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(updated April 02, 2014)

Arwen's Mod List
Index Page
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Arwen's Fallout 3 Mod List

Thank-You: to all the talented people who have made these modification (MODs), and are generous in, not only sharing their efforts, but for all their support within modding community.

Latest News - April 2, 2014: I'm still in the process of updating this mod list.

My Mod Load Order page will also be a bit out of date, until I have time to reorganize it to match my updated mod list.

Version 8.1 of my Realism Tweaks was released on January 31, 2014, as a minor update. Version 8.0 was my FINAL main version release. This minor update fixes a number of bugs in v.8.0 (all that were reported or that I discovered in the weeks following the initial releases). This update also further improves game play balance.

I really need to take a break from Fallout for a while, after spending months modding and play testing my Fallout mods. Once I start playing the game again, I will also get back to work on my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer.

When I upgraded my FO3 game to the Game Of The Year (GOTY) edition, I found it to be a bit of a chore (a bit tricky, but also not as difficult as I feared). If you're about to try installing this over your original Fallout 3 install (yes, it can be done, and you don't necessarily have to begin a new game), you may want to take a look at my GOTY Installation Instructions. My Mod Load Order now includes all the DLC esps, and is now current with all my own installed mods (with the exception of my Realism Tweaks' new beta modules).

Mods which have been added or updated most recently:

 Arwen's Realism Tweaks (01/31/14) - My own Fallout 3 Overhaul: with challenging game play changes that increase immersion and enhance the RPG aspects, while improving game balance.


Previous Months - mods that were added or updated in recent months:
- Error Corrections - Reduce CTD (07/06/13) - fixes errors, with the goal of reducing CTDs and giving smoother gameplay.
- FO3Edit (10/05/13) - an advanced graphical module viewer/editor and conflict detector

ABOUT ARWEN'S FALLOUT JOURNAL: This journal now consists of three main parts:

My Fallout Mod Section: my recommended mod list (see below), along with my Mod Load Order section.
My Fallout Tips Sectio
n: contains tips and hints, plus a mod users tutorial.
The Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer: my Fallout 3 fantasy story, but it's also a bit more than that.

A large part of my Fallout 3 Journal will always be my recommended mod list. So at the end of each chapter of my Trials of a Wasteland Wanderer are a Gaming Comments and Tips section - where I explain how specific mods have added to my gaming experience for the gameplay that was covered in that chapter. There is also a section on role-playing, where I explain some of my role-playing techniques that have made the game more immersive for me. My primary goal in writing this journal is to help other players make Fallout 3 into a better gaming experience.

About Arwen's Mod List: These are my recommended mods for Bethesda's Fallout 3 role-playing game. These are the mods I have selected in my own personal quest to make Fallout a better game . . . and "a better game" in this case, refers to a "better role-playing game." I only mad a few of these mods.

These mods have made a huge impact on my game play. It might seem like adding 80+ mods would be a lot of work, but these are not huge mods and the Fallout Mod Manager makes it really easy to install most them.You may not want to install most of the mods that I'm using - but should just install the ones that make the changes that you want to have in your own game. That's the advantage of using individual mods, rather than the large mod overhauls (compilations).

Some mods might require that you start a new game (If this is the case for any of the mods that I list here, I'll put this in my review). They might seem to work fine with saved games, but some changes won't take affect until you begin a new game (or, in some cases, until 3 or 4 game days pass - when cell respawning kicks in).

If you're experienced with installing and using mods, you can skip ahead to my MOD Index . . . if not, I would strongly suggest that you read the next section first.

Are you unsure about how to install MODs?

Are you not exactly sure what a MOD is?
It so, you should first read my MODs 101 - The Basics section (which I originally wrote for Oblivion, but the basic principles are mostly the same, so I rewrote it for Fallout 3). I also just wrote some basic instructions on how to install a mod with FOMM in my Fallout Tips section. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to do this, as it is a bit different from the OBMM, so I figured that others might need some basic instructions to get started.

Warnings About Using These MODs (and disclaimer):

My Fallout Journal MOD pages are my way to share the mods I am using. I've tested out every one of these mods in my own game, and haven't noticed any major conflicts, but I can't guarantee that they won't cause problems for others (and incorrect load order will cause conflicts).

Please don't try to install any of these MODs without:

1.) first backing up your saved games folder
2.) knowing how to install the MOD
3.) knowing how to uninstall the MOD
4.) understanding exactly what each MOD does.

I also highly recommend that you use the Fallout Mod Manager to install MODs

See the Fallout MOD FAQ on the Fallout 3 modding wiki site

Before you start installing MODs . . . I suggest that you do the following:

1.) Update your Fallout game with the latest patch and the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch
2.) Make a backup copy of your entire Fallout folder (if you have the free space - it's about 5.66 Gigs)
2.b.) If you don't have the free space to entire Fallout folder - You should at least back up the Meshes and Textures folders - which are less than 28 MB in size (as these folders tend to get messed up the most when installing and removing mods)
3.) Install the Fallout Mod Manager and use it to install your mods.

Arwen Note: If you back up your Fallout folder, before installing any mods, and your game somehow gets messed up, you won't have to go through the entire reinstall next time.

Arwen's MOD List Index

This section is where I list all my recommended mods for Fallout. These are the mods that I am actually using in my current game - unless otherwise noted (I have a few alternate mods listed).

I've arranged my recommended mods by my own categories as a way to organize them. Many of these mods could fit in more than one category, so placement has been very subjective on my part.

Mod Category Index

Part One: | Utilities | Interface | Rebalancing & Leveling | Quest Fixing& Patches

Part Two - Graphic Mods: | Character | Clothing | Weapons | Environment | Other Textures | Gore Reduction

Part Three - Realism Mods

Part Four - Overhaul Mod: Arwen's Realism Tweaks

Part Five - Add-ons: | Expansions | Quests | Sound & Music

Archived Mods (I'm not using any of these mods in this section)

Mod Load Order: Load order guideline for Fallout 3 (my own load order with all my currently installed mods).
Arwen's MOD List - Part One
Updated: Mods that have been recently updated (in last month or so) have the maroon updated text
Older mods that were added to this list recently have the green updated text

Utilities (tools for installing, creating, and editing mods):

09/14/10 Fallout Mod Manager - makes installing, managing, and uninstalling mods much easier. Use this!
01/19/10 Fallout Script Extender - any mod that has [requires FOSE] needs to have this installed
01/21/10 Fallout Stutter Remover - makes Fallout 3 not "stutter" as much, and generally feel smoother or perform better.
10/05/13 FO3Edit - an advanced graphical module viewer/editor and conflict detector
04/01/09 FO3 Plugin Utility - allows you display records and merge two (or more) plugins
05/04/09 Garden of Eden Creation Kit [G.E.C.K.] - the Construction Set for Fallout
01/18/09 GECK Essentials - official tutorial pages, FAQ, and more - to aid in learning how to use GECK
02/16/09 FaceGen Exchanger - allows you to transfer your character's face to and from a Fallout/Oblivion save
05/03/09 CASM - replaces Fallout 3's saving system so that you no longer have to rely on only a single autosave

Interface (enhancing the graphical interface):

10/11/09 DarNified UI F3 - greatly enhances the appearance of the UI and increasing visual feedback
02/10/10 Pitt Gal Stats - PipBoy stats replacer . . . a gal in Pitt Worker Style.
02/08/09 Color Hi-Detailed Map and Icons - high resolution colored map and color differentiated icons
08/19/10 T3T Misc Item Icons - adds unique PipBoy icons to many of the misc. items
05/07/09 Pipboy Item Descriptions - adds descriptions to the various Pipboy item images
03/21/09 KTs_Centercamera - centers the over-shoulder camera - gives you Oblivion's 3rd person view perspective

Rebalancing & Leveling (major changes that affect the entire game):

02/20/09 Karma Revamp Mod - makes Karma more reasonable and consistent - slower increases and decreases
10/14/09 Arwen's Reduced XPR - reduces Experience Points Rewards (XPR) - which slows down leveling up.

Quest Fixing & Patches (bug fixes and removal of hand-holding elements):

07/27/09 Fallout 3 Update US English v.1.7- this is the official Fallout 3 patch that you should now be using
08/22/09 Achievement Remover - removes the AddAchievements from Fallout 3 and the DLC. Seems to reduce the game crashing
07/06/13 Error Corrections - Reduce CTD - fixes errors, with the goal of reducing CTDs and giving smoother gameplay.
08/11/09 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch - fixes various bugs throughout the Fallout 3 world and in the official DLCs
03/30/10 Dialogue Tweaks - many small dialogue changes that adds realism, as this dialogue now makes sense
12/13/08 Free Play after MQ - without this mod installed, when you finish the main quest the game ends

Arwen's MOD List - Part Two - Graphic Mods
Updated: Mods that have been recently updated (in last month or so) have the maroon updated text
Older mods that I have recently added to the list have the green updated text

Character Appearance:

02/15/09 Alternate Female Face - female face texture with less glam and suitable for the Wasteland
01/20/09 Female Texture Mod- another more feminine face texture without the glam, suitable for the Wasteland
01/23/12 Fallout 3 Redesigned - makes characters in Fallout 3 to look more realistic, and to 'look the part'
11/19/09 Hair Pack- adds 24 new female, and 14 male hair styles
03/04/09 Hair Pack Retexture - a retexture of YoshikinaKota's Hair Pack mod
06/01/09 Heights - Adjusts the heights of most NPCs by manually altering the scale.
Cosmetic Changes for Companions:
03/16/09 Dogmeat Husky - changes Dogmeat (the dog companion) to look more like a Husky

Clothing & Armor:

02/16/09 Missing Unique Armor and Clothing - adds 31 pieces of Bethesda-created unique armor and clothing (that were not used in-game)
11/20/09 Feminized Power Armor - adds separate female mesh for all vanilla power armors & the t-51b helmet.
10/13/09 Arwen's VisionFX - adds a bit of visual immersion when wearing sunglasses and reading glasses.

Weapons (changes in appearance only):

07/15/09 Hi-Res Weapons and Ammo Textures- high resolution weapons and ammo in all views
07/21/09 10mm Pistol Replacer - changes the default 10mm, into a much sleeker looking, hi-rez version
09/17/11 Batteries Plus- gives Energy Cells, Microfusion Cells, and Fission Batteries new, higher res textures
10/15/09 Fallout 3 Re-Animated - gives your character some more realistic animations (mostly weapon related)

ENVIRONMENT (graphical improvements to the natural environment):

11/04/10 Fellout - The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul - No more green tinge - plus it now gets very dark at night
08/10/10 Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow - adds rain and snow to Fallout.
06/18/09 Enhanced Weather - Rainbows- add-on for Enhanced Weather - adds rainbows to Fallout
11/23/08 Krzymar HI-RES Moon - a high-resolution texture replacement for all visible moon phases
08/01/10 Evergreen - adds live looking leaves and foliage to the scenery.
11/14/11 Darkened Interiors - Makes interior lighting much more realistic looking . . . without being so dark that you cannot find your way.
11/04/10 Flashlight - gives you an invisible, hands-free flashlight (acts like a real flashlight, but only the beam is visible).
08/09/10 Fallout Street Lights - adds lights and FX beams to most street lights and signs in the DC ruins, and the Wasteland
07/20/09 Megaton Lighting Overhaul - Adds Real lighting to Megaton.

other textures

06/29/10 NMC's Texture Pack for FO3 - replaces terrain, trees, vehicles and most furniture with very high resolution textures
03/03/10 Rivet City Realignment - changes the orientation of Rivet City interior cells to match exterior cells
06/06/09 Retextured Clutter Collection - replaces many of the misc. items with much higher detailed versions
08/24/12 MGs Neat Clutter - Hires textures and detailed normal maps for more than 100 items.
04/10/09 Books Debunked - greatly improves the appearance and variety of all the pre-war books
02/10/09 Better HiRes Skill Books - greatly improves the appearance of all the skill books

Blood & Gore Reduction (my own mods):

09/07/09 Gore No More - removes most of the excessive gore from the game.
07/02/09 Less Blood - Better Decals - reduces the amount of excessive blood displayed in the game, while improving its appearance

Arwen's MOD List - Part Three - Realism
Updated: Mods that have been recently updated (in last month or so) have the maroon updated text
Older mods that I have recently added to the list have the green updated text

Realism mods - for a more realistic game, which can enhance your role-playing experience

03/06/10 Alternate Start - Roleplayers - You still create your now fully grown character, but also select your background history - which determines your starting location
12/21/08 AmmoWeight - makes the game more realistic by giving ammo some weight
11/10/09 Displayed Ammo Weight - puts the weight value for ammo right in the user interface, just like any other item.
04/18/09 Auto Aim Fix - Headshot Deluxe Edition - stops bullets from rising and essentially disables auto aim
08/28/10 CALIBR - an attempt to standardize the ammunition used by different weapon addons and mods.
03/17/09 Companion Behaviour Overhaul - improves companion behavior to be more realistic and useful
02/20/09 DK BulletTime - slows down the world around you, giving more time to aim, make decisions, and shoot
04/13/09 Dogmeat Never Dies - when Dogmeat "dies," you can now retrieve him from his former home
10/13/10 EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced - this mod will make you start using energy weapons.
10/09/10 Marts Mutant Mod - adds a huge range of diversity to creatures and NPCs as well as new and unique creatures and NPCs to encounter
10/14/09 Modified handgun Holster animations - modifies animations of equip and unequip for holsters and adds a new thigh holster.
08/17/09 Refurbish DLC - delays the initial DLC pop-up messages, and the quests are presently later, in a more natural, immersive manner.
11/11/12 RH_IronSights - FOSE - model, texture, and animation replacement package meant to "unlock" iron sights aiming
04/30/10 Whose been Sleeping in my Bed - adds usable beds in the Megaton Common Room, Big Town, and Rivet City
09/25/10 Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security - adds real-time lockpicking, hacking, and lock smashing with melee weapons, guns and explosives.

Arwen's MOD List - Part Four - Arwen's Realism Tweaks
My own Fallout 3 Overhaul - for a much more challenging role-playing experience.
Challenging gameplay changes that increase immersion and enhance the RPG aspects, while improving game balance.
Updated: 01/31/14
Overview of Arwen's Realism Tweaks
My Vision I expected the Wasteland to be a very harsh, unforgiving place, where survival was difficult . . . but it wasn't.
Latest Version Changes in Current Version: 8.1
Modules: (the download includes my Core Master esm, all four modules, and my compatibility patches)
#1 Realism Core: Required Core Module: Global tweaks that rebalance the game, resulting in a more challenging RPG experience. Smarter AI, Dynamic Stealth, better weapon/armor balance, improved Localized Damage, and much more. [Includes Realism Core, Hard-Core, and Encumbrance Quests.]
  Hard-Core Quest [part of Realism Core]: Reduces initial SPECIAL points, derived skill amounts, and Bobblehead skill bonuses; rebalances Skill Books; and default Level Perks (and adds new perks). Adds Gender bonuses/penalties, including gender-based weapon skill requirements. Also greatly reduces the amount of ammo, guns, food, and caps. Also makes Bartering a MUCH greater factor in item trade values.
  Encumbrance Quest [part of Realism Core]: You now suffer from Strain, which increases when walking with more than 100% encumbrance, and whenever you are running (at any encumbrance). Also increases the effect of worn armor weight on movement speed.
#2 Med-Tec [optional]: Overhauls Injuries and treatment (healing); adds Needs (eating, drinking water, sleeping); balances food and drugs.
#3 One Life [optional]: You no longer die, but pass out and are left for dead. When you come to, you discover that you have been looted. "Death" now is a major penalty, instead of just an inconvenient reload.
- Installation Also Optional files; Installation instructions; and Compatibility issues.
- Hard-Core Details Full details on my Hard-Core module, including character build considerations

Arwen's MOD List - Part Five
Updated: Mods that have been recently updated (in last month or so) have the maroon updated text
Older mods that I have recently added to the list have the green updated text

EXPANSION (additional lands/items):

Official Fallout 3 Expansions (DLC)
10/13/09 FO3 GOTY Edition - original game (patched to v.1.7) plus all 5 DLC expansions.
Buildings and Structures:
12/06/12 D.C. Interiors Project - really expands the game world, by opening up over 100 structures, which were all previously inaccessible
02/08/10 The Maintenance Shed - places a small Maintenance Shed next to the Springvale Water Tower that you can move into
Consumer Items:
02/28/09 Brahmin Dairy Products - adds dairy products, which are made from the 2-headed Brahmin cows

Quests (additional quests):
01/11/10 A Note Easily Missed - quest that adds insight into the lives of some people before the nuclear disaster
08/31/10 An Evening With Mister Manchester - quest created as a continuation of "A Note Easily Missed"

sound Effects & Music (additions and enhancement of game audio):

05/03/09 Female Voice Replacer - replaces the voice for the female players to one that sounds much more girlish.
06/26/09 Generator Sound - Makes all the static generators in game sound like their actually running.
03/04/09 Rune Immersion Sound Modification - improves immersion by balancing the levels of FO sound files
03/04/09 Sound Overhaul Mixtape - a compilation of separate Sound Effect replacement mods
02/14/09 GNR Radio Fixed - various Galaxy News Radio fixes

Arwen's MOD List - Archived Mods

Arwen Note: I am not currently using any of the mods in this section.

Archived Mods

03/22/09 Better Companions and Caravans - (alternative to CBO) improves companions and trade caravans
10/06/09 Better Frag Grenade Physics - reduces the amount of bounce for all throwable weapons
01/07/10 Book Perks - this mod doesn't eliminate book rewards . . . it just changes their skill bonuses to perks


Bottle Refill by BaaamI87 - allows your to refill empty beverage bottles from water sources
08/24/09 Combat Enhanced Package - makes a bunch of realism tweaks - mostly combat related
03/30/10 DAV - Weighted Ammo Weight - add-on for above mod - shows ammo weight in your inventory
10/12/10 Delay DLC - removes the initial DLC pop-up messages and reduces the range of the distress calls
09/11/12 Error Correction - Similar to Quarn's unofficial patch; it currently fixes over 1000 items/bugs (no longer available).
05/15/10 Explosive Entry - now you can blast open those pesky locks - but you have to be careful
10/06/09 Explosion Knockdowns - most explosions now have a knockdown effect
01/16/10 Face_Me - alters the faces, with a focus on maturity and wear (compilation of all Qebehsenuf's NPC face altering mods)
09/03/10 Fallout Street Lights - Wasteland - adds lights and light beams to other areas of the Wasteland
01/20/10 FF Interactive Bobbleheads - makes the collectable bobbleheads non-quest, world interactive items.
01/08/10 Fractured Nature - adds dead looking leaves and foliage to the scenery - a tree mod that fits the game
10/06/09 Holsters - adds wearable holsters, for your hand guns
09/06/09 Locational Damage - adds differences to where you hit (or were shot)
03/22/09 No Fast Travel - disables all fast-travel in-game
09/11/09 No (Less) Auto Aim - greatly reduces the auto aiming feature
11/14/08 NoTracers - removes most of the unrealistic tracers
10/06/09 NPCs Use Ammo - NPCs now use up ammo ( this also applies to companions)
07/29/09 Onehitters Combat Realism - weapons now deal realistic damage - and NPCs now use up ammo
11/18/09 Pointiac - enhances the way skillpoints are earned and assigned which makes SPECIAL's more useful
03/29/09 Remove Compass POI Markers - removes the Points of Interest and quest markers from the compass
05/20/09 Repair Rethought Reborn - makes repairing items less restrictive and a bit more realistic
03/22/09 SGsUA - No Borders - removes the borders around the wasteland
04/09/09 Slower Item Degradation - slows down the degrading rate of your equipment to a more realistic level
09/21/09 Sunglasses FX - simulates wearing real sunglasses by dimming the lighting when you equip a pair
11/13/09 The Foundation - large quest mod loosely based on Isaac Asimov's Foundation series
01/07/10 VATS Perks Redone - addresses VATS altering perks which were messed up with the first patch
03/22/09 Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack - adds two backpacks that you can wear, which will increase your carrying weight by 35 or 50 pounds.

Archived Survival-type Mods

01/15/11 Real Injuries - Makes injuries more serious. Stimpaks will no longer heal your crippled limbs.
01/15/11 RI - Primary Needs - your character needs to sleep, eat, and drink periodically
01/15/11 RiPnO - Real Injuries Patch - tweaks for RI/PN and adds compatibility with BLTC, FOOK, and DLC
01/15/11 Better Living Through Chems - increases the realism of drugs, adds many new drugs, adds visual effects, changes the penalties of overuse, and more.

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