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Updated April 02, 2014

Arwen's Mod List
part one

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Mod Utilities

Fallout Mod Manager [FOMM] v.0.13.21 (11/25/10) - by Timeslip:

"FOMM is a collection of utilities that should be helpful to any modder or mod user. Current features include one click mod installation and removal, plugin activation and load order management, an esp creator and editor, an SDP shader editor, and a BSA creator and unpacker."

Arwen Note: This utility program makes it much easier to manage FO3 mods. I have written some basic instructions on how to install a mod with FOMM in my Fallout Tips section.

Also, if you're using the FOMM, you no longer need ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated. Just click on the 'Toggle Invalidation' button in the FOMM main window.

This applies to the Traditional FO3 only version, which I'm still using.  (The newest version is also compatible with FNV, and is what I list is my FNV Journal's mod list.)

Fallout Mod Manager

Fallout Script Extender [FOSE] v.1.2 b2 (1/19/10) - by Ian Patterson (ianpatt), Stephen Abel (behippo), and Paul Connelly (scruggsywuggsy the ferret):

"The Fallout Script Extender, or FOSE for short, is a modder's resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Fallout 3. It does so without modifying the Fallout3.exe or the G.E.C.K. files on disk, so there are no permanent side effects."

FOSE v1.1 beta 8 (or later) is needed for the latest Official Fallout Patch (v.1.7)

Installation: just extract the .dll files and fose_loader.exe to your Fallout 3 directory (where Fallout3.exe is located). 
Start FO3 by running fose_loader.exe.
If you're using the FOMM, it will automatically launch FOSE (rather than starting fallout directly). The 'Launch Fallout' button text in the FOMM will change to 'Launch FOSE,' after you have installed FOSE.

Arwen Note: the FOSE enables modders to do all sorts of cool things with scripts in their mods, which were not possible in the vanilla game. Any mod that has [requires FOSE] needs to have this utility installed on your computer.

The easiest way to tell if FOSE is installed and running:

Load a saved game, open console, and type:
When you hit Enter, you should get the following: "FOSE version 1".
Any other (error) message means that FOSE is not running.

Fallout Script Extender

Fallout Stutter Remover - [requires FOSE] - v.4.1.26 (01/21/10) - SkyRanger-1:

"This plugin makes Fallout 3 not "stutter" as much, and generally feel smoother or perform better. It prevents or mitigates a number of issues related to stuttering and framerates, and can reduce the frequency of stutter related crashes. For more detail, see Section 7: How This Works.

Note however that this generally will not fix anything wrong with your drivers, hardware, or codecs - if you have fundamental reasons for for poor performance, this probably won't help much.

This is a port of the Oblivion Stutter Remover (OSR) to work for Fallout. So far, it does not work as well as the original Oblivion Stutter Remover, but it should help some.

This should be compatible with everything. The only caveat is that mods that monitor FPS will not be able to accurately measure FPSes outside of the target range set by this plugin (10 to 30 by default). In fact, even FPSes that merely come close to FSR targets may be difficult to measure. "

Installation: Place the file sr_Fallout_Stutter_Remover.dll in to your Fallout\Data\fose\plugins folder. If you don't have such a folder, create it. If you had an older version of FSR installed, delete its ini file (Data\fose\plugins\sr_Fallout_Stutter_Remover.ini). If there is no existing FSR ini file then FSR will generate a new ini file with settings appropriate for your version the next time you run Fallout.

Arwen Note: the Stutter Remover has fixed most of the annoying stutters that I was having . . . if you have decent frame rates, but are experiencing frequent stutters (pauses), I highly suggest that you give this utility a try.

Fallout Stutter Remover

FO3Edit v.3.0.31EXP (10/05/13) - by ElminsterAU:

"FO3Edit is an advanced graphical module viewer/editor and conflict detector. When started it will automatically find your Fallout 3 Data directory. You then get a dialog to select which modules you want to load with the current selection from your plugins.txt as default value. Once you have confirmed that dialog the selected modules will start loading in the background. Depending on your system it should take 30 seconds to a few minutes (!) for all modules to load. You can follow the progress in the message window. (Don't panic if it seems to freeze, it just takes time).

The tree view on the left side now shows all active modules in their correct load order. By navigating that tree view you can look at every single record in any of your modules.

Once a record has been selected the detailed contents of that record is shown on the right side. The detail view shows all versions of the selected record from all modules which contain it. The left most column is the master. The right most column is the module that "wins". This is the version of the record that Fallout 3 sees.

Both the detail view and the record list use the same color coding to signal the conflict state of individual fields (in the detail view) and the record overall (in the record list)."

Background color:
White - Single Record; Green - Multiple but no conflict; Yellow - Override without conflict; Red - Conflict

Text color: Black - Single Record; Gray - Hidden by Mod Group; Purple - Master; Gray - Identical to Master
Orange - Identical to Master but conflict Winner; Green - Override without conflict; Orange - Conflict winner
Red - Conflict loser


FO3 Plugin Utility v.1.3 (4/01/09) - by ScripterRon

"FO3Plugin works with Fallout 3 ESM/ESP files. You can display the records and merge two plugins to form a new plugin. You can also create an override plugin containing the merged lists from one or more plugins."

Arwen Note: this utility makes it really easy to merge plugins. When making updates for my Realism Tweaks, I had previously been spending hours to create my FULL merged esp from all the individual modules . . . with this little utility it now takes me less than 5 minutes!

FO3 Plugin Utility

Garden of Eden Creation Kit [G.E.C.K.] v.1.5 (5/04/09) - by Bethesda

"The G.E.C.K. provides the community with tools that will allow players to expand the game any way they wish. Users can create, modify, and edit any data for use with Fallout 3, from building landscapes, towns, and locations to writing dialogue, creating characters, weapons, creatures, and more."

Arwen Note: this is the Construction Set for Fallout

Garden of Eden Creation Kit

GECK Essentials v.1.0 (added 1/18/09) - by Lf751

Arwen Note: this "mod" includes official tutorial pages, FAQ, and more. This was created to aid in learning how to use GECK

GECK Essentials

FaceGen Exchanger v.0.3b (2/16/09) - by scanti

This utility allows you to transfer your character's face to and from a Fallout/Oblivion save or a FG file (Facegen Modeller's file format).

Arwen Note: This is still in the Beta stage - and due to differences between Oblivion's and Fallout's Facegen programs, faces that are import between the two games will not look exactly the same (my Oblivion charcter come out looking very strange when I imported her face into my Fallout game).

This program has worked great for me to import my original Fallout 3 character into newer Fallout 3 games.

If you get a Delimiter Error when you are transferring a face:
1.) Load the save that you are trying to transfer the face TO
2.) Open the console and type in ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu
3.) Close the console
4.) Click the randomize button once and accept the new face
5.) Save the game, exit the game
6.) Run FaceGen Exchanger, this time transfer TO the new save.

FaceGen Exchanger

CASM (Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager) [requires FOSE] v.1.2.3 (5/03/09) - by Cipscis

"replaces Fallout 3's saving system so that you no longer have to rely on only a single autosave or quicksave to fall back on.

This is achieved by cycling through a certain number of saves, so that older saves are still overridden but there are also always previous saves available if you need to reload a save earlier than your last one.

CASM creates saves in three ways:
- Automatically after a certain length of time
- Automatically after certain events
- Manually with the F4 key

You can quickly load your last CASM save with the F8 key

Compatibility: This mod is NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks' One Life module (because this module only works with its own unique autosaves). Note that it is fully compatible with all my other modules . . .  just don't use it if you have my One Life module active.

Arwen Note: I'm a very focused person (which is a need for me, in that's just the way that my brain works). So this means that when I'm playing a game like Fallout, I tend to get so involved with my game that I often forget to occasionally save my game. So, when my character gets killed (which happens way too often), my last saved game is often from 30 minutes ago. The other problem is that is that when I change cells, the default autosave overwrites the previous autosave, and I often want to load my game from the earlier autosave - but it's gone. CASM takes care of both of these issues - and it does so nearly invisibly (there's just a brief pause while my game is being saved). And you can configure everything from the CASM options menu (under Items/Aid).

Oh, and you can have up to 3 separate profiles - which means that you can use 3 unique sets of saves for 3 different characters.


Page Menu: | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing & Leveling | Quest Fixing Patches

DarNified UI F3 v.Alpha 11.1 (Hotfix) (10/11/09) - by DarN:

"If you're unfamiliar with DUI for Oblivion, the goal is to make the UI look more at home on the PC. This means smaller fonts, more visible items in the lists, and scaling of some elements. Though improved, the F3 ui is a little too big for my taste, hence DUI F3. As with the other version, I will try to implement settings where appropriate. Settings can be found in Data\menus\prefabs\DUIF3Settings.xml."

"The HUD has been completely transformed. You have full control over scale, color, visibility, and positions. Open the config file to see what more can be done to it."

Arwen Notes: If you're on a PC and not using Darn's mod, you are really missing out on a Great UI! See the thread/download link for many more details. I highly recommend this mod. Even though this DarN still considers this in Alpha, it is essentially bug free at this point (I haven't noticed any) and I'm using it and loving it.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that you edit the Fallout.ini, with the font changes, as shown in the download thread!

Turn off Quest Markers & Landmarks: I like to discover things myself so I have these turned off in my game.

To disable these Markers: open the DUIF3Settings.xml and make the following edit (the 0, was set at 1 by default)

(Line 122) <!--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Compass ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-->
<_HUDShowCompass> 1 </_HUDShowCompass> <!-- [1] Show compass? -->
<_HUDDetachCompass> 0 </_HUDDetachCompass> <!-- [0] Detach compass from HP Info? -->
<_HUDCompass_X> 649 </_HUDCompass_X> <!-- [649] Compass position when detached - -->
<_HUDCompass_Y> -900 </_HUDCompass_Y> <!-- [-900] Rel. HPInfo position -->
<_HUDCompassFrame> 1 </_HUDCompassFrame> <!-- [1] Draw compass frame when detached? -->
<_HUDShowQuestMarkers> 0 </_HUDShowQuestMarkers><!-- [1] Show Quest and Player markers? -->
<_HUDShowLandmarks> 0 </_HUDShowLandmarks> <!-- [1] Show landmarks/locations? -->
<_HUDShowNPC> 1 </_HUDShowNPC> <!-- [1] Show friendly npc's? -->
<_HUDShowEnemies> 1 </_HUDShowEnemies> <!-- [1] Show hostile npc's? -->
<_HUDMarkEnemies> 1 </_HUDMarkEnemies> <!-- [1] Differentiate between enemy/friendlies?-->

Turn off Sneak Messages: I personally found the sneak messages to be annoying, and not at all realistic (after all, my character really shouldn't have a pop-up message telling her when she was hidden). DarN's combat indicator works so much better for me.

To disable the Sneak messages: open the DUIF3Settings.xml and make the following edit (the 0, was set at 1 by default)

(Line 146) <!--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SneakMeter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-->
<_HUDShowSneak> 0 </_HUDShowSneak> <!-- [1] -->
<_HUDSneak_X> 0 </_HUDSneak_X> <!-- [0] Rel. original position -->
<_HUDSneak_Y> 10 </_HUDSneak_Y> <!-- [10] -->
<_HUDSneakFont> 6 </_HUDSneakFont> <!-- [6] -->

Enable Combat Indicator: DarN was nice enough to add a handy little Combat Indicator at my request. I never liked the psychic sneak awareness indicators, such as [HIDDEN] (early version of my Realism Tweaks removed these in the Stealth module). But after disabling the sneak indicators, I found that because I never knew when I could patch up my injuries (with Real Injuries), since I had to wait until the program had determined that I was no longer engaged in combat (even when I wasn't actually actively engaged at all). I had to keep opening up the RI first aid kit to see if I could us it . . . which was not very immersive at all! DarN's Combat Indicator is a tiny little red icon that appears at the very top of your screen to let you know when you are "engaged" in combat. I think of it as my "spider sense" (my intuition) . . . sort of how you feel that someone is looking at you. The really cool thing is that you don't even have to be in sneak mode! Anyhoo, if you want to give this a try, you have to turn it on (as it is off by default):

open the DUIF3Settings.xml and make the following edit (the 1, was set at 0 by default)

(Line 214) <!--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Combat Indicator ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-->
<_HUDShowCI> 1 </_HUDShowCI> <!-- [0] Show Combat Indicator (FOSE) -->
<_HUDCI_X> 0 </_HUDCI_X> <!-- [0] Rel. center screen -->
<_HUDCI_Y> 5 </_HUDCI_Y> <!-- [5] -->

DarNified UI F3 Thread and

Pitt Gal Stats v.2A (2/10/10) - by eomanv:

"Get tired too see your pipboy smile all day? Try this one, a gal in Pitt Worker Style!"

This is a PipBoy stats replacer.

Two versions available:
- Original Pipboy interface: "Replacing your pipboy stats interface, with big paper doll like original one."
DarNified UI: "Replacing your pipboy stats interface, for DUI version."

Optional files: HUD Icons - "change your hud icons, all pipboy changes into pittgal."

Arwen Note: I love how the PittGal changes, based on her injuries! The screenshot below is with the DarNified UI version.

Pitt Gal Stats

Color Hi-Detailed map and icons v.1.2 (2/08/09) - by MAXHARDMAN:

"On map you may see every small house, every road and all other thing."

Color differentiations of icons:

Red - potentially danger places
Blue - metro stations
Yellow - populated places
White - Pre-war structures
Green - sewer and land places
Gray - undiscovered places

Arwen Note: Map looks best with white screen Pip-Boy.

Color Hi-Detailed Map and Icons

T3T Misc Item Icons v.0.7 (8/19/10) - by The 3rd Type (LaserMan):

"I've made this mod because it always irritated me that a lot of the different misc category icons use the same generic junk icon. I think some of you will really enjoy this, hopefully as much as I enjoyed making it. This mod aims to one day give all misc items their own icon. Starting out with schematic parts and working our way from there. "

v.0.5: All Schematic Parts have seperate, individual Icons

v.0.6: Icons have been added to the following items: Camera, Pre-War Money, Cigs, Cig Packs, and Cig Cartons, Metro Ticket, Plunger, Teddy Bear, Bent Tin Can, Toaster.
The following items were renamed for easier sorting: Bent Tin Can = Tin Can (Bent), Cigarette = Cigarette (Single), Pack of Cigarettes = Cigarettes (Pack), Carton of Cigarettes = Cigarettes (Carton).

Arwen Note: this mod adds unique PipBoy icons to many of the misc. items, which greatly reduces the amount of items that all had the generic "junk" icon . . . and really improved the visual selection of items for me.

T3T Misc Item Icons

Pipboy Item Descriptions Mod v.1.9.5 (5/07/09) - by weedking:

"adds descriptions to the various Pipboy item images - created with the MTUI UI mod in mind but it may work with other UI mods

Arwen Note: It's nice to have descriptions of game items, especially at the beginning of the game, when you are trying to figure out what many of the items are for.

Pipboy Item Descriptions

KTs_Centercamera v.1.0 (3/21/09) - by Tsuruga:

"It looks like the Oblivion Point of view in game. The centered camera as stand alone variant."

Arwen Note: I just couldn't get use to the off-center 3rd person camera view, and this mod totally fixes that issue for me. (This one just changes the 3rd person does not remove the sneak mode messages.)


Page Menu: | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing & Leveling | Quest Fixing Patches
Rebalancing & Leveling (in addition to the big overhaul mods)

Arwen Note: RPGs never seem very balanced to me and leveling is ALWAYS way too fast - it's like the whole idea of the game is to level up . . . without having to work very hard at all. These are two areas that I always try to fix first, as I want my game balanced from the very beginning. Maybe its because I've competed as a collegiate athlete, where I've had to work really hard to improve my skills, but you just shouldn't be rewarded until you've actually earned it. These next four mods work very well together in rebalancing perks, karma, skills, and slowing down the speed at which you level up. [You may also want to try my Realism Tweaks, which is an Extreme Realism mod, as it greatly improves the game balance between NPCs/Creatures and the Player Character.]

Karma Revamp Mod v.1010 (2/20/09) - by Brazuca:

"Neutral ground has been greatly increased, so you are much more likely to stay Neutral.
Good Karma and Very Good Karma take many more good deeds in order to change your reputation.
Bad Karma and Very Bad Karma take many more bad deeds in order to change your reputation."

Arwen Note: This mod just makes your Karma more reasonable and more consistent - with slower increases and slower decreases. This is completely modular, so you can pretty much pick exactly the changes that you want. And, since a new game is not required, you can easily switch to a different esp. I'm currently using the single KarmaRevamp.esp (Which contains, KarmaThreshold, KarmaHard, KarmaStealingIncrease, KarmaCannibalIncrease, KarmaChurchDecrease, and the KarmaFutureImperfect changes).

Karma Revamp Mod

Arwen's Reduced XPR v.2.2 (10/14/09) - by Arwen:

NOTE: If you are using my Realism Tweaks,

When I first started playing Fallout 3, I soon found that I was leveling up way too fast . . . which was surprising, since there are only 20 levels in the default game. There are several mods that allow you to reach higher levels, but my mod takes a different approach, while adding a bit of RPG balance. My mod reduces the Experience Points Rewards (XPR) that you receive in the game. You earn XPR for killing creatures; solving quests (and sometimes for doing sections of a quest); disarming mines and traps; picking locks; hacking computers; and passing speech challenges. Once you gain the required amount of experience points, you level up.

Version 2.2 Changes:
- The archive now contain two esps . . . a regular/slow leveling version, and an extreme/very slow leveling version. (Only activate one at a time.)
- Both versions are balanced for Normal Difficulty gameplay, but I adjusted the Difficulty Modifiers a bit differently for each (which should further enhance their differences).
- With the game set on Normal Difficulty, the regular esp will likely result in a slightly faster leveling up pace than with version 2.1. (the extreme esp will result in a considerably slower pace).
- Reduced XP for Speech Challenges, from 75% default to 60% (40% with extreme version).
- Reduced XP for Disarming Traps, from 75% of default to 70% (50% with extreme version).
- Now also reduces XP for Secret Area Discovery by 60% of default (40% with extreme version) [This had been left at default in v.2.1].
Concept of my Reduced XPR mod:
- This mod slows down how fast you will level up, by reducing the default Experience Points Rewards (XPR), for all difficulty levels.
- It also brings a bit more balance, by reducing XPR for killing a factor of 3 (5 with extreme version), while reducing XPR for most other achievements by only a factor of 2 or less (2.5 or less, with extreme version).
- There are however, certain events that will cause you to level up, even though you are receiving fewer Experience Points. For instance, when you leave Vault 101, you level up to Level 2 (I only had 19 out of the required 200 XPs when I exited the vault, yet I still leveled up, since you receive 200 XP when you exit the Vault).
- My mod does not alter the required number of XP you need to advance to the next level . . . it just reduces the amount of XPR that you gain during gameplay, by reducing the number of points awarded for individual tasks/challenges. This is why my Reduced XPR mod is compatible with all the DLC, including Broken Steel (which adds 10 more levels).

The Differences Between the Two esps:

- Regular version (Arwen_XPR.esp): reduces XPR for killing by 75%, and reduces XPR for most other achievements by 25-50%.
- Extreme version (Arwen_XPR_Extreme.esp): reduces XPR for killing by 80%, and reduces XPR for most other achievements by 40-60%
- The differences between my two versions may not seem like much, but I've been using the extreme version in my own game for a while, and gaining experience points is noticeably slower.
- As a test ... I played the game for nearly an hour with each esp (with virtually identical gameplay, each starting at the beginning of Level 2.
- Using the Arwen_XPR.esp: I gained 169 XP (31% of what I needed to reach Level 3).
- Using the Arwen_XPR_Extreme.esp: I gained only 104 XP (19% of what I needed to reach Level 3).

Changing the game Difficulty Level will still change experience gained from killing enemies:

- With Default game: On Very Hard you will receive 150% more XP for a kill, while a kill on Very Easy will yield 50% less XP. For example, a Deathclaw is worth 25 XP on Very Easy, 50 XP on Normal and 75 XP on Very Hard.
- With the Arwen_XPR.esp: On Very Hard you will still receive 150% more XP for a kill, and a kill on Very Easy will still yield 50% less XP. But now a Deathclaw is only worth 7 XP on Very Easy, 15 XP on Normal and 22 XP on Very Hard.
- With the Arwen_XPR_Extreme.esp: On Very Hard you will still receive 150% more XP for a kill, and a kill on Very Easy will still yield 50% less XP. But now a Deathclaw is only worth 5 XP on Very Easy, 10 XP on Normal and 15 XP on Very Hard.

Using My Reduced XPR mod with a Current Game: Obviously this mod is best used with new games, or at low character levels . . . but you do NOT have to start a new game (the XPR changes will kick in as soon as you install my mod).

To switch over from another slower leveling mod that reduces XPR (like Koldorn's Slower Levelling), follow these steps:
1.) Deactivate your current XP mod
2.) Start your game and check your XP (in your stats)
3.) If your current xp is higher than the amount that you need to level up (example: 800/550), enter the console and type in: "rewardxp -XXXX" (without the quotes) - the xxxx is the amount of xp you want to remove to get somewhere below the required amount you need to level up (in my example, I could enter "rewardxp -300", which would give me 500/550).
4.) Make a CLEAN save (do not overwrite a previous save)
5.) Install my XPR mod
6.) From this point on, it will take you ~ 3 times longer to gain Experience Points (than with the default game).

- DLC: 100% compatible with all DLC, including Broken Steel. since I only edited the XPR values.
- Realism Tweaks: should no longer be used with of my Realism Tweaks (version 4.7 and later), since my Realism Core module now globally reduces ALL XPR by using my XPR Multipliers (which can be easily changed in my Options Menu).

Discussion thread on the Official Fallout 3 mod Forum.

Arwen's Reduced XPR

Page Menu: | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing & Leveling | Quest Fixing Patches
Quest Fixing & Patches

FALLOUT 3 Update US ENGLISH v.1.7 [version] (7/27/09) - from Bethesda:

"New achievements for Mothership Zeta"

Arwen Note: This is a cumulative patch, which means that it contains all previous updates (it is a 50 MB patch, so it does way more that just add Mothership Zeta achievements).

I have not yet tested this one out and it is still not clear as to what it actually does, and it is getting mixed reviews, although most are positive and many people are saying that it has eliminated the crash on exit bug, and that they are experiencing less in game crashes. I'll post more when I have more information

IMPORTANT! If you have FOSE installed you need to update to the latest version (v.1.1 beta 9 or later).

Fallout 3 Update US English

Achievement Remover v.08-22-09 (8/22/09) - by JustinOther:

"These mods simply remove the AddAchievements from Fallout 3 and Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel for those not concerned with XLive trophies. The timing of the AddAchievements relative to crashes I've experienced (and seen others write about) led me to believe that the achievements were part of the crashes. As my first time through the DLC was extremely rough before doing this and now it's smooth sailing, I think I might be onto something rather than just on something. All edited scripts have been recompiled minus the achievements and seem to be working like a charm."

Arwen Note: My Hard-Core module (part of my Realism Tweaks) removes Achievements from all Bobbleheads. So my mod would be compatible with mods that remove the Xbox Achievements, such as JustinOther's Achievement Remover.

Load Order:
- Fallout3.esm
- DLC esms
- Achievement Remover
- Delay DLC esps
- Realism Tweaks esps

Achievement Remover

Error Corrections - Reduce CTD v.1.6 (07/06/13) - by Tommy

- This mod fixes critical errors in FO3 + DLC esms to reduce crashes/freezes and increase smoother game play. It's as simple as that, no more, no less

- Ghoul npcs will have ghoul hair (Result from a fix)

- Few more sounds will be heard in various places (seagulls, crickets, birds, etc) "

Requirements: ALL 5 DLC must be installed and active!

Arwen Note:  I am currently NOT using this mod/patch in my own game, since I am still using the older Error Correction mod, which is no longer available).  I've simply added this mod as a possible alternative.

Error Corrections - Reduce CTD

Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch [UF3P] v.1.2.0 (8/11/09) - by Quarn:

"The Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch is an extensive mod fixing various bugs throughout the Fallout 3 world and in the official DLC's!

This mod/patch includes all sorts of bug fixes, including the mouse acceleration fix.

Important: uninstall previous version before installing the latest version!

Compatibility: This patch was created for version 1.1+ (English) and should not be used with any other Fallout 3 versions.

Install: make sure that only installed DLC is checked. The Unofficial DLC Patches will ONLY work if the DLCs are in your \Fallout 3\Data\ folder otherwise using them will crash your game.

Load Order: this should load directly after Fallout3.esm, and the DLC esms.

***Arwen Note:  I am currently NOT using this patch in my own game as it seemed to have some compatibility issues with several of the other mods that I'm using (moistly due to textures that it adds/changes).  If you have this patch installed and find that your game is crashing a bunch, try uninstalling it and see if this helps.  I'm hoping that a future version (if one is released) might be more compatible.

Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch

Dialogue Tweaks v.0.7d (3/30/10) - by jordik:

"Fallout 3 has a lot of little dialogue oddities that break immersion. This small mod aims to fix as much as possible without fundamentally changing quests."

New in 0.7d: removed my broken fix for Walter's water pipes quest.

Arwen Note 10/06/09): I really like what this mod does. But I decided to archived this mod when I was using v.0.7c (3/18/09), when I discovered that it was breaking a few quests (I personally had a problem with the water pipes quest), preventing them from working correctly. When I found out that this mod had finally been updated (after a year!) and that the new version seems to have fixed the quest issues, I gave it another try . . . and when it passed my play testing, I added it back to my FO3 recommended mod list. [See, my archive is not necessarily the last stop for a mod.]

Dialogue Tweaks

Free Play after MQ v.0.5 (12/13/08) - by Zalmoxis and DJ_Kovrik:

Optional: if you have any mp3 file in ..\Data\Music\ZALpostMQ, it will be played after videos (no mp3 file included).

Arwen Note: without this mod installed, when you finish the main quest the default game ends. (Of course this isn't needed if you have Broken Steel installed.)

Incompatible with Broken Steel: I have not tried this with BS yet, but my understanding is that if you do a Clean Save at a point before you finished the Main Quest , and the continue from your clean save and then complete the Main Quest (with this mod uninstalled); that Broken Steel should load ok.

Free Play after MQ

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