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(Updated April 02, 2014

Arwen's Mod List
part Three
Realism Mods

(Mods for better role-playing . . . that is often also more challenging.)

Realism mods have always greatly enhanced my role-playing experience. Some of these mods in this section do not make the game any harder - they just more it a bit more realistic.  But others listed here (like Marts Mutant Mod) are what I call Extreme Realism mods, because they also make the game much more challenging.

Alternate Start - Roleplayers v.3.0 (3/06/10) - by Khet:

"significantly speeds up the character creation process (skips the birth and entire vault tutorial area) and aims to change up the first few levels of the game a bit by adding new history choices. These choices can, and will impact the entire game as you play through. They will permanently modify your SPECIAL, Perks, and/or Skills. Each History also possesses a unique starting location, along with unique gear. There is a history called No Significant Background for those that don't wish to have their stats modified. You start off with the same equipment as the Vault Dweller but no bonuses or penalties are applied to SPECIAL, Skills, Perks, or anything else.

Instead of going through the birth scene and Vault 101 you are teleported into an empty shack, fully grown. Simply activate the nearby terminal and choose/edit your Name, Race, Tag Skills, SPECIAL and a new History. After that, activate the nearby mattress. Please note that you CANNOT play the game without setting Name, Race, Tags, SPECIAL and History. If any of these have not been set you will NOT be able to activate the bed.

WARNING: "Certain history choices will add the player to a new faction. In some cases this can make certain areas inaccessible, the main quest unplayable (or even side quests) and carry a very significant impact on the game!"

Changes in newest version (released 3/06/10, but still labeled as v.3.0):

- Equipment has been removed from the door and added to a footlocker at the foot of your bed.
- You can now choose to run through the Vault 101 tutorial, or start ASR normally.
- Animation now plays properly when player wakes up in the shack.
- All starting ammo has been TRIPLED. Assault Rifle now gets 144 rounds, 10mm pistol now gets 72 rounds, etc.
- Agent profession now actually starts with ammo
- Conditions of weapons and armor have been increased and decreased based on how 'easy' the profession is to start with
- Tony quest is expanded slightly, only one new step so far
- The shack has received some home improvement, making it a bit more "player house" friendly
- Various minor tweaks, a few spelling fixes, etc.
- In addition to being able to choose to start the Vault 101 tutorial, the Finding Tony quest will be COMPLETELY disabled if you choose to run the tutorial. The quest is meant for ASR starts only.

Arwen Note: The original start is rather clever and was fun to play through a couple of times, but by my forth new game it had become quite tedious. This mod makes it much faster to get into the main game. I've only tried the "Vault Dweller" history. When a history adds your character to faction, the faction is listed under "Other Bonuses" (this is to clarify the above warning).

Compatibility: My Realism Tweaks  (since v.5.5) should now be fully compatible, even if you are using my Hard-Core module (your stats and tagged skills will be reset once the module kicks in).

Alternate Start - Roleplayers

Updated 04/13/11: The above Alternate Start - Roleplayers mod has not been available for a while.  As an alternative, you might try Alternate Start - Roleplayers plus Grognak The Barbarian, or the Alternate Start mod. I have not tested these with my Realism Tweaks, but they should probably compatible.

Ammo Weight v.1.0 (12/21/08) - by AnT01:

"This mod adds some weight to the ammo. Different ammo types weights differently. There also 2 minor weight mod's in the archive (WeightMedMod - add weight to all the medicine, WeightMiscMod - add weight to the money and caps)."

"This Mod doesn't change the base objects, so you can use it with other ammo related mod's (like re texturing or price change)."

Game Changes:

Darts; BB Ammo; 5mm = 0.01
10mm; .32 Caliber; Electron Charge Pack; Small Energy Cell; Alien Power Cell = 0.03
Railway Spikes; .44 Magnum; .308 Caliber; 5.56mm; Microfusion Cell; Flamer Fuel = 0.05
Shotgun Shell; Mesmetron Cell =0.1
Missile = 1.0
Mini Nuke = 3.0


- WeightMedMod.esp: All drugs and meds weight set to 0.2
- WeightMiscMod.esp: Bobby Pin; Bottle Cap; Pre-war Money = 0.01; Cherry Bomb and some trophies = 0.1; Holotags = 0.05"

Arwen Note: This mod makes the game more realistic by adding weight to ammo. Now you have to actually think about picking up ammo that you might not immediately need. I'm not using the optional esps, as I'm using other mods that affect the weights of those items. But I am using the add-on mod (the next mod).


Displayed Ammo Weight[requires FOSE]  v.11.09.2009 (11/10/09) - by OnmyojiOmn:

REQUIRES: AmmoWeight, DarNified UI F3, and FOSE

"Ammunition in Fallout 3 has no weight. The AmmoWeight mod fudges it by adding an invisible item to your inventory in order to represent the weight of carried ammo, but the weight of the ammo itself is not shown to the player. DAV Weighted AmmoWeight puts the weight in the item name, but I find that it makes the item list look more cluttered.

This mod is an alternative to DAV Weighted AmmoWeight. It puts the weight value for ammo right in the user interface, just like any other item. Displayed Ammo Weight  and Fallout Script Extender 1.1. It's not compatible with mods that change base ammunition stats, including things like FWE and FOOK2, and it will only work for the types of ammo included in the original game. This mod was made with DUI Alpha 11, but it may stay compatible with future versions. It will be compatible with future versions of FOSE."

Arwen Note: Previously I was using DAV Weighted Ammo, but I never liked the way that weight was just tacked onto the ammo name.  This mod finally displays the ammo weight just the same as any other item (but you do need to have both DarNified UI F3 and FOSE installed to use this mod).

Note that this is an add-on for the above Ammo Weight mod.  So you need to also install Ammo Weight and load it before this mod.  If you don't, the weight of all ammo will be still be displayed, but ammo will not actually add any weight to your load.

Displayed Ammo Weight

Arwen Note: This next one is not so much an extreme realism mod as a realism/frustration-fixing mod:

Auto Aim Fix - Headshot Deluxe Edition v.1.1 (4/18/09) - by rlilewis:

"This mod does two things:
1) Stops bullets rising when you shoot further than 30meters.
2) Disables* the aim bot (auto aim) [* When I say "disabled" I actually mean worked around because the auto aim cannot be truly disabled, only tweaked.]

This mod allows you to do the following:
- Shoot peoples heads or whatever at extreme ranges 150+ meters (extreme for fallout anyway)
- Shoot someone's arm while their torso is concealed behind a wall (no aim bot)
- Shoot peoples feet/legs while their torso is behind a wall
- Stops your bullets rising up/down/to the side to hit someone's torso
- Your bullets will no longer track enemy movement"

Arwen Note: When I first began shooting my gun, I thought that I was doing something wrong, as I couldn't seem to hit where I was aiming. It turns out that most of my missies were the result of the auto aim "feature."

Compatibility: This is NOT compatible with my Skill Based Accuracy (one of my Realism Tweaks' options).

Auto Aim Fix - Headshot Deluxe Edition

Community Ammunition Library - CALIBR v.1.4 (08/28/10) - by Tubal:

... an attempt to standardize the ammunition used by different weapon addons and modifications. Two mods that add weapons in the same caliber will not otherwise be able to use each other ammunition (assuming they do not use existing FO3 ammunition), leading to conflicts or duplicated but incompatible ammunition.

An example: modder A adds the M14 rifle, which uses 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. Modder B adds the FN FAL, which uses the same caliber. Even though they are able to use the same bullets in the real world, in Fallout 3 they cannot.

The mod does not modify existing weapons, ammunition, or other aspects of the game, and if no CALIBR compatible mods are installed it will not affect the game at all.

Arwen Note: You should add this mod if you install any CALIBR compatible weapon.

Community Ammunition Library - CALIBR

Companion Behaviour Overhaul (cbo) - v.1.4.1 (3/17/09) - by christophkk:

... aiming at improving and tweaking companion behaviour to be more realistic and useful.

The Companion Behaviour Overhaul Menu, accessible by talking to your followers, lets you customize nearly every aspect of this mod. You'll be able to set essential state, healing rate, Stimpak usage threshold, turn on/off radiation effects and water source usage, make unique follower equipment available and choose between several combat style variants for every single companion.

- You can now contact your follower on CBO Radio - but they have to be fairly close by, and even then this does not always work, as they are often "unavailable" (as in too busy?).
- You can now issue orders to your companions.
- Instead of fully restoring health at the end of combat, companions will regain health slowly over time.
- A deadly wounded companion will not die immediately but can sometimes be reanimated by the player.
- Radiation has been fully implemented for companions (vanilla doesn't support radiation for NPCs at all).
- Companions will utilize drugs now, such as RadAway and RadX (You have to treat Dogmeat yourself).
- All human and ghoul companions will eat food from time to time, if they've got some in their inventory
- All companions, except for RL-3, can utilize water sources to heal themselves (but with radiation effects)
- Dogmeat won't eat food (and you can't feed him) but is able to use every other feature. If you are hurt badly in combat, Dogmeat will get very angry trying to defend you. He'll be able to do and sustain more damage and to knock over even the biggest adversary.

Arwen Note: This mod that makes a LOT of changes to companions, along with full animation. There are also a number of compatibility patches to use with some of the popular user-made companions. I've only used this mod with the Dogmeat companion and it seems to work well. I did have to set it so that Dogmeat wasn't affected by radiation, as drinking water kept killing him (this is perhaps due to Real Injuries, which removes the healing effects from water). One feature that I really like is that Dogmeat won't follow you when you are in sneak mod - which works like an automatic "stay" command (and he will run to you just as soon as exit sneak mod).

Load Order: Install and load CBO BEFORE Project Beauty HD. See my load order section.

Companion Behaviour Overhaul

DK BulletTime v.1.0.3 (2/20/09) - by Dunderklumpen:

"Bullet time is the ability to slow down the world around you, allowing you more time, to aim, make decisions, and shoot. While time is slowed, you will burn Action Points. When your action points reach 0 normal time will resume. While you are in Bullet Time you can turn it off, saving those precious Actions for VATS, or another burst of Bullet Time.

BulletTime works best with the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), but will also work without it. The differences are described below."

Using BulletTime (FOSE): If you are using the FOSE version of BulletTime, you can choose a key to turn on and off BulletTime. See configuration below

Using BulletTime (non FOSE): To Turn on Bullet Time, go to the Aid section of your inventory and use the "<Bullet Time Activator>". You can hotkey this Aid, and this is highly recomm/ended. To turn off Bullet Time simple use the Bullet Time Activator while Bullet Time is turned on" (or press the appropriate Hotkey again). The Bullet Time Activator is an on-off switch.

Arwen Note: On the surface BulletTime might not seem much at all like an "Extreme Realism" mod, since most would say there is nothing realistic about being able to slow down time around you. But if you've ever been involved in any intense activities, such as intense sports, you would understand that at the most intensive levels, it can feel like everything around you is moving in slow motion. Besides, BulletTime is much more realistic than VATS (which I no longer even use), and this mod does fit my Extreme Realism definition in that it does "make your game world much more realistic, immersive, and challenging." In my own game, I use BulletTime for emergencies . . . when I would likely be killed without it.  This mod works great (with its default settings) with my Realism Tweaks mod, and seems to be quite balanced with my reduced Action Points.

DK BulletTime

Dogmeat Never Dies - v.0.1 (4/13/09) - by Silencer113:

"Ever Wished that you could go out into the wasteland with Dogmeat without worrying about him going and getting himself killed? Well with this simple mod all you have to do is fast travel to the scrap yard (I've added in a map marker you can automatically fast travel to), save Dogmeat and go on normally."

Arwen Note: Dogmeat is my favorite companion, but my furry friend has a really bad habit of getting himself killed, often by drinking too much radiated water (he loves drinking from toilets and fire hydrants). CBO adds radiation effects for companions (which is realistic), and it gives me a message when Dogmeat has gotten exposed to a large amount of radiation - but, even when I'm carrying RadAway (and the necessary CPR drugs), I don't always get to him in time. And there's nothing sadder than a dog dying.

Ok, so dying is part of reality. So why did I put this mod with reality if it cheats death? We, when my character dies, I'm automatically transported back in time to my last save (which isn't exactly realistic). When Dogmeat died I pretty much did the same thing manually - by loading my last saved game, which really breaks immersion. With this mod I just figure that Dogmeat was hurt and couldn't find me, so he returned to his former home. And it's much more immersive to have to retrieve him, rather than just load a saved game - even though it is a bit of a pain to retrieve him (since I don't use fast travel, it can sometimes be a very long walk).

Load Order: Load before Companion Behaviour Overhaul

Dogmeat Never Dies

EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced v.1.0 (10/13/10) - by Wei Jiesen and Cipscis:

"This will make you start using energy weapons. If you already use them, this will make you think Christmas came early. ... One thing (of the countless) that always bothered me in FO3 was the fact that all laser beams were the same strength. A laser rifle is supposed to be the most focused and intense, so why does a laser gatling shoot the SAME beam? In EVE, ALL lasers have an appropriate beam intensity that matches the laser's strength."

- 15 new custom animated "Critical Kills" for laser/plasma
- New muzzle flashes for all laser/plasma
- New enhanced projectiles for all laser/plasma
- New realistic animated impacts for all laser/plasma
- New ultra real textures for all laser/plasma (animated laser weapon meshes too)
- New sounds for laser/plasma weapons (new firing sounds different for each robot too)
- Varied laser beam strengths (visually) for laser weapon types
- New custom explosions for Plasma Grenade and Mine
- New "Critical hit effects" for laser/plasma"

Arwen Note: Being that Eve is my middle name, I sort of had to give this one a try . . . and I'm very happy that I did. I'm really impressed with the unique visual effects that this mod adds to energy weapons. The name implies that this mod only changes visuals, but this mod also makes some weapons more deadly, by adding critical effects that cause damage to continue for a few seconds (as a burn really does), and it adds some blinding effect with headshots (affect both PC and NPCs, but not robots).

WARNING: this mod is graphically VERY demanding, so you need a pretty good system to run it without getting a major bog down in your FPS.

Installation: This mod has an extra folder that is not part of EVE . . . but you have to look for it, as it will not install with FOMM, because of the way it was packaged (you'll just und up with a BONUS MATERIAL folder in your FO3 Data directory, which you have to manually move to the correct file locations). What this is is ERROR - Extreme Robot OverHaul, which is a preview of a mod that Jiesen is also working on. "These are quick meshes and textures to replace the BORING dull original ones. Mister Gutsy, Sentrybot, and Sentry Turret." The final mod will apparently be much more of an overhaul, but I really like these new textures, so I'm using them in my game.

Eve is now be fully compatible with my Realism Tweaks (as long as you also install my EVE compatibility patch).
Fallout 3 Re-Animated is currently NOT compatible, so you should only use one of these mods at a time.

EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced

Marts Mutant Mod v.1.0.RC-6.2 (11/14/10) - by Martigen:

This mod is a port of MMM from Oblivion to Fallout 3. It focuses on adding a huge range of diversity to creatures and NPCs in the Fallout 3 world as well as adding new and unique creatures and NPCs to encounter. The mod is broken down into a core base and a range of optional modules.

The key results the mod achieves are:

* Every creature and NPC is unique with its own stats, size, confidence, health, damage and even skin (texture)
* Creatures and NPCs suffer improved wounding effects such as visible bleeding and statistic penalties
* Creatures and NPCs can loot the corpses of fallen enemies, after which you can find this loot if you kill them
* Creatures and NPCs have improved behavioral AI based on class -- in any given group some may be aggressive towards you, some may be ambivalent, and others may avoid you outright.
* Configurable increased spawns allow you tailor how many creatures and NPCs spawn in the game at any given spawn point
* Improved faction system to better reflect inter-faction relations and ensure the player isn't the center of the universe
* New creatures and NPCs to add variety to the wasteland -- all hand-crafted with their own stats, abilities, loot, weapons, textures and in some cases scripted AI behavior.

Arwen Note: This mod does a LOT more than I can cover here (see the full description at the download site). I'm also currently using the following optional esps:

Hunting & Looting: creatures & NPCs will loot the corpses of fallen foes, taking what they can. If you then kill them, you will find this loot on their corpse. This can include weapons, ammo, armor, food, and drugs.

Natural Selection: ensures creatures and NPCs properly attack or ignore foes logically based on type, as well as ensure the PC isn't the centre of the universe.

Tougher Traders: By default MMMF3 will automatically protect Scavengers from being beat-up on by the local wildlife, while still enabling them to be killed by the player, and the same is true of Traders if you load this plugin. Traders were made optional for this protection so that you can use mods like Roadwarden where you play quests to protect Traders from attack. If you don't want Traders getting killed off mid-game, load this.

Zones Respawn: By default most areas, especially interiors, in Fallout 3 are marked as 'Never Resets' such that once you clear an area, it stays cleared. This module enables these areas to respawn, with the exception of areas which shouldn't, such as the Vaults and some areas related to the main quest line. This does not change the amount of time before a cell 'resets', which defaults to 3 days.

"No" Plugins (No Floaters, No Ghoul Raise, No Wanamingos): Removes specific creatures and features. (Personally I didn't want Floaters or Wanamingos in my game, and Ghoul Raising isn't compatible with my Gore_No_More mod)

Plus the 5 MMM DLC esps: you may want to install these if you have the DLC

Version 6.2 Hotfix:
- Fixed selling or placing Live Iguana into a container crashing the game
- Fixed rare occurance of Deathclaws anti-launch fix being reset
- Added Iguana Flesh in place of Iguana bits when looting a dead Iguana
- Increased health on raised ghouls by 10%
- DLC Zeta: Fixed (properly) Zeta garbage chute crash due to inherited loot list
- DLC Broken Steel: Added missing Super Mutant blood samples from SM loot

Load Order: load after most other esps - see my Mod Load Order section

Compatibility: MMM is fully compatible with my My Realism Tweaks as long as you also install my  MMM Compatibility Patch. But you MUST have MMM v.1.0.RC.6.1 installed and updated with the v.6.2 Hotfix (use link below).

Marts Mutant Mod

Modified handgun Holster animations v.1.2 (10/14/09) - by Kenkuro:

"It modifies animations of equip, unequip (sneak too ), holster. Moreover it adds one holster to the game which can hold many, maybe, all handguns."

Choose the holster that doesn't conflict with your addons ( in the name of the holster b2 means body addon 2).
The holsters can be found in Springvale ... in the mailbox near the Vault 101 exit.

Version 1.2 changes:
- The female holster finally suits to female legs : use a type 5 or type 3 body for best results
- Tweaked the animations to match the new position of the holster

Arwen Note: In the unmodded game, your character's pistol (and other small hand guns) just sort of stick to their side . . . sort of like they are Velcroed to your hip. This mod gives you two cool new semi-universal thigh holster (one for all the smaller guns and another for all the larger ones).

Compatibility: works fine with Fallout 3 Re-Animated, since this changes different animation files.

Load Order: This is fully compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod, just load it BEFORE my Arwen_Realism_Core.esp. See my load order section.

Modified handgun Holster animations

Refurbish DLC  - v.Beta1 (8/17/09) - JustinOther"

"This was inspired by Strategy Master's excellent SM Plugin Refurbish mod for Oblivion which made the Oblivion DLC's really feel as though they were always part of the game rather than add-ons. It delays PL by stopping the initial message and quest addition that the DLC content will introduce itself more naturally like the rest of the quests in the game. The dock will be in the gameworld initially, but the ship will not appear until the player has spoken with the appropriate NPC who will also add the quest allowing things to progress normally (see pics above). In similar manners, the other plugins forestall the other DLC quests and/or or eliminate their pesky 'Your content is actually working!' messages."

Arwen Note: This works perfectly for me and makes the DLC mesh so much better!  Something like this should really have been  GOTY version of the game, as immersion really suffers without it. I'm using the All Refurbishes Merged esp in my own game.

Refurbish DLC

RH_IronSights - FOSE [requires FOSE] v.Beta Update 1 (11/11/12) - by Rogue Hallow Media:

"RH_IronSights is a comprehensive model, texture, and animation replacement package meant to "unlock" iron sights aiming in Fallout 3. Being able to look directly down the sights of a gun in-game is very immersive. Unfortunately, though Bethesda put the framework for an iron sights system in place, it wasn't finished by the time the game was released. So Fallout 3 players miss out on this traditional FPS gameplay mechanic. The aim of RH_IronSights (forgive the pun) is to adjust the .nif model of every vanilla weapon and the .kf file of every animation necessary to allow true, perfectly centered iron sights. This is a difficult process, and the result causes a few conflicts. It is recommended that you have at least an average degree of modeling and game modding experience if you want to run RH_IronSights alongside other major weapon mods."

Current Progress (0.87 alpha) RH_IronSights has the following features:

* A set of completely customized aiming and firing animations, which will center all 1st person vanilla weapons (except the ones designated free-aim or hip-fire; see "Troubleshooting" below) in iron sights.
* A new vanilla weapon model package, each mesh meticulously adjusted so that it will line up perfectly with the reticule when centered, and many featuring minor texture updates and improvements;
* A visual blur around the edges of the screen when aiming in iron sights;
* The Gun Oil mod modifier, which allows weapons and mod settings to be altered;
* Several new, lore-friendly weapons, available as loot or from merchants;
* The script base (not fully implemented) for several new weapon functions, like on-the-fly silencer and scope attachment.

Arwen Note: This mod adds immersion by changing the first person view when aiming a ranged weapon. Instead of having the weapon off to the side, you'll now look right down the barrel (just like you would when aiming a gun in real life).

- Compatible with my Realism Tweaks.
- EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced:  Download the RH_IronSights - EVE Bridge.
- NOT compatible with Fallout 3 Re-Animated, since this changes different animation files.

RH_IronSights - FOSE

Whose been Sleeping in my Bed v.1.0 (04/30/10) - by Breton Warrior:

"I got the idea from discussions in the Shoutbox at Fookunity, Megaton Common Room not having beds you can sleep on was commented on as being bloody stupid.

That's where I started, I also made Zimmer's bed at Rivet City a non-faction bed. Plus the Bed's in two of the main buildings at Big Town, seems silly as you are maybe trying to help them. Plus if you are not they are obviously to damn scared of everything to try and stop you sleeping there anyway.

I had thought of making all bed's non-owned but was not sure that would be right as you could then sleep right in front of the supposed owner, decided to do that as a separate release so players can decide for themselves.  So I just changed a few 'Faction Beds' to something more sensible, I may add more if people can comment on places where it just plain stupid (like Megaton) that you cannot sleep there."

1)Which Bed: Just makes the Megaton common Room, some Big Town Beds and Zimmers bed at Rivet City usable.

2) Sleep in any Bed, does just that, I tried to change all interior cell beds to non-owned, I may have missed some though.

I did two versions because even though I do not fully agree with the Bethesda's owned bed's idea, I cannot script a bed so you can sleep in it if the NPC is not close by. That is what I would like to have done, but do not have the skill. I prefer Which Bed as it still allows for the Owned Bed, I only changed what I thought where silly ones. Any Bed is for Players who just don't agree with owned beds at all.

Arwen Note: It always really annoyed me that there were like no beds that my character could sleep in, so as soon as I saw this mod, I grabbed it . . . and it made it to this mod list in record time. I'm using the "Which Bed" version in my game.

Whose been Sleeping in my Bed

Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security [requires FOSE] v.2.2 (9/25/10) - by Zumbs:

"This mod introduces real-time lockpicking, hacking, and lock smashing (a.k.a. lockbashing) with melee weapons, guns and explosives. The player also gain the ability to try to pry open a lock. It is highly configurable, as discussed in section 5."

Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security (ZORTS) has the following in-game features:

- Lockpicking: Equip the Bobby Pin in the weapons tab, point your crosshair towards a locked object and press attack. Please be advised that picking a lock you do not own may anger the locals.
- Hacking: Hacking: Holster your weapons, point your crosshair towards a terminal and press 'H'. Hacking a terminal you do not own may cause anger amongst onlookers. Hacking can be interrupted by pressing the attack control.
- Lockbashing: Equip a weapon, point the crosshair towards a locked object and press attack. A lock can be very sturdy, and may require a lot of work before it opens. Be advised that the locals may consider destruction of property a serious criminal offence. The current HP of the container is shown if 'H' is pressed.
- Explosives: Equip an explosive, point your crosshair towards a locked object, and press attack. This will open a menu where you can choose a timer. If you are not proficient with explosives, it may detonate while you try to place it. As it is quite dangerous to be near the explosion when it goes off, it is advised that you vacate the blast radius. This highly dangerous method will likely be considered to be a very serious criminal offence by locals.
- Prying: Equip a knife or a crowbar, point your crosshair towards a locked object, and press 'P' to attempt to pry open the door. This may anger the locals.
- Configuration Menu: The menu can be opened by holstering your weapon and pressing 'P'. The configuration menu allows you to toggle minigames on/of, disable everything but lockbashing, apply the factory (install) settings, apply the default settings, and toggle debug mode.
- In-game documentation: Look under notes in your pip boy for basic instructions.

Advanced Configuration: This mod is highly configurable, as most parts of it is controlled by Globals. The settings are described in more detail in ZORTS.ini, but include: Difficulty of different tasks; The option to disable parts of the mod; The option to pick; key only locks (use with caution); Reassinging keys; Crime toggle.
After making your changes, start up the game, open the console and write
bat Data/ZORTS.ini
press return and close the console. Note that you have to do this every time you start a new game.

Arwen Note: I loved Zumb's Lockpicking Mod for Oblivion, so I couldn't wait to give his Fallout version a try. This is sooo much better than the default lockpicking. Now you have to pick locks in real time (instead of having time stand still for the rest of the world while you are free to take all the time you want to open a lock) . . . while people might be watching.  One little tip: using explosives to blast open a lock is based on your Explosives skill . . . so there is a good chance of it blowing yourself up if your skills are low.

Compatible with Explosive Entry by Lap and Menu Based Hacking and Picking by Angleae. 

Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security

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