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(Updated January 04, 2014

Arwen's Mod List
archived Mods Part One

Arwen Note: I am not currently using any of the mods on this page.

These are some of the mods that I am no longer using for various reasons (usually due to compatibility or to the release of newer mods). These are all very good mods, so I felt bad removing them from my list of recommended mods - which is why I added this page. I just figured that some of you may prefer these mods over what I am currently using.

These are mod that I tried and then I discovered newer mods that I liked better, or had compatibility issues. Many of the mods that I originally added to this section were removed, due to the fact that they were outdated or just caused too many problems . . . so I could no longer recommend them.

Since this is an archive, I won't be updating any of these mods - but the versions, information, and links were current when they were moved here.

Archives (mods that I am not currently using)

Better Companions and Caravans - v.1.7 (2/19/09) - by Rasana: "Most of the companions are less "gung-ho" now. Meaning, instead of charging off into battle the second they spot an enemy, they will wait until the enemy spots you and attacks you, or spots them and attacks them. So now you can actually sneak around with your companions. Fawkes and Sergeant RL-3 are unchanged. Fawkes isn't a sneaky type and is rather aggressive anyway and Seargent RL-3 is a robot - there is no sneakiness with him, and he's the living definition of gung-ho. You can now remove most companions equipment and armor, and equip them with whatever you wish. Sergeant RL-3 and Dogmeat aren't changed for obvious reasons."

Arwen Note: There are 3 esp's - you can use just one; or the Better Caravans esp with ONE of the Better Companions esps.
Better Caravans.esp: sets he four major caravan traders, their brahim, and their guards to essential. All other traders, scavengers, and random encounters have not been changed or altered.
Better Companions NonEss.esp: slightly increased their health, but they can be killed.
Better Companions Ess.esp: companions are Essential and their health is normal. They cannot be killed.

Archived 3/22/09: I prefer the Companion Behaviour Overhaul mod, along with Marts Mutant Mod - Tougher Traders esp. But this is a good alternative, if you're looking for a smaller, simpler companion improving mod.

Better Companions and Caravans

Better Frag Grenade Physics v.3.0 (6/23/09) - by Taylorsd:

"reduces the time of the bounce in all throwable weapons, including user made throwable weapons such as the molotov, or stun grenade, and any future user made throwables for fallout 3."

There is also an optional replacement texture for grenades. To use the new textures, move the contents of the Optional Textures into you data folder. Or you can do it my way: extract the archive, change the name of the Optional Textures folder to Textures, rezip the file, and install the new archive with FOMM.)

Compatibility: this mod is still semi-compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod, even if you are using my Weapons module. If you prefer Taylorsd's grenade physics settings, just load his mod after my Realism Tweaks. And his grenade replacement texture works just fine with my Tweaks (even if you use my grenade physics settings).

Archived 10/06/09): my Realism Tweaks' Weapon module changes the physics of grenades, but my settings are a bit different . . . in order to make them a bit more compatible with the rest of my Realism Tweaks (especially with my altered Death Forces).

Better Frag Grenade Physics

Book Perks [requires FOSE] v.Beta3 (3/15/09) - by Kelenius:

"... because of books you could master all skills in game. This is why I removed skill bonuses from books effectively removing 323 (646) skill points from game. And Because I didn't want to make books completely useless I edited them to give player perks instead." Perk requirements: 70(rank1), 75(rank2), 80(rank3), 85(rank4), 90(rank5), 95(rank6), 100(rank7) skill points in said skill. This is to balance perks and because your character either isn't interested or doesn't have required knowledge to fully understand and put to use information in books he doesn't have invested points into." All perks have 5 Ranks (7 with comprehension):

Barter: with each rank, the price of every item you buy from a vendor is reduced by 3%.
Big Guns: with each rank, you can carry 10 more pounds of weapons and equipment.
Energy Weapons: with each rank, all of your energy weapons do an additional 3% damage.
Explosives: with each rank, all of your explosives do an additional 5% damage.
Lockpicking: with each rank, your Force Lock success chance increases 10%.
Medicine: with each rank, you do additional 1% damage to living creatures.
Melee Weapons: with each rank, melee weapons do +1 more damage and you gain 10 Hit Points.
Repair: with each rank, you gain 1% more condition / repair and 5% more health from used item.
Science: with each rank, terminals are a bit easier to unlock.
Small Guns: with each rank, all your small guns do additional 3% damage.
Sneak: with each rank, you gain additional 3% stealth field while sneaking.
Speech: with each rank, every person you meet seems to like you a bit more.
Unarmed: with each rank, hand-to-hand attacks do +1 more damage and you gain 10 Hit Points.

There are two esps in the archive:
: the main Book Perk mod.
an optional mod that makes barter more important by reducing the initial barter value and increasing the barter skill multiplier.

Archived 01/07/10: This mod is NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Skills module (since v.3.2), both because of the way my mod changes Skill Books and because of my overhaul of nearly every default Skill Perk. Personally, I much prefer my method.

Book Perks

Bottle Refill v.1.2 (1/10/09) - by BaaamI87: "Adds the possibility of refilling empty NukaCola, Soda, Whiskey, big Whiskey and Milk bottles at all sorts of sinks, valves or water fountains. If the player has any of these bottles a dialoge is shown where you can decide to drink or refill a bottle. If you have no empty bottles at all you just drink as normal. It is possible to refill bottle after bottle OR all empty bottles at once. By drinking NukaCola, whiskey, scotch, water, ... you gain empty bottles you can refill."

Archived 3/22/09: now that I am using RI-Primary Needs, I no longer need this mod, as Primary Needs adds refillable water bottles.

Bottle Refill

Combat Enhanced Package (CEP) v.2.0 (6/21/09) - by taylorsd: "This is the mod that I have been working on and testing since release of Fallout 3 last year. This is the mod which G.T.O. and Combat Enhanced-Tactics came from. This mod adds much more than both of those mods combined. I have also removed the Speed and Weight changes."

Compatibility: this mod is not compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod

Archived 8/24/09: My Smart AI module (part of my Realism Tweaks mod) was initially based on this mod, but I pretty much rewrote the entire mod to make it fully compatible with my other Realism Tweaks.

Combat Enhanced Package

DAV - weighted Ammo Weight v.1.0 (2/15/09) - by Poncratias:

"It shows the weight of the ammo in the inventory. This is done by simply including it in their names."

Arwen Note: This is an add-on for the above Ammo Weight mod, that displays the ammo weight in your inventory (as part of ammo name).

DAV - Weighted AmmoWeight

Delay DLC - v.1.0 (8/07/09) - by 4th of Eleven:

"Normally, the moment you leave the Vault, you get popups for the DLC you've installed. That's a little immersion breaking - why would you care about an outcast distress call when you've got more than enough of your own problems? How are they broadcasting across the entire wastelands anyway? It annoyed me, so I decided to fix it. Now, the 'Aiding the Outcasts', 'Into the Pitt' and 'Not of This World' quests work more like 'Reilly's Rangers' or 'Trouble on the Homefront' - the distress calls only cover a small area, and you only get the quest once you actually listen to them. I've also removed the annoying "Level cap increased" message from Broken Steel, and the note that magically appears in your inventory from Point Lookout." Obviously, this mod requires at least one of the DLC to do something.

7/8/09 Update: now includes Mothership Zeta support!

Load Order: Activate the esp for the DLC you have installed. If using Achievement Remover, the Delay DLC must be loaded after the Remover esp (and of course, after the DLC itself).

Archived 10/12/10: I'm now using Refurbish DLC.

Delay DLC

Error Correction v.1.0 (3/22/10) - by Angleae

"Error correction is similar to Quarn's unofficial patch in that it fixes bugs in FO3. Currently over 1000 items have been changed (although I admit some are judgment calls on my part)."

Requires all 5 DLCs and probably requires FOSE. Does not require Quarn's Unofficial Patch but if you're using this, you should probably be using his too.

There are 2 main files, one for people using JustinOthers AchievementRemover and one for those who aren't (use one or the other).

Updated 01/10/11:  This mod has not been available for months.  I've only kept it in my list because I'm using it in my game, and have it in my Load Order list.

Explosive Entry v.1.53 (2/11/09) - by Lap:

"... allows you to bust inside almost any container or door using explosives. This is considered to NOT be a cheat mod and it is balanced to the best of my abilities using your explosives skill, luck stat, and ranks of the "Demolition Expert" perk. Based on your explosive skill you will be able to use a wider variety of ammunition and weapons to break a lock. A player with poor explosive skills may need a mininuke to open a tough lock that a master of explosives could do with a frag grenade or two. Depending on the game settins there is also a chance of the timer malfunctioning or the explosive destroying items inside a container.

Beware of the following when deciding to use explosives to breach a lock:
-Explosions are the opposite of a stealthy act. Expect to alert any nearby NPC's to your actions.
-Explosives may destroy the contents of container so think carefully about what strength of explosive you need.
-The timers on explosives can malfunction and go off earlier or later than desired.

Arwen Note: Now you can blast open those pesky locks . . . but explosives can be rather touchy, so you need to be really careful that you don't blow yourself up or totally destroy a valuable quest item. The first time I tried to open a small safe with an explosive - the blast near killed me, as the timer didn't seem to work. But the safe did open, and all the contents were unharmed. (Personally I would have preferred being the one unharmed.)

Archived 05/15/10: I'm now using Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security [ZORTS], which also adds the ability to use explosives on locks (plus a bunch of other things). Even though these two mods are compatible and Lap's mod works well, I'd rather not use two mods, when a single mod will do the job.

Explosive Entry

Explosion Knockdowns v.4.0 (5/26/09) - by Pararaptor:

"Most explosions now have a knockdown effect."

Grenades, missiles, cars, buses, mini-nukes, motorbikes & exploding verti-birds & eyebots will all cause a knockdown if any NPC, enemy or certain Vault 101 dwellers are in their blast radius. Pulse explosions, fire extinguisher explosions & exploding limbs will NOT cause a knockdown.

Compatibility: this mod is NOT compatible with my Weapons module, which is part of my Realism Tweaks mod.

Archived 10/06/09: my Realism Tweaks' Weapon module adds my own unique Blast effect to all the default explosives . . . it also increases the damage from explosives by 50% and doubles splash radius (from ~ 12 feet to 24 feet). My explosive changes were done in a way that is a bit more compatible with the rest of my Realism Tweaks.

Explosion Knockdowns

Face_Me v.1.01a (8/10/09) - by Qebehsenuf:

"This plugin alters the faces of Fallout 3, with a focus on maturity and wear. They appear more relevant to the world they live in. They're bruised, unclean and not necessarily beautiful."

As of version 1.01a, this plugin modifies the faces of the entire population of the following: The current total is 549 faces modified.

- Talon Company - men switched from default state to "/old" variant. This provides visible creases in their flesh. Hairstyles consist of Balding/Base/Buzz cut/Raider mid.
- Regulators - hairstyles consist of messy01/messy02/beardfull/balding.
- Paradise Falls/slavers - consists of the men situated within Paradise falls, and the slavers protecting the monument of Abraham Lincoln. Hairstyles consist of Raidermid/balding/base/messy02/beardfull.
- Temple of the Union - Hannibal Hamlin and all NPC's situated within "Temple of the Union Exterior".
- The Enclave - modifies Colonel Autumn, and the entire Enclave faction. Hairstyles consist of balding/buzzcut/Hairdefault(Colonel Autumn)
- The Brotherhood of Steel - every member modified, this includes all main quest related NPC's such as Eldar/Sarah Lyons. Hairstyles consist of balding/base/beardfull(Eldar lyons, paladin Bael)
- Brotherhood Outcasts - modifies Protector Casdin, defender Morgan/Rockfowl and the entire Brotherhood outcast faction. Hairstyles consist purely of balding, no facial hair.
- Reilly's rangers - modifies Reilly, Butcher, Donovan and Brick (Bill skinned the fifth)
- Caravan traders and guards - every caravan trader has had their face modified, as well as their guards.
- Andale - Modifications to faces
- Bigtown - NPC's retain their youth to fit into the general circumstance of their presence.
- Megaton - Lucas Simms' set to AA/Old, every other NPC remains true to their default age set with modifications.
- Girdershade - Two NPC's modified, no changes to age set.
- Tenpenny Tower - All guards with the exception of two have been set to the old varient, all NPC's within tenpenny tower remain true to the default age set.
- Arefu - Modifications to faces
- The Family - Karl set to Caucasian/old, every other member remains as their default age set.

Compatibility: the following compatibility patches are now included in the archive:
- FaceMe-Broken Steel.esp - Requires Broken Steel.esm and FaceMe.esm
- FaceMe-MMM.esp - Requires Martigen's Mutant Mod.esm and FaceMe.esm.
- FaceMe-MMM Tougher Traders - Requires Martigen's Mutant Mod.esm, FaceMe.esm and Martigen's Mutant Mod - Tougher Traders.esp
- FaceMe-FOOK - Requires FOOK.esm (which in turn depends on Calibre.esm) and FaceMe.esm
- FaceMe-MMM+FOOK - Requires Martigen's Mutant Mod.esm, FOOK.esm and FaceMe.esm.
- FaceMe-FWE - Requires FO3 Wanderer's Edition - Main File.esm and FaceMe.esm

Arwen Note: This next excellent makeover mod by Qebehsenuf changes the appearance of over 549 (at last count) of the NPCs who populate the Wasteland. These characters now actually look like they are the survivors they are supposed to be - which adds a bit more immersion during game play. I highly recommend this mod. Do NOT use this mod if you want your FO3 game world to be populated by a bunch of beautiful people . . . as this mod changes the pretty boys and girls into credible looking survivors. These NPCs now look tough and hardened (and yes, some are even quite ugly) . . . but now they look like they belong in the Wasteland.

Archived 01/16/10: this mod has been unavailable for well over a month, and was giving me some compatibility problems. I have recently switched to Project Beauty (which is a misnomer, since many of its characters are anything but beautiful).


Fallout Street Lights - Wasteland v.1.3 (1/08/10) - by willemjd:

"Was playing with the "Fallout Street Lights" mod and was starting to miss the lighting during those long black nights in the wasteland. Using Fellout or any other mod making the nights darker as it never gets really dark in the original. As the original mod was not updated for several months I started to do this myself as an add-on for the original mod.

To preserve the "wasteland feeling" I started out with the settlements, raider locations (They would want lights in those dark nights to see it coming) and locations where power is expected to still be available like factories and military Installations. Have only used existing objects for the moment. "

Load Order: Load before Fellout.  See my load order section.

Archived 09/03/10: Obsolete with the release of version 2.0 of Fallout Street Lights

Fallout Street Lights - Wasteland

FF Interactive Bobbleheads (IBH) v.1.01 (2/22/09) - by FritZ_FretZ:

"... makes the collectable bobbleheads in FO3 non-quest, world interactive items. With this mod, bobbleheads can be picked up, dropped from inventory, and set up anywhere you choose. IBH also features a placeable bobblehead display stand as an option for characters that don't live in Megaton or Tenpenny, but would still like to display their bobbleheads on a stand. Both the stock stands and the new placeable stand allow the bobbleheads to be placed and removed at the player's discretion. Additionally, IBH allows for the adjustment of the SPECIAL & skill bonuses the player receives when the bobbleheads are first picked up."

Setting SPECIAL and skill bonuses (set via the in-game console):

aaIBHSkillBonus (default value 10): sets the number of skill points added to your current skill points when you first find and pick up a skill related bobblehead. I'm currently using a skill bonus of 5 (set aaIBHSkillBonus to 5).

aaIBHSPECIALBonus (default value 1): sets the number of attribute points added to your current attribute points when you first find and pick up an attribute related bobblehead.

aaIBHSPECIALMax (default value 10): sets the maximum number of attribute points a SPECIAL attribute is allowed to take on when the bobblehead script decides how much of a SPECIAL bonus you will receive. This is really only meant to make IBH compatible with mods that increase the cap on SPECIAL attributes to something > 10. Changing this value without a related SPECIAL cap altering mod may cause problems.

Archived 01/20/10: My Skills module (part of my Realism Tweaks mod) is NOT compatible with this mod, as it changes the Bobblehead rewards a bit differently. I like the interactive part of this mod, but I found that it caused some bugs in my own game. Often when I loaded an earlier save, I discovered that my Bobbleheads had disappeared.

FF Interactive Bobbleheads

Fractured Nature v.1.1 (7/24/09) - by RegentEagle:

"For this mod I wanted to create a tree mod that not only looks pretty good but also sticks more to the lore of the Fallout series. Ok I could not get them perfect as they are not Speed Trees, but they work and I think add that extra edge to the game. You will be able to see these trees at a distance (known as LOD to many) so unlike many other tree mods this one looks convincing. I did this mod for people who do not like other green wasteland mods."

Version 1.1 improvements:
- Edited the textures and re-did the normal maps for them.
- Added a new model for the redwood trees. They now have more

Arwen Note: I tried a couple of the green mods that added green grass and green leaves to the trees, but I hated them, partially because they really didn't fit in with the game atmosphere, but mostly because of the way the leaves popped in and out (which made the scenery artificial looking and really distracted my game play). This mod adds some dead looking leaves and foliage to the scenery in a way that I feel really adds to the atmosphere of a "fractured" world - and the brown leaves are visible in the distance, without popping in and out.

Compatibility: this mod just replaces 3 tree textures, so it seems to be totally compatible with most other mods, the only mods that might cause problems with be other mods that change tree textures.

Archived 01/08/10: Only because this mod is no longer available. I'm still using this in my game (but please don't email me for a copy, as I totally respect the author's right to pull his mod). Until I find a better alternate environmental mod, I'm recommending Evergreen, which is also made by RegentEagle.

Fractured Nature

Holsters v.2.0 (4/24/09) - by Charger:

"Adds 6 holsters to the mailbox in Springvale. They use the bodyaddon3 slot and are equippable as armor. They are not textured, I don't have the programs to make dds files, the texture that is on is from the armored vault suit that I started with and looks like a patchwork of leather bits"

Archived 10/06/09: I'm now using Modified handgun Holster animations, which also modifies animations of equip and unequip for holsters and it adds a new thigh holster (which I prefer over these holsters).


Locational Damage v.2.0 (12/15/08) - by Mefiu: " adds differences to where you hit (or were shot ) - better than only head/the-rest thing. This mod will not affect the damage to condition of a limb, so don't worry, they will still cripple as much as in vanilla. Its rather like how much of a damage to the limb is transferred to your total hp (the one that makes you dead if hits 0)"

Archived 9/06/09: My Localized module (part of my Realism Tweaks mod) goes way beyond what this mod does, and my version is designed to mesh seamlessly with my other Tweaks (as in the changes actually make sense).

Locational Damage

No (Less) Auto Aim v.1.1 (11/14/08) - by Mimezu:

"reduces the evil auto targeting feature that should be useful when playing on a console with a gamepad, but is really annoying on a PC with a mouse."

"I simply reduced the minimum the distance needed between your crosshair and an enemy in order to auto target him, but since it seems to work with overlapping bounding boxes, unfortunately there is still some auto targeting when shooting at the feet of the enemy. But it is much less annoying, and in my test games I was able now to hit some mines when the enemy were almost on them, so this is still an improvement."

Archived 9/11/09: I'm now using Auto Aim Fix - Headshot Deluxe Edition, which works much better for me.

No (Less) Auto Aim

No Fast Travel v.1.1 (12/31/08) - by Lord_Santa: "This esp disables all fast-travel in-game."

Archived 3/22/09: Fast travel can be disabled in the RI-Primary Needs config menu (under system settings)

No Fast Travel

No_Tracers v.1.0 (11/14/2008) - by taylorsd:

"Makes a simple esp. file to toggle on and off tracers for conventional weapons. Removes the tracer effect from the pistols, rifles, machine guns. It doesn't change the unique made weapons or the shotguns. This mod will work with custom weapons if they replace any of the existing weapons"

Compatibility: this mod is NOT compatible with my Weapons module, which is part of my Realism Tweaks mod.

Archived 10/06/09: My Weapon module (part of my Realism Tweaks mod) also removes traces, but by making changes to a different setting . . . in a way that is designed to mesh seamlessly with my other weapon Tweaks. My version also retains some tracers for some of the automatic weapons (but at a 4:1 ratio), which I thought was not only realistic, but gave these automatic weapons a bit of needed uniqueness.


NPCs Use Ammo v.OpenBeta (7/03/09) - by Salaber:

"Make almost all weapons use ammo for NPCs that are in the default game without DLCs (DLC versions will be released in the future.) This includes follower weapons. Thats right, hand your followers some ammo, cause they are gonna need it. Adds more ammo into the NPCs so they don't run out so quickly. (I didn't add too much because then it could become unfair.)"

Archived 10/06/09: I initially really liked this mod, as it made it so NPCs would remove ammo from the ammo boxes, and from dead NPCs, which made ammo a bit scarcer (which is a good thing, as there is way too much ammo in the default game). The problem was that during combat, NPCs ALWAYS ran out of bullets and had to resort to melee attacks . . . which made them way to easy to pick off with my gun. The SmarterAI module part of my Realism Tweaks includes changes that improve how NPCs will search for better weapons (such as grenades, which will be consumed as they use them). One of the main things that my Less_Is_More module does is it greatly reduces the amount of ammo.

NPCs Use Ammo

Onehitters Combat Realism v.0.95b (1/28/09) - by Onehitter: "This mod is not for the faint of heart. It makes combat much more challenging and, in the author's opinion, much more realistic. This mod does not contain random changes to the game, but rather a series of changes which work together to make combat feel more exciting, more challenging and more realistic. Adjustments were made to nearly all standard and unique weapons in the game as well as to various gameplay settings that will make combat feel much more realistic than in vanilla FO3. Skirmishes are now much more deadly. This mod will enforce good combat tactics and will make winning a fight feel that much more rewarding. Weapons now deal realistic damage - Most human NPCs can now be killed with just a few bursts from an assault rifle. Creatures are easier to kill as well. A vicious dog can be brought down with one or two rounds with a 10MM pistol or a solid whack with a baseball bat. Giant Radscorpions no longer require an entire clip's worth of ammunition to kill. Low level super mutants can be brought down with two good hits with a hunting rifle."

Compatibility: This mod is NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks

Archived 7/29/09: I used this mod for several months, and it increased the damage of weapons better than any other mod that I have tried, but I still found it to be too unbalanced for my taste. I'm now using my own Arwen's Realism Tweaks, which is NOT compatible with this mod. My method (and my mod) seems much more balanced to me.

Onehitters Combat Realism

Pointiac v.0.98 (2/05/09) - by Shabador:

"Enhances the way skill points are earned and assigned in a way that makes SPECIAL's more useful."

- All skills have been reduced down to 5 (if you have 1 in all stats).
- 10 skillpoints per level.
- 1 skillpoints per 2 intellect.
- Tagged skills now gets raised by +2 per point spent (like in FO1/2).
- Tag also gives an immediate +10 skill points to the tagged skill.
- All SPECIAL's now give 3 skill points to their linked skills instead of 2 points (ie. Agility give +3 Small Guns, +3 Sneak, etc).
- Luck is unchanged and gives it's usual 0.5 skill point on all skills.
- The perk "Intense Training" has been limited since stats are more powerful now. It has 6 ranks, spread over 6 levels: 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19.
- The perk "Educated" now only gives 2 more skill points per level. It also has it's level requirements set to 5, and intelligence requirement at 7. You have to be smart to be educated.
- Some loading screen tips changed to accommodate the above changes.

Archived 11/18/09: No longer compatible with my Realism Tweaks [since version 3.1].

I used this mod for several months, as it was better than the default skill points calculations, except for the fact that I had even more skill points for all my non-tagged skills (as in 4 more per skill, after leveling up the first time), so my average non-tagged skill had 23 points. That's 1/4 of the way to being an expert in everything! Don't get me wrong, Pointiac is a well-thought out mod and I agree with much of what it does, and its skill changes probably work really well for many people. I finally decided that I would add my own personal skill point changes to my Realism Tweaks (in the Main Tweaks module).


Remove Compass POI Markers v.0.1 (10/29/08) - by Silverglade:

"Removes the Points of Interest (POI) and quest markers from under the compass. It is designed for people that like to discover things on their own. Enemy markers will still appear above the compass."

Archived 3/29/09: I'm now using DarNified UI F3, where the POI markers can be removed with a simple edit to the DUIF3Settings.xml file.

Remove Compass POI Markers

Repair Rethought Reborn v.1.0 (5/20/09) - original mod by Vocha, updated by Krysee:

"allows many armors and weapons to be cross repaired and repaired by things found in the world, while also giving you bonuses to Repair for having repair tools in inventory. Picking up where Vocha left off, I've added cross-repair-ability among the knives, started poking at the script, and most importantly ... updated for Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt."

Compatibility: this mod is NOT compatible with my Armor or sWeapons module, which are part of my Realism Tweaks mod.

Archived 9/21/09: This mod is no longer compatible with my Realism Tweaks mod. There was no easy way to make this mod compatible with my new Armor Module, without compromising many of the changes that I wanted to add. I initially liked much of what RRR did, but I have not been using it for a while since concluding that it made repairing items a bit too easy, which conflicted with own personal game tweaking goals. I realize that this leaves a bit of a gap, which is why I created my own Repair Wrench. Updated 10/06/09: Version 2.8 of my Realism Tweaks mod expands the repair lists for both armor and weapons, while retaining my own logical sense of what might be realistically used in repair each item (this seems to fill the above gap pretty well).

Repair Rethought Reborn

SGsUA - No Borders v.1.0 (12/18/08) - by Sronthgorrth: "This simple mod does nothing else than removing the borders around the wasteland."

Archived 3/22/09: you can also remove the borders with a simple ini edit (see my Fallout Tips page)

SGsUA - No Borders

Slower Item Degradation v.3.0 (11/18/09) - by SpaceAlex: "significantly reduces the rate at which equipment gets damaged, which means that you won't have to repair it so often. There are multiple versions available. Choose the one (and only one) that suits your play style."

Archived 4/09/09: I'm now using my Arwen's Realism Tweaks mod, which also slows weapon and armor deterioration.

Slower Item Degradation

Sunglasses FX (EWR) v.1.0 (1/11/09) - by CrazyAce:

"This mod will simulate wearing real sunglasses by dimming the light as if you were really wearing sunglasses. The sunglassesFX script will automatically take effect when they are equipped and stop when un-equipped. Version 1 script should make the sunglassesFX stop if they are destroyed; however this has not been tested."

Without Sunglasses Wearing Sunglasses

Arwen Note: This is a very cool little mod that adds a bit of immersion by making sunglasses more realistic. Unfortunately it only seems to work on the vanilla sunglasses listed above, which can be difficult to find. The work around is to open the console (~) and type in player.additem 0005C99F 1 That will place a pair of Shades into your inventory. Note: use the hex numbers in the above sunglasses list for the sunglasses that you want to add put a space after the hex number and then the number 1 (for 1 item) and then press enter, and close the console (~)

Load Order: Load after Fellout or any mods that change the gaming lighting.

Archived 9/21/09: I no longer need this mod since my VisionFX mod uses my own unique ImageSpace Modifies. My version, which I have attacked to all the default sunglasses give what I feel is a more realistic effect, since it modifies HDR image settings and color saturation (the Sunglasses FX mod just makes things darker). I also added a totally different effect to eyeglasses and to some masks and full-faced helmets.

Sunglasses FX

The Foundation Mod v.1.3.2 (5/23/09) - by Giskard:

The Quest: "With resources running out and mankind heading fast in to a new stone age as the products of the old world are finally used up, those groups that posses the few remaining resources begin to guard them even more aggressively. You find your self forced to start making your own items or face the prospect of fighting with bows and arrows in the near future. In the process you halt the slide in to the new stone age by making new items to replace the old ones that are vanishing fast from the wasteland.

It starts when you leave the vault and stumble in to Canterbury commons for the first time, you find out your arrival was predicted by some old geezer named Hari Seldon (nod to Asimov for his inspiration) and are told of a second crisis that only you can beat. You are given control of the Foundation and allowed to mold it so it can take on this second crisis successfully. Upgrading it and Canterbury commons to meet this crisis head on and creating a small pocket of civilization in the wasteland as a result which in turn attracts citizens and helps the town grown.

After a while, the resources you collected have served their purpose and are simply being stock piled, you can start to research your own armour, finally producing it so your own troops can use it to help defend the Foundation and Canterbury commons from attack and later selling the technology to other pockets of civilization around the wasteland to raise the standard of living out there too.

As you do so, greedy eyes notice what you have done and decide they want a bit of this pie of yours and try and take it from you. You are forced to defend your self, to build up an army and take the battle to them. Fighting to keep hold of what you created as you continue to try and improve the lives of wastelanders."

About SinCity: Sincity is a separate esp that is included with the Foundation mod, it provides a battleground for the Foundation troops to fight in and a city of cannibles for you to explore. The city has its own merchants and characters but is not as feature complete as the Foundation mod is."

V1.3.2 update: "Created an arena mod as research for an arena tutorial and added it to Sincity as Sincity Arena."

You must enable both esps for this mod to work correctly.

Compatibility: This mod is likely to conflict with any other mod that makes changes to Canterbury Commons.

This mod comes in two parts: the Waysted Resource Pack, and The Foundation. You need to download and install both (note that the Waysted Resource Pack comes in 3 parts). The files come as exe files, which are made to install directly into your Fallout3 directory. Personally, I NEVER install any files directly into my Fallout3 directory, but always use FOMM. Follow my steps below:

How to Install an exe File with FOMM:

1.) Download the WaystedResourcePack.7z files (all 3 parts) and extract them into a temporary directory
(I made a WaystedResourcePack directory on my desktop and extracted them there)
2.) Run the WaystedResourcePack.exe, but DO NOT install it to you Fallout directory - instead, install to the temporary directory (the one you extracted WaystedResourcePack.7z to).
3.) Open the temporary directory and select all the files (except the exe files). Zip these files into a new archive (such as WaystedResourcePackInstall.7z).
4.) Use FOMM to install your new archive.
5.) Repeat steps 1 through 4 with TheFoundation.7z file.

Foundation Support Website

The Foundation Mod

Required additional mod: The Waysted Resource Pack v.1.2 (4/21/09) - by Giskard: "The Waysted Resource Pack is a pack I will be using to share my resources between my own mods. I have made an esm out of the resources so I do not even need to set up the items in it again, they are in a ready to use format already."

Arwen Note: You need to install this resource pack to run The Foundation mod. See my instructions on How to Install an exe File with FOMM (at the end of my notes on The Foundation Mod).

Waysted Resource Pack

Archived 11/13/09: The Foundation mod appears to be a very well done quest mod, with voice acting (although not always using lip sync). I was initially really impressed with it, as it's very professionally done and it had the potential to add a whole new dimension to the game. The problem is that it hasn't been updated since May and the mod is far from complete (there's very little to do in it). This appears to be another over-ambitious mod that has now been abandoned.

VATS Perks Redone v.1.1 (3/17/09) - by Falloutthree:

"Since the patch VATS altering perks have been broken. Since Bethsoft hasn't fixed this yet I've redone the 4 perks affected by the bug for people (like myself) who picked up these perks before they were broken. Instead of giving VATS bonuses the perks will alter things like weapon damage or critical hit chance."

Commando - Weapon damage and accuracy increased by 5% when using a rifle or similar weapon.
Gunslinger - Weapon damage increased by 15% and accuracy by 5% when holding a pistol.
Wired Reflexes - Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage increased by 5% each.
Sniper - Critical hit chance increased by 25% and accuracy increased by 10% when using rifles.

Archived 01/07/10: This mod is no longer needed, since this issue was resolved with the latest official patch. Plus this is NOT compatible with my Realism Tweaks - Skills module (since v.3.2).

VATS Perks Redone

Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpackv.0.8b (3/08/09) - by bunsaki:

Arwen Note: This mod adds two backpacks that you can wear:
The smaller (and less expensive) backpack increases your carry weight by 35 pounds.
The larger backpack increases your carry weight by 50 pounds.

The backpacks can be purchased at: Moira`s Crater Side Supply in Megaton; Chief Gustov in Tenpenny Tower; and Potomac Attire in Rivet City Market Place.

Archived 3/22/09: I no longer need this mod since RI-Primary Needs adds it's own version of this backpack

Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack

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