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Updated April 02, 2014

Arwen's Mod List
part Two
Graphic Mods:

The mods in this section make graphical changes to the appearance of game characters, clothing, armor, weapons and the appearance of the environment. They also add to and change the appearance of NPCs, and add items (like more clothing) to the game world. Unless otherwise noted, none of these mods change the stats of any of the vanilla items.

(These mods do not include expansion mods.)

I've also included my own Blood and Gore Reduction mods that reduce the amount of blood and gore in the game.

Page Menu: | Character | Clothing & Armor | Weapons | Environment | Other Textures | Gore Reduction
Character Appearance Mods
The mods in this group change the physical appearance of your character and/or the NPCs in the game. This changes include such things as new hair styles, new eyes colors, facial textures, and new body shapes.

I tried a number of female face texture mods, but most of them had the same results: they made all the women characters look way too glammed up. HELLO? This is supposed to be the Wasteland! This is NOT a beauty pageant - This is more like Survivor 2277 - things are supposed to be a bit harsh out here. Anyhoo, I finally found these next two mods, which do exactly what I was hoping for - slightly more feminine, without all the make up.

The images below are screenshots of my Fallout character, after using different cosmetic mods to improve her appearance a bit. Both have exactly the same FO FaceGen face and hair color, but different hair styles. What I really like is that the result is an attractive looking female, but her appearance is natural .

The clothing/armor in the images is from the vanilla game. I'm also using the default female body, which suits her just fine.

Female Texture Mod Fallout 3 Redesigned
Plus the Hair Pack and the Hair Pack Retexture mod. Plus HD Hair textures by Gabby Stardust
(which came with the Project Beauty archive file)

Fallout 3 Redesigned v.2.72 (01/23/12) [formerly "Project Beauty HD"] - by Dracomies:

This project is my attempt to improve upon all of the characters in Fallout 3. It's a lengthy project and it is a complete redesign of named characters, raiders, Talon Mercs, children, etc. The title of the mod is called 'Project Beauty' but it is actually not a beautification mod. When I first started this project, it first began with women, but as time went on, I began to focus more towards making each character fit the lore of the game. This mod attempts to make each character in Fallout 3 to look more realistic, and to 'look the part'. In fact, some folks such as Raiders, Talon Mercs, and Regulators may look uglier, grittier and tougher than they normally were.

- All Talon Mercs have been redesigned to have a more realistic and gritty appearance.
- All Raiders have been redesigned. See images for reference.
- All Paradise slavers have been redesigned
- All Tenpenny residents have been redesigned.
- All Rivet City guards have been redesigned.
- All Megaton settlers have been changed.
- All Regulators have been redesigned.
- All slavers in "Head of State" mission have been redesigned.
- Brotherhood Initiates outside of the Citadel, and Scribes have been designed.
- All children in Fallout 3 have been redesigned.

Arwen Note: I personally prefer the appearance of my character using this female face texture mod. See above screenshot comparison. I also highly recommend installing the "HD Hair textures by GabbyStardust" (which comes with the Project Beauty archive file). Note that this mod is also an NPC replacer, which replaces a large number of the default game characters custom appearances (currently 456 NPCs).

Install: You need to repackage the archive for it to install correctly, as there are several optional folders.  Unzip the archive into a temporary folder and then re-zip the version that you want to install with FOMM.

Load Order: Install and load Fallout 3 Redesigned AFTER Companion Behaviour Overhaul. See my load order section.

Fallout 3 Redesigned

Arwen Note: I used the following three mods for quite a while to enhance my character's appearance, but I'm now using just Project Beauty HD, with the optional HD hair textures by Gabby Stardust. See above screenshot comparison.

Female Texture Mod v.1.4 (1/20/09) - by thecaptainhere:

"A texture mod that replaces adult female body and face textures which effects player characters and most NPCs in the game. It doesn't replace raider/scavenger or child textures. For this mod I was aiming to make the female faces prettier and more feminine looking."

Female Texture Mod

Hair Pack v.2.2 (11/19/09) - by YoshikinaKota:

Adds 24 new female, and 14 male hair styles; and some new eye colors (imported from Oblivion mods).

Arwen Note: The default hairstyles didn't give me nearly enough choices. This mod adds a bunch more.

Installation/Load Order:
HairPack.esm (master file - required) - add all the new hairstyles that you can select for your character.
hair_add_npc.esp (optional) - also adds new hairstyles to some male NPC, citizens, raiders, etc.
eyes_hairpack_en.esp (optional) - adds some new eye colors.

Optional Download: HairPackCompSaramHM (5/11/09) - master file and plugin file, that is compatible with Saram's Hair Mod

Hair Pack

Heights v.1.0 (06/01/09) - by Imp of the Perverse:

"This plugin assigns varying heights to most of the NPCs by altering the scale of their in game reference markers. It was done manually, so in general men are taller than women, and I tried to fit the height to the character, so when Ymir says, "You're so... small" it actually makes some sense.

Assuming that the base scale of 1 corresponds to the real world average male height of 5'10", Jotun is now about 6'8", and Ymir is about 6'3". Carolina Red is 5'1" (this plugin does not otherwise change any character's appearance, so the screenshot isn't 100% accurate). Bittercup and Charon were left at their original scales, but other than that, just about every named character I could think of (and find) has been changed."

Arwen Note: adds realistic variety to the NPCs . . . now everyone is not the same size.


Hair Pack Retexture v.1.0 (3/04/09) - by necKros:

"This is just a retexture of YoshikinaKota's Hair Pack, or more like a remix, as no new content was added, except for the alpha mask. It puts Kozaburo's hair texture in Ren's, which is more messy and fitting for the wasteland, and adds a new alpha (transparency). It also modifies the hair accessories with bits of vanilla textures to match colors
and styles. The normal map is also more intense now, you should notice it when light hits you transversally."

"Original textures and alpha didn't work so well to begin with, specially in the longest hairs. This quite fixes the problem, but I dunno, they will still look like they wear half a ton of hairspray."

Arwen Note: this is an add-on/texture change for YoshikinaKota's Hair Pack . . . you still need the Hair Pack installed for this mod to work: then install this mod after, overwriting the files. My only complaint is that hese textures make the hair rather stiff lookin.

Hair Pack Retexture

Cosmetic Changes for Companions

Dogmeat Husky v.0.9 (3/16/09) - by Maylena:

"A simple texture mod making Dogmeat look more like a Husky."

Arwen Note: I love being able to have a Husky companion. My only complaint is that all the wild dogs that the Dogmeat was a copy of - are now also Huskies. I would much prefer that Dogmeat had a unique appearance (but this is probably hard-coded into the game).

Dogmeat Husky

Page Menu: | Character | Clothing & Armor | Weapons | Environment | Other Textures | Gore Reduction
Clothing and Armor

Missing Unique Armor and Clothing v.2.06 (2/16/09) - by Galahaut and Sanguine Assassin:

"Adds 31 pieces of Bethesda-created unique armor and clothing (that were not used in-game) to appropriate locations throughout the Wasteland."

"There are four ESPs available. One simply places the items, another places them and renames a few items that did not have unique names, and the last places them, renames those few items, and alters their abilities or stats to be more interesting. There is also an alternate version of the Enhanced.ESP that is an attempt to fix the issues some people were experiencing."

Load Order: The MissingUniqueArmorClothing-Base.esp, is fully compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod . . . just load it BEFORE my Arwen_Realism_Core.esp. See my load order section.

Missing Unique Armor and Clothing

Feminized Power Armor v.1.1b (11/20/09) - by jkruse05:

"Adds a separate female mesh for all vanilla power armors and the t-51b helmet."

- T-51b helmets may appear small when next to another character, I decided it was better to have them a tiny bit too small than way too big.
- Icons on the T-47d's shoulders float a little bit, not sure how to force them down, but it's barely noticeable.
- All armors have minor hand/arm alignment issues, they're hardly noticeable, and I have no way to get them exact without starting over completely.
- The meshes use the original UV and texture, so any custom power armor texture should apply without too much trouble. Icons MAY need to be adjusted a bit so they aren't deformed, depending on their location on the armor, but changes in any texture without icons or symbols will likely be unnoticeable.

Optional Files: support for the first three DLC's [You must also download/install the base mod for the DLC plugins to work].

Load Order: This is not currently 100% compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod, but the to mods will work together ok, as long as you load Feminized Power Armor AFTER my Arwen_Armor.esp (or my Arwen_FULL_Tweaks.esp). You will merely lose a couple of minor changes that my Tweaks make to some of the individual power armor (which will just revert back to their default values). See my load order section.

Feminized Power Armor

Arwen's VisionFX v.1.1 (10/13/09) - by Arwen:

This mod adds a bit of visual immersion when wearing sunglasses and reading glasses. This was done by attaching unique visual Effects (my own ImageSpace Modifiers) to all the default eyewear.

1.) ArwenShadesFX: Simulates wearing real sunglasses by reducing the harshness of the lighting when you equip a pair.The effect works as long as your character is wearing sunglasses. The cool thing is that these work like real auto-tinting sunglasses, so they also work indoors, by reducing glare, without reducing the overall lighting. The effect only works fully if you have HDR enabled in your game.
- My ShadesFX is attached to the following eyewear: Lucky Shades, Sunglasses, Three Dog's Glasses, Tinted Reading Glasses, Tortiseshell Glasses, and Biker Goggles.

2.) ArwenVisionFX: Simulates putting on a pair of reading glasses with blurriness and double vision. The effect only lasts for about 10 seconds, when your character puts on the following eyeglasses:
- My VisionFX is attached to the following eyewear: Eyeglasses (Blackrimmed), Doctor Li's Glasses, and Reading Glasses.

Wear Eyewear with Helmets: As a bonus, I also added the ability to wear most eyewear in combination with most helmets and hats.

I Need my Shades . . . Because the Wasteland in a very harsh place (even the lighting is harsh).

(I wish my character would smile a bit more . . . she always looks sooo serious!)

For Best Results: assign a Hotkey to your sunglasses, so you can put them on and remove them without having to go to the PipBoy menu.

If you're having a difficult time locating a pair of sunglasses
(there are not very many in the game):
- Open the console [~ key], and enter player.additem 0005C99F 1
- Close your console.
- You should now have a pair of sunglasses in your inventory (the same ones that my character is wearing).

Known Issues or Bugs:
- Eyewear may need to be removed/dropped and then re-added to your inventory before the visual effects will work (this should only be required the first time you add my mod or update to a new version).
- Some of my new visual effects will not work unless you have HDR enabled in your game (Game Display Options).

Arwen Note: If you are using my Realism Tweaks, you should not install my VisionFX mod, as a special updated version of this mod is now part of my Realism Core module's optional Visual FX.

Load Order: Load AFTER any mods that change the lighting ... such as Fellout, or any other weather/lighting mods.

Arwen's VisionFX

Page Menu: | Character | Clothing & Armor | Weapons | Environment | Other Textures | Gore Reduction
Weapons & Other Personal Items (Changes in Appearance Only)

Hi-Res Weapons and Ammo Textures v.1.2.0 (7/15/09) - by Quarn:

"This mod simply makes all weapons and ammo use their already existing high resolution 1st person textures all the time."

- As with any high resolution textures expect a slight performance decrease.
- This mod uses the fixed versions of the weapon meshes from the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.
- Operation Anchorage weapons and ammo will also use their high resolution 1st person textures now too.
- This mod simply repoints all the weapon\ammo meshes (.nif) to use the high resolution 1st person textures.
- This mod is fully compatible with any weapon\ammo texture replacers as this simply modifies the meshes (.nif) themselves not any textures.

With Version 1.2, Operation Anchorage\The Pitt\Broken Steel\Point Lookout weapons and ammo will also use their high resolution 1st person textures.

Arwen Note: this little mod makes the weapons look a lot more realistic in the 3rd person view.

Load Order: This is fully compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod, but you MUST load it BEFORE my Arwen_Weapons.esp (or my Arwen_FULL_Tweaks.esp). See my load order section.

Hi-Res Weapons and Ammo Textures

10mm Pistol Replacer v.1.0 (7/21/09) - by Bobbety:

"The pistol mesh is changed to that of a pistol from a mod by Heroin Zero. I also changed the sound of the gun to that of the magnum to fit the look a bit better."

Arwen Note: this mod changes the ugly appearance of the default 10mm, into a much sleeker looking, hi-rez version . . . plus it sounds pretty cool. (The mod by Heroin Zero added 2 new guns ... this one is a replacer mod.)

[Updated 4/2/14: This mod is no longer available. Here's an alternative: SW Model 5906 10mm Pistol replacer by Luguberos]

10mm Pistol Replacer

Compatibility with my Realism Tweaks: requires my Arwen_10mmReplacer_Patched.esp

The only change from the original is that this version works with my Gunshot Weapon Effect (so it has my Realism Core as a required master).

To use this patch:
1.) Install the 10mm Pistol Replacer mod (from the above download link).
2.) copy my Arwen_10mmReplacer_Patched.esp into your Fallout 3 \ Data directory
3.) delete the original 10mmReplacer.esp

In FOMM, load the Arwen_10mmReplacer_Patched.esp just after my Realism Core modules, and compatibility patches.
My install instructions are included.

Updated July 13, 2011: This update is required if you are using version 5.6 or later of my Realism Tweaks (since it now requires my new Master Core esm).

10mm Pistol Replacer Patch (direct download)

NOTE: Since this is a direct download, you have to Right Click on the above link, and then select "Save File As" [or "Save Link As," depending on your browser].

Batteries Plus v.1.3 (09/17/11) - by Staggeron:

"This takes the work of PurpleFire's Duracell and Energizer textures to it's logical conclusion. . . .The Fission Battery and Small Energy Cell are 512x512 in size, default games textures are 128x128. In addition, I flipped the text on the Duracell Microfusion Cell so that it appears upright now when seen in a Laser Rifle."

Included in this pack are texture replacements for:

Fission Battery --
Microfusion Cell --
Small Energy Cell --

Optional Textures: Currently the Duracell versions are applied as a default, to use the Energizer versions copy the file from the Master Folder to default folder location. Mix and match between the 3 battery types as you please.

Version 1.3 Changes:
- The only change from v.1.2 is that the files are now in FOMod format.

Version 1.1 Changes:
- Now includes Models, Textures & ESP file for use as a Modders Resource.
- Two new "Old School" Battery Labels - Burgess from 1917 and Eveready from 1925.
- Model Versions include "Clean" and "Old" textures for all 4 styles: Burgess, Duracell, Energizer & Eveready
- ESP also includes modified PipBoy Icons for Fission Batteries and Small Energy Cell.
- Textures also setup in folders to be used as a full replacer for vanilla textures. Just copy over to game directory to overwrite, vanilla backups also included.

Arwen Note: This mod gives the Small Energy Cells, Microfusion Cells, and Fission Batteries new, higher res textures.

Compatibility: Must be installed after installing EVE (if already installed: just open FOMM's Package Manager: deactivate "Batteries Plus" and activate it again . . . click Yes when asked to overwrite files).

Batteries Plus

Fallout 3 Re-Animated v.22.1 (Updates: Idle Revisions2 - Fixed) (10/15/09) - by Alendor:

"This is a re-animation project for Fallout 3 that I began in my spare time. While playing though the game I felt that the poses and animation just didn't suit my taste, and kind of took away from my experience. Not to say they are poorly done, however they just weren't my style. So I began looking at how to get animations into Fallout 3, and this is my result.

I'm a professional animator (although not in the biz long) and am using this project to help keep my skills up, as well as to enhance the game immersion which I feel could be increased with updated animations. Not necessarily requiring a quality update, as the Beth guys are great at their job, but just a different approach or style to the poses and animations such as rifle aiming, idles and so forth of the human characters.

My goal is to reanimate a significant amount of the human animations that are all game play related. Of which there are around 300 of them, and I say game play related, because there is another 700+ animations in the idle folder. So I'm working on pretty much all the action based animations that will play on your player character.

There are roughly 30 animations redone so far. Feel free to leave suggestions as to which animations you would like to see redone, and I will try and work the ones in high demand first. I don't suggest trying to mix and match these animations, as a lot are dependent on others."

Updates: Idle Revisions2 - Fixed:

- Neck Issues Fixed. Update to non weapon idles.
- Added an update to the non weapon idle animations. Made them run a little smoother, as well as adding a fidget to them, which cycles every 3 breaths.

Version 2.2 Changes:

- 35 animations added (mostly for rifles)
- Added support for all common rifle based weapons, including; Hunting rifle, Laster Rifle, Lever Rifles, Shotguns.
- sneaking version for rifles added (auto rifles still don't have sneaking).
- Animation count has now reached roughly 80 animations.
- should minimize shoulder issues with power armor till I get around to animating them

Arwen Note: This mod gives your character a bunch of cool new (mostly weapon related) more realistic animations - I highly recommend it!

Compatibility: This mod is NOT currently compatible with EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced, so you should only use one of these mods at a time.

Fallout 3 Re-Animated

Page Menu: | Character | Clothing & Armor | Weapons | Environment | Other Textures | Gore Reduction
Environmental Mods

These mods also make graphical changes to the game environment. These mods include weather, flora, environmental lighting, and sky (sun, moon, stars) changes.

Fellout - The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul v.1.23 (11/04/10) - by Hattix:

"The most major change of Fellout is the total removal of the green tint to everything. However, that's not all to be aware of. Some nights get realistically dark. That is, VERY dark. When it's cloudy and the moon is behind the clouds, expect to have trouble seeing the end of your gun. Fellout will have a small impact on performance, usually increasing framerates slightly because Fellout reduces the amount of work the HDR shaders have to do.

Gameplay is much more environmental, at least in the full version. You may want to wait until morning if it's overcast and so no moonlight is visible because you won't be able to see a thing, lest you stumble into a Deathclaw nest. They are less likely to spot you in the darkness, but perception on Yao Guai and Deathclaw is high. If on a clear night, well, there's only so much you can see with moonlight alone. It is not all negative. Ninja types can use the darkness to their advantage for sneaking without needing Stealth Boy. Indeed, a whole new style of play opens up. In the Scared of the Dark version there's very little possibility for taking advantage of the environment but other things also can't take advantage of you. For run and gun players, SOTD is what they need."

Version 1.23: "Fixes the seam issue many of you had. This is version 1.23.456.789. You need the 1.21R2 full download first, overwrite it with this. ALL USERS OF 1.21, 1.21R2 AND 1.22 NEED THIS."

Optional Files:

- DLC Support (07/29/10): "Mandatory if you have Broken Steel installed. Also includes add ons for Point Lookout and Operation Anchorage. Compatible with Fellout 1.1.17 and above."
- Greener Grass (01/23/10): "Because the brahmin have to eat something, right? Not too green, but still quite realistic."
fellout-pipboylight.esp - this optional esp removes the green tint to the PipBoy light - it also extends the range from 15 meters to 60 meters. Load this before most other mods..
NOTE: my Realism Tweaks also changes the PipBoy Light into a decent light, where you should now be able to find your way, even on the darkest night. My version is roughly 3 times brighter (than default), illuminates twice the radius, but has much less glare (so you will not be blinded by an indoor light that is way too intense). If you prefer the Fellout version, just load the fellout-pipboylight.esp after the My Realism Tweaks.

Arwen Note: I never liked the greenish tinged lighting in Fallout (which was not even in Fallout 1 or 2), nor the nights that never got all that dark. So this mod was just what I had been looking for. After all, the nuclear attack happened 200 years ago, so by now the air should be clear again.

Exiting Vault 101 at 6:30 am - using the Fellout mod plus the Terrain Pack mod.

Load Order: Mods like EWR need to load before Fellout. If you use an environment mod like SummerV2 or Green World, they also need to load before Fellout. EWR is a special case. If you are using EWR, see load order under Enhanced Weather - Rain. See my load order section.

Compatible Lighting Mods:

- Megaton Lighting Overhaul was made to work with Fellout and works very well. Have this mod lower in the loading order than Fellout.
- Fallout Street Lights by SpeedyB64 and RW2112: adds light effects to many illuminated objects in the DC ruins.
- Fallout Street Lights Wasteland by Willemjd: adds lighting to many areas in the wasteland which you'd expect to have lighting, such as Canterbury Commons and Paradise Falls.

Fellout - The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul

Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow (EW) v.2.0b (08/10/10) - by Skingrad24:

"This mod adds rain and snow to Fallout. It is made of a needed esm which manages rain and snow a needed esp which adds rain and snow to the game (there are two of this esp, one in the main folder, the other in the No Pitch Black Night folder, as you can understand the main folder one has very dark nights, recommended if you use HDR, the other hasn't, recommended if you use Bloom), a mod which makes rain and snow radioactive, and a folder where you can find the sounds used by the mod encoded to have 16000 Hz instead of normal 44000 Hz, this should increase performance (and have the side effect of lower sound quality of course), use them only if you notice a big FPS loss."

When you first load the game with this mod enabled you will receive the Enhanced Weather Settings item in the Items/Aid section of the PipBoy, by using it you will be able to change four parameters: Min Rain and Snow Duration, Max Rain and Snow Duration, Min Not-Rainy Not-Snowy weather duration and Max Not-Rainy Not-Snowy weather duration; the defaults settings are respectively, 2 hours, 2 days, 4 hours, 4 days. By activating that you will be able to test the rain and the snow too.

What's new in version 2.0b

1)Reworked Radioactive rain script to use a new system by The Cheshire Cat
2)Added REBOOT esp by Gopher to fix a bug which makes impossible for the rain to start
3)Fixed Fomm Script bug thanks to Kaburke

What's new in version 2.0:

1) Fixed the "weird look-up" bug
2) Fixed the Enhanced Weather - Radioactive Rain and Snow Plugin
3) Added Enhanced Weather - Weather Sounds in Interiors
4) Made Rain and Snow progressive, now the weather won't change abruptly anymore
5) Fixed bug that caused the rain to stuck when entering an interior
6) Fixed bug that caused the customization menu not to work properly
7) Added Enhanced Weather - Sneak Bonus during Storms
8) Added 5 new thunder sounds to add variability
9) Added more raindrops

Load Order: Normally, EWR has to come after other weather mods since the other mods don't have rain enabled. Fellout does have rain enabled! Not only that, but Fellout has contributed a weather mode to EWR. Hence, both EWR and Fellout are fine with being used together. So it's your choice and here's the deal:
Load EWR after Fellout if:
- You want rain in any place
- You're aware that Fellout won't be controlling much of the weather.
Load Fellout after EWR if:
- You don't mind rain only being in the DC Ruins area
- You want the weathers to be a bit more consistent from place to place.

Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow

Enhanced Weather - Rainbows v.1.0 (6/18/09) - by Skingrad24:

"This mod adds rainbows to Fallout. As it is in the real world, the rainbows will appear when the weather changes suddenly from rainy to sunny, during the day; but it won't happen always, the rainbows have a chance to appear, by default it is 50% but you can change it via-console with the command "set RainbowChance to x", without quotes, where x is a number from 0 to 100 which represents the chance."

Rainbows will last a little more than an hour, then will disappear, they will also disappear if clouds obscure the sun.

If you can't wait to see the rainbow just type in the console "startquest testrain" without quotes.

Arwen Note: This is an add-on for Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow - so you need to install that mod first.

Enhanced Weather - Rainbows

krzymar HI-RES Moon v.0.2.0 (11/23/08) - by krzymar:

"This mod is a high-resolution texture replacement for in-game all visible Moon phases. Replacement Moon is much brighter, more like real Moon, and uses 1024x1024 texture size instead of vanilla 512x512. Images for textures were taken from open-source space simulation program - Celestia."

Arwen Note: I'm using the krzymar_HI-RES_Moon-0_2_0-dark version in my game.

Krzymar HI-RES Moon

Evergreen v.1.7 (9/06/10) - by RegentEagle:

"After not bothering trying to find a solution for months I finally sat down and kept my promise and re-worked the whole formula. New meshes and textures made by me where a great answer; now Evergreen looks better than ever! It also created a mostly bug free environment and as such trees don't stick through other environment pieces. I also have never yet seen a floating tree in many hours play. Trees do not pop, bar loading into an area (natural behaviour). And the LOD (Level of Detail) works very well. Hope everyone
will enjoy this no matter how late it is. I will also mention that for the people who still like to see dead foliage and bushes, Evergreen still keeps a few dead and fallen trees amongst the greenery. I think this keeps the feeling that there was a war in this  universe, and it wasn't something I wanted to get rid of."

Version 1.7:

- New tree leaves and bark textures.
- New leaf meshes and branches for the trees.
- Many more varieties of colour added.
- Decreased file size of all tree meshes.

Arwen Note: I have not yet tried this new version in my game (I'm still using Fractured Nature). The author said that he fixed the popping affect that initially turned me off to the previous version.

Load Order: Load before Fellout.


Updated 7/11/11 (and still not there on 8/20/12): This mod is currently not available on FO3Nexus. Alternate "Greener" mods:
- Greener World
- Autumn

Darkened Interiors v.0.3 (11/14/11) - by Xepha:

"Using Realistic Interior Lighting by Scarecrow23 ( as a very solid foundation, Darkened Interiors presents my own take on a darker interior lighting mod.

Plugins for Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel and Point Lookout are also included."

Arwen Note: The lighting in this mod gives me exactly what I was hoping for. I tried Realistic Interiors (Scarecrow's mod) a long time ago, but found that interiors often became so dark that it was impossible to find find my way without my PipBoy light always on.

Darkened Interiors

Flashlight v.1.5 (11/04/10) - by Documn:

"This mod gives you an invisible, hands-free flashlight. The flashlight is a light beam that follows your line of sight. It's effective up to 1000 units away. (For reference, an average player character about 125 units tall.) The beam magically comes out of your player's face, so in that sense it's not really a flashlight. This light is not connected to your Pip-Boy light; your Pip-Boy light will continue to work as normal."

- FOSE and non-FOSE versions (only the FOSE version works with its own hot key, and allows you to change the color of the light).
- Also LOS (line-of-sight) and Performance version of each.

Compatibility: Documn used my Realism Tweaks changes to the PipBoy's light color, so the two lights match perfectly. 

Arwen Note: I had tried Pelinor's Directional Piplight a long time ago, but it never worked very well for me. This one works great! If you're using a darker interior and/or a darker night mod, you should give this mod a try.  The effect is MUCH more immersive than using your PipBoy light.


Arwen Note: These next two mods add some really nice immersive atmosphere to the nights.  If you have Fellout or another darker night mod installed, these two mods are even more impressive (and in my opinion . . . necessary).

Fallout Street Lights v.2.0 (8/09/10) - by SpeedyB64 and RW2112:

"This mod adds lights and FX beams (some flickering ones too) to most of the street lights and signs in the DC ruins. I made a bunch of animated flickering lights with corresponding flickering light beams, also added glow maps to some things like metro escalators."

v.2.0: The whole wasteland is now lit, along with other upgrades, such as glowmaps for the lights. (This update makes 'Fallout Street Lights - Wasteland' obsolete.)

Compatibility: If you have Broken Steel DLC you should have Street Lights before it in your load order.

Fallout Street Lights

Megaton Lighting Overhaul v.1.0 (7/20/09) - by Leaping Lizard:

"Adds Real lighting to Megaton. Non-modded Megaton lights only have light beams but they don't actually generate light. This mod makes the lights more noticeable, realistic and more attractive by making them generate light ! You now can walk around town and see all the shops lit up.

This is most noticeable for people who you use Fellout or other mods that make the nights darker.  The lighting has been done in a realistic way e.g. I have not added lighting where there is not a light source."

Load Order: Load after Fellout.  See my load order section.

Megaton Lighting Overhaul

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Other Textures

These mods also make graphical changes to the game textures. These mods include landscape (rocks and ground cover), urban (Megaton and Rivet City), and retextures to misc. items.

NMC's Texture Pack for FO3 v.1.1 (06/29/10) - by NeilMc_NMC:

A year (part-time!) in the making, a LOT of work went into making this Mod- but here it is at last. Some of you may already know my other mods for Fallout 3, but this is the big one! I felt that Fallout 3, as one of the best games ever, deserved a graphics boost especially with the new graphical-behemoths currently being released. In making this mod, I attempted to stay faithful to the original art direction, but aimed to increase the sense of destruction and decay and detail in the visuals of the Fallout world.

This mod replaces terrain, trees, interiors/exteriors, vehicles and most furniture with high resolution (200-400%) real-life photograph-based equivalents. This replaces ALL my previous graphics packs for FO3- you can still use them if you prefer them, however this mod already includes those mods, along with revisions, improvements and optimizations.

Does not replace: small clutter objects, Sky or NPC's, and some furniture and other elements I felt did not need replacing. (This was mainly to keep memory-usage down and keep performance optimal)

Arwen Note: This mod now replaces all NeilMc's other texture packs, so I've removed them from my list, since this is a much improved version of his older texture packs. I'm currently using the  Maximum  version.

Installation: You need to carefully follow the installation instructions on the download page.

NMC's Texture Pack for FO3

Rivet City Realignment v.5.2 (03/03/10) - by Alystin:

"Changes the orientation of the Rivet City interior cells to match the exterior cells."

"Normally in the game, the outside of Rivet City goes East-West but inside it actually goes North-South. This mod fixes this problem. It also changes where the various levels are. Normally the upper deck is on the same level as the marketplace but that level on an aircraft carrier is all hangar deck so I moved all living quarters below the hangar deck level (and added an aft hanger). Also the stair well had the entry from outside to low and was raised."

Version 5.2 update: "Minor changes. One wall & one door slightly misaligned."

Arwen Note: The first time I entered Rivet City, I became really disoriented! And I've always had a difficult time finding my way in that place. Now I know why I was so lost! The mod fixes all that.

Compatibility: All changes have been navmeshed (except the new aft hanagar) so it should play well with companions. Works with Owned! and should work with Dtoms Rivet City Apartment (nothing in that area was changed)

Rivet City Realignment

Retextured Clutter Collection v.1.0 (06/06/09) - by ObsidianStag:

"Higher-Res Clutter Retextures - Here is the collected retextures that I have done thus far(or will ever do). Replaces several Clutter textures with a much larger, more detailed versions. Some include variants, simply rename them the default texture name to use, same applies if said texture has a unique normal map. Also included are a few new textures, for wooden and metal shelves. "

Items include Blueprint, Briefcase Detonator, Camera, Clock, Coffee Maker, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Globe, Hamradio, Holotape, Metal Desk, Military Pamphlet, Stealth Boy, Telephone, Television, Vacuum Tube Light, and Vintage Radio.

Arwen Note: These changes are amazing and the redone items now look much more realistic . . . the low-res blurriness is no more. I created my own installation archive of this mod before installing it with FOMM, where I removed any items that were also included in NMC's Texture Pack for FO3, in order to keep the two fomods independent (as in being able to remove one without affecting the other).

Retextured Clutter Collection

Second Option (instead of using the above mod):

MGs Neat Clutter v.1.0 (08/24/12) - by Mental Gear:

"Do you use highres textures but always missed better textures for all the countless clutter items with mushy surfaces that are not covered by any other texture pack? Thinking of eyesore like the glasspitcher, flour pack, pillow, crates, the list goes on and on... Then this is for you. Pack contains textures and normal maps for more than 100 objects. Port of my NV texture pack."

Arwen Note: I installed this mod before NMC's Texture Pack, and then let NMC's textures overwrite any that were in common.

MGs Neat Clutter

Books Debunked v.1.0 (04/10/09) - by odin_ml:

"Fixed the UV mapping of all book meshes, so that the books can have a different texture on the back side of the book. Adjusted the collision of all book meshes so that they do not float as much. added double the book textures so as to see less repeating books. This mod replaces the default generic/burned book textures/meshes with more accurate versions. "

Arwen Note: This mod greatly improves the appearance and variety of all the pre-war books.

Books Debunked

Better HiRes Skill Books v.1.0 (2/10/09) - ObsidianStag:

"This is a complete, from the ground up, retexture of all skill books. This mod replaces the skill book textures with larger, more detailed versions. I enlarged the textures and normal maps to 512x512. Some books retain the "feel" of the original, while being a completely overhauled texture, while others are a complete re-imagining. All books have been weathered and aged, and some even have random spattering of blood here and there."

Optional File: WastelandSurvivalGuideRedone - (2/12/09) Complete Survival Guide Retexture

Arwen Note: This mod greatly improves the appearance of all the skill books.

Better HiRes Skill Books

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Blood & Gore Reduction

The mods in this section are what I call my "Comfort Level" mods. I have some real issues with blood and violence, and that sort of thing, which is a MAJOR hindrance for me in being able to enjoy RPGs that contain too much graphical violence. Yes, I did understand that a futuristic post-apocalyptic RPG was going to contain some not-so-pleasant stuff. But I soon found all the blood and gore in Fallout 3 to be a bit more than I could handle. And I really do understand that is "just a game" and that it isn't real or anything . . . but it still freaks me out (way more than I like to admit). Let's face it, Fallout combat was designed to be unrealistically gory . . . which may appeal to some, but it isn't for everyone . . . I wanted to play my game without exploding body parts, dismemberment, and excessive blood.

Anyhoo (now that you all think that I'm a total wimp), I tried a number of mods that each removed some of the excessive gore, but I was never totally happy with the results. So I decided to try creating my own mod . . . and it actually worked. After play testing my mod for a few days, I decided to make it available to others. The result was my Gore No More mod, which removed most of the game's excessive gore.

Then I decided to try to reduce the amount of blood. This was more of a challenge, as I had to find a way to reduce some of the blood effects and had to learn how to edit textures (and how to create texture maps). Creating version 1.0 of Less Blood took me nearly a week (and consumed most of my spare time), but it was worth it for the improvements that it made to my own game. Sometimes you just have to take the initiative to fix things yourself.

Gore No More v.1.1 (9/07/09) - by Arwen:

"This is my first Fallout 3 mod. It removes most of the excessive gore from the game. And it comes in three flavors."

"Does playing Fallout gross you out a bit too much? Are you finding it difficult to play the game with your eyes closed? Gore_No_More is your one-step solution to making your gaming experience more enjoyable and much less stomach-retching. No more Raider Gore, Mutant Gore, Exploding body parts, combat dismemberment, or Blood Screen Splatters."

Version 1.1 changes:
- Fixed the blank textures (for the no blood on screen splatters). I had mistakenly uploaded the wrong texture files (sorry).
- Minor compatibility fixes for FO3 Unofficial Patch

What this Mod does:
- Removes most of the Gore (body parts) from Fallout 3:
- Removes Raider Gore (dismembered body parts and corpses) from the Fallout game world.
- Removes Mutant Gore (including gore bags) from the Fallout game world.
- Disables Combat Dismemberment and Exploding Body Parts.
- Eliminates the Screen blood splattering.

What this mod does NOT do:
- Does not remove blood stains or blood from combat.
- Does not remove any gore that was not part of the original game.

(actual screenshots on download site)

Optional Files (download INSTEAD of the Main file):
- Gore_No_More_Basic: a simplified version of my mod that just includes my Gore_No_More.esp. (It does not include the blank textures that removes the Screen Blood Splatter).
- Gore_No_More_Very_Basic: an even more simplified version of my mod that ONLY removes Raider and Mutant Gore. (This Very Basic version does NOT remove the Screen Blood Splatter, and it does NOT in any way affect Combat Gore.)

Arwen Note: I made this mod for myself by combining and editing a couple of other mods, including a German mod that gave all the edited locations and doors German names (my version is totally in English). After obtaining permission from the creators of the original mods, I uploaded my little mod, as I knew that others shared my gore issues.

Load Order: Load the Gore_No_More.esp after my Realism Tweaks (Localized Damage Module) and any mods that change Raider and Mutant Gore, change combat gore, or that change screen blood splatters (Use FOMM to move the esp near the bottom).

Discussion thread on the Official Fallout 3 mod Forum.

Gore No More

Less Blood - Better Decals v.1.0 (7/02/09) - by Arwen:

"This mod reduces the amount of blood displayed in the game to a more tolerable level (and what I feel is a more realistic level). This is done mostly by reducing the size of blood decal textures and by reducing the amount of blood spray."

No blood effects are eliminated . . . just downsized. My optional higher resolution replacement textures will actually make the blood and blood stains more realistic looking (and can be used without the Less_Blood.esp, if you do not want to decrease the amount of blood).

In the default game, wounds, pools of blood, and blood spray are all unrealistically large. Because of this, any close combat nearly always becomes extremely messy, but wounds begin to disappear after just 10 seconds. My personal goal was to reduce the decal size . . . but to also increase the number of decals displayed and how long they last. Ideally wounds should last until you are healed (but this does not seem to be possible).

Results: Less Blood, with 2 bullet wounds
(shown using the optional HiRes_Texture_Pack)

What this Mod does:
- Reduces the size of blood splatter decals.
- Reduces the amount of blood spray.
- Reduces the size of the blood decals that are placed on bodies when wounded.
- Reduces the size of the static blood decals (permanent blood on floors, walls, etc.)
- Improves the appearance of some of the blood and blood stain decals.

Additional Optional File (requires Less_Blood main files to be installed first):
- Less_Blood_HiRes_Texture_Pack.7z: Higher resolution replacement textures for blood decals and stains (reduces blurriness).

Optional ini Edits:

To further reduce the amount of combat blood:
Open your Fallout.ini file (C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Fallout3)
Under [Display] find the following line:
Change the default 10 to a lower value to reduce the maximum number of blood decals that will be displayed.
IMPORTANT: If you change the iMaxDecalsPerFrame value in your Falloutini file, you need to make the same edit to your FalloutPrefs.ini file.

For increased realism:
1.) Increase the maximum number of blood decals displayed . . . as shown above, but increase the value to "iMaxDecalsPerFrame=25" (without the quotes) - this mod's smaller decals permit many more blood decals to be displayed, before things get messy.
2.) Increase the length of time that blood decals last (before they begin to fade).
In your Fallout.ini file, under [Display] find the following line:
The default value is only 10 seconds. For 10 minutes, change the value to 600.0000

Note: wound decals will disappear when you change apparel, move to a different cell, or load a saved game. And wounds that you receive while in first person will not appear when when you change to third person view (and vice versa).

Arwen Note: People often totally don't understand what my mod does ... many seem to think that it totally removes the game blood (which is not at all true), and don't get that it mostly just reduces the physical size of the blood decals (which were unrealistically large). Less Blood was made to work along with my Gore No More mod, but these two mods can also be used independently.

Load Order: Load the Less_Blood.esp after any mods that alter the size of blood splatter decals, alter the amount of blood spray, or alter the size of blood wound decals. If you are also using my Gore_No_More mod, put the two esps next to each other in the load order (but it doesn't matter which one loads first).

Discussion thread on the Official Fallout 3 mod Forum.

Less Blood - Better Decals

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