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(Updated March 28, 2014

Arwen's Mod List
part Four

Arwen's Tweaks: Intro | My Vision | Latest Version | Realism Core | Encumbrance | Hard-Core | Med-Tec | One Life | Install & Misc.

Arwen's Realism Tweaks (my own Fallout 3 Overhaul)

Version 8.1 was released on January 31, 2014. Version 8.0 was my FINAL main version release. This minor update fixes a number of bugs in v.8.0 (all that were reported or that I discovered in the weeks following the initial releases). This update also further improves game play balance. See Latest Version section for full details.

- My Realism Tweaks has become my core FO3 mod. What originally began as a tiny little mod that I created to fill in some of the gaps between all the other mods that I was using, has become so much more.
- This is my attempt to share my vision of what Fallout 3 could have been if the focus had been on creating a truly immersive RPG, instead of a RPG/FPS hybrid that was targeted at the casual gamer.
- This is an Overhaul mod: and is a tightly balanced collection of hundreds of tweaks, with thousands of lines of code and over 100 custom scripts, that combine to make game play a very different experience.
- Warning! My Realism Tweaks are not for the casual gamer. It will make your game much more realistic, immersive, and MUCH more challenging. This mod transforms Fallout 3 into a Hardcore RPG, where survival is a  constant struggle.
- My Realism Tweaks are meant to be used together: my FULL Tweaks are only experienced when you install all 3 modules (along with my default settings enable in my Options Menu).
- IMPORTANT: This mod was balanced for NORMAL Difficulty. Using a Hard or Very Hard difficulty setting will just make the NPCs and Creatures even more difficult to kill (it will take more bullets), and your character will even be easier to kill. My Realism Tweaks already does both, so you will just be multiplying these two things . . . which will likely have negative effects.
- My Realism Tweaks are compatible with most of the other mods in my FO3 mod list (the incompatible ones are clearly labeled). If your game is still not difficult enough, with my Full Tweaks installed, try adding Marts Mutant Mod (plus my appropriate MMM compatibility patch).

Are you up ready to move up to Hardcore Role-playing?


I created this mod to especially to work with, and to add balance to, all the other mods that I'm using. [My first name is used as a prefix for the modules simply as a way for me to keep the esps organized (when sorting by name), which also makes installing and uninstalling a bit easier.]

Arwen Note: I began making my own little tweaks to Fallout in the summer of 2009, when I couldn't find mods that made many of the changes that I wanted in my own game. My first released mod was Gore_No_More, which I had initially only made for myself, and then released it after someone asked me if I could recommend a mod that reduced the excessive gore in the game. I was surprised when my mod received such good reviews, and that gave me the courage to release my second mod: Less_Blood, which soon followed by version 1.0 of my Tweaks mod (which was really basic), and then I released my Arwen_XPR mod (which slows down how fast you leveling up). 

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My Vision of The Wasteland

From the first time I played Fallout, the game felt extremely unbalanced. I tried really hard to give the default game a chance, so at first I only added mods that made graphic changes. But then I waltzed though the Main Quest only wearing Butch's leather jacket for protection and with just the Overseer's 10mm pistol to defend myself.

Wasn't Fallout 3 suppose to be a hardcore RPG? This game was way too easy! It was obviously targeted at casual gamers, and because of this focus, the player character was given a huge advantage over the NPCs. Sure, you may have to struggle a bit when you first escape from the vault (for like the first 10 minutes), but it really doesn't take long to end up with an over-powered character, with an arsenal of over-powered weapons, and more ammo than you could ever possibly use. I was seriously bummed out, as Bethesda had once again released a RPG that was so "mainstreamed," that it was only a shadow of what I felt it should have been.

The Wasteland was supposed to be a very harsh, unforgiving place, where survival was difficult. A 19-year-old, who had grown up in the comfort and protection of Vault 101, and had like no combat experience should not be able to take on entire groups of Raiders, with hardly a scratch. When my character did get shot, it was nothing more than a minor issue and in no time at all she was all-better.

All I really wanted was the Wasteland to be as hostile as it looked! Was that asking for too much?

My character now found herself in a totally unfamiliar hostile environment, where she should have to struggle just to survive. She should have to search just to find enough food and water to keep herself alive for one more day. Ammo should not be lying all over the place, where she could just pick it up for free, but should be scarce and expensive . . . she should have to watch every single bullet she used. When I made bad choices, I wanted to have to face real consequences for my poor decisions. When I was hurt, I wanted to feel like I was in real pain. After being surprised by a bunch of Raiders, I wanted to have to fight for my life . . . and, if I did mange to survive, I wanted to have to limp back home, staggering in pain and exhaustion, as I crawled to safety.

So I went to work to try to remake the Wasteland into something that would hopefully be more like my vision of it, and my Realism Tweaks are the result of those efforts. When I first began, I had no idea what I was doing, and didn't even know if some of what I wanted to change was even possible. Creating this mod has been extremely difficult task for me, and I would have given up long ago, if it wasn't for all the great help that I received from some very experienced modders.  But I actually did it!  After years of hard work, I'm now playing my vision of the game. With the current version of my Realism Tweaks, the Wasteland is now what I originally wanted it to be  . . . in fact my game play now mirrors all my wishes that I wrote in the above paragraph.

Oh, before you get the wrong idea of what I mean by 'realism' . . . it is NOT, and never was, my intent to make FO3 a more realistic combat simulator (but my Tweaks do greatly enhance combat). By 'realism,' I mean more immersive and more realistic within the context of Fallout's alternate reality  . . . which is a place where radiation causes mutations as often as death, and where you can be healed with a stimpak injection (or just by sleeping for an hour).

The Fallout games are RPGs, but I felt that FO3's role-playing aspects were rather weak in many areas. For me, a Role-Playing Game is more realistic when I can role-play without having to work at it. I do have a great imagination, but I wanted the game itself to impose some real consequences and limitations on my character, instead of just pretending that these things existed in my game. My goal was to do this in a way that made the game more challenging. With my Tweaks installed, your Skills and Stats become much more important in how your game will play out for you. After my Hard-Core Quest is completed, you will also discover that your distribution of SPECIAL points is MUCH more important than it was in the default game.

And installing my Med-Tec and One Life optional modules will make this harsher game world an even more challenging place. You will now find that the Wasteland may actually feel like a harsh wasteland.  You may also discover that the game is now a lot more fun.

This mod  includes a LOT of code, which changes roughly 2200 records and includes over 100 custom scripts. It makes some rather dramatic changes to the default game. Do NOT install this mod unless you want the Wasteland to be a MUCH harsher place . . . where you will have to struggle just to survive. If you install my Realism Tweaks, you'll instantly have a game that requires you to use a LOT more strategy.

Please do no make requests that I remove my skill damage increases, as that is totally contrary to my goal of making Fallout 3 a better RPG. One of the main elements of a RPG has always been that the amount of damage you do is ALWAYS determined by your skill level. Remove that, and you pretty much negate any reason to ever advance your skills. The way my mod handles weapon skill is that you gain a weapon damage BONUS as your weapon skills increase. This is just like the way that Perks give you bonuses.

DLC Compatibility: My Realism Tweaks are now 100% compatible with the DLC. If you have the GOTY edition installed or have all 5 DLCs installed, you should also install my GOTY Realism patches (just select the one that applies when you install my Realism Tweaks).

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Version 8.1 - The Latest Version (and Changes)

Arwen's Realism Tweaks [requires FOSE] v.8.0 (1/31/14) - by Arwen:

You MUST start a new game with this version! And I get that this may be a pain for some of you ... but version 8.0 was never even suppose to happen (since v.7.0 was meant to be my final major release). So this is a bonus update (that I've focused all my modding time on for the past 3 months), which you're welcome to enjoy (or you can just stay with v.7.2, if you don't want to begin a new game yet).

This is how my Tweaks are now packaged:


Core Master (Arwen_Core.esm) - Required ESM: None of my modules will work without this esm file. The other modules all use some of the shared resources (like globals) that are contained in this file.

1.) Realism Core module (Arwen_Realism_Core.esp):
- Includes my Realism Quest, Encumbrance Quest, and Hard-Core Quests.
Global tweaks that affect PC, NPCs, and Creatures.
- More immersive and balanced game play, with improved role-playing aspects.
- Includes Smarter AI, Tougher and More Deadly Combat, Dynamic Stealth.
- Reduced XPR (for slower leveling), which is full adjustable in my Options Menu.
- Stats/Skills point reductions, with  rebalanced Skill Books.
- Much tougher economics.
- My own unique Perks and character Traits, plus Gender differences (bonuses/penalties);
- Greatly reduced ammo, guns, food, and caps (based on your LUCK stat).
- In Game Options Menu, where you can toggle/adjust many of my unique settings, like Dynamic Timescale, Weapon Effects, Visual FXs, Weapon Ability Penalties, Skill-Based Accuracy, and Hard-Core Difficulties.
- Optional Strain (a new stat that I created), which increases when walking with more than 100% encumbrance, whenever you are running (at any encumbrance). Your Strain limits how far you will be able to travel before you need to rest. Strain also increases when you Jump or swing a melee weapon. Also adds my own FastRun (sprint). Includes my Fatigue HUD display
- At the end of my Hard-Core Quest you can select one of my custom character Traits (to further enhance your character build), and you will be given the option to enable my Rookie Penalties (reduces your initial SPECIALs to a minimal amount . . . your character will then actually have put their skills and their muscles to use for their stats to slowly increase back to their non-penalized amounts).

Optional Modules:

2.) Med-Tec module (Arwen_Med-Tec.esp): My unique Injuries, Treatment, and Needs (eat, sleep, drink) mod, which was created especially for my Realism Tweaks. It provides a comprehensive, single esp solution, that makes surviving in the Wasteland very challenging. Even when you survive combat, you can now still die from your injuries. Makes the Medicine skill more important.

3.) One Life module (Arwen_OneLife.esp): You no longer die; instead you now pass out and are left for dead. When you come to again, you discover that hours have passed, and you have been looted. This is my own unique concept, where your character's "death" becomes a major penalty, instead of just an inconvenient reload. [You can now select either my Regular One Life, or my new 'Lite' version, during install.]

In version 8.0, I reduced the number of modules to just three (Realism Core, Med-Tec, and One Life). This was done because it was the easiest way for me to improve my mod's balance and to make it more stable. The result is that game play is now much closer to my vision of what trying to survive in a nuclear Wasteland might be like.

One of the appeals of my Realism Tweaks has always been its modular design. So I also put in a lot of extra time and effort in expanding my in-game options menu, to ensure that users will still be able to configure my mod nearly as much as when there were more modules. Plus my addition of Traits to Fallout 3 allows you to better define your starting character's abilities (which can have a major effect on your game play).

My Realism Core module (along with the Core Master) gives you the main core of my Tweaks. It now includes both my Hard-Core and Encumbrance quests. It also includes my Options Menu, where you can toggle on/off or adjust many of my settings . . . including the new options of toggling Strain (which basically toggles on/off my Encumbrance) and the amount of Hard-Core difficulty (toggles my More/Less Hard-Core Difficulty settings).

The optional Med-Tec module adds an extensive Injuries/Treatment overhaul, combined with a comprehensive Needs mod.  No longer will you be able to just shake off being shot, burned, whacked, or chewed upon. You will now sustain Wounds, Burns, Blood Loss, Trauma, and Infections. And you will have to eat food, drink water, and get enough sleep every day to survive. Plus you can now build a campfire, on which you can cook food, boil water to purify it, and craft sterile bandages. You now have to monitor your Rad Damage, to prevent Radiation Sickness (my own stat), which will make it impossible to keep food and water down (so there are now major consequences to having Rad Damage). And food and water now also contains Bacteria, so you have you have to watch that level as well, or you will end up with Food Poisoning. Even a stimpak injection now comes with consequences and injections are now animated . . . so giving yourself a stimpak injection during combat means that you may be fired upon while you are temporarily disabled. (I also added animations when you apply a bandage and when you drink from a water bottle.)

The optional One Life module adds a truly unique twist that will totally alter the way you play Fallout 3, by changing the way the player character's death is handled.  In the default game, when your HPs are reduce to zero, your character dies (your game basically ends at the point) and your last saved game is reloaded, so that you can try again.  Death was nothing more than an inconvenient reload/replay, and I felt that it should be much more than that. With One Life active, when your "die," your game is reloaded from one of the module's special saves.  Your character survives, but has been left for dead, looted, and tossed aside. And your game play just became much harder (due to the loss of items from being looted, along with perhaps now having severe injuries to deal with).

My Options Menu (found in PipBoy, under 'Aid') allows many settings to be configure within the game itself . . . such as the ability to control how fast you level up, by selecting which one of my global Reduced XPR Multipliers you want to use (at any time). You can also select from a number of different Timescales, and adjust Menu Time (how fast game time progresses while you are in the menus). And you can toggle on and off each of my three Weapon Effects, Pip-Boy Locked During Combat, Skill Based Accuracy, my VisionFX (attached to all default eye wear), and my Dynamic Visual FX (add visual penalties when your Agility or Perception stats are damaged). You can also completely toggle off my Strain stat (or turn it back on at any point), or toggle between More/Less Hard-Core Difficulty . . . which does WAY more than just changing the default game's difficulty (which should ALWAYS be left at Normal, when my Tweaks are installed).

Major Changes in Version 8.1:

Overall Changes:
- This is a minor update, mainly to fix a number of bugs. Plus it further improves the balance of v.8.0.
- If you began a new game with version 8.0, those saves will work just fine with this update. If you were using older versions of my Realism Tweaks (or were not previously using my Tweaks) you NEED to start a new game with this version! This mod has always been intended for use in a new game, and this is especially true after v.8.0, as my former Hard-Core and Endurance modules are now integrated into my Realism Core. [But it should also work with most alternative start mods.]
- My "Realism Tweaks User Guide" (Word doc) has been expanded and updated to version 8.1.
Realism Core Changes [Version v.8.0 and later includes my former Hard-Core and Encumbrance modules]:
- Fixed bug where the Tagged Skill multiplier was being reset to 1X when a save was loaded.
- Fixed a bug, where my More/Less Difficult Hard-Core settings were getting reset to the default game’s values on load.
- Fixed a number of bugs in my Rookie Quest, that broke the script if certain events happened while it was running, which stopped you from receiving credit for you skill uses.
- Added a message that will display every 8 game hours to show your progress towards removing a Rookie Penalty point for each Stat (previously you only received a message after a full penalty point was removed). So now you will have confirmation every 8 hours (at most) that the Rookie Quest is still running correctly, and you'll be able to see your progress in removing your Rookie Penalties.
- Also added new global, that allows you to end the Rookie Quests (and remove all your Rookie Penalties), by entering the following in your Console: Set ArwenRookieEnd to 1
- Fixed bugs in the following perks: Adamantium Skeleton, Better Criticals, Black Widow, Bloody Mess, Chem Resistant, Commando, Concentrated Fire, Entomologist, Gunslinger, Lady Killer, Lead Belly, Ninja, Pyromaniac, Robotics Expert, Sniper, and Weapons Expert. [These perks all have Entry Point multipliers, which were apparently reset to 0 in v.8.0, when I merged two of my modules into a single module.]
- FastRun: hitting the Activate key no longer makes a crouched player stand up, when the CapsLock is on, unless the player is moving.
Med-Tec Changes:
- Adjusted my Armor Level calculations so that it now takes roughly 50% more DR to gain the higher Armor Levels. The difference between 1DR and 16DR is now a +4 Armor Level increase, while the difference between 17DR and 44DR is only a +1 Armor Level increase.
- Your Armor Level is now calculated differently when you not wearing any body armor (such as when you have Perks that add DR, and/or when you are only wearing a helmet). When not wearing body armor, the maximum Armor Level you can now reach is 5.
- Removed my Armor Level message, as it was being displayed far too often under some conditions, and it was no longer really needed, now that a user can always check Armor Level during a full Med-Tec scan (now even when all your Needs are < 1).
- Minor change/addition made to Full Scan menu, so that users can check their Armor Level even when their Food, Water, and Sleep Needs are all < 1.
- Minor change to Butcher Quest script now uses new ArwenButcherKnives Form List which contains accepted knives.
Realism Core GOTY Patch (Arwen_Realism_GOTY_Patch.esp):
- Fixed bugs in the following perks: Superior Defender, Auto Axpert, Swing For The Fences. [These perks all have Entry Point multipliers, which were apparently reset to 0 in v.8.0, when I merged the former GOTY modules into this single module.]
Full GOTY Patch (Arwen_Full_GOTY_Patch.esp) (use when Med-Tec is also installed):
- Fixed Aqua Pura, Aqua Cura, and Holy Water; so that they correctly quench your thirst (plus they now include my drinking animation).
- Fixed improper model flag in Unique Weapon Steel Knuckles.
- Added trench knife [DLC Combat Knife] to ArwenButcherKnives Form List, so that it will work with Butcher Quest.
MMM/Med-Tec Patch (Arwen_MMM_Med-Tec_Patch.esp):
- Edited this version of my Butcher Quest script to use new ArwenButcherKnives Form List. Also made changes to script so that it should now work properly with all MMM's creatures.


1.) PLEASE follow my installation/update instructions carefully! (see Installation section). [Note: My file archive download includes all my current compatibility patches.]
2.)The Fatigue and Strain HUD meters will not be displayed unless you have followed my HUD Setup instructions exactly.
4.) My Realism Tweaks are best used in a new game. If you install my mod to an existing game (beyond Level 2), your skills are going to take a major hit and I'm not sure what my perk and skill books changes might do (it would depend on what perks and skill books you have used).
5.) My Realism Tweaks are meant to be used together . . . my FULL Tweaks are only experienced when you install my Core Master esm and all three modules, with my default settings in my Options Menu.

Continue below for the full details on the Modules and/or Quests:

Page Menu: | Intro | My Vision | Latest Version | Realism Core | Encumbrance | Hard-Core | Med-Tec | One Life | Install & Misc.

Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Realism Quest (and core changes)

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

My Core Master esm and Realism Core Module are BOTH Required!
  IMPORTANT! My Realism Tweaks were designed to be used when starting a new game. This is especially true after version 8.0 (when my Hard-Core module was integrated into my Realism Core module). If you add my Tweaks in an existing game, your skills are going to take a major hit and some of my other skill changes might cause major problems (it would depend on what perks, and skill books you have used). The other thing is that the spawn loot will not be reduced with a saved game. You should never add my Realism Tweaks to any game where you had advanced higher than Level 2.
  My Core module makes a ton of changes (as you'll soon see). Here are the major results:



My Realism Tweaks are activated at the very beginning of the game (or whenever you install and activate it).
- But the Realism Core Quest does not begin until after Amata wakes you and you leave your Vault apartment during the Escape Quest (but not until you are no longer flagged as being in combat).
- After a few game minutes, my pop-up message will be displayed; my pop-up welcome message will be displayed; my Options Menu, will be added to your inventory.
- The Realism Quest ends about 1 real minute after you exit Vault 101 (or after activating my Realism Tweaks in a saved game), when you receive my 2nd message, and my Realism Tweaks note is added to your inventory.
- [Arwen's Option Menu] (located in PipBoy Items, under "Aid"): In-game selection of Reduced XPR Multiplier, Timescale , and Menu Time Rate. You can also toggle on or off each of my Weapon Effects, and Visual FXs. And open my Optional Combat Settings menu. Most optional features are enabled by default, so you have to disable the ones you do not want. [Note: some options in my "Other Optional Settings" will not appear until their related quests have been completed, For instance, you will not see an option to disable Strain until after the Encumbrance Quest has finished.]
- The Encumbrance Quest will be initialized soon after the Realism Core Quest is finished, followed by the Med-Tec (if installed ), Hard-Core, and One Life (if installed) Quests. Note: My Fatigue and Strain HUD meters will not be displayed unless you follow my HUD Setup instructions exactly
- If you have been out in the Wasteland for at least 15 game minutes (while not been flagged as in combat) and my Option Menu is still not in your inventory (and you are sure that you installed it correctly), open your console (~ key) and type in: StartQuest ArwenInitQuest


Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

Main Tweaks
- Dynamic Timescale [optional]: Timescale will be 50% slower in interior cells, during combat, or when your health is less than 25%. For example, an 8 Timescale will be reduced to 4 during combat, or when your health is low, or when you are in an interior cell. This was added because interior cells are more realistically scaled than exterior cells (when considering distance over time factors); and to automatically slow down the effects of your Med-Tec Injuries during combat and when your health is low.
- Menu Time Setting [adjustable]: The game clock no longer stops while in most menus. My default rate is 50% slower than your Timescale setting . . . game time will pass half as fast when in menus, which works well with my default Timescale of 8, but you may want to use a smaller multiplier with faster Timescales, and a larger multiplier for slower Timescales.
- XPR Multiplier slows down how fast you level up by globally reducing ALL experience points rewards. Your current total XPR will NOT be reduced . . . just the amount of points you receive from this point forward.  This is initially set to 20% (1/5th default amount), but is easily changed in my Options Menu (from 5% to 100%).
*** The following changes only affect the player character:
- RunBack effect slows down your speed when running backward (since you should not be able to run as fast backward as forward). Backward speed is determined by your Agility level, which I carefully balanced with my movement speed changes, to increase immersion, without being overly restrictive. Even with the maximum speed penalty (at AGL=1), you will still be able to run backward 50% faster than you can walk backward. With an AGL of 10, there is only a 10% speed penalty.
- VATS combat is more balanced (now less of a game cheat). Much quicker VATS playback speed, so you have a bit more time to make defensive moves. You'll now receive normal damage receive while using VATS (default was only 1/10 normal damage). Weapons deteriorate only twice as fast in VATS (default was 5 times faster in VATS than when used in normal combat). VATS is now disabled whenever the player has a crippled arm.
- New Action Points formula: Your agility level is a much greater factor in determining your total number of Action Points, with a MUCH greater range in points. Range [AG:1-10] = 36-90 points (default was only 66-85). And Action Points take 4 times longer to recharge (now you'll actually have to keep an eye on your APs.
*** The following changes affect the player character, NPCs, and Creatures :
- Reduces the weight that characters can carry, and is now gender based. In the default game, my female character (STR=4) could carry 190 pounds of gear! This is now reduced to 90 pounds, which is still a lot of weight for a person to carry. [With my default settings: the player's carrying capacity range is 65-200 for a male character; and 60-150 for a female. If you select my Less Difficult HC setting (in my Options Menu), the player’s carrying capacity range is 70-250 (for either gender).] But armor now weighs at least 50% less when you are wearing it.
- Walking is now 9% faster when your weapon is holstered [and the same as default, when your weapon is drawn]. Think of your this as a fast jog toggle . . . as long as you remember to holster your weapon, you should now be able to outrun most enemy NPCs (but there are still many creatures that are faster).
- Decreased the running multiplier, from 4 to 3.65. Both my walking and my running speeds are much closer to real life movement speeds (and my top running speed is the same as default). My Realism Tweaks result in a walking speed of 3 mph  (equals the average real walking speed), and a running speed of 11 mph (the average jogging speed is ~6 mph, so my running speed is a pretty good running pace).
- Reduced safe fall height distance to 14 feet (in default game your character can fall 28 feet without being hurt at all). I also increased the chance crippling a leg when taking falling damage.
- Modified Crippled Speed Penalties: now 30% slower walking/running with one crippled leg and 50% slower with both legs crippled [default was only 15% and 25% slower speeds].
- Adjusted Combat Knockdowns so that characters will now be knocked down when they sustain less damage to their health. I also increased Crippled Torso Stagger Chance to 90% . . . so bullets will now appear to hurt you (and be a bit disabling).


Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

Smarter AI & Stealth

- If you are use to the default combat, it will actually feel like the NPCs have suddenly become much smarter. I have spent a great deal of time balancing out all the Combat AI and Stealth settings to mesh together with all my other changes. The end result is a unique set of tweaks that totally changes the way NPCs react during combat. Combat will now be MUCH tougher.
- NPCs are much more likely to take cover during combat, will reload under cover, search for cover while moving towards you, and will often fire from cover. They will now dodge much more realistically (are much less able to dodge bullets). They will now open ammo boxes and containers to equip themselves with better weapons and explosives. You'll now be competing more with the NPCs, so these items will now be much harder to come by.
- Many NPCs and Creatures will flee/retreat to survive (much less likely to make suicidal attacks). NPCs will still be really aggressive during combat, and the ones that do flee should attempt to take cover further away (instead of just cowering in front of you) and they should remain hidden for quite a bit longer . . . but they should eventually get up enough courage to return to combat. And Super Mutants are less likely to flee now and are even more aggressive . . . in sort of an extreme type-A personality way.
- NPCs are now much less predictable. For example, snipers will now wait much longer before firing. So just because it seems quiet out there, you can no longer be sure that an NPC is not just waiting patiently for you to walk out into the open.
- Most NPCs and Creatures are now more likely to stop attacking after their victim is rendered unconscious . . . which means they will now focus more on conscious enemies like former Vault Dwellers. The exceptions are the Super Mutants Melee, Raider Melee, and Talon Company . . . who are all now more likely to attack unconscious victims.
- Followers' combat behavior was improved, to be less suicidal, but this was done in a way that still permits my mod to be compatible with Companion Behaviour Overhaul. (I haven't noticed any problems in my own game, but I've only tested it so far with just Dog Meat).
- Sneaking is now much more realistic, making stealth game play more effective, but also more difficult (especially with low Sneak skills during the brightest time of day). It is now easier to remain hidden in darkness/shadows; and it is now possible to re-hide after being detected (but it can be very difficult to re-hide, once the enemy locks on to you). And your sneak skill level is now a much greater factor in your ability to remain undetected, and your Perception stat is now a much greater factor in your ability to sense enemies further away.
- My Dynamic Stealth Script: Uses separate stealth values for interiors vs. exteriors, time of day now dynamically affects your ability to avoid detection (finally makes it just as hard for the NPCs to see you in the dark), and weather conditions now dynamically affects your ability to avoid detection (you will be a bit harder to spot when it is cloudy, and even harder to spot when it is raining or snowing, and very hard to spot on a rainy/snowy night).
- NPCs will be a bit more alert to your presence, will stay alert longer, will spend more time looking for you, and will search a much greater area for you (up to 4 times further than in the default game). NPCs will detect you if they get close (they will no longer stand right in front of you without seeing you). And when you are hiding in the shadows, the enemy will detect you if you move when they are nearby.
- Doubled the detection of noise that you make while sneaking. Running makes 3 times more noise than when walking - unless player has Silent Running perk (default was only 50% more).  But it is now easier to be stealthy when wearing lighter armor (under 11 pounds), while it is now much more difficult to be stealthy when wearing heavier armor (over 11 pounds). Plus NPCs will now sleep a bit sounder - they will not wake up quite as easy when you are nearby
- NPCs will now respond to explosions from much further away (2.5 times the distance in the default game). And if you fire a gun, anyone nearby will know exactly where you are (no more picking off enemies one at a time, while they all just stand there). But guns with silencers will not give away your location, unless NPCs are very close (they will focus their search on where the bullet hit, which you can use to distract them).
- Your PipBoy Light is finally a decent light which will now enable you to find your way, even on the darkest night. The light is now 3 times brighter, illuminates twice the radius, but has much less glare (so you will not be blinded by an indoor light that is way too intense). But your PipBoy Light will now make you VERY visible; and other player actions (such as jumping and opening doors) will now alert your enemies.

With default sneak, detection is the same at 9:04 AM . . .  as it is at 8:01 PM, since time of day is not factored in

With my Dynamic Stealth: at 9:04 AM you are detected from further away, but at  8:05 PM you can sneak much closer

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

- Includes some MAJOR GLOBAL changes which will make your game MUCH more challenging, so survival will become much more difficult. Combat is now MUCH more deadly.
- Reduced Health Points (gender based): Player has an average of 30 fewer HPs and no longer gain HPs when leveling up. PC Health Point ranges (1 to 10 END): Female (90 to 270 HPs); Male (80 to 260 HPs); when Less Hard-Core settings are enabled (100 to 280 HPs, for both genders).
- HP Changes for NPCs: Level 1 NPCs generally have more HPs (than in default game), with Endurance now being a much greater factor, but only gain +3 HPs/level (default was +5/level).
- Healthier/Tougher NPCs: their combat reduced health will now be restored back to 80% (default was only 60%). Also increased Low-level NPC base health multiplier (making them much healthier, and harder to kill). Made some Class changes, for tougher enemies, due to their improved stats.
- Your adversaries are now much better equipped (their weapons and armor are now in MUCH better condition). This makes the Raiders tougher than before, while Talon Company may now be a bit more than you can handle. But the NPC's armor (and sometimes their weapon) is now damaged upon their death.
- Pain now has greater effect on player - you will now feel like you're actually in pain.
- Increased Head Cripple Penalty: perception is reduced a lot more when you are suffering from a concussion . . . you'll actually now black out for a few seconds.
- Radiation Exposure is More Deadly: Swimming or wading in radioactive water is now 10 times more deadly (but Radiation Accumulation rate remains at default).
- Armor and Weapon Deterioration: Guns, Energy Weapons, Launcher Weapons, and armor now deteriorates about 30% slower.
- Reduced damage bonus during sneak attacks: to a more realistic amount, for better balance
- Increased Burning Effects (after you have suffered damage by flames): now lasts for 30 seconds (default was 5), and now slowly damages your health (-1 HP/sec for 30 seconds).
- Increased Centaur Spit Radiation Damage: from -50 HP (-5*10sec) to -90 HP (-3*30sec)
- Increased Poison Damage from Ant Sting: from -40 HP (-4*10sec) to -80HP (-1*80); now includes a loss of Agility (-3 points) that lasts for 10 minutes.
- Increase in Poison effects from Scorpion stings (much longer duration results in loss of 3 times more HPs). [This is increased even further in my Med-Tec module.]
- Increased Damage from Mirelurk Shriek: from -50 HP to -75 HP (-25*3sec); damage to Perception now lasts for 5 minutes (default was 10 seconds).
- Increased Damage from Glowing One's Radiation Burst: from 10 RADs to 50 RADs (5*10sec)
- More Durable Vehicles: increased their HP by a factor of 2.5 (and higher). I also completely redid of all the destructible vehicle damage stages, and even added a few new stages for some vehicles. [The end result is that you will now have to damage their Health percentage by a LOT more before they will begin to self destruct.]

Surviving out in the Wasteland
(Cooking on Fire Starter Campfire is part of my Med-Tec module)

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

Localized Damage

- Tweaked ALL 32 unique body types (affects every single body in the original game). Plus my GOTY patch extends this to ALL the DLC body types
- Changed the way that individual body parts react to damage to make this a bit more realistic. For instance, with humans (and human types), damage to the head does LOT more damage (loss of more HPs) than damage to arms or legs. And torsos damage is much greater than arm or leg damage, but quite a bit less than head damage. It also greatly reduces the chance that body parts will explode or be dismembered.
- These changes make strategic hits much more effective: now you can use crippling shots to disable your enemy.
- Super Mutants are now VERY hard to kill!  If you're fresh out of the vault, do NOT even think about trying to kill a Super Mutant (or some of the other tougher creatures), unless you have explosives (it will take a LOT of 10mm bullets, when your small guns skill is low . . . even with head shots).
- Greatly reduces the probability of exploding body parts and dismemberment (use with my Gore_No_More mod, if you want even less exploding parts and gore).  Dismember Chance is adjustable in the Options Menu.
- Robots were also tweaked so that you will now have a greater chance of disabling parts of a robot. It is now possible to destroy just the targeting chip in turrets (which will then target nearby NPCs). (This works both ways: if defensive/friendly turrets have their targeting chip damaged, they will target you . . . along with every NPC.)

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX


- Increased Damage Resistance for All armor GLOBALLY - armor now absorbs 50% more damage than in the default game . . . this helps to offset reduced HP changes and increased damages from weapons. Increased Maximum Armor Rating increase to 90%.
- Armor wearing bonus: All armor and most helmets will now weigh only about 50% as much when worn (when carried, there is no weight reduction). For instance, Combat Armor (including the Combat Helmet) weighs 23 pounds,  This is meant to compliment my reduced carry weight changes.
- Power Armor (including helms) now weighs just 25% as much when worn (but there is no weight reduction when it is not equipped). For example the basic Power Armor and Helmet weighs 50 pounds, but when you are wearing the armor, your carrying capacity will be increased by 37 pounds, meaning that the armor will only add a net of 13 pounds to your load.
- Helmet AR was increased and body armor AR was decreased, so Helmet AR now equals 25% of total armor AR. Wear your helmet!
- Maintains 8AR/5WT ratio (AR/1.6=WT) for most armor (exceptions are Power Armor, helmets, and non-armor clothing).
- AR*10=value used for most armor/clothing . . . for some price consistency. But some items have higher value, due to rarity and high health (better made), and their bonus effects. Most armor AR values were left at default (but I reduced the AR for most non-armor clothing; increased the AR for most vault clothing; and modified a few pieces of armor that I felt were inconsistently high or low).
- Removed ALL 'enchanted' armor combat skill effects, such as Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons. [Replaced with more logical effects: like increases in Critical Chance, Agility, Charisma, Speech, Perception, Endurance, and Fire Resistance.]
- Removed ALL 'enchanted' bonuses for Science, Medicine, Lockpick, and Luck (exception is for Lucky Shades). [Replaced with more logical effects: like increases in Radiation Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Charisma.]
- Retained default 'enchantments' that increased Repair skill for some Vault Utility Suits and for some Jumpsuits. [Needed in order to keep repair balanced. Logic was that this was sort of like wearing a tool belt.]
- Raider armor now gives -4 Charisma and Talon Company armor now gives -5 Charisma which was done to mesh with my perk changes. (Hint: trading with merchants while wearing Raider or Talon Co. armor is not a good idea.)
- Improved ability to Repair Armor/Clothing: expanded default armor/clothing repair list. This was done to mesh with my Repair script.

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

Weapons (and combat related)
<> Optional Combat Settings: I highly recommend that you leave all four enabled (but any of them can be disabled in my Options Menu).
- Important! These are all disable by default, so you have to enable each one that you want to use.
- Weapon Ability Penalties: you will be increasingly less effective when your skills are lower than a weapon's skill requirement, or when your Strength is lower than a weapon's strength requirement. If your stats are too low, you will not be able to use some weapons (temporarily disabled while the Hard-Core Quest's optional Rookie Penalties are being applied). [Note: Weapon skill requirement is based on equipped Weapon DAM, and STR requirement is based on equipped Weapon weight.]
- Tougher Crippled Arm Penalties: when an arm is crippled, your Strength and Weapon Skills are reduced and you cannot use VATS. Penalties are greater for a crippled right arm than for a left arm, and even greater when both arms are crippled. But does not directly prevent you from using any weapon.
- Skill Based Accuracy: Aiming accuracy is based on your skill level for that type of weapon (SmallGuns, BigGuns, or Energy Weapons). Also improves Auto-Aim (which is now also based on your weapon skills).
- Pip-Boy Locked during Combat: No more combat timeouts to change into better armor, repair weapons, or take a lunch/beverage break. But the default Hotkeys (1-8) still work while you are flagged as being in combat, so you can still access any hotkeyed item.
NOTE: Your Pip-Boy will be unlocked after 30 seconds (after you have received the "No Pip-Boy during combat" message), even if you are still flagged as being in combat, but you must be in Sneak mode, with your weapon must holstered. Going out of Sneak or equipping a weapon will lock your Pip-Boy again, and reset the 30 second timer. The unlock was added because you might realistically have time to do something like put on a helmet, or get a drink of water while an enemy is searching for you.
<> For All Weapons:
- Many Weapons were individually tweaked: to balance out my increased Damage Skill Bonus Multiplier; and most now have my optional Weapon Effects attached to them.
- Weapon damage has been increased through weapon skills calculations (which affect all weapons globally, including weapons that are added through other mods). But I did this in a way that makes the damage increase with higher weapon skills a bonus, instead of making lower skills a penalty. This is just like the way that Perks give you bonuses.
- Increased the Damage Skill Bonus Multiplier (applies to all weapons): Skill now has much more impact on how much damage an actor can do with any weapon. In the default game, any weapon that you use will not do its full DAM until your weapon skill (for that type of weapon) is at 100 (100%). With my Tweaks, at 10 Small Guns, a gun now will do the same DAM that this exact same weapon would do at 100 Small Guns in the default game. At 100 SG, it will now do 3 times the default DAM.
- Note: if my Weapon Ability Penalties are enabled, and your equipped weapon's requirements are greater than your skill/strength, the weapon's DAM will be reduced (based on how low you skill/strength is, compared with the weapon's requirements).
- Increased Weapon Repair Lists: my goal was to make weapon repairs a bit less restrictive, while retaining some logical sense of what might be used to repair each weapon. (But you need to understand that I don't really know much at all about real weapons, so this was done mostly through intuition, rather than any actual specs.) This was done to mesh with my Repair script.
- Less Lag During Combat: I've adjusted a number of settings that should reduce both lag and CTD considerably (these changes were made specifically for MMM but do not require MMM, since they are done through FO3's default settings). I also reduced the default 'OnHit' Image Space Modifier's duration quite a bit (the default was so long that it often made the game freeze up briefly during hits).
<> For Ranged Weapons:
- Reduced the Gun Condition vs. Spread Penalty (spread increases for damaged guns): condition is still a factor, but now a much smaller one.
- Reduced the Gun Condition vs. Damage Penalty (bullets from damaged guns do less damage): condition is still a factor, but now a smaller one.
- Damaged Guns will not fire as fast, are less accurate (more spread when damaged), and have a greater chance of jamming after reloading. And Automatic Weapons now take 5 seconds to cool down (default was just 1 sec.).
- Reduced shooting accuracy when walking or running (there was no penalty for either in the default game). But added a 10% increase in crouch bonus (over default bonus), which results in 50% less spread when firing a weapon from the crouched (sneak) position.
- No Tracers (bullets that light up) for most of the default guns. From what I understand, traces are not used very often in real life (so why would they be used in the Wasteland, where making them would be more difficult than making regular bullets?) Plus eliminating the traces makes it much more challenging to figure out where your enemy is shooting at you from (which is my main reason for eliminating them). The exception is that I've retained some traces for some of the automatic weapons, like the 10mm Bullet (auto) and the Rifle Bullet (minigun), which now include tracers at a reduced 4:1 ratio.
- Projectile speed increase: most bullets and missiles now travel much faster . . . no more Superman/Superwoman ability to dodge pokey bullets.
- Reduced ranges for some projectiles (default was 470 ft): Reduced to 140 ft for Baseball (trap), Shotgun Shell, BB Pellet, Dart, Rockit Junk, RailSpikeProjectile, Ant Spit. Range of Bloatfly Dart and Centaur Spit were reduced to 120 feet.
- Impact force increased . . . so that bullets now have a little Havok effect with some objects (and you now "feel" the bullets a bit more when they hit you).
- Immersive visual changes: Increased Impact Shader Maximum Distance by 4 times the default distance (from ~234 to ~937 feet), so you will now see bullet damage effects much further away. Spent shells from bullets now last 4 hours before they begin to disappear (instead of only a few seconds).
<> For Melee Weapons:
- Strength is now a much greater factor in how much damage a melee weapon does. And Weapon Condition is now a greater penalty in how much damage a melee weapon does.
- Block Skill increased by a factor of 2 (to add balance to Melee and Unarmed combat changes)
- Crippled Arm Penalties: You can still use all Melee Weapons, but they will now do much less damage. (This will also make unarmed combat when your arms are crippled result in not being able to inflict any damage at all.) Also VATS is disabled, when an arm is crippled.
<> For Explosive Weapons:
- Tweaked ALL Explosions in their Force, Radius, ISRadius, and Knockdowns . . . because explosions should be deadly and you should "feel" like something actually exploded. Explosions now have a much larger Splash Radius, but their damage multiplier remains unchanged or is now lower than default. For instance, the Bottlecap mine resulted in nearly the same damage as a nuclear blast; so I reduced it quite a bit (but my version is still 50% greater than a frag grenade). The same was true for the Nuka Grenade, which I reduced the explosive damage down to what you receive from a frag grenade, but added my increased Burning Effect (see below).  I also increased the timer for frag and nuke grenades by 1 second (from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds) . . . to offset the increased explosive radius.
- Improved Grenade physics . . . much less bounce and will now longer slide like on ice (increased friction). I'm now able to throw a grenade much more accurately . . . without it bouncing and sliding like crazy.
- More realistic Death Force physics - this was impossible for me to get exactly right, since different bodies react very differently . . . but most bodies should now fly much less unrealistically through the air upon death (this was needed so I could bring my next actor effects into the game, and have semi-realistic results).

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

Unique Weapon Effects
- I created my own unique weapon effects, for added immersion and more realism. All three effects work by damaging the actor's Fatigue (which is an invisible stat). Your fatigue is then partially restored and regenerates at about 1 point per second. Player characters have 200 fatigue points, while NPCs and creatures only have 50 points . . . so my damage formulas are scripted differently for the PC, in order to balance this out.
- My Weapon Effects are enabled by default, but each can be toggled on or off in my options menu. I highly recommend leaving all three enabled.
- I also created my own Fatigue HUD: displays your fatigue as a percentage (how fatigued you are). When you reach 100% fatigue, you pass out. When your Fatigue is over 70%, the text turns red and your character starts breathing hard. At 90% Fatigue, the text flashes and the breathing sound increases.  [My Fatigue HUD will not be displayed unless you follow my HUD Setup instructions exactly.]
- Your attacker will usually stop attacking while you are unconscious, but will usually attack again as soon as you come to.
My Whack Effect is attached to all non-blade melee weapons, and relies on the player's strength and their melee skills.
- Actors will not be able to knock out opponents who have more than +1 point of Strength than them, unless they have a melee skill of 50 or more, then they will be able to knock out opponents with up to +2 points more Strength.
- Under the above conditions, every hit reduces the victim's fatigue by 40%, and if they are whacked when their fatigue is less than 25%, they are knocked out briefly.  Actors with a crippled arm may still be able to knock out their victim, but it will take a lot more whacks to do so.
- The victim will drop their equipped weapon when Whacked (which can be picked up and used by opponents).  When my optional "PipBoy Locked during Combat" is enabled, the player's weapon will be returned to their inventory instead of being dropped (allows you to access this weapon during combat, if it was assigned a hotkey).
- If knocked out, the victim's Agility will be reduced (-4 points) for 3 minutes (real time); and their Perception will be reduced be reduced (-4 points) for 4 minutes.
- My Whack effect does not work against Super Mutants;  but it does affect robots.
My Blast Effect is attached to all explosions.
- Anyone within the splash radius will be knocked off their feet and, if not killed by the blast, their current fatigue will be damaged.
- When the victim's fatigue is less than 50% when they are hit with an explosive blast, they will be rendered unconscious (most victims will remain unconscious for 15 seconds, but Super Mutants will only be knocked out for 5 seconds, and robotic creatures will only be stunned for a moment).
- The player's weapon will be returned to their inventory (and will remain hotkeyed).
- The victim will also suffer from a loss of Agility (-4 points) which will last for 4 minutes; and a loss of Perception (-5 points) for 5 minutes.
- Plus the player's armor will suffer increased damage (from 5 to 25%, based on the armor's AR).
My Gunshot Effect: attached to all default shotguns and most ranged weapons (excluding automatic weapons).
- Every bullet from these weapons will reduce the victim's remaining fatigue (based on their Armor and on their Health)
- When their fatigue hits 100%, they become unconscious for about 5 seconds.
- It takes roughly the same number of consecutive hits to affect an NPC as the PC (assuming similar armor and health).
- NPCs will drop their equipped weapon when knocked down; player's weapon will be returned to their inventory (remains hotkeyed).
- My Gunshot effect should not usually affect Super Mutants, RadScorpions, DeathClaws, or Robots.

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

visual FX:
- Eyewear FX: Adds a bit of immersion when wearing sunglasses and reading glasses. This is done by attaching unique visual Effects (my own ImageSpace Modifiers) to all the default eyewear.
- As a bonus, you can now wear eyewear in combination with most default helmets and hats.
- Shades FX: Simulates wearing real sunglasses by reducing the harshness of the lighting when you equip a pair. The effect works as long as your character is wearing sunglasses. But, just like real sunglasses, you may not want to wear them indoors, as they will open make things a bit too dark . . . and you definitely want to remove them to see at night. The effect only works fully if you have HDR enabled in your game. Attached to Lucky Shades, Three Dog's Glasses, Tinted Reading Glasses, Tortiseshell Glasses, and Biker Goggles.
- Focus FX: Simulates putting on a pair of reading glasses with blurriness and double vision. The effect only lasts for 20 seconds, when your character puts on the following eyeglasses: Eyeglasses (Blackrimmed), Doctor Li's Glasses, and Reading Glasses.
- Dynamic Visual FX: are applied dynamically whenever your Agility or Perception stats are damaged more than 25% (the graphic effects increases at 50% damage, at 66% and again at 80%).   With loss of Perception, you will suffer from a loss of Depth of Field (distant objects will be out of focus). With a loss of Agility, your eyes will be more sensitive to light and you will suffer from Tunnel Vision (only the center of your vision will be in focus). These vision penalties are combined when both of these stats are damaged. I created my Dynamic Visual FX specifically for my Weapon Effects, but they are not required.  I did my best to simulate effects that would represent the negative vision effects that might be experienced after a person has been knocked out.
- My effects are totally separate from the default "Concussion" effect (which is altered by my Tweaks).
- Note: All my Visual FX are enabled by default, so you must disable the ones you don't want  in your game (in my Options Menu).

My Shades FX: I Need my Shades . . . Because the Wasteland in a very harsh place (even the lighting is harsh).

(I wish my character would smile a bit more . . . she always looks sooo serious!)

Realism Core: Initialization | Main Tweaks | Smarter AI & Stealth | Survival | Localized Damage | Armor | Weapons  | Weapon Effects | Visual FX

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Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Quest (and changes)
(part of Arwen_Realism_Core.esp)

My Encumbrance changes are now integrated into the Realism Core module (since v.8.0)

But you can disable my Strain in my Options Menu (under "Other Optional Settings"), which would remove most of these changes.

If it had been possible, I would have just altered Fatigue, but too much of Fatigue is hard-coded into the game. So I had to create my own stat, which I called Strain, since it increases the fastest when you are working the hardest. In the default game you can run forever without getting tired, and the only penalty for exceeding you Carrying Capacity was that you could no longer run. My Strain was created to fix both of those issues, and my Strain is also tied in with how injured you are, and allows you to FastRun (sprint).

- The Encumbrance Quest begins about 2 minutes after the Realism Core Quest has finished (or after loading a saved game in which this quest was not yet completed and are in an exterior cell, and are not in combat. This quest is finished after my Encumbrance message pops up. After that happens, you should see your Strain increase when you run.
- You now suffer from Strain (similar to fatigue, but totally separate from the default fatigue).
- Your Strain increases when walking with more than 100% encumbrance, and whenever you are running (at any encumbrance).
- The more encumbered you are, the shorter distance you will be able to travel, and the more you will hurt yourself if you reach your limit (exceed 100% Strain).
- Strain is based on game time, so Strain increases faster with faster Timescales.
- Note that times listed below are in GAME minutes [divide game time by your Timescale setting for real time]
- With an encumbrance of less than 50% (at full health), you will be able to run for roughly 46 game minutes before your Strain reaches 100%, but at 99% encumbrance, you'll only last about 15 game minutes.
- When walking with 110% encumbrance, you will last about 16 game minutes, but at 150% encumbrance you will need to rest every 4.5 game minutes.
- But Strain increases faster when you are injured: 30% faster when one leg is crippled, 60% faster when both legs are crippled, and 30% faster when your torso is crippled (in addition to the cripple leg penalty).
- And your current Health is factored into your Strain increase rate (25% slower at 100% Health; 50% faster at 25% Health).
- Strain also increases when you Jump, or when you Swing a Melee Weapon. So make your melee attacks count, as just whacking away can now work against you. (Be careful NOT to hold down the jump or attack keys/buttons, or your Strain will rapidly increase).
- Audio Warnings: When your Strain is over 50%, your character will start breathing hard; at 75% Strain your character will breath harder. (Integrated with Fatigue breathing SoundFX.)
- If your Strain exceeds 100%, you will collapse, injuring yourself, and your equipped weapon will be returned to your inventory (but will still be hot-keyed).
- The amount of HPs you lose when you collapse is based on your current Strain/second.
- Using Jet or Ultra Jet will immediately clear your Strain (resetting it to 0), which can be a lifesaver during combat.
- So pay attention to your Strain level, and rest before you collapse.  It is very easy to keep track of your Strain level:
- Strain will be displayed on your HUD, as: "Strain: xx%." Your Strain percentage will turn red when your Strain reaches 75%, and when it reaches 85% Strain, the text starts flashing, warning that you are near your limit.
NOTE: You must edit your existing hud_main_menu.xml file for Strain to be displayed. See Strain HUD Setup. The Strain meter is movable by just holding down the grab key for 2 seconds, and then by using the arrow keys to move it.
- Strain decreases when you rest (when you stop running, or when you stop walking with over 100% encumbrance), and while you are in menus (50% slower). How fast your Strain decreases depends on how encumbered you are. Plus your Strain will decrease 33% faster when you are sitting or crouching (non-moving sneak mode).
- During a walking rest (after running, or when in menu mode) it takes about 9 game minutes at 50% encumbrance for Strain to decrease from 100% to 0%, but over 11 game minutes at 99% encumbrance. When sitting (or non-moving crouching), it takes about 5 game minutes at 50% encumbrance, but 6 game minutes at 99% encumbrance, for Strain to decrease from 100% to 0%.
- During combat your Strain will only be reduced when you are not moving (as in hiding). And Strain will not be reduced during combat when in menu mode.
- Dynamic Movement Speeds: the more you are encumbered, the slower you move. You also gain a running speed bonus when your encumbrance is low, as long as your health is fairly good. As Strain increases above 70%, your running speed will progressively begin to slow down (since you are getting tired), but the speed will that your Strain increases will also slow down (since you are exerting yourself less).
- FastRun: whenever your Strain is less than 70%, holding down the Activate key (spacebar by default) WHILE running gives a 50% speed increase, but your Strain will increase 5 times as fast. At 50% Encumbrance (at 100% Health) you will be able to FastRun for about 6 game minutes (from 0 to 50 Strain); but at 100% Encumbrance you can only FastRun for about 1.5 game minutes. You will not be able to FastRun if either leg is crippled. You can FastRun with your weapon is out, but your speed will be a bit slower (just like with normal running). When Crouching, toggling FastRun will  make you stand up and FastRun.
- Dynamic Jump: how far and how high you can jump now changes, based on your character's current Agility AND on their Encumbrance. The default game's jump height is roughly 3 feet. At 25% ENC + 5 AGL (or 80% ENC + 7AGL) you can jump the default jump height. My mod's jump range extends from not being able to jump at all (with 1 AGL or when either leg is crippled), up to a maximum height of 5.4 feet (at 25% ENC + 10 AGL).
- Trying to run with a crippled leg will damage your fatigue.
- Running when wearing a Med-Tec leg brace, will increases Strain faster. And running backward when wearing a Med-Tec brace, will result in Fatigue damage.
- I also added my Encumbrance notes to your PipBoy, for easy reference.
- You have the option of disabling Strain [my Options Menu,under "Other Optional Settings"], but only AFTER the Encumbrance Quest has been completed. You can then enable or disable Strain at any time. Note: When Strain is disabled, your Carrying Capacity is 10 pounds less.

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Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Quest (and changes)
(part of Arwen_Realism_Core.esp)

My Hard-Core settings are now integrated into the Realism Core module (since v.8.0)

My default "More Difficult Hard-Core" setting will make your game truly hardcore. Your character's stats now have a much greater impact on your gameplay; plus I overhauled to economics of the game world. (But you have the option to change this to the "Less Difficult Hard-Core" setting at anytime.)

The concept behind the Hard-Core name: In the default game, it is way too easy to soon have an abundance of caps . . . to the point that you no longer have to worry about being able to afford more than enough supplies. Most food, weapons, and ammo are very easy to come by, as you can literally just pick them up everywhere for free.

My goal in creating this part of my mod has been to make changes that will make it a LOT more difficult to find loot, AND to have enough funds to purchase supplies. If I have been successful, you will actually have to be careful in how much ammo you use. If you also install my Med-Tec module, having enough food to survive may actually be somewhat of a challenge now (as it should be).

It is my belief that game play is much more rewarding when you have to continue to struggle in order to survive. This concept has always held true for me for every single RPG that I ever became hooked on. And this is one of the reasons that I always seem to enjoy the earliest levels so much more than the higher levels. These changes will make the game much more challenging . . . even at higher levels.

Initialization Script
- My Hard-Core Quest will be initialized about 1 minute after the Med-Tec quest has finished. [If my Med-Tec module is not installed and active, this quest will begin about 1 minute after the Encumbrance quest has finished.] Note: the quest will pause when you are in an interior cell or in combat.
- When beginning a new game, or when loading a saved game in which you are still at level 1 or 2, my Hard-Core Quest will reset your number of SPECIAL points to 35; plus you will have to select your tagged skills again (since you may want to reconsider these, after seeing the results of my Skill Points reductions). In a new game, this may be a bit of a pain . . . but this is the only way that I can make this work with older saved games. Plus this method should now be compatible with alternate start mods that allow you to skip the tutorial.
- Then my Traits Menu pops up, and you get the chance to select one of my 6 new character build Traits (traits were in FO2 and are in FONV, but were not included in FO3). Most of these were taken from Fallout 2, but I added a couple of my own unique Traits. I selected (and created) specific traits that would expand character build diversity, in a way that will have a major effect on your game play, especially early in the game. [Note: I also give you a 7th option, which is not to use any Trait.)
- Rookie Penalties: At the end of my Hard-Core Quest, you are given the option to "Enable Rookie Penalties" or to "Skip Rookie Penalties." Warning: these penalties initially make combat VERY difficult!
- Rookie Penalties reduce your initial SPECIALs to a minimal amount, which will very slowly increase back to their non-penalized amounts as you progress. Your character will then start out in the Wasteland MUCH less capable, until they have managed to survive on their own for a while (and actually put their skills and their muscles to use). Most Rookie skill penalties will likely last for at least a couple of game days, but could last for much longer, depending on how you progress.
Reduces the abundance of stuff
- Reduced the abundance of free food, non-vendor caps, and chems (including stimpaks), and bottled water.
- Reduced abundance of all ammo (bullets, energy cells, microfusion cells, railroad spikes, and flamer fuel).
- It always frustrated me that NPCs had an unlimited supply of ammo while shooting at me, yet I never found more than a couple of bullets on their body. So I increased the static amount for some types of ammo found on NPCs, based on what guns are in their inventory. (Applies to 10mm, 308 caliber, 32 caliber, 44 magnum, 556mm, Micro Fusion Cell, Small Energy Cell, Shotgun Shell, Missiles). And tougher NPCs will having more ammo than the easier ones. (Tougher = Talon, Super Mutants, BoS, Outcasts, Enclave.)
- Reduced abundance of some weapons (guns, grenades, and mines)
- Melee weapons were left at default amounts, but this automatically increases the percentage of weapons which are melee weapons, which in turn increases their use.
- You will now find that you are using melee weapons more, in order to save your ammo for when you really need it.
- My global reducers further reduce the amount of spawned loot, based on your Permanent Luck stat. For every point of your Luck less than 10, the average amount of found loot decreases by 5%. With the Fortune Finder Perk, your Luck stat now determines how many additional caps you will find.  And with the Scrounger Perk, your Luck stat now determines the amount of additional ammo you will find.
- Dynamic Respawn Rate: is set at the beginning of the game at a random amount, between 4 and 8 days (default was 3 days), and is reset whenever you level up.

stats & skills have Much greater impact on game play
- You now receive 5 less initial points to distribute in your SPECIALs (from default 40 to 35). So now you begin the game with an average amount of stat points (5 points/stat). This will also help to balance out gaining +7 points later in the game for finding all 7 SPECIAL Bobbleheads (which are unchanged from the default game).
- Modified Skills Formula: initially reduces the amount of player skill points by roughly 50%. So don't panic if you have less skills with my mod installed, as this is suppose to happen. This was done to balance out game play by keeping the game more challenging, even at higher levels.
- Tagged Skills only gain 5 bonus points over other skills (default was 15) and LUCK no longer results in any bonus skill points.
- Leveling up: You will only receive 6 Skill points to distribute (default was 11 points). But your Tagged Skills receive my 2X multiplier with odd level ups. when they gain 2 points for every skill point spent on them (my tagged bonus is now spread over many levels, instead of getting it all in Level 1).
- Taking the Swift Learner Perk will now give you 2 additional skill points (for a total of 8 skill points at level up). This Perk requires 6 or more INT, which is the only effect your INT has on how many skill points you receive.
  Rebalanced skill books: Now you can only gain a single skill point for each different type of skill book. The Educated perk gives +1 skill point for 9 additional skill books (for a maximum of 10 books/skill), and the Comprehension perk gives +1 skill point for 10 additional skill books (for a maximum of 20 books/skill). Skill books are no longer consumed when you use them, but are replaced with a "Read" version, with a lower value that you can sell or collect.
- Rebalanced Perks: Changes were made to 95% of the default Level Perks. Perks are now more balanced and mesh much better with my other Tweaks. Perk requirements were raised and/or added, and some perk bonuses can be temporarily lost if minimum skill requirements are not maintained. Added a few new unique perks, to fill in some gaps (mostly to help out characters with low stats, who now may not meet my higher perk requirements).
- The 13 Skill Bobbleheads will now only reward you +2 points (default was 10, which really unbalanced my other changes).
- I also removed Achievements from all Bobbleheads (so my mod would be compatible with mods that remove the Xbox Achievements, such as JustinOther's Achievement Remover). Just make sure that you load my mod LAST.
- Bartering was totally Overhauled: You will now have to pay a LOT more for supplies and you'll receive a LOT less in trade. And your Bartering skill now plays a MUCH larger factor into how much items will cost and how much you will receive in trade
- Vendors will now have much more ammo to sell: It was a bit silly for so many of them not to ever have more than a couple of bullets to sell. (But at lower Bartering skills, you're not going to be able to afford much.)
- Repair: NPC merchants can now repair gear to a minimum of 80% condition. Merchant repair costs were significantly reduced, and are based on your Barter skill. This should make paying for repairs a more viable option.
- Self Repair: Items used for repairs will now improve the weapon or armor a bit less, your repair limit is now gender-based (male bonus), but Intelligence now also has a greater impact.

Gender Bonuses/Penalties
- Even though this may appear to be a bit sexist, it is generally true that males and females are different, so I felt that there should be some differences in game play, based on which gender your character is. Please note that my bonuses are not meant to be taken totally seriously, but are just another way that different character builds can result in differences in how the game plays. In the default game there is no meaningful skill differences between genders . . . now there are some basic differences.
- Females: Endurance HP bonus and 5% net Barter bonus (10% buy bonus).
- Males: Strength Carrying Capacity bonus and Repair bonus (plus 5% Barter sell bonus).
- Strong Back and Life Giver Perks: now include gender differences for the bonus increases (for all three ranks of each).
- Once the Hard-Core Quest has finished, you will be able to toggle the More/Less Difficult Hard-Core settings. The Less Difficult setting removes most of my Gender Differences, and increases your Carrying Capacity, Endurance (HPs), and Barter ability. If my Med-Tec module is also installed, the Less Difficult setting will also remove the additional HP damage from my Med-Tec weapon injury hits.


For more detailed information on all the changes that this module makes, including my Gender Differences, all the Perk changes, and my 6 character build Traits, jump over to my: Hard-Core Quest Details Page (to help you plan out a new character's stats).

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Arwen's Realism Tweaks

Med-Ted Module (Arwen_Med-Tec.esp)

This is a complete Needs/Injuries/Treatment module. Makes eating food, drinking water, and sleeping necessary. And my Med-Tec Scanner tracks 24 stats and expands self-treatment.
- It is totally optional, but it does require my Realism Core module and it was balanced specifically to be used with my Full Realism Tweaks.
- This module is NOT compatible with any other Injuries or Needs mod.

- The Med-Tec Quest begins about 1 minute after Encumbrance quest has finished, and takes about 3 minutes to complete.
- The quest starts only if you are outside and are not in combat, and will pause while in an interior cell and during combat. Once it begins, just follow the quest instructions.
- When the Quest is completed, your initial Needs are calculated, based on how much time has passed since 6 am (roughly when you were awoken); AND your initial injuries (just Wound Level and Blood Lost) are based on player's current HP percentage (how much your HP is damaged). If many hours have passed, you will likely receive a message that you are dehydrated. The following is added to your inventory (if you do not have these items): a Medical Brace, 2 Bandages, an Antibiotic Injection, a Stimpak, a 16 ounce Bottle of Purified Water, and my Fire Starter (for making campfires).
- [Med-Tec Options menu]: Pause/Resume the injuries and needs; Prepare to uninstall; Restart the Med-Tec Quest; Change the Med-Tec Scan hotkey; change the Stimpak Injection hotkey.
- No Fast Travel when very tired (20 hours without sleep), thirsty (14 ounces water needed), or hungry (15 food units needed), or Health is less than 40% (because time passes while you travel).

Your Med-Tec Scanner:

- Monitors 24 of your stats (Injuries & Needs).
- Assists you in self-treatment of any injuries (such as precisely targeting injections, and applying sterile bandages to burns).
- Use the Quick Scan Hotkey [M] to monitor 9 of your most vital stats during game play (available even during combat).
- Whenever you are injured an automatic scan is done, so you can keep track of your condition during combat. [gives Wound Level, Blood Lost, Trauma Level, Burn Level and Infection Level].
- Full Scan Hotkey [Rt Ctrl] for diagnosis and treatment of injuries (while not in combat).
- Med-Tec assisted treatments are not possible during combat, but you can still perform basic First-Aid (inject Stimpaks for general healing, apply bandages to reduce bleeding, and inject morphine and antibiotics).
- The combat permitted treatments all use my Animation Effects, so you'll have to make sure you are in a safe spot before using these items, as you will be vulnerable during all these treatments.
- The.Needs Menu is available during a full scan, whenever any of your Needs are 1 or more (1 ounce Water, 1 unit Food, 1 hour Sleep)
The Needs Menu is similar to my Bottle Water menu, where your Bacteria, Digestion, and Radiation Levels are shown (along with 6 other stats). This will lessen the chances of getting Food Poisoning, by showing your Bacteria Level before you drink. You can drink any of your bottled water, from within the Needs Menu (or by equiping them in your PipBoy). The menu also gives the maximum Food Units you can safely eat (based on your current Bacteria, Radiation, and Digestion Levels). And, it reminds you when your Mess Kit is not in your inventory.
  Added drinking animations to all bottled water (similar to my stimpak and bandage animations, where you'll not be able to use a weapon until the animation ends). The standing animation only lasts a few seconds (and you can still walk and run). The sitting animations last quite a bit longer and may be a bit off when sitting in some chair types (as these are the unaltered default animations).

***The Injury Part:

- This module greatly expands the injuries that you will suffer and the treatment of injuries.  No longer will you be able to just shake off being shot, burned, whacked, or chewed upon.
- You will now sustain Wounds, Burns, Blood Loss, Trauma, and Infections.
- Higher Medicine Skills are factored into how effective many treatments are (with both your Med-Tec & your Infirmary).
- Injuries are not random, but are based directly on how much you were injured, type of weapon used, and on your Armor Level. Animal bites will result in a different injury than a bullet wound, which is different than what you receive from a laser or plasma weapon. To make injuries easier to monitor and treat, they are done by Levels (with Level 0 being no injury).
- Now it really pays to invest in better Armor (and it pays to keep your armor in top condition). Armor Level is based on your armor's DR, and goes from 0 (for non-armored clothing) to 11 (for the best Power Armor). For instance, a High DAM Bullet hit with a 0 AL increases your Wound Level by 0.9, while a bullet hit with a 11 AL increases your Wound Level by only 0.12. (Better armor also reduces burns and trauma injuries, by as much as 90%.)
- All Injuries are done by Levels (with Level 0 being no injury): this makes injuries easier to monitor and treat. Most moderate injuries will slowly heal on their own (without any treatment).
- Dynamic self healing rate: based on your current Endurance: 5 END results in an average healing rate; 1 END is 40% slower; and 10 END is 50% faster.
- Health Regenerates Slowly: based on Timescale and amount of player's Permanent HPs. When you are perfect condition, the rate of regen is roughly equal to your Permanent HP amount every 10 game hours (awake rate).
- But your Health Stops Regenerating when your Wound Level is 2 or greater, or when you are Very Thirsty (Water Need 24), Famished (Food Need 9), or Exhausted (Sleep Need 12). The closer any of your Needs are to the Regeneration Limit, the slower your Health regens.
- Additional HP Damage (beyond regular weapon DAM): a percentage of your HPs will also be damaged with every hit, based on the weapon used and your Armor Level. For instance, a High DAM Bullet hit wearing 0 AL damages 75% of your HPs, while a bullet hit wearing 11 AL only damages 20% of your HPs. [Note: this damage is not applied if you are using the Less Difficult Hard-Core Setting.]
- Sleep Penalty: Health Regen rate and the healing rate of your injuries are now both slower while you sleep. Plus your digestion rate now slows down during sleep. [This is not really a penalty, but it does prevent you from waking from a short sleep, with all your injuries healed.]
- Wounds increase in severity up to Level 10, with Moderate Wounds beginning at Level 2 (when your health regen stops), and Severe Wounds (constant bleeding) beginning at Level 5 (where you suffer from loss of blood). Wounds (below Level 7 slowly heal on their own; at the average rate of -1 Wound Level every game game hour (with 5 END).
- Infections: Wounds higher than Level 4 will slowly become infected.  Once an infection reaches Level 6, it will damage your health, and the only cure will require an injection of Antibiotics (either by a doctor, or by using your Med-Tec). 
- Bleeding Wounds: Wounds above Level 5 result in Blood Loss which increases with the severity of the wound (faster at higher Wound Levels).  Your health with slowly decrease when you have a bleeding wound (and you'll cry out in pain when this happens).
- Your blood level is tracked in Units of Blood Lost, with 8 units lost being moderate, and 12 units lost being severe (maximum Blood Lost is 18 units). With moderate blood loss, your health will begin to deteriorate (and you'll cry out in pain), the greater your Blood Loss, the faster your health deteriorates.
- Your blood slowly regenerates on its own (average rate is +1 unit every game hour), but you may need a Blood Transfusion (+6 Units of Blood) to recover from excessive blood loss (requires a Blood Pack and a some Surgical Tubing). Eating some types of cooked red meat will restore a small amount of your blood.
- To stop Bleeding: apply bandages, which immediately reduces your Wound Level by 30 to 70% (based on your Medicine skill).  If no bandages are available, a Med-Tec Stimpak injection can be used to speed up clotting (-1 Would Level/15 minutes), reducing your Wound Level by as much as 2 (based on your medical skill).  Note that you only increase your Clotting Level, when a Stimpak is injected from the Med-Tec Wound Treatment menu.
- Bandages can also be applied during combat (from inventory or if added to a hotkey slot); but only for bleeding wounds (not for burns, which can still only be treated during the Full Scan). Bandage application is animated, which disables player movement for several seconds (so make sure you are in a safe place).
- A Leather Belt can be used as a tourniquet (less effective than a bandage). Tourniquets can only be used when you have a Bleeding Wound, only remain on for 1 game hour, and do not heal the wound, but just temporarily reduce it by 3 Wound Levels while it is equipped.  Once the hour is up, the leather belt is removed (and consumed), and the wound immediately increases by 3 Wound Levels. [Note: only one tourniquet can be used at a time.]
- Burns increase in severity up to Level 12, with Severe Burns beginning at Level 8 (which requires treatment to heal). Your Med-Tec Scanner can replace damaged skin with synthetic skin (requires a stimpak, a full bottle of purified water, plus bandages to cover the area), reduces Burn Level 50 to 80%. If no purified water is available, a bit less effective treatment consists of a stimpak injection and applying a bandage (reduces Burn Level 30 to 60%).
- Bandages have penalties while they are applied and remain on for a minimum of 4 game hours (up to 12 hours, with multiple bandages). Bandage Time is calculated separately for Burns and Wounds, and both are displayed in stats (under Additional Health/Needs). Bandages will automatically be removed once Bandage Time returns to 0, but only if your Wound Level (or Burn Level) is less than 2, and only when you are not :in combat.
- Trauma injuries (bruising and tissue damage) increase in severity up to Level 10, with Severe Trauma beginning at Level 7 (Torso Trauma, which requires treatment to heal).  Use your Med-Tec to inject a stimpak into the bruised soft tissue, which will reduce Trauma Level 25 to 75% (based on your Medicine skill).
- Damaged limbs slowly heal, but only when the limb is not crippled.
- Crippled Limbs need a Medical Brace applied in order to heal (either through your Med-Tec, or by paying a doctor).
- Once a brace is applied, the limb will require time to heal fully before the brace can be removed, and penalties will be imposed while you are wearing any brace (specific to each limb). Without any additional treatment, it takes roughly 12 hours for a limb to heal completely. But a limb cannot be crippled while it has a brace. Braces can be used multiple times if your medical skills are high enough (one use for every 10 Medicine Skills).
- A Crippled Head (concussion/skull fracture) or Crippled Torso (fractured ribs/spine) can be treated through your Med-Tec under treat fractures. This requires a Med-Tec targeted Morphine injection (injecting morphine has less effect, and will only be applied to the one that is damaged the most).
- Doctors no longer will fully heal you if you have moderate or severe injuries. What you get for your caps is treatment, not instant health restoration.  You will now often leave a doctor's office bandaged up, with braces on your fractured limbs.
- You will no longer be able to instantly heal yourself will your personal infirmary, but can now only treat your injuries (and only the same injuries as with the default infirmary).
- Buffout now only restores 30 HP and has a value of 30. All the default chems now have weight.
- Stimpaks have been totally overhauled and include my Stimpak Animation Effect (see image below), along with my Stimpak Hotkey (H, by default, but you can change this in my Med-Tec Options Menu). Note: if you are in 1st person, your view will switch to 3rd person (since there is no injection animation for the 1st person view). You can still give yourself an injection during combat, but this now happens in real time and you will be incapacitated for a few seconds.
- No more freezing combat while you take a timeout to give yourself a Stimpak injection. You can still give yourself an injection during combat . . . but you will be incapacitated for a few seconds, and the bullets will still keep flying. Your Health now slowly improves (+1 HP/sec for 30 seconds, or for 36 seconds with the Fast Metabolism Perk) and any non-crippled limbs will gain +10 health. But an injection also damages your Fatigue, messes up your vision, and reduces your Strength. Your fatigue is also damaged if you try to run while an injection is still active (lasts 1 real minute).
- A Stimpak injection also immediately reduces most Med-Tec injuries by 10%, and slowly reduces your Wound Level, through my Clotting Effect. You cannot inject another Stimpak until your Clotting Level drops back to 0 (takes 15 to 30 game minutes), and Stimpaks will not restore your Health higher than 75% (this is balanced by my Health Regen).
- It's really a bad idea to attempt a hotkey injection while running , or even walking (hey, I warned you).
- Morphine and Antibiotic injections also use the injection animation (but no hotkeys). Morphine injections also include a visual penalty and damage Intelligence.
- Restocked Medical Supplies: Med-Tec supplies are available from doctors, main merchants, and caravans (and are restocked daily, and the time of day varies, based on your Luck stat). [Note: not every Med-Tec supply will be restocked every day.]
- Poison from DeathClaws and RadScorpions now remains in your system for one game hour, slowly damaging your health and fatigue. If you Wait, Sleep, or Fast Travel, while you have poison in your system . . . when you return to normal game play, any poison damages for that time period will still be applied (and this will happen fairly fast).

Animated Stimpak Injection (your character will now actually pull out and inject a stimpak)

***The Needs Part:

- All your Needs are set to 0 when this module is first installed (after you complete the Med-Tec Quest).

Water Need:

- Water Need is now Dynamic: your basic requirement is 2 ounces/game hour (48 oz/day), but your rate will increase by 50% (3 oz/hr) when you are outdoors in the heat of the day (from 9am to 6pm), and decrease by 50% (1 oz/hr) when you are sleeping . . . unless you are sleeping outdoors, in the heat of the day (2 oz/hr). And you require 25% less Water/hour when your Encumbrance is less than 70%.
- Most Beverages (and fruit) give you some water benefit (from 1 to 16 ounces of water), with the greatest amounts coming from the purest types of bottled water (which are now consumed only half a bottle at a time).
- With the exception of Purified Bottled Water, beverages no longer have any Healing effect, contain Rads, and will damage your health a bit. Having a Sanitizer in your inventory, will reduce the Rads a bit. Weights and values were also adjusted.
- Purified Bottled Water restores some Health, but only when you have less than 70 HP (the lower your HP, the more it heals), and only if your Water Need is greater than 0. When your Water Need is less than 8 oz, the amount of healing is proportional to your Water Need.
- Added drinking animations to all bottled water (similar to my stimpak and bandage animations, where you'll not be able to use a weapon until the animation ends). The standing animation only lasts a few seconds (and you can still walk and run). The sitting animations last quite a bit longer and may be a bit off when sitting in some chair types (as these are the unaltered default animations).
- Water Bottle Refill: Only Empty Water Bottles can be refilled with water, and the only way you can get an Empty Water Bottle is to drink a bottle of Purified, Good, or Dirty Water. You will not receive empty bottles to refill, from drinking Nuka-Cola, Beer, Wine, Vodka, Whiskey, or Scotch (which may not be totally realistic, but I needed to keep this balanced).
- Any empty water bottle can be refilled at Purified or Good water sources. A Pure or Good water bottle both yields a bottle of Good water, at either source (since the bottle is used). A Dirty water bottle always yields a bottle of Dirty water (from any source, since the bottle is dirty). Only Dirty Water bottles can be filled at Dirty water sources (yields a bottle of Dirty water). You also have the option to drink directly from these water sources. And you can drink from surface water, but cannot fill your water bottles from it.
- Bottled water now has realistic weight (1 fluid ounce water weighs 1 oz.) which includes the weight of the empty bottle (which is now less than a full bottle).
- You cannot bottle Bad or Terrible Water, but can only drink directly from these type of water activators. You are first given a warning message, as these water types are now high in RADs and and will damage your health.
- You can purify/boil water (requires Fire Starter item and Mess Kit): Boil 12 oz Good Water (yields 8 oz Purified); or boil  24 oz Good Water (yields 16 oz Purified + an empty Good Water bottle); or boil 16 oz Dirty Water (yields 12 oz Good Water + an empty Dirty Water bottle).
- You can still drink from surface water, but cannot fill your water bottles from it, and it only reduces your Water Need by 1 per sip (-1 ounce).  Surface water contains various amounts of radiation and drinking it will damage your health.
- Liquor will not quench your thirst, but dehydrates you (increases your Water Need by 1 or 2); and hard liquor no longer gives you a Strength boost, but now restores your Fatigue (which can be a live saver if you have my Realism Core's Weapon Effects enable).
- New Jolt Effect: is attached to the various Nuka Colas, which reduces your sleep by 1 to 2 hours each (up to a maximum of -6 hours Sleep). When my Jolt effect wears off, you Crash big time (your Sleep Need immediately increases by the full reduced sleep amount).  Your Crash Time is displayed in your Med-Tec Scanner (under Additional Health/Needs Stats): this gives the remaining game hours before the Jolt effect wears off.
- Drinking and Rad Sickness (see under Food Need for more): You cannot drink anything when you have Radiation Sickness (when your Rad Sickness Level is 5 or higher); drinking will just make you sick (you'll gain no Water benefit, and you'll just make your Radiation Sickness worse).

Food Need:

- Food Need is also Dynamic: your personal Food Need is based on your Permanent Strength and Endurance. An average PC (5 STR, 5 END) requires 9.6 Food Units every 24 game hours (0.4 unit/hour). A weaker 4 STR, 4 END character requires 8.4 Food/day; and a stronger 6 STR, 6 END character requires 10.8 Food/day. Range is 4.8 (1STR, 1END) to 15.6 (10STR, 10END)Food units/day.
- There are four types of Food (displayed with the food item in your PipBoy)
- Food1: (Snack Food) reduces hunger by 0.6 Food Units = 06% of your daily food needs; takes 36 game minutes to digest.
- Food2: (Light Meal) reduces hunger by 2 Food Units = 21% of your daily food needs; takes 2 game hours to digest.
- Food3: (Normal Meal) reduces hunger by 3 Food Units = 31% of your daily food needs; takes 3 game hours to digest.
- Food4: (Heavy Meal) reduces hunger by 4 Food Units = 42% of your daily food needs; takes 4 game hours to digest.
- Food no longer has any Healing effect; and most food items now contains Rads (the exceptions are Fresh Fruit and Vegetables). Having a Sanitizer in your inventory, will reduce the Rads a bit. Weights and values were also adjusted.
- Eating Fresh Fruit and Vegetables also purges 15 Rads (at -1 Rad/sec, instead of instantly). Cave Fungus purges 30 Rads. 
- Eating some types of Red Meat will also reduce your Blood Loss (generally -1 Blood Lost Level point).
- Meat taken from dead animals is now Raw Meat (high in bacteria and RADS). Raw Meat and some of the packaged food will be less nourishing unless it is cooked.
- You can only butcher an animal (access their inventory) if you equip one of the following specific knives: Knife, Ant's Sting (unique Knife), Combat Knife, or Occam's Razor (unique Combat Knife).
- Dead animals will now only have usable meat for 6 game hours after they are killed. (This does not seem to apply to animals that were killed before you entered that cell.)
- Raw Meat Limit: You can only remove meat from animals if you have less than 4 chunks of raw meat in your inventory; plus you only have room to carry 4 chunks of raw meat (you will drop any additional raw meat).
- The Fire Starter item (added to your Inventory, under Misc., during the Med-Tec Quest) can be used to create a campfire, which can be used to cook food, to purify water, and to craft bandages (once you have purchased a Mess Kit).  "Arwen's Fire Starter Instructions" (Pip-Boy: Notes) gives the full details on using your Fire Starter. The Fire Starter is a unique item: if you lose it, the only way to get a replacement is by Restarting the Med-Tec Quest (under Med-Tec Options).
- Digestion Level When you eat, your Digestion Level increases by the amount of Food Units; and then slowly decreases when you are not eating. Your Digestion Level is displayed whenever it increases, and when it decreases by 1 Level point (it can also be checked when you do a full Med-Tec scan, under "Additional Health/Needs Stats"). Your Digestion Level also affects your Radiation Level (see below).
- Overeating:  If you eat anything when you are not hungry, you will get sick and you will gain no benefit from the food you just ate. Getting sick also increases your Digestion Level a bit (because you now have indigestion).
- Most food and water contains Bacteria, which causes Food Poisoning if it gets too high. Cooking your food and having a Mess Kit will greatly reduce the amount of Bacteria.
- Radiation Level (displayed in your scanner): This is my own unique stat, and it is different from RAD damage. When your RAD damage is 100 or higher, eating will cause your (internal) Radiation Level to increase while you are digesting food. The higher your RAD damage, the faster the rate of increase. Your Radiation Level will slowly decrease when your Digestive Level returns to 0, or whenever your RAD damage drops below 100.
- You get Radiation Sickness when your (internal) Radiation Level reaches 5. You will gain no benefits from eating or drinking when you have Radiation Sickness. You will just get sick. Your Radiation Sickness will last until your (internal) Radiation Level drops back down below 5. Important: Radiation Sickness is unique to my Med-Tec module . . . it is not in the default game . . . it is NOT the same thing as Radiation Damage (RAD damage) or Radiation Poisoning.
- Your Needs Menu (in Med-Tec Full Scan menu) gives Bacteria, Digestion, and Radiation Levels (along with 6 other stats). This will lessen the chances of getting Food Poisoning, by showing your Bacteria Level before you drink. You can drink any of your bottled water, from within the Needs Menu (or by equipping them in your PipBoy). This Menu also gives the the maximum Food Units you can safely eat. If you never eat food that has more Food Units than this safe amount, you should never get sick from eating too much. You must leave the Needs Menu to eat anything, but you have the option of opening your PipBoy directly from the menu. The menu also reminds you when your Mess Kit is not in your inventory.
- Radiation Sickness can be totally prevented if you just keep your RAD damage low. Whenever your RAD damage approaches 100, use  your Med-Tec Scanner to treat your radiation (it can target RadAway at radiated tissue much more effectively than just swallowing the pills). With the Med-Tec Scanner, RadAway treatment reduces BOTH your RAD Damage AND your Radiation sickness (taking RadAway outside of the scanner just reduces your RAD Damage). Note: you can still have Radiation Sickness even if your RAD Damage has be totally removed, as it takes it a while for your Radiation Level to drop . . . decreases by 1 Level (1 point) per game hour.

Sleep Need: You require 1 hour of Sleep for every 2 hours that you are awake.

- When your Sleep Need is 0, you won't need to sleep for 16 hours. After 16 hours you will become Sleepy (see penalties below).  After 20 hours, you'll be Very Tired.  After 24 hours, you'll be Exhausted.
- Unlike the vanilla game, you will no longer be able to take a one-hour nap and wake up fully healed. But you will slowly heal while you are sleeping (at a slower rate than when you are awake, but with the same restrictions). Which means that if you go to sleep when your Wound Level is 2 or higher, your health will not regen at all.
- Sleeping Limitations: Your Sleep Need must be at least 1 hour before you are tired enough to sleep at all.  And you can only sleep as long as you Sleep Need. If you set your Sleep amount higher, your sleep duration will instantly drop to the maximum allowed hours. You cannot sleep when you have excessive bleeding (since you would likely bleed to death).

 The Penalties (when injured or neglecting your needs)




Condition Penalty 1 Penalty 2 Penalty 3 Health Other
  Moderate Blood Loss BloodLost 8 Female: -5 CarryWt Male: -10 CarryWt -1 Intelligence HP Dam -2 Luck
  Severe Blood Loss BloodLost 12 Female: -10 CarryWt Male: -20 CarryWt -2 Intelligence HP Dam -3 Luck
  Bleeding Wound Wound Level 5 -1 Endurance   No Sleep HP Dam No HP Regen
  Infected Wound Infection Level 6 -2 to -15 DamResist (based on AR) -3 Luck HP Dam  
  Tourniquet (when used) -2 DamResist -15 AP      
  Bandaged Wound Bandaged Time -1 DamResist -10 AP      
  Bandaged Burn Bandaged Time -1 DamResist -10 AP      
  Burns (3rd Degree) Burn Level 8 -5 HP -1 Strength -2 Luck    
  Torso Trauma Trauma Level 6 -2 to -15 DamResist (based on AR) -10 AP   -2 Luck
  Left Arm Brace Splint -4/-16 Melee Weap -4/-16  Energy Weap -4/-16 *Guns   see note 1
  Right Arm Brace Splint -5/-20 Melee Weap -5/-20 Energy Weap -5/-20 *Guns   see note 1
  Left Leg Brace Splint -2 Agility -5 Carry Weight run = faster Strain    
  Right Leg Brace Splint -2 Agility -5 Carry Weight run = faster Strain    



Need Effect

Condition Penalty 1 Penalty 2 Penalty 3 Health Other
  Thirsty Water Need 14 -1 Endurance   -10 Poison Resist HP Dam  
  Very Thirsty Water Need 24 -2 Endurance -1 Intelligence -20 Poison Resist HP Dam No HP Regen
  Very Dehydrated Water Need 32 -2 Endurance -2 Intelligence -30 Poison Resist HP Dam No HP Regen
  Dying of Thirst Water Need 40 -3 Endurance -3 Intelligence -40 Poison Resist HP Dam No HP Regen
  Hungry Food Need 6 -1 Strength -1 Agility -10 Rad Resist HP Dam  
  Famished Food Need 9 -2 Strength -2 Agility -20 Rad Resist HP Dam No HP Regen
  Starving Food Need 14 -3 Strength -3 Agility -30 Rad Resist HP Dam No HP Regen
  Sleepy Sleep Need 8 -1 Perception -1 Intelligence -1 Luck HP Dam  
  Very Tired Sleep Need 10 -1 Perception -2 Intelligence -2 Luck HP Dam  
  Exhausted Sleep Need 12 -2 Perception -2 Intelligence -3 Luck HP Dam No HP Regen
  Delirious Sleep Need 16 -3 Perception -3 Intelligence -4 Luck HP Dam No HP Regen

Notes on Penalties:

Note 1: amount these weapon skills are reduced is based on Permanent Actor Values for the skill (reduced least when skills are < 25, and  greatest amount when skills are > 50).  *Guns: refers to both SmallGuns amd BigGuns Skills.

Other notes: A few of the injury penalties are different, depending on the player character's gender.  This was to make the penalties more balanced with my Gender Bonuses (part of my Hard-Core Quest). 

Burn Penalty (Burn Level 8 and higher): The amount of your HP damage is determined by a script, so the amount is not displayed is your Stats correctly (it will only give -5 HP).  Once your Burn Level drops below 8, your HP damage penalty will end.

When you are Thirsty you will cough, which will alert any nearby enemies (when Very Thirsty or Very Dehydrated, you will also lose a few HPs).
When you are Sleepy you will yawn, which will alert any nearby enemies (when Exhausted or Delirious, you will also lose a few HPs).
When you are Hungry your stomach will growl, which will alert any nearby enemies (when Famished, or Starving, you will also lose a few HPs).

[Note that the above coughing, yawning, and stomach growing are not meant to be the cause of your health loss; it is the lack of water, food, and sleep that are the cause.  I just used the sound events to trigger the HP damage.]

Page Menu: | Intro | My Vision | Latest Version | Realism Core | Encumbrance | Hard-Core | Med-Tec | One Life | Install & Misc.

Arwen's Realism Tweaks
# 5: One Life Module

This module is totally Optional, but it does Require that my Realism Core module is installed!

I designed this module to expand my Med-Tec module, so it includes some features that will be disabled if my Med-Tec module is not also installed and activated.

My One Life module totally changes the way the player character's death is handled.  In the default game, when your HPs are reduce to zero, your character dies (your game basically ends at that point, and your last saved game is reloaded, so that you can try again).  With One Life active, your character now survives, but has been left for dead, looted, and tossed aside. Using my One Life module will likely have a major impact on the way you play the game. (You may find that you are now stashing weapons, ammo, and armor in safe locations, where you can retrieve them upon your "death.")

- One Life Quest starts about 3 minutes after Med-Tec quest is completed [or after Hard-Core quest, if Med-Tec is not active]. The quest is paused when you are in an interior cell, or are flagged as being in combat.
- This optional module was balanced to be used with my Full Realism Tweaks. It does not require my Med-Tec module, but was coded to work with my Med-Tec Injuries and Needs.
- You no longer die. Instead you now pass out and are left for dead. When you finally do come to again, you discover that you have been looted. This is my own unique concept, where your character's death becomes a major penalty, instead of just an inconvenient reload.
- Important! Auto-Saves need to be disabled when this module is active, and please do not use Quick-Saves or Quick-Loads (or any mod that alters the default saves or adds automatic saves). This module relies on my scripted saves, and if the most recent save is not a OneLife save, the module will not function correctly (death will just result in a default reload).
- There are now two different ways that will result in your "death":
  1.) Normal Death happens when your HPs are reduced to zero faster than Near Death can save you. This should result in an automatic reload of my OneLife_Death save, along with my added penalties for "dying."
  2.) Near Death kicks in just before your HPs bottom out. You immediately pass out and are revived, usually without an automatic reload (the penalties are mostly identical to Normal Death).
- Your Stats are saved in a special One Life scripted save. Timed saves happen about every 6 real minutes (as long as your health is greater than 15%). Plus changing armor, equipping a different weapon, and significant inventory changes will all trigger a One Life save.
- Your character is generally revived at your last Revival Point, which are updated after a One Life save is made or when you move between interior and exterior cells.
- Both your Revival Point and your Saved Stats are also updated immediately after loading a saved game.
- You are looted of 40% to 90% of your caps (Luck based) and half your Stimpaks. If you have more than 16 ammo for your equipped weapon, half this ammo will be looted. There is a 33% chance that your equipped Weapon will be looted (if it is not looted, it is damaged, unequipped, and returned to your inventory). Your equipped body armor receives 10% damage on each Near Death, to simulate the damage it took when you were injured (it is looted on Normal Death, but you can buy it back from the merchant who ended up with it).
- Time has passed while you were unconscious (1.8 to 6 game hours), based mostly on your character's Endurance, but with Strength also factored in.
- If you are wearing sunglasses when you die, they are returned to your inventory (prevents Shades effect from making it too dark to see).
- If my Med-Tec module is also active, your injuries are adjusted so that player should generally not die while unconscious. And your Stimpaks will not be looted, since your Med-Tec injuries generally increase when you "die."
  Rescue feature (Med-Tec module must be active): Kicks in when you trigger a One Life death (works with both Normal Death and Near Death), AND only when your injury levels are high, AND when you have no stimpaks and no bandages left. You will then revive at a safer location, where your injuries have been treated (but you may still be in pretty rough shape). Being rescued comes with even greater penalties than my other One Life revivals, so this should be something to avoid.
- One Life saves are done as a pair: the OneLife_Death save automatically revives your character after they die (Normal Death); and the OneLife_Alive saves can be loaded at anytime (without penalties), should your game crash (or as a convenient restore point). Only the last the OneLife_Death save and the last three OneLife_Alive saves are kept (the oldest save will be overwritten at the next automatic Stat save), so you may want to do an occasional manual save. (But, if you die before my scripted save is updated, the default death/reload will be triggered).
- Loading the last OneLife_Alive save will just restore your game at the last One Life backup autosave. Loading the last OneLife_Death save will initiate a Normal Death, with the normal One Life death penalties (useful if you experienced a CTD on death). But you should avoid loading a One Life save from a previous gaming session (after starting the game), as the game doesn't like loading older Revival points, after new ones have been set.
- When you are finished with a game session, you should always make a manual save before you quite the game (and you should always load your manual save when you resume your game).
- One Life can be enabled or disable at any time in my Options Menu (under "Misc Settings"). Whenever you disable One Life, you should also delete all the One Life saves (because disabling it also cleans up the revival makers).
- Some users have experienced increased CTDs when using my One Life module. I've tried my best to make to optimize my scripts, but this seems to be system specific. Starting with version 8.0, my download archive also includes a 'Lite' version of One Life, that should work for users who are having problems with my regular One Life.


Tips on reducing the chances of a CTD when using my One Life module:
- The game was never designed to do what my One Life module does, so it can cause some issues, if you do not follow my instructions below:
1.) First of all, it is REALLY important that you make a manual save before you quite the game. My One Life saves were never intended to replace manual saves. Yes, they can be used to reload your game . . . but this should only be done if your crashes during game play.  After all, the whole intent of One Life is to play the game, while accepting the consequences  . . . including "death." 
2.) Do NOT hit ESC to stop a One Life Death . . . doing so could corrupt your game. My One Life scripts are a bit complex as they interact with each other, and once an action (like the death trigger sequence) begins, you really need to just let it run through its completion. When your character "dies," the best thing you can do to lessen the chance of a script crash, is to take you hands of your mouse and keyboard.  Moving the curser around or entering commands before the death/revival is completed is a really bad thing to do.
3.) When you start a new game session, do NOT load a One Life save.  Load your last manual save (see #1 tip).  The game apparently doesn't like loading One Life Saves from an earlier game session, or using earlier Reset Points (which are in the save). These saves may load ok, but there's a good chance that they won't.
  If you ever really need to load a One Life save (like when you neglected to make a manual save), in most cases they will work . . . but they may cause a CTD on the first attempt (for some reason, a second attempt to load the same save often works just fine).
4.) When you are playing the game, if you want to load an earlier save, don't just hit ESC and load a save . . . quit back to the main menu, and then select "Load Game" from there. (For some reason, this seems to work better . . . perhaps it clears out the memory or something),
5.) If you’re having trouble loading a saved game, after you have been playing the game for awhile, start a new game and then load your saved game from the new game. Then save the game with a new name, and play only from this save forward (this seems to clean up stuff that slowly accumulates in the game as you make saves.)
If the above tips do not help (your game still keeps crashing), you may be one of the unfortunate people who cannot use my regular One Life module. Stating with version 8.0, my download archive file also includes my 'Lite' version of One Life, which will likely work for you. To switch to the 'Lite' version of One Life (after installing the regular version):
  a.) In the Options Menu, select 'Other Optional Settings,' click on 'Disable One Life.' Then close the menu.
  b.) Make a manual save and quit to the game's main menu.
  c.) Delete all the One Life saves and then exit the game.
  d.) Start FOMM, and uncheck the Arwen_OneLife.esp
  e.) Start the game and load your last manual save (the one you made after you disabled One Life).
  f.) Make a New manual save and immediately quit your game completely (this is your clean save, with One Life uninstalled).
  g.) Start FOMM, open the Package Manager, select my mod (Arwen's Realism Tweaks), and click on the 'Reactivate' button. When you select with of my optional modules you want, check 'One Life - Lite Module' (make sure that you also select any compatibility patches you need). Close the Package Manager, check that my esps are placed correctly in the your load order.
  h.) Load your Last save and only play from this point forward. After my One Life Quest is completed, the 'Lite' version will begin making One Life saves. The only difference is that the death saves are now named "OneLife_NearDeath." [Note: no revival points are set in the 'Lite' version.]


Page Menu: | Intro | My Vision | Latest Version | Realism Core | Encumbrance | Hard-Core | Med-Tec | One Life | Install & Misc.

Arwen's Realism Tweaks - Installation & Compatibility

Bundled Compatibility Patches:

Select the ones you need on my Realism Tweaks Setup menu (when the mod is activated with FOMM).

  See my Compatibility Patches ReadMe for the details on all of these patches (Arwen_Compatibility_Patches.txt).
1.) GOTY Compatibility Patches (select any that apply):
a.) GOTY/Realism Core Compatibility Patch (Arwen_GOTY_Realism_Core.esp): Requires that you have All 5 DLC (or GOTY edition) installed, and loaded BEFORE my Realism Core module. This patch extends my Realism Core changes into all 5 DLC, which will bring the DLC expansions more in line with the changes that my Realism Tweaks makes to the default game.
b.) GOTY/Med-Tec Patch (Arwen_GOTY_Med-Tec.esp): Requires ALL 5 DLCs, Plus my Met-Tec module)adds Aqua Pura, and other GOTY ingestibles to the items that reduce hunger and thirst.
2.) MMM Compatibility Patches (requires Marts Mutant Mod RC6.2): Two versions - select only one.
a.) Marts Mutant Mod Patch (Arwen_MMM_Patch.esp): Use this one if you are not using my Med-Tec module. Prevents Mart's Mutant Mod's AI scripts from conflicting with my Realism Core's Smarter AI.
b.) Marts Mutant Mod Patch - Med-Tec version (Arwen_MMM_Med-Tec_Patch.esp): Same as the above patch, but also adds MMM meats to hunger-reducing food items, plus the ability to cook MMM meat on your campfire, and all my other Med-Tec balances. Also reduces the walking sounds of the iguanas.
3.) RH_IronSights Compatibility Patches (requires RH_IronSights-FOSE BETA).Two versions (select only one):
a.) RH_Ironsights Patch (Arwen_RH_IronSights_Patch.esp): Use this one if you are NOT using Fallout's GOTY version (or The Pitt DLC). Prevents conflicts between RH_Ironsights' guns and my Realism Tweaks. Also enables my optional Perception-Based Accuracy to work with RH_IronSights.
b.) RH_Ironsights GOTY Patch (Arwen_RH_IronSights_GOTY_Patch.esp): Use this one if you have Fallout's GOTY version installed (or The Pitt DLC). Same as the above patch, but also adds compatibility with The Pitt DLC.
4.) Other Compatibility Patches:
- EVE Patch (Arwen_EVE_Patch.esp): Adds my mod's Blast Effect, and increased explosive force and radius to the the Plasma and Frag (Ammo Box) explosions, and retains EVE’s visual effects. Requires EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced installed in your game, and loaded before my Realism Core.
- Brahamin Dairy Products Patch (Arwen_Brahamin_Med-Tec_Patch.esp): Makes the Brahamin food and drinks compatible with my Med-Dec module. Requires  Brahamin Dairy Products installed in your game, and loaded before my Realism Core.

Non-Bundled Compatibility Patches (available on my Mod's Nexus download page, under Optional Files):
- Arwen - EVE_Paradox Patch added (Arwen_EVE_Patch.esp) This is an optional compatibility patch for the "EVE 097 Unified Paradox Install" version of EVE (12/08/13). It will ONLY work correctly with this version of EVE. [NOTE: the above EVE compatibility patch that comes bundled with my Realism Tweaks is currently (through v.8.1 of my Tweaks) ONLY for the earlier version of EVE (EVE 097 Unified Install). This is because the EVE Paradox version requires DLC, which is optional with my Tweaks.]

Installation (and Updating):
IMPORTANT! Version 8.0 requires that you start a NEW game, so I STRONGLY advise against trying to use this version with an older save. [I left my Clean Save instructions in just for future updates.]

Part A.) Prepare your Saved Game & Uninstall Previous Version:
- When you will be starting a new game, you only need to do step 7 (if it applies) and then install.
1.) Start the game and load the save you want to continue from.
2.) If you are using my Med-Tec module, opened the in-game Med-Tec Options menu, and click on "Prepare to Uninstall."
3.) Unequip ALL clothing, hats, helmets, & eye wear. Ensures that your stats are not being altered by "enchanted" clothing.
4.) Make sure your SPECIALs are not being reduced (-) or increased (+) by any effects (if any are, wait for the effect to wear off).
5.) Also make sure your PipBoy Light is OFF (or you'll mess up your sneak skills).
6.) Immediately save your game to a new save slot (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game.
7.) Uninstall any previous version of my Realism Tweaks. [Open the FOMM, open Package Manager, select "Arwen's Realism Tweaks," and click the "Deactivate button. Then right click on "Arwen's Realism Tweaks," and pick delete.]
8.) If you are not going to immediately reinstall my Realism Tweaks, you MUST also remove any edits that you made to the hud_main_menu.xml file [see "HUD Setup" below].
- Note: When a Clean save is required, you have make a SECOND new save AFTER uninstalling the previous version. This is the CLEAN save, since it does not include any part of my mod.

Part B.) Installation of my Realism Tweaks with FOMM:
1.) Open the Package Manager, click the "Add New" button, and select Arwen_Realism_Tweaks_8_1.7z (or current version).
2.)  After the fomod is created, find and select "Arwen's Realism Tweaks" and click on the "Activate" button.
3.) The "Arwen's Realism Tweaks Setup" will appear. The Core Master and the Realism Core module will already be checked. Check any additional modules you want in your game, also make sure you check any compatibility patches that you may need. (Note: clicking on the module/patch name will give you information about it.) Then click on the "Install" button.
4.) The esps should be their correct load order (but check Load Order section below).
5.) Follow my "HUD Setup" instructions, to add my Fatigue and Strain HUD displays.
6.) Start the game and load your previous saved game (or begin a new game), and continue playing from this point only.

HUD Setup
  Same instructions for both DarN UI and default UI:
1.) You must edit your existing hud_main_menu.xml file for my Fatigue and Strain Meters to be displayed in your HUD readout (the two meters are independent of each other).
2.) The hud_main_menu.xml file is found under data\menus\main. Make a backup copy before editing (comes in handy when you uninstall my Tweaks). [If there is no hud_main_menu.xml file, you can just add my edited version, found under data\menus\prefabs\Arwen\main. Just copy and paste it into data\menus\main.]
3.) Open up the hud_main_menu.xml file in a text editor (such as Notepad++)
4.) Just above the last line, paste the following line of code: <include src="Arwen\Fatigue_HUD.xml"/>
5.) If you are using the Strain HUD from my Encumbrance Quest, the following line of code is also needed:
<include src="Arwen\Strain_HUD.xml"/>

Note: For both Fatigue and Strain meters, the last three lines should look like:



<include src="Arwen\Strain_HUD.xml"/>
<include src="Arwen\Fatigue_HUD.xml"/>
6.) Save and close the file.
7.) Your Fatigue stat should now appear in your HUD, below all your other stats, as: "Fatigue: xx%."
Your Strain stat should now appear in your HUD as: "Strain: xx%."
[Note: you will likely have to move one or both displays (see next step) and they will not work correctly until the modules have been initialized.]
8.) Move the Fatigue HUD by holding down the Sneak key (Lf-Ctrl by default) for 2 seconds, and using the arrow keys to move it. Move the Strain HUD by holding down the grab key (z by default). After you have move the displays where you want them, save your game (so that you don't have to do this again). You can move them any time.
9.) Note: If you install any mods that overwrite the hud_main_menu.xml, and my Fatigue and/or Strain HUD displays disappear, you will have to add my line(s) of code again.


Load Order:
- In order to insure that all my Tweaks are being applied, and that other mods are not overriding any, put the esps near the end of your load order (generally after any mods that make changes to same portions of the game).
  1.) Arwen_Core.esm [required] (this should be the last esm loaded, to ensure that it is not being overwritten)
  2.) Arwen_Realism_Core.esp [required] (put as low as possible in your load order)
  3.) Arwen_Med-Tec.esp [optional]
  4.) Arwen_OneLife.esp OR Arwen_NV_OneLife_Lite [optional]
  See my Load Order Section for more details.

Compatibility: I've attempted to make all my mods are completely compatible with all the mods on my mod list (also see my Load Order Section for load order details).
- DLC and GOTY Edition: compatible with all the DLC, in that they should not cause any conflicts. Most of my mod's gameplay changes are global in how they alter the DR of weapons and the AR of armor. So ALL DLC-added weapons and armor will also be affected by my Tweaks. If you have the GOTY edition installed or have all 5 DLCs, you should install one of my GOTY Realism Core patches.
- Marts Mutant Mod: fully compatible, if you load MMM before my Realism Tweaks, and install one of my MMM compatibility patches.
- EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced: fully compatible, if you load EVE before my Realism Core module, and install my EVE compatibility patch.
- RH_IronSights - FOSE: fully compatible, but only with my RH_IronSights compatibility patches.
- Feminized Power Armor: should be compatible if you load it after my Realism Core module.

- Do NOT use my Realism Tweaks with other balancing mods that make changes to the same game elements, as this will unbalance the game play (by making some things too easy, while making others too difficult).
- My Realism Tweaks are not compatible with mods that alter the specs of default armor/clothing (but may be compatible with mods that ONLY add cosmetic changes).
- My Realism Tweaks are not compatible with mods that alter the specs of default weapons or default projectiles . . . although it should be compatible with mods that only make cosmetic changes to weapons (the exceptions are non-blade melee weapons, shotguns, and the few ranged weapons that my mod alters).
- My Med-Tec module is not compatible with ANY mods that add injuries, treatments, or needs (or that modify food, beverages, or chemical/medicine).
- My Realism Tweaks are NOT compatible with FOOK or FWE (even though my earlier Smarter AI module is integrated into FWE)

Known Issues or Bugs:
- Med-Tec Module: If you are playing the game and then load a different save, my scripts will increase your Needs, based on the time differences between the saves.  To fix this, just reload the second save again (and the Needs will be set to what they were when the game was saved to that saved file).
- Lost Fire Starter item: To get a new one, you have to Reset the Med-Tec Quest. This is an option in the [Med-Tec Options].


Unconscious PC: If you load a game which was saved while your character was unconscious, your character will likely have to endure all sorts of really weird and humiliating graphic effects (such as their body melting, stretching, falling through the game mesh, or being launched through the air). If they somehow manage to survive this ordeal, their body should return to normal. I know of no way to correct this, as it seems to be a game bug.
Work around: don't load a game that was saved while your character was unconscious.

Coming in my Next Update:
- Version 8.0 was released on Jan 13, 2014, and was meant to be my final update . . . but if any bugs show up, I'll likely release a minor update or a patch/hot fix.

Link: Arwen's Realism Tweaks discussion thread on the Official Fallout 3 mod Forum.

Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Russian Translation (v.6.2) Russian Link 1
Russian Translation (v.6.1) Russian Link 2
Russian Translation (v.5.9) Russian Link 3

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