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(Updated January 04, 2014

archived Mods
Part Two - Survival Mods

Arwen Note: I am not currently using any of the mods on this page.

These are some of the mods that I am no longer using because they are not compatibility with my Realism Tweaks' Med-Tec module. Since I am no longer using any of these mods, I can no longer offer support for them, or post my impressions on any updates. These are all very good mods, so I felt bad removing them from my list of recommended mods - which is why I added this page. So I created this page for users who are not using my Realism Tweaks (or prefer these mods to Med-Tec module).

Since this is an archive, I won't be updating any of these mods - but the versions, information, and links were current when they were moved here (in January 2011).

Up until I created my own Needs/Injuries module, I always used Real Injuries & Primary Needs, but as my Realism Tweaks grew and expanded, I began running into more and more conflicts . . . not so much in compatibility (since I always made sure that the two mods were compatible), but in the way that injuries are not harsh enough, making RI/PN feel a bit weak alongside my Tweaks.  And RI/PN/RiPnO/BLTC, along with my own compatibility patches has just become way too cumbersome . . . both to install, and to use.

I tried all the other available Needs and Injury type mods, but nothing ever matched RI/PN.  So I decided to try to make a simplified replacement for RI/PN/BLTC.  The result was my Med-Tec module, when ended up being anything but simple (it is by far my most complex module), but it does exactly what I want in a Needs/Injuries mod . . . and it is totally balanced with all my other Tweaks.

The mods that I moved to this archive page are all excellent mods . . . they are just no longer compatible with my Realism Tweaks, now that I have added my Med-Tec module.

Survival Mods


Real Injuries v.3.0.2 (2/08/09) - by KSchenk:

"Increases game difficulty through "Healing Source" and "Healing Mechanism" changes."

Arwen Note: This mod makes injuries much more serious. Stimpaks will no longer heal your crippled limbs. This mod does not kick in until you complete the Vault 101 Tutorial . . . once you make it to the Outside (exit the vault), the RI First Aid Kit will automatically be added to your inventory. At that point, you should open the RI Config Menu (Pip Boy/Aid/ click on <Medical Activator>, and exit your Pip Boy), and set this up the way you want. (For my configuration settings: Chapter 4: Real Injuries)

Optional Files:

RI_CrippledEffects.esp (Stand Alone): NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Main module.
Reduce movement speed when PC has crippled leg(s). Increased head crippled penalty and arm(s) crippled penalty. Do NOT use this esp if you are using (as my Arwen_Tweaks_Main.esp alters the crippled penalties in a slightly different way).

RI_DoctorCost.esp (Require RI_Core.esm / RI_Base.esp)
This optional ESP increase doctors medical cost five times. You should load this ESP after RI_Base.esp. (I'm not currently using this with my low level character, as funds are currently tight enough and the 5X factor is really a bit extreme!)

Arwen Note: For the Best Experience: I highly recommend using both Real Injuries and RI - Primary Needs (which were made to work together), with the Real Injuries Patch and Better Living Through Chems. Also, open the RI config (Aid/<Medical Activator>), and enable Wounds System, which is disabled by default.

Load Order: see load order at bottom of Real Injuries Patch

Compatibility: NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Med-Tec module.

Real Injuries

RI - Primary Needs v.2.0.3 (2/09/09) - by KSchenk: "PC needs to take Sleep, Food, Drink periodically."

Primary Needs - Hunger: First time when you enabled this mod, PC will have 42.5 food points. Every 24 hours PC will lose 20+ food points. And each food gives 1 food point/0.1 wg (some exception). This means you need 1.5wg+ foods per day for keeping good hunger condition. Combat affects to hunger points. During the combat PC will lose extra 50% food points. If PC fights 12hours in a day, Food Points requirement is 25.0 points.

Primary Needs - Thirst: First time when you enabled this mod, PC will have 300 drink points. Every 24 hours PC will lose 100+ drink points. And each drink gives drink points. (See Food/Drink Point, Sleep affection table)
Respected water sources are: Bottled Waters, Water Sources (Sink, Toilet etc...), Nuka-Cola, Ice Cold Nuka-Cola.
Combat affects to drink points. During the combat PC will lose extra 100% drink points. If PC fights 12hours in a day, Drink Points requirement is 150 points.

Primary Needs - Sleep/Fatigue: If you enable this feature, PC should sleep periodically. Basically, PC needs at least 6+ hours sleep in a day for recover from fatigue. If PC does not take enough sleep, penalty will apply.
When first load this mod, PC's sleep require hours is 0. Sleep require hours is basically 1/3 awake hours. If PC awake 24 hours, sleep require hours is 8 hours. Combat affects to fatigue. During the combat PC will gain +25% extra sleep hours. If PC fights 12 hours in a day, sleep require hours is 9 hours. None of food, chems decrease your sleep require hours. However, you can temporary defer penalties by taking Nuka-Colas, Mutfruits, and Jet. See Awakening effect.

Simple Cooking: You can cook "Raw Meats" by using "RI Field Cooker." Some vendors are selling RI Field Cooker and RI Cooking Pack. RI Field Cooker is electric portable cooker. RI Cooking Pack is containing one time battery for RI Field Cooker and salt and other unknown spices. Grilled Meats provide 2 food points /0.1wg, however all other effects are gone. Basic formula is: 1 Raw Meat + 1 RI Cooking Pack = 2 Grilled Meats. Also you can improve your Bad and Terrible waters via through Simple Cooking Menu. You have to have RI Cooking Pack and Rad-X. Bad Water became to Dirty Water, and Terrible Water became to Bad Water.

Fillable Empty Bottle: When you drink Purified Water/Dirty Water and other newly introduced waters, PC will receive one Empty Bottle. When you need to refill water, use Empty Bottle in inventory, then activate water source within 15 seconds. If PC fails to activate water source within 15 seconds, Empty Bottle return to PC inventory. If PC successfully activate water source within 15 seconds, PC will receive one Water Bottle. A water type depends on what water source is activated.

Fast Travel: can be disabled in the RI-Primary Needs config menu (under system settings)

Backpack with Sleeping Bag: Megaton, Rivet City and The Family vendors will sell a Blackwolf Backpack . This backpack increase PC carrying weights when equipping, and also you can use this backpack as a Sleeping Bag.
To use as a sleeping bag: Drop Blackwolf Backpack; Enter Sneak mode; Activate; Sleep menu will popup.
To retrieve backpack: exit Sneak Mode, then activate.
Arwen Note:
When your backpack is equipped, it is visible on your character, and are available in two sizes: the smaller (and less expensive) backpack increases your carry weight by 35 pounds; the larger backpack increases your carry weight by 50 pounds. I find a backpack necessary, as my Arwen's Tweaks mod greatly reduces the weight that my character can carry to more realistic level (even with the largest backpack, my weight limit is still lower than with the vanilla game).

Arwen Note: this mod will work in an existing game - you need to use the RI-config item for changing the settings (click on it, then close your PipBoy menu). You can disable any part or the mod (sleep need, food need, or drink need). I'm currently using the mod's default settings.

Load Order and Optional esps (see the Primary Needs ReadMe).

For the Best Experience: I highly recommend using both Real Injuries and RI - Primary Needs (which were made to work together), with the Real Injuries Patch and Better Living Through Chems (see load order at end Real Injuries Patch).

Compatibility: NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Med-Tec module.

RI - Primary Needs

RiPnO - Real Injuries Patch [requires FOSE] v.2.6.99 (10/15/10) - by Orfevs:

"Patches the Real Injuries v3.0.2 AND Primary Needs v2.0.3 mods (both are needed) to adjust and add a few things. Makes changes to stims, meds and food items, so it's incompatible with other mods dealing with the same objects unless support is added for it."

What this Patch does:
- Healing powder has been toned down and now has addiction chance.
- Stimpaks have been redone, and heals better than healing powder. They are no longer so rare, but you will still have to be careful with it's use.
- Stims and syringes are dropped when used, and you are in combat. So if you want empty stims, pick them up after use

Hunger has been tweaked. So you will grow hungry faster. Also, there's a new penalty if you go too long without food - Primal Instinct. It has a short term positive effect, and a long term negative effect. You won't die from hunger, but it will be hell.

- The food sanitizer now affects both healing(on vanilla setting) and radiation level on some, but not all foods.
- Grilled stuff has some scripted long term regenerative effects. Not enough to help you out of combat. I feel this is enough for food benefits. It's active regardless of setting.
- Water can be bottled from any water source using SNEAK. Crouch and activate the water source.
- For the really nasty sludge, a Nuka Cola bottle and a cap are used, but otherwise empty water bottles from purified/dirty water (as well as the other water added through these mods) are used. However - you will always take rad damage from the source whether you have bottles or not, but not nearly as much from bottling as drinking it.
- Made a fix where some food items were listed as Big Guns. - Bethesda bug.
- The backpacks are lighter. More according to the values BlackWolf set, but still not that light.
- Broc and Xander is available through loot and vendors. They strike a remarkable resemblance to Hollyhocks and Pansies if dropped. Only thing I could think of that fit.
- Healing powder can now be created through your home lab using Broc and Xander.
- Stims can be refilled through your home lab using discarded stims, purified water and healing powder. So SAVE your purified water! You won't find much of it. Broken Steel's Aqua Pura is currently not supported for this.
- Food items has been readjusted in price and weight. They were for the most part overpriced, considering it was items you'd rarely find a need for with grilled food.
- Stims are also dropped when used. So if you want empty stims, pick them up after use.

added support for bltc (Better Living Through Chems) bltc takes over the addiction part when it comes to alcohol, so RI_Alcohol is not needed if you use bltc.

- bltc stimpak addiction chance lowered while addiction has been added to healing powder.
- added support for FOOK.
- bltc stimpak addiction chance lowered while addiction has been added to healing powder. There seems to be instant addiction however low this setting is. I am considering changing all addiction to scripted handling.

Arwen Note: This mod requires that both Real Injuries and RI-Primary Needs are installed. The RiPnO CorePatch.esp replaces both the RI_LootTableRI.esp AND the RI_LootTablePN.esp (so those two esps need to be disabled/deleted). It makes RI/PN a bit more balanced and bug free, and adds compatibility with Better Living Through Chems.

Load Order:Using BLTC, MMM and my Realism Tweaks(also see my Mod Load Order section)
<Fallout3.esm and most other esms>
#1 RI_Core.esm Required
Mart's Mutant Mod.esm Mart's Mutant Mod
<most other esps>
#2 RI_Base3.esp Required
#3 RI_FOSE.esp Required
#4 RI_PNeeds2S.esp Required
#5 RiPnO CorePatch.esp Required
(#6) RiPnO 5 DLC Merged.esp (requires all 5 DLC) (or individual DLC patches - for whatever DLC you are using)
BLTC.esp Better Living Through Chems (BLTC)
BLTC Immersion Patch.esp Optional: requires BLTC
(#7) CP - RiPnO [BLTC032].esp (Patch) Required if you are using BLTC
<MMM esps> Mart's Mutant Mod
CP - RiPnO [MMM] Meats.esp Optional: requires MMM
  Arwen_Hard-Core.esp Optional: Requires Realism Core
  Arwen_RiPnO_BLTC_Patch.esp (or Arwen_RiPnO_Patch.esp) Realism Tweaks compatibility patches

Compatibility: NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Med-Tec module.

RiPnO - Real Injuries Patch

Better Living Through Chems (BLTC) v.0.3.2 (7/02/09) - by SethCreiyd:

"Adds many new chems with unique effects to the game, along with chem-filled weapons, visual effects, smokable cigarettes, working addictions and optional stimpak rebalance and more."

BLTC is fully integrated with CptJoker71's Better Booze (which means that you do not need to install Better Booze, if you install BLTC, as it is now part of BLTC).

Changes Over Vanilla (use the BLTC Less Addictions.esp if you want to disable these changes):

Stimpak - overuse leads to Broc poisoning, which lowers Strength and Endurance. Symptoms will not be alleviated by using more Stimpaks.
Rad-X and RadAway - overuse leads to tolerance, making radiation harder to resist without the use of these drugs.
Nuka-Cola - Overconsumption leads to cravings and caffeine addiction. Your Charisma suffers one point if you go without the cola for too long.

Syringe Weapons: These syringes use chems as ammunition and can be used only once. They are stealthy. As they are governed by the Medicine skill, role-playing a pure doctor or even a pacifist (who only tranquilizes rather than kills his enemies) is now possible. Upon finding an empty syringe lying around somewhere, the player can choose to fill that nasty needle with some chem in the inventory. The intrepid player may then equip the syringe and jab the chem into people. The used syringe will drop to the floor (and may be refilled if found).

Dart Guns: The initial construction of a Dart Gun requires Radscorpion Venom - but now venom can now be replaced with BLTC chems (the same ones that syringes are loaded with).

Filling Hypos: When you use a Stimpak, you are left with an empty hypo. These are filled and used as syringes are, but are supplied with different chems. Like syringes, hypos take 1 chem to be filled and may only be used at close range.

Things to Consider: These drugs will affect most humans and the smaller animals. Super Mutants are resistant to doses that would be dangerous to normal humans. A dose of heroin that would kill a human being would be safe (even beneficial) for a Mutie. Feral ghouls are susceptible to some chems. They will NOT work on humans wearing Power Armor (or some other types of armor).

There are four additional .esp files, you may activate them if you wish, but they are not required.

Immersion Patch.esp - Removes the sci-fi sound and visual effects from addiction and chems wearing off. Much better that way, in my opinion.
No Visual Effects.esp
- Disables hallucinogenic visuals from chems. Better for low-end systems or if you just plain don't want them.
No Overdosing.esp
- Disables the kill script when player overdoses, allowing the player to take as many chems as they want without dying. Unrealistic. Do NOT use with the Real Injuries Patch
Less Addictions.esp
- Removes addictions from Stimpaks, NukaCola, RadAway and Rad-X. (replaces the older bltcstim.esp and bltcNCA.esp files, which should no longer be used). Do NOT use with the Real Injuries Patch

IMPORTANT: BLTC_v032 is only a patch . . . you have to first download and install BLTC_v030b.

For the Best Experience: I highly recommend this using BLTC with both Real Injuries and RI - Primary Needs . . . but you also need to install the Real Injuries Patch for compatibility (activate both the CP - RiPnO [bltc032].esp and the RiPnO CorePatch.esp).

Load Order: Make sure the optional plugins load after the BLTC.esp

Compatibility: NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Med-Tec module. but I've altered so many of those same chems/liquor, that it would probably make more sense just to further expand my Med-Tec module.

Better Living Through Chems

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Realism mods

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