I've been spending all my spare time on a major update to my Realism Tweaks, which I finally finished on Sunday night. While working on improving my Sneak module, I decided to try improving NPC combat behavior, since it is so connected to sneak. The end result is my new Smart AI module. My mod is now so complex that I had to add a separate section for it . . . just to have room to describe my 6 modules.

I am still hoping to get back into playing the game more, so that I can finally complete my next chapter, but I really need to finish my Tweaks mod, while all the changes are still fairly fresh in my mind.

Aug 30 I updated my mod load order last night, to reflect the latest changes to my mod list.

I just released version 2.5 of my Realism Tweaks. Major changes:
- Better calculations for reduced HPs
- Improved the way that NPC flee during combat.
- NPCs should now wait longer before looking for a better weapon.
- Adjusted armor weight penalties for sneaking.
- Pain has greater effect on player.
- Corrected gun spread error that I made when your arms are crippled.
- Automatic weapons now take 5 seconds to cool down.

New versions of the following mods were just released recently:
FO3Edit (8/28/09)
Marts Mutant Mod (8/30/09)

Sept 11 It has been another busy week! I just checked that my mod list gives the latest versions, added/replaced a few mods, and updated my mod load order.

On Sunday I released version 2.6 of my Realism Tweaks - adds my New Localized Body Part Damage module. This is my biggest module yet, with more than twice the amount of code as all the other modules combined!

Other updates to my FO3 mod list this week:
Auto Aim Fix - Headshot Deluxe Edition (added 9/11/09) - stops bullets from rising and essentially disables auto aim
DelayDLC (added 9/11/09) - removes the initial DLC pop-up messages and reduces the range of the distress calls.
Gore No More(9/07/09) - version 1.1: removes most of the excessive gore from the game.
Modified handgun Holster animations (8/18/09) - modifies animations of equip and unequip for holsters and adds a new thigh holster.

Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer: I still need to tie up some loose ends (such as completing my play testing of a number of mods). But I've managed to spend some time playing FO3 this week. I restarted the game from the beginning again (just to clean up any possible bugs left over from a bunch of previous mods that I was using). Since Chapter 4 ended with my completion of the game tutorial (exiting Vault 101), so I don't have to rewrite my story, but just have to make some very minor edits. With any luck at all, I should have Chapter 5 finally added in a couple of days.

Sept 23 Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer: Ok, I failed miserably in my prediction as to when my next chapter should be available. I'm trying . . . but I only have so much free time . . . and my FO3 mods are eating it all up at the moment. I do hope to get back to my story soon (and being able to actually play the game), but my Realism Tweaks mod has become quite popular (over 1300 downloads), and I still have a few more things I really need to tweak.

On Sunday I released version 2.7 of my Realism Tweaks - which now includes my new Armor module, that balances all the armor and clothing in the original game

Other updates to my FO3 mod list this week:
Feminized Power Armor (added 9/20/09) - adds separate female mesh for all vanilla power armors & the t-51b helmet.
Real Injuries Patch (9/20/09) version 2.0 - tweaks for RI/PN and adds compatibility with BLTC and FOOK

Sept 28 I just updated my mod list to ensure that it gives the latest versions for all the mods. I'm currently working on another update for my Realism Tweaks . . . which should improve the SmarterAI module and the Armor module a bit . . . and will include a brand new Weapons module. (This should hopefully be ready within a few days.)
Oct 09 This Week's Mod Updates:
Arwen'sRealism Tweaks
- many gameplay changes that make game play more immersive and more challenging, while improving balance. Now includes 8 independent modules, and a merged esp. (Includes new Weapons module.)
DarNified UI F3
- greatly enhances the appearance of the UI and increasing visual feedback (this new version includes my requested Combat Indicator).
EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced
- this mod will make you start using energy weapons.
KTs_Centercamera - centers the over-shoulder camera - gives you Oblivion's 3rd person view perspective (does not remove sneak messages).
Real Injuries Patch - tweaks for RI/PN and adds compatibility with BLTC, FOOK, and DLC
Oct 13 This Week's Mod Updates:
Arwen'sRealism Tweaks (10/13/09) version 2.9.1 (minor update to fix a game freezing problem that a few users were having, and to increase compatibility with other mods (now 100% compatible with EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced)
Arwen's VisionFX (10/13/09) version 1.0 - adds a bit of visual immersion when wearing sunglasses and reading glasses.
Oct 23 I'm currently working on version 3.0 of my Realism Tweaks . . . which is focused on improving the Weapons module and the Survival module, but also makes some changes to other modules.

This Week's Mod Updates:
Evergreen (added 10/23/09) v.1.3- adds live looking leaves and foliage to the scenery - available in three seasonal flavors.
Fallout 3 Re-Animated (added 10/23/09) v.22.1 - gives your character some more realistic animations (mostly weapon related).
Real Injuries Patch (added 10/20/09) v.2.4.2- tweaks for RI/PN and adds compatibility with BLTC, FOOK, and DLC.

Nov 06 It has been a busy couple of weeks, as I'm now very close to a Final released version of my Realism Tweaks. Version 3.0 was a MAJOR update, which included a LOT of changes and a reorganization of my mod into 6 modules. I released it late on Monday, but the new scripts in my Weapons module contained a couple of nasty bugs, so I immediately had to go to work on a patch, which I released on Wednesday. As soon as I was fairly sure that the bugs had been squashed, I went to work on version 3.0.1, which was just released this afternoon.

I'm currently nearly finished on an updated version of my VisionFX mod. Then I'm going to install the GOTY version of FO3 (which I've had for a week, but haven't even opened), and begin a new game.

Nov 12 I recently released version 3.0 of my Realism Tweaks . . . which was a MAJOR update (now patched to v.3.0.1).

I just finished installing the Game Of The Year (GOTY) edition of FO3, and it was a bit of a chore (a bit tricky, but also not as difficult as I feared). If you're about to try installing this over your original Fallout 3 install (yes, it can be done, and you don't necessarily have to begin a new game), you may want to take a look at my GOTY Installation Instructions.

My Mod Load Order now includes all the DLC esps, and is now current with all my own installed mods.

This Week's Mod Updates:
An Evening With Mister Manchester
(11/08/09) version 1.30 - quest created as a continuation of "A Note Easily Missed"
EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced (11/09/09) version Beta 0.9.5 - this mod will make you start using energy weapons.
Fallout Mod Manager (11/12/09) version 9.17 - makes installing, managing, and uninstalling mods much easier.

Nov 18 I just released version 3.1 of my Realism Tweaks, which now consists of 7 Modules. This update includes a number of minor tweaks to some previous game play changes, plus a number of new game changes have been added. My new Skills formula (initially reduces the amount of skill points by roughly 50%); new RunBack effect (speed penalty for running backwards, based on your Agility level); and much better equipped adversaries (their weapons and armor are now in MUCH better condition). New Less_Is_More module: ammo, guns, explosives, food, and caps are now much less plentiful; plus merchants now charge MUCH higher prices (and pay MUCH less for you trade items), with your Bartering skill now a MUCH greater factor in determining your trade values.
Dec 08 I had to send my computer away to be repaired last Thursday, so I'm going to be without it for at least a month. I have limited access to another computer, but cannot currently run Fallout 3 (or Oblivion) or update any of my FO3 mods.  I was able to transfer my website files over to my best friend's computer so I can now at least keep this website somewhat updated. I just completed updating my FO3 Mod List section.
Dec 11 My computer is vacationing in sunny California and I'm home in NH shoveling my driveway in 17 degree weather, trying to function without it. A word of advice: BACKUP . . . and do it often! It's been a real pain recreating a bunch of stuff that, had I been smart, would have been a very simple restore.

2010 Archive
Jan 07 My computer arrived back home on Christmas Eve, while I was away for the holidays, but I had it up and running by Dec 28th. Since then I've been totally focused on completing v.3.2 of my Realism Tweaks, which was finally released early yesterday morning (at 2:30 am). Version 3.2 is a major update (my biggest yet!). There are now 8 Modules, including my new Skills module. Every single module was modified (some extensively). I still plan to release a minor update in a week or so to correct any bugs/issues (so far only two tiny ones have surfaced). But after that, I'm planning to take a break from modding and began a new Fallout 3 game . . . and actually just play the game for a while. Before starting a new game, there are some new mods that I want to play test. So expect my FO3 mod list to grow a bit in the next few weeks. Once I start a new game, I'll get back to writing my "Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer" again).
Jan 16 I just released v.3.3 yesterday. I'm going to concentrate a bit less on modding, and actually play Fallout 3 for a while (which I have not done since I began modding the game last June). 

I just began a new game today . . . am I'm finally back to writing my "Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer" again (so far just working on updating my earlier chapters, so they will match my current game). I'm also working on a character build section, which I'm hoping will help people understand how my Realism Tweaks makes things like SPECIAL point distribution a LOT more of a factor then in the default game.

Feb 06 Sorry for the lack of updates, but my computer has been on the fritz again . . . and I'm NOT happy about it! It all starter soon after I began a new Fallout 3 game, but I didn't get far before my screen began to have some weird graphical glitches . . . then my game crashed . . . and then my computer shut down and refused to boot up again. My GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card had died (which was a major bummer, since I had only had my computer back for a month, after having sent it back to the manufacturer for repairs). So, after freaking out for several hours, I decided to order a new graphics card (even though it was NOT in my budget). This time I decided to go with a Radeon, which arrived on Tuesday, but refused to work in my PC . . . so I sent it back and ordered another GeForce card (a GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked 896MB). It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday . . . and this one BETTER work!I'm now running my computer on an old borrowed graphics card, so I can now at least update this site. And I'm working on version 3.4 of my Realism Tweaks mod, since after starting a new game, I found that a few things still needed some tweaking. (My borrowed card cannot run Fallout, so I won't be able to play test my changes until my new card arrives.
Feb 15 I released version 4.0 of my Realism Tweaks yesterday. There are now 9 Modules. My new Dynamic Stealth factors in the time of day, weather conditions, and if you are in an interior cell in being detected.   All three of my weapon effects have been improved . . . now every hit reduces the victim's fatigue, and when fatigue is low enough the victim is knocked unconscious (or just knocked down with the Gunshot effect).   My new Reduced Quest XPR module reduces the experience points rewards (XPR) for all default quests by 90% . . .  so you will no longer instantly level up to Level 2 when you escape from Vault 101 (but will now have to earn all 200 points). So you now enter the Wasteland as a wimpy, Level 1 character, with just normal abilities and skills. Be very careful out there!
Mar 03 I just updated my FO3 Mod ListMy rewrite of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer is nearly complete.  My fantasy story now matches my current game, with my current character (who's appearance is now a bit different than in my earlier game).  My rewrite also includes a bunch of new game content, because of the impact that my currently install mods are having on my game play (which is especially true of my Realism Tweaks, which did not even exist when I was writing my earlier version). I'm currently working on my rewrite of Chapter 5, which is why it is currently not available (since the older version doesn't match my other four chapters).  It should be available in a day or so.
Mar 13 Version 4.1 of my Realism Tweaks was released yesterday. There are now 9 Modules (plus the FULL merged version), and even a couple of optional files.  V.4.1 makes some major improvements and adds a few brand new features.  I redid much of the damage / health balance in my Localized Damage Module. The actor's jump distance is now based on their Agility, and when either leg is crippled, you will not be able to jump at all. Two-handed, non-melee weapons are disabled when arms are crippled. (You can still use Melee Weapons, but they will now do much less damage, and you can still use pistols, but your aim will be way off when your right arm is crippled). Some weapons now have weapon skill requirements: Big Guns require a current Endurance 6, unless you have a Permanent Big Guns skill of 30; Automatic weapons require a permanent Small Guns skill of 30; Energy weapons require a permanent Energy Weapons skill of 20 for the pistols and 30 for the rifles.  I also redid all my weapon effects; plus corrected a number of small bugs and improved game play balance.
Mar 29 I just updated my FO3 Mod List. I'm currently working on version 4.2 of my Realism Tweaks, which will be a major repacking of my mod into just 2 modules: a Realism Core, and a Less-Is-More module (which will an expanded version of my Less-Is-More, merged with my Skills module). Version 4.2 will also include a number of gender bonuses/penalties, to further expand the way different character builds impact your game play. The reason for the consolidation of modules is that my Tweaks have become too complex and it is impossible to balance the game play for every combination of the 9 modules. Plus v.4.2 will also include two patches for GOTY compatibility (and I was not about to make 9 different GOTY patches).
Apr 12 Version 4.2 of my Realism Tweaks was released on April 11th. This is another major update and is a total overhaul of my mod, into just 3 modules. My Tweaks became way more complex than I ever planned, so I needed to simplify things for my own sanity . . . especially since I'm now working on a GOTY compatibility patch.
Apr 22 Version 4.3 of my Realism Tweaks was just released. This is a minor update that fixes a number of bugs/issue and improves the economic balance a bit. 
May 2 Chapter 5 of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer is now online.  The first part of this chapter is a rewrite of what was the end of chapter 4 (in my previous version), but most of it is entirely new, and matches my current game, with all my currently installed mods (yes, I'm finally back to playing Fallout 3).
May 6 I just updated my FO3 Mod List, so all the lasted versions are given.  I also added RH_IronSights - FOSE to my list.
May 15 I just released version 4.4 of my Realism Tweaks: This includes a fairly major update update to my optional Less-Is-More module, including my new Luck Quest script that uses the player's Luck stat to alter the amount of spawned loot . . . for each point of Luck less than 10, the average amount of found loot decreases by 5%.  This update also fixes a number of bugs/issues and makes my Tweaks fully compatible with RH_IronSights - FOSE.

I also added a bunch of new mods to my FO3 mod list:
Female Voice Replacer - replaces the voice for the female players to one that sounds much more girlish.
Dialogue Tweaks - many small dialogue changes that adds realism, as this dialogue now makes sense.
Generator Sound - makes all the static generators sound like they are actually running.
Project Beauty HD - a bit of a misnomer . . . makes characters in Fallout 3 to look more realistic, and to 'look the part'.
The Maintenance Shed - places a small Maintenance Shed next to the Springvale Water Tower that you can move into.
Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security - adds real-time lockpicking, hacking, and lock smashing with melee weapons, guns and explosives.

June 2 I just released version 4.5 of my Realism Tweaks: This is another major update, and introduces my new Encumbrance module, which is my attempt to overhaul the effects of being encumbered.  This update also includes extensive edits to my Sneak changes, adjustments to the combat AI, adjustments to movement speeds, and rebalances vehicle health.  Now that this update is finished, I'm back working on my two large GOTY patches.
June 15 Version 4.6 of my Realism Tweaks was released on June 14th. This is another major update update, and includes pretty much a complete rebuild of my Encumbrance module (introduced in version 4.5), which is my attempt to overhaul the effects of being encumbered.  This update also includes extensive edits to my my Whack Script to fix most of the side effects from being knocked unconscious; Rebalanced weapon damage; reduced carrying capacity to be closer to my earlier versions (before I added the gender differences); base health reduction by 25 HPs for females and by 20 HPs for males; reduced some Quest XPRs that I had missed in my earlier versions; and my new FOMM setup/installation menu. 
July 12 Version 4.7 of my Realism Tweaks was released on July 10th. This is another major update update, and includes a repackaging of my overhaul, and an expanded fomod Setup menu, where all my compatibility patches and now be installed when you activate my Realism Tweaks.  I also added an in-game Options Menu, where you can configure my new XPR multiplier and select the Timescale.  My Encumbrance module has been expanded, extensive edits were made to all three of my Weapon Effect Scripts, I rewrote my LUCK script for better balanced,  fixed a bug in my Weapons Ability Quest script, and made a bun of other changes. Now that this update is finished, I'm back working on my two large GOTY patches.
Aug 1 Version 4.8.2 of my Realism Tweaks was released on July 30th, and this is another major update update. This new version includes a minor repackaging of my overhaul, an expanded in-game Options Menu, more visual FX (optional), optional Weapon Effects (which have been totally overhauled), more balance to explosions, rebalance of ammo (in Hard-Core module), and some minor improvements to my Encumbrance module.  I know that there are users of my mod who have been patiently waiting for me to complete my GOTY patches, and they are now my priority . . . and a large part of my last two updates included changes to my Tweaks that were done so that these patches would be able to install correctly with my new fomod setup. And there were also a number of bugs that I had to correct in the main mod first.  I'm planning on releasing at least my GOTY Realism Core patch as part of my next update (my Hard-Core GOTY patch will probably not be released until v.5.0 is released).
Sept 6 Version 4.9 of my Realism Tweaks  was released on September 6th . . . this is another major update update.  This new version includes: improvements to my Stealth changes; eliminated firing delay bug with shotguns; rebalanced default weapons; rebalance of Skill Bonus; gun condition now has more effect on how much damage it does; increase armor and melee weapon deterioration; NPC's armor (and sometimes their weapon) is now damaged upon their death; Crippled Weapon Penalties: not being able to equip 2-handed non-melee weapons when an arm is crippled can now be toggled on and off in my in-game Options Menu. Hard-Core module: reduced the amount of spawned ammo loot; redid Luck formula for amount of items spawned; new Intimidation Spell; Finesse perk rebalanced; Barter overhauled. Encumbrance module: script now runs 10 times faster; Health is now factored into Strain increase rate.
Oct 5 Sorry about the lack of new recently. I've been meaning to update this site, but I keep spending all my free computer time on a new module for my Realism Tweaks.  Version 5.0, which I'll be releasing soon, will contain my new Med-Tec module . . . which is a comprehensive Injuries & Needs module. The Needs is similar to Primary Needs . . . in that you will have to Sleep, Eat, and drink Water to survive.  But the Injury/Healing part is Much more involved . . . in fact, it goes way beyond any other Injuries type mod that I know of.  No longer will you be able to take extensive damage without any real consequences.  Now your health will continue to suffer long after the guns are quiet.  The thing is . . . in real life, it isn't usually the bullet that kills you . . .  it's the injury from the bullet. [More about this new module will be posted in my Realism Tweaks page soon]
Oct 11 Version 5.0 of my Realism Tweaks was just released.  This is yet another major update to my Fallout 3 Overhaul and adds a whole new level of immersion, with my new Med-Tec module . . . which is a very comprehensive Injuries & Needs module (and my most challenging mod work to date). My new Med-Tec module greatly expands the injuries that you will suffer.  No longer will you be able to just shake off being shot, burned, whacked, or chewed upon. You will now sustain Wounds, Burns, Blood Loss, Trauma, and Infections.  And you will have to eat food, drink water, and get enough sleep to survive.
Oct 19 Fallout New Vegas was released today (my preorder is on its way and should arrive sometime late today . . . so look for my first impressions soon).

My Fallout New Vegas Journal just went online today, as I do plan on modding it and creating another recommended mod list, and I really need to keep the two Fallout games separated, as things would rapidly get extremely confusing here if I didn't.

But I'm not done with Fallout 3 yet . . . not by a long shot.  I still need to get my Realism Tweaks to a 'Final' version. 

I also plan on continuing my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer, which has been on hold more than not, due to the fact that I've spent so much time modding and play testing (and very little actual time playing the game).  Now that my Med-Tec module is mostly done (although it will be updated at least a couple of times yet), my mod is very close to a Final released version, since I've finally succeeded in making all the major game play changes that I wanted in my own game.  Ok, so it took me like FOREVER!  But, yeah, this was my first real attempt at modding EVER, so I did have to deal with a rather long learning curve . . . but I did actually manage to create a pretty successful FO3 Overhaul.  So I feel that all my time and effort was worth it.

2011 Archive
Jan 10

I just completed updating my FO3 Mod List. I've been mostly focusing on my NV Realism Tweaks since Fallout New Vegas was released.  But I haven't stopped working on my FO3 Tweaks, as I've been adding new changes that I incorporated into my New Vegas overhaul.  In the past few weeks I've been spending most of my modding time on completing my long overdue update of my FO3 Realism Tweaks, which will be another Major update (as I kept adding and changing things), and will include a LOT of changes/additions to my Med-Tec module.  I'm hoping to wrap up version 5.2 in a couple of days.

Jan 25

I updated my Realism Tweaks to version 5.2 on Jan 11th, as a Major/long-overdue update.  I just released v.5.2.1 yesterday, which mostly just fixes a couple of bugs that snuck into v.5.2.

Feb 08

Version 5.3 of my Realism Tweaks was released on January 31st, which fixed a couple of minor bugs, but also added my new Animated Stimpak Effect. This is something that I've been working on for weeks now. I've always felt that the Stimpaks were a bit unfair to use during combat, since in the default game, you instantly gain 30 HP . . . right in the middle of combat . . . with no impact to your ability to defend yourself. This changes all that. The entire animation takes about 3 or 4 seconds, during which the player's controls are disabled, which makes you very vulnerable during combat . . . just like in real life, where you cannot call timeout to take care of your injuries.

Apr 13

Oops, it looks like I've been neglecting this home page again . . . I didn't even post an update when version 5.4 of my Realism Tweaks was released on February 19th. And now version 5.5 of my Realism Tweaks is now available. This should be the last major overhaul of my Tweaks, as I'm finally considering this to be the "final" version.   (But I still plan on doing an occasional minor update.).

I'm now looking forward to just playing the game for a while and getting back to work on my fantasy story.  But I may have to postpone that for a bit, as it looks like my computer is going to have to spend some time away from home being repaired (again) . . . I think the power supply is about to go, as the beast is getting real cranky about starting up in the morning.

Jul 13

Version 5.6 of my Realism Tweaks was released late yesterday.  I had worked on this update for the past few months.  Much of what it contains was taken from  of the my newest NV Tweaks' additions and changes.  I nearly released this two weeks ago, but then I discovered that my GOTY compatibility patches were becoming unlinked with their master files (which were esps) . . . so I took my entire overhaul apart and reassembled it (not an easy task). 

My Tweaks now include a Core Master esm (for the first time), which seems to fix this issue.  This update also includes my new optional Dynamic Timescale: when enabled, your timescale will be 50% slower when in an interior cell or whenever you are in combat. For example, an 8 Timescale will be reduced to a 4 Timescale during combat or when you enter an interior cell.

Jul 16 My Fallout 3 Journal (my FO3 web pages) has now been updated to my new website make over.  The rest of my site is in various degrees of completion and should all be finished within a week or so.
Aug 15

Version 5.7 of my Realism Tweaks was just released on August 13th, as yet another Major update. I'm still hoping to take some time off from modding and just play the game (and get back to work on my fantasy stories), but I keeping improving my FO3 Tweaks (which is mostly because I'm still working on getting to the "final" version of my New Vegas Tweaks, and keep porting my newest changes over to my FO3 version).

Oct 8

Version 5.9 of my Realism Tweaks was released late last night, and includes my brand new One Life module (You no longer die; instead you now pass out and are left for dead. When you finally do come to again, you discover that you have been looted. This is my own unique concept, where your character's "death" becomes a major penalty, instead of just an inconvenient reload.) [Note: version 5.8 had been release on September 16, but I neglected to add the notice to this page.]

Nov 7

Version 6.0 of my Realism Tweaks was released today, and includes my brand new Fire Starter as an addition to my Med-Tec module. This unique item can be used to create a small campfire, which can be used to food sand purify/boil water (once you have purchased a Mess Kit). Version 6.0 will likely be my final Major update (although I may still release an occasional minor update). So version 6.0 includes a LOT of changes (mostly to the Med-Tec and One Life modules). I'm taking some time off from modding this week and just playing the game, and finally getting back to work on my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.  Look for a brand new chapter in the very near future.

Dec 31

Version 6.1 of my Realism Tweaks was released late today, as a minor update to fix a couple of bugs and to increase the compatibility of my Med-Tec module (with some mods, that resulted in a CTD on loading). Despite my plans to take some time off from modding and just play the game (and get back to writing my Fallout 3 fantasy story), it never happened. Besides working on v.6.1 of my FO3 Realism Tweaks, I also released v.3.3 of my NV Tweaks a couple of weeks ago. And then I was away from home for several days for the Christmas Holiday. On top of that, I'm in the process of replacing my current Gaming PC with a much faster, custom built system. My new PC should arrive within the next week or two (depending on how the over-clocking and testing goes). So things did not go as planned (again!), but I still hope to get back to my writing and will try to upload a new chapter before the end of the coming week.


2012 Archive
May 9 Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but my PC quit on me on April 21st.  One of my hard drives died, and it was the drive that my Operating system was on.  It was fixed in just over a week, but I'm still working to reinstall everything, so it will be a while yet until I'll have Fallout 3 and my mods up and running again. Once I have Fallout 3 back to where it was pre-crash, one of my first priorities is to get back to work on my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.
May 10 I updated my FO3 Mod List today, so all the lasted versions are now listed. I also managed to reinstall Fallout 3 and have all my previous mods installed again.  Now I just have to start a new game, recreate my character and catch up to my previous game, where I had left off in the unfinished Chapter 6 of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.
May 15 As I posted earlier, after replacing my hard drive, I had to reinstall Fallout 3 (and all my mods), so I've started a new game and am currently updating the early chapters of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer to match my current game (and the most recent version of my Realism Tweaks). Chapters 1 through 5 have now all been updated. I'll try to finish writing Chapter 6 within a few days.
May 16 I just posted Chapter 6 of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer (much of which is totally new).
June 27 Chapter 7 of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer was temporarily put on hold this month, as I wanted to update my Realism Tweaks before I went any further in my own game. This update was only suppose to delay things for a week or so, but I ended up having to deal with a number of unexpected personal issues earlier this month. Plus I need some recreational time, just to get myself recharged again. When I finally got back to work of the update last week, some of the changes turned out to be a lot more difficult to make than I had expected.

After today's script edits, it now looks like everything is working very well in my beta version, so hopefully v.6.2 should be available around July 1st (I still have some minor balancing to do, and need another day or so to play test my pre-release version).  Once v.6.2 is done, I'll get back to my own game (and be able to wrap up Chapter 7).

July 10 I just completed version 6.2 of my Realism Tweaks, which is a Major update . . . and the first major update since last November.  If you are using my mod, I highly recommend that you grab this update. Now that I have finally completed v.6.2, I should be able to focus on wrapping up Chapter 7 of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer, which is now long overdue.
Aug 5 After putting in so much time on version 6.2 of my Realism Tweaks, I found that I really needed to take some time away from the Fallout games.  So I spent the last few weeks working on my Skyrim Journal, which I had neglected for way too long.  This week I'm trying to wrap up a major update to the New Vegas version of my Realism Tweaks. So my  fantasy story will have to remain on hold for a bit longer.  I apologize for the delay, but I just have way too many things going at once, and I'm afraid that I currently have myself spread so thin that I'm not really pleasing anyone.
Sept 10 I just checked that my Fallout 3 mod list was up to date (no changes as my Realism Tweaks seems to be the only mod on my list that has been updated recently).
Nov 17 I just completed version 6.3 of my Realism Tweaks. If you are using my mod, I highly recommend that you grab this update, as it is better optimized, fixes some minor bugs, and the One Life module has been totally overhauled. I also updated my Fallout 3 Mod list, so all the lasted versions are now listed.

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