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(updated April 20, 2014)

Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Hard-Core Quest Details

Intro | Skill Points | Bobblehead Rewards | SPECIALs | Skill Books | Character Builds | LUCK  | Gender Differences | TraitsBartering | Repair | Perks

Note: this section has been updated to version 8.1 of my mod, so much of the information here will not be accurate if you are using an older/outdated version.

Reduces the Abundance of Stuff (Makes many essential items much more scarce):
- Global reducers (modifiers) are applied to many Leveled Items in order to reduce the amount of these items that are randomly added to containers and spawn points. The end result is:
- Reduced abundance of all ammo (bullets, energy cells, microfusion cells, railroad spikes, and flamer fuel)
- Reduced abundance of some weapons (guns, grenades, and mines)
- Reduced the abundance of free food, and non-vendor caps.
- Reduced the abundance of chems (including stimpaks), and bottled water.
- Melee weapons were left at default amounts, but this automatically increases the percentage of weapons which are melee weapons, which in turn increases their use.
- You will now find that you may have to resort to using melee weapons, as you will now have to be conserve your ammo, for when you really need it.
- But your LUCK now has a major impact on how much spawn loot you will find (so don't forget LUCK when you distribute you SPECIAL points)

My Mod's XPR Multiplier slows down how fast you level up by globally reducing experience points rewards (XPR). This is initially set to 20% (1/5th default amount), but is easily changed in my Options Menu (from 5% to 100%). There are a few XPRs that are not affected by this global multiplier, since they are done through some to the game's default scripts . . . these have been reduced as well, as shown below. [Note that these are all set amounts, so they remain the same, regardless of what your XPR Multiplier is set at.]

Reduced Outcast Rewards: Reduces the amount of items you receive in trade from the Outcasts . . . reduced by 1/2 to 2/3.

Reductions to some cap rewards (for balance):

Global: FreeformDCLibrarianReward (Freeform DC Quest) = 100 --> 25 [1/4]
Global: FreeformCitadelHolotagReward (Freeform DC Quest) = 100 --> 25 [1/4]
Global: MS13CapReward (Strictly Business Quest)= 250 --> 100 [/2.5]

Further XPR reductions

Global: FreeformDCLibrarianXPReward (Freeform DC Quest) = 10 --> 2 [1/5]
Global: FreeformCitadelHolotagXPReward (Freeform DC Quest) = 25 --> 5 [1/5

Radically Changes Skill & Stats:

This following sections are where you can find the complete details for the Skills portion of my Hard-Core Quest (along with some of the skill changes in my Realism module). My mod radically changes the default point distribution of skills and stats, the way skill books work, the Bobblehead skill rewards, and 95% of the default Perks (plus I added a few new unique perks).  My changes are so extensive that I needed to devote a full section just so users could see exactly what changes I made.

Hopefully this will aid you in planning out your character builds.

Intro | Skill Points |  Bobbleheads | SPECIALs | Skill Books Character Builds | LUCK | Gender Differences | Traits | Bartering | Repair | Perks

Derived Skill Points

Note that changes were made in version 8.0, which affect both initial skill points and the points you receive when you level up.

Modified the Skills formula, to initially reduce the amount of player skill points. So don't panic if you have less skills with my mod installed, as this is suppose to happen. This was done to balance out game play by keeping the game more challenging, even at higher levels.


- You will start out with roughly 50% less points for all skills (including tagged skills).
- The SPECIAL linked multiplier is 2 (default); the linked Skill is increased by 2 points for each SPECIAL point
- Your LUCK no longer factors into any bonus skill points (instead, Luck now determines the amount of spawned loot, along with other bonuses).
- Tagged Skills only gain 5 bonus points over other skills (default was 15).  This may seem a bit low, but your starting skills now average only 10 points (your average SPECIAL is now 5 and your linked skill has the default 2X multiplier.  So your Tagged skills will receive an average of 50% more points (10 average + 5 bonus = 15).  Plus (as you'll see below), your Tagged skills now retain this 50% bonus as you level up.

Traits: At the end of my Hard-Core you can now pick a character Trait (or you can chose not to pick any). My Traits are different from perks, since they include BOTH bonuses and penalties. See my Traits section for the details.


When you level up, you will now receive only 6 skill points to distribute (default was 10). Taking the Swift Learner Perk (requires a minimum of 6 INT) increases this to 8 points.

To balance this out a bit, your Tag Skills will now increase 50% faster.  On Even Level Ups, spending points on them is the same as spending points on your other skills . . . your skill increases by 1 point for every point you spend on them.  But on Odd Level Ups, your Tagged Skills receive a 2X multiplier . . . increasing by 2 points for every skill point you spend on them.

I view Tagged Skills as abilities that you are naturally good at, so I didn't like how the default game just gave you a big initial +15 point bonus for your innate abilities, and then they progressed at the same rate as your regular skills.  In a RPG, Leveling Up (with its skill points rewards) simulates the improvement of skills as you progress. So I gave your Tagged Skills a moderate +5 point starting bonus (giving them an average of 50% more points than your other skills); but my Tagged Skills continue to receive their 50% bonus throughout the entire game (until you max them out) . . . providing that you invest the same number of point in them as you invest in your other skills when you Level Up.

The net result is that skill points are now more important, and Tagged skills have even greater importance.

Intro | Skill Points |  Bobbleheads | SPECIALs | Skill Books Character Builds | LUCK | Gender Differences | Traits | Bartering | Repair | Perks
Bobbleheads Rewards & S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Bobblehead changes:

My main reason for making SPECIAL changes was due to the Bobblehead Rewards.

Don't get me wrong . . . I really like Fallout 3's Bobbleheads, as they add a quirky little element to the game . . . and being able to find, collect, and display Bobbleheads is rather fun. I've heard all sorts of complaints about Bobbleheads ruining immersion. ("Because a person's skills should not increase for just picking up a little Bobblehead.") But I just look at Bobbleheads as little trophies that I receive for surviving long enough to find them . . . and view their skill rewards as how I have improved while using my skill to survive. Besides, Bobbleheads are very much a RPG element, in a Role Playing Game where the Role Playing focus was rather weak. So I view Bobbleheads as an important element in FO3, and have no issues with them breaking my game play immersion.

So the problem for me was not that you gain skill rewards for picking up a Bobblehead . . . the problem was that their rewards were just too high (which made them unbalanced with all my other skill changes). But I didn't want to remove their skill rewards completely . . . because, with FO3's emphasis on killing, I'm not about to totally nerf any non-violent RPG element.

My Solution:
- For the 13 Skill Bobbleheads (1 for each of the 13 Skills): I reduced their Skill points reward from 10 to 2 points. [Adjustable: just open your console and enter: set ArwenBHSkillBonus to X (replacing X with the integer that you want the related skill to be increased by. If you don't want to gain any skill point increases from Bobbleheads, set this to 0.)]
- But the 7 SPECIAL Bobbleheads were a bit of a problem, since each one increases their stat by +1
- My first thought was to replace the reward with a skill-related point reward . . . but then I would essentially have 20 Skill Bobbleheads for the 13 Skills; which meant 7 of the Skills would receive 6 BH reward points. Not a great solution.
- So I decided on a different approach: Instead of changing the rewards for these 7 BHs, I would just remove 5 points from the initial amount you get to distribute among the SPECIALs. (see below).

s.p.e.c.i.a.l. changes:

Default SPECIAL Points:
- Initial number of points = 40
- Each of the 7 stats requires a minimum of 1 point (using up 7 points, that the player cannot move).
- The player distributes the other 33 points.
- Since an average character would have exactly 5 points per stat; you ALWAYS begin the game with an "above average" character, with an average of 5.7 points per stat (40/7).
- For example: a character could have 2 stats with 5 points each, and 5 stats with 6 points each.
Tweaked SPECIAL Points:
- Initial number of points = 35
- Each of the 7 stats requires a minimum of 1 point (using up 7 points, that the player cannot move).
- The player distributes the other 28 points.
- You begin the game with an "average" character, with an average of exactly 5 points per stat (35/7).
- For example: a character could have 2 stats with 4 points each, 2 stats with 6 points each, and 3 stats with 5 points each.

Intro | Skill Points |  Bobbleheads | SPECIALs | Skill Books Character Builds | LUCK | Gender Differences | Traits | Bartering | Repair | Perks
Skill Books

Arwen Note: I never liked FO3's Skill Books, because they made it way too easy for me to advance my skills way too fast. But Fallout 3 relies so heavily on books, since so much knowledge has been lost since the war. Books are an important part of the game, so my mod doesn't eliminate Skill Book rewards . . . it just reduces the amount of skill points you can gain from them, by increases the requirements for gaining any rewards beyond the first 2 books for each. (Plus with my reduced Derived Skills, these are a LOT more necessary now.)

Default Skill Books
+1 skill point for every skill book read (24 or 25 skill books/skill)
Comprehension perk gives +1 additional skill point for each book read (+ 2 points for each book read after taking the perk)
- minimum requirement: Level 4, with INT=4
Maximum skill points/skill: +50 points (+2 points/book*25 books/skill) (or +25 points w/o Comp perk)
Books are consumed when you use them.
Tweaked Skill Books:
+1 skill point awarded, the first time you read a new skill book (limited to 1 book/skill)
Educated perk gives +1 skill point for 9 additional skill books (for a maximum of 10 books/skill)
- minimum requirement: Level 3, with INT=6
Comprehension perk gives +1 skill point for 10 additional skill books (for a maximum of 20 books/skill)
- minimum requirement: Level 10, plus Education Perk, plus INT=7
Maximum number of skill points / skill: +20 points (with both Educated and Comprehension perks)
Books are not consumed when you use them, but are replaced with a "Read" version, with a lower value that you can sell or collect.

The Educated Perk: It pays to stay in school. Being educated enables you to read higher level books, and extend your studies beyond the basic single volume. You can now learn from up to 10 books on each skill, adding one skill point per book.

The Comprehension perk, enables you to extend your studies in each skill beyond the Educated 10 book limit. Your ability to comprehend the more advanced volumes will allow you to learn from up to 20 books on each skill, adding one skill point per book.

Intro | Skill Points |  Bobbleheads | SPECIALs | Skill Books Character Builds | LUCK | Gender Differences | Traits | Bartering | Repair | Perks
Character Builds (and my Realism Tweaks changes)

Arwen Note: When you use my Realism Tweaks, you may find that you now need to rethink your character builds, as my mod has a huge impact on the way your skills and stats now affect your game play. You'll discover that every single stat point is now much more important.

s.p.e.c.i.a.l. Linked Skills Other Effects
Strength Melee Weapons Carrying Capacity (see Gender Bonuses)
Perception Energy Weapons
Compass markings; Higher PER = awareness of threats from further away. Some Perks require a minimum PER (see Perks section)
Endurance Big Guns
Base Health: (see Gender Bonuses)
Charisma Barter & Speech Buying price (see Barter section)
Intelligence Medicine & Science
& Repair
Many Perks require a minimum INT (see Perks section)
[Note: also true for all other SPECIALs, where Perks often require a minimum amount]
Agility Small Guns & Sneak Action Points: 1 AGL = 21 AP; 6 AGL = 60 AP; 10 AGL = 110 AP
Also my Encumbrance Quest makes includes my Dynamic Jump script, where how high and far you can jump is now based on Agility and on how encumbered you are.
Luck None Improves Critical Chance with all weapons (default).
Your LUCK now has a major impact on how much spawn loot you will find.
Fortune Finder Perk: your Luck stat now determines how many additional caps you will find.
Scrounger Perk: your Luck stat now determines the amount of additional ammo you will find.
Initial Skill Points:
- Regular Skills: For each point in a SPECIAL Primary Statistic, the linked Skill is increased by 2 points.
Example: with 4 Charisma, Barter = 8 [4 * 2]
- Tagged Skills gain 5 additional points.
Example: if Medicine is a Tagged Skill, 6 INT would result in Medicine = 17 [(6 * 2) + 5]

Select a character Trait (see Traits):
- (unique to my Hard-Core Quest . . . not in default game)
- I added 6 Traits (most of these are from the Fallout 2 game, but I added a coupled of my own unique Traits).
- These were added because I wanted to do more to expand character build diversity, in a way that will have a major effect on your game play (especially early in the game).
-  You can select one Trait, or you chose not to select any.


In the default game, LUCK only affected your critical chances with weapons, and increased the amount Skill points your received when you leveled up (one additional skill point for every point of LUCK). I didn't change the way LUCK affects critical chances, but I did remove the additional skill points for each point of LUCK (as part of my Derived Skill Points overhaul).  But I wanted LUCK to be an important stat, so my solution was to use the player's LUCK to affect the amount of spawned items they would find.

My Global Multipliers reduce the amount of spawned loot, but then your LUCK increases this reduced amount by 0% to 45%, and "Chance None" now ranges from 10% to 95% (was 0 to 100%).  Ok, so unless if you've spent a LOT of time analyzing FO3's Leveled Lists, like I have (I really need to get out more), this may not mean all that much to you.  So I'll explain it using money, or rather bottle Caps (which is the Wasteland currency):

Luck Increases the Amount of Found Loot
Stuff like caps, ammo, weapons, healing (and other) chems, food, drinks (including water and liquor)
LUCK If 100 items (like Caps) are set to spawn in a container:
1 You'll find 0 to 35 caps (depending on which of my global modifiers was used: ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
2 You'll find 5 to 40 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
3 You'll find 10 to 45 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
4 You'll find 15 to 50 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
5 You'll find 20 to 55 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
6 You'll find 25 to 60 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
7 You'll find 30 to 65 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
8 You'll find 35 to 70 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
9 You'll find 40 to 75 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)
10 You'll find 45 to 80 caps (ArwenMult10 to ArwenMult80)

Loot is also reduced by my Random Respawn Rate (4 to 8 days), which happens (on average) 50% less frequently than in the default game (default = 3 days; my average is now 6 days). My Random Respawn Rate is reset when you Level Up.

Gender Differences:

I understand that some people may view my gender bonuses as sexist, and not want to use my mod because they feel strongly that males and females should be totally equal. Well, I happen to strongly agree . . . but there is a difference between being equal and being exactly alike. I was a collegiate athlete: a member of the Woman's Volleyball Team (an all-female team) at my junior college, and a member of a nationally-ranked Sailing Team (a coed team, which was mostly male). So I know from personal experience that there are noticeable differences in how we perform. Note that I am only talking about general trends here. For example: There are plenty of individual women who are stronger than many individual men, but the average female is not as strong as the average male . . .  that's just a statistical fact. And when I wrote "in how we perform," I mean that males tend to be better at doing some things (such as in areas that involve strength), while females tend to be better at doing other things (such as in areas that involve flexibility). Again, the key words here are "tend to be better," as there are many exceptions.

The reason that I decided to add gender bonuses to my mod was that I wanted to increase the differences between character builds, which I felt was extremely weak in the default game.  My mod has made stats and skills a MUCH greater factor in how your game plays out, but other than a few basically equal gender-specific perks, and a few differences in pronouns (which are occasionally incorrect), there was practically no difference between playing as a female character, and playing as a male character (other than the obvious appearance differences). Yet gender differences are present in many other RPGs, including The Elder Scrolls RRGs (Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion). No other mod seemed to have addressed this . . . so I decided to give it a go.

Please understand that I am doing this in the spirit of the game and even though I've tried to add differences that make sense, I'm not totally serious about all of my gender bonuses . . . some were done more to keep the two genders balanced, than to reflect any real life differences. For instance, I gave females a Barter bonus because "girls are more into shopping" . . . the REAL reason is that I needed a way to balance out the Strength bonus that I gave the guys, and this was the best I could come up with (and it does do a decent job of balancing out things). My gender differences do not really limit your character all that much, because the differences can be mostly overcome just by distributing your SPECIAL points a bit differently, depending on the gender of your character.

Note: my Gender Differences are only present if you have my "More Difficult Hard-Core" setting enabled (in my Options Menu). This is my default setting, but if you change this to "Less Difficult Hard-Core," the settings for Carrying Capacity, Endurance, Barter, and Self-Repair will be a bit more lenient, and will be the same for both genders (only the gender differences for the two perks will remain).

Female Bonuses: (bonuses you receive when your character is female)
- Endurance: females now have 10 more Hit Points (HP) than males (for equal END).
  1 END: females = 90 HP; males = 80 HP [Less Diff. HC = 100 HP; default = 120 min. (+10 points/ level, above level 1)]
  4 END: females = 150 HP; males = 140 HP [Less Diff. HC = 160 HP; default = 180 HP at Level 1]
  5 END: females = 170 HP; males = 170 HP [Less Diff. HC = 180 HP; default = 200 HP at Level 1]
  6 END: females = 200 HP; males = 185 HP [Less Diff. HC = 175 HP; default = 220 HP at Level 1]
  8 END: females = 230 HP; males = 220 HP [Less Diff. HC = 240 HP; default = 260 HP at Level 1]
  10 END: females = 270 HP; males = 260 HP [Less Diff. HC = 280 HP; default = 300 HP at Level 1]
- Barter: females receive a 10% sell bonus over males (for equal Barter skill ).
  (see Barter section below for more details)
Male Bonuses: (bonuses you receive when your character is male)
- Strength: males receive a 5 pound capacity advantage over females for each STR point (results in a 5 to 50 pound bonus).
  1 STR: male = 65 pounds; female = 60 [Less Diff. HC =  70; default = 160]
  4 STR: male = 110 pounds; female = 90 [Less Diff. HC =  130; default = 190]
  5 STR: male = 125 pounds; female = 100 [Less Diff. HC =  150; default = 200]
  6 STR: male = 140 pounds; female = 110 [Less Diff. HC =  170; default = 210]
  8 STR: male = 155 pounds; female = 115 [Less Diff. HC =  210; default = 230]
  10 STR: male = 200 pounds; female = 150 [Less Diff. HC =  250; default = 250]
- Barter: males receive a 5% buy bonus over females males (for equal Barter skill )
- Repair: males' repair limit is higher than their repair skill (female's repair limit is exactly the same as their repair skill).
  [see Repair section below for more details]
Perk Gender Bonuses:
- Strong Back: Females +10 lbs carrying capacity/rank (+30 total); Males +15lbs carrying capacity/rank (+45 total).
- Life Giver: Female: +15 additional HPs/rank (+45 total); Male: +10 additional HPs/rank (+30 total)

TRAITS (Unique to my Hard-Core Quest . . . not in default game)

I added 6 Traits (most of these are from the Fallout 2 game, but I added a coupled of my own unique Traits). These were added because I wanted to do more to expand character build diversity, in a way that will have a major effect on your game play (especially early in the game).

During my Hard-Core Quest, you can now pick one Trait (or you  can chose not to select any):
Basic Needs "You know what it takes to survive, so you focused on improving the skills that will give you the best chance. You gain +5 to Barter, Medicine, Melee Weapons, SmallGuns, and Sneak. The down side is that all your remaining skills took a -3 reduction." +5 Barter, Medicine, Melee Weapons, SmallGuns, and Sneak; -3 all remaining skills. [My own unique Trait.]
Bruiser "A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do!" +2 Strength, but -25 Action Points [Fallout 2 Trait that I did not alter.]
Determined "You have less innate abilities than most, but you are not about to let that hold you back, so you have worked very hard at honing your skills."  +5 All Skills, but 3 less SPECIAL points to distribute. [My own unique Trait (similar to Fallout 2 Skilled trait) . . the opposite of Gifted.]
Gifted "You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent as much time honing your skills." +1 All SPECIALs, but -10 All Skills. [Fallout 2 Trait that I did not alter.]
Lone Survivor "You've been on your own so long that you've become skilled at using basic weapons. But you're a bit lacking at all the other skills." +10 SmallGuns and Melee Weapons, but -2 All other Skills. [My own unique Trait]
 Small Frame "You are not quite as big as other people, but that never slowed you down. You can't carry as much, but you are more agile."  +1 Agility, but 20% less Carrying Capacity

Fallout 2 Trait. Note: The 25% less Carry Capacity is take AFTER my Hard-Core reduction (see Gender Bonuses). The +1 Agility is a pretty nice bonus, but make sure that you can live with (what ends up being a GREATLY) reduced Carrying Capacity.


Intro | Skill Points |  Bobbleheads | SPECIALs | Skill Books Character Builds | LUCK | Gender Differences | Traits | Bartering | Repair | Perks

Bartering and Repair


In the default game, it is way too easy to soon have an abundance of caps . . . to the point that you no longer have to worry about being able to afford more than enough supplies. Most food, weapons, and ammo are very easy to come by, as you can literally just pick them up everywhere for free.

These changes were originally in my old Less-Is-More module, but now they are part of my Realism Core. The "Less" part of my Realism Tweaks greatly reduces these loot items, but it was still way too easy to get wealthy, so I totally overhauled the Wasteland economic system.

1.) First of all, I increased the way that the condition of armor/clothing and weapons alters its value, which means their values drop more rapidly as their condition deteriorates.

2.) Then I rebalanced the way your Bartering skills affect how much you will receive for all items or have to pay for them. And I balanced this in a way that doesn't prevent lower level players from being able to afford the necessities, as long as they are willing to do some scavenging (and are willing to part with some of their more valuable loot).

These changes will greatly reduce the speed of quick wealth from selling valuable items. Unless you have a very high Bartering skill. you will have to pay a heavy markup to purchase goods, and merchants will only be willing to give you a fraction of what an item is worth.

And there's one more thing. Since we all know that females tend to be much more into shopping (plus the fact that most of the merchants are male), I decided that it made sense to give the girls a 5% net Barter bonus (for the same Bartering skill) . . . females receive 10% more than males for the items they sell, but to balance things out, males pay 5% less for the items they purchase. This also helps to balance out the male Carrying Capacity bonus. [Note: this is part of my Gender Differences.]

Buying price (for an item with a value of 100 caps; and a condition of 100%):
  Skill Hard-Core: Female PC Hard-Core: Male Default game
  10 Barter 260 caps (160% mark up) 255 caps (155% mark up) 150 caps (50% mark up)
  25 Barter 237 caps (137% mark up) 232 caps (132% mark up) 144 caps (48% mark up)
  50 Barter 200 caps (100% mark up) 195 caps (95% mark up) 133 caps (33% mark up)
  75 Barter 163 caps (63% mark up) 158 caps (58% mark up) 122 caps (22% mark up)
  100 Barter 125 caps (25% mark up) 120 caps (20% mark up) 110 caps (10% mark up)
Selling price (for an item with a value of 100 caps; and a condition of 100%):
  10 Barter 22 caps (22% of value) 12 caps (12% of value) 49 caps (49% of value)
  25 Barter 31 caps (31% of value) 21 caps (21% of value) 56 caps (56% of value)
  50 Barter 48 caps (48% of value) 38 caps (38% of value) 67 caps (67% of value)
  75 Barter 64 caps (64% of value) 54 caps (54% of value) 78 caps (78% of value)
  100 Barter 80 caps (80% of value) 70 caps (70% of value) 90 caps (90% of value)


NPC merchants can now repair gear to a minimum of 80% condition . . . this includes NPCs that are added or changed by other mods. The player character's repair ability is controlled by my Gender script (see below). Note that your Intelligence is also factored into your Repair ability.

Gender Bonus: Males' repair limit is higher than female's repair limit (for the same repair skill, and for same INT).

10 Repair: male = 28%; female = 19% [Core and default = 46%]
20 Repair: male = 36% female = 28% [Core and default = 52%]
50 Repair: male = 60% female = 55% [Core and default = 70%]

10 Repair: NPC merchants = 82% [default game NPCs = 46%]
20 Repair: NPC merchants = 84% [default game NPCs = 52%]
50 Repair: NPC merchants = 90% [default game NPCs = 70%]

Intro | Skill Points |  Bobbleheads | SPECIALs | Skill Books Character Builds | LUCK | Gender Differences | Traits | Bartering | Repair | Perks
Perks: Details on Changes & Additions

Arwen Note: To fully understand my perk changes, you need to understand the difference between Perk requirements and a condition that is attached to a perk skill bonus. The Perk requirements just prevent you from taking that perk until you meet the minimum requirements, For instance, with the Finesse Perk, the requirement is that your character is at least at Level 10, and has a minimum of 6 AGL, and has a minimum of 6 STR. (The stat requirements are based on your Permanent Actor Value.) Once you meet the requirements and take the Perk, you never lose the perk. But you can temporarily lose one or more of the skill bonuses that the Perk gives you, when you fail to meet any conditions that are attached to it (which are based on the Current Actor Value for that skill). With the Finesse Perk, even though your Permanent Actor Value for AGL might be 7, if your current AGL is damaged/reduced so that it is currently lower than 6, you will no longer receive the Actor Effect bonus (+5% increase to Critical Chance), until your current AGL is back up to 6 or higher).

Blue Color = default Minimum level for perk
(4) =
Default minimum level of perk
Green Color =
what I have changed

ID Editor ID Perk Requirements Bonuses (and Conditions) Ranks (and notes)

Minimum Level 02:

94EB8 Black Widow Female; Charisma≥6 +10 damage against male opponents, until your CHR drops below 6. 1; +unique dialogue options with opposite sex
03142 Child at Heart (4) CHR≥6 and/or Speech≥25 Improves interactions with children. 1
44948 Daddy's Boy Male; INT≥6 +5 points to Science & Medicine/rank 3 (+5 pounds/rank)
69310 Daddy's Girl Female; INT≥6 +5 points to Science & Medicine/rank 3 (+5 pounds/rank)
NEW Good Whack ST ≤ 5 (only for actors with lower strength) +5 points Melee/rank
3 (+5 points/rank)
4494E Gun Nut INT≥6; AGL≥6 +5 points to Small Guns & Repair/rank 3 (+5 points/rank)
31DDB Iron Fist (4) STR≥6 +10 points Unarmed damage/rank, until your STR drops below 6. 2 (+10 points/rank)
94EB9 Lady Killer Male; Charisma≥6 +10% damage against female opponents, until your CHR drops below 6. 1; +unique dialogue options with opposite sex
14B97 Little Leaguer STR≥5; PER≥5 +5 points to Melee Weap. & Explosives/rank 3 (+5 points/rank)
0D674 Arwen Medic (new) INT≤5 (only for actors with lower intelligence) +5 points Medicine/rank
3 (+5 points/rank);
08D49 Arwen Petty Thief (new) INT≥5; PER≤5 (for actors with lower perception) +5 points Lockpick/rank
3 (+5 points/rank);
44CA6 Scoundrel (4) CHR≥6 +5 points to Speech & Barter/rank 3 (+5 points to both/rank)
08D41 Arwen Speech Class (new) CHR≤5 (only for actors with lower charisma) +5 points to the Speech/rank
3 (+5 points/rank)
31DD3 Swift Learner INT≥6 +2 skill points at level up [for a total of 8 points] 1
08D3D Arwen Target Practice (new) AGL≤5 (only for actors with lower agility) +5 points to Small Guns/rank/rank
3 (+5 points/rank)
31DE0 Toughness END≥6 +10% Damage Resistance/rank 1/2
31DD6 Thief PER≥6; AGL≥6 +5 points to Sneak & Lockpick/rank 3 (+5 points/rank for each)

Minimum Level 03:

31DD8 Educated (4) INT≥6 Can now read 9 additional skill books/skill [for a total of 10 books/skill]. 1; +1 skill point/book (up to 15 books/skill)
31DD9 Entomologist (4) INT≥6 and/or Science≥40  +50% damage against mutated insects 1
07FEA Arwen Fix It (new) INT≥6 +10 repair/rank 3 (+10 points/rank)
44CB1 Intense Training (2) END≥6 and/or INT≥6 +1 point into any SPECIAL/rank 10/2 (+1 point/rank)

Minimum Level 04:

94EBA Bloody Mess (6) none characters you kill will often explode into a mess ; +5% extra damage with all weapons 1
31DAB Demolition Expert (6) Explosives≥50; PER≥6 explosive weapons +15% DAM/rank, unless your PER is lower than 6. 3 (+15%/rank)
31DE3 Fortune Finder (6) Luck≥5 increases Nuka-Cola caps in containers. The higher your Luck stat, the more caps you will find. 1

Minimum Level 05:

31DB5 Animal Friend (10) Charisma≥6 Animals won't attack you, unless your CHR drops below 6. 1; affects Dog, Yao Guai, Mole Rat, and Brahmin

Minimum Level 06:

94EBB Gunslinger PER≥6; AGL≥6 VATS accuracy w/1hand gun +25%, until your agility drops below 6. 1
44CA9 Lead Belly END≥7 and/or Medicine≥50 -50% radiation from rad. water sources 1
31DB8 Master Trader (14) CHR≥7 and/or Speech≥50 +10 barter per rank, until your CHR drops below 7. 3 (+10 points/rank)

Minimum Level 07:

44CA7 Nerd Rage! (10) STR≤4; INT≥7 STR raised to 10; +50% more dam resist when Health drops to 25% or below 1; (only for wimps, STR≤4)
94EBD Night Person (10) END≤4 (only for actors with low endurance) At night, gain +2 points to both INT and Perception (up to a maximum of 10). 1 rank;
07FE4 Arwen Weapons Expert (new) AGL≥6; STR≥6 +5% DAM/rank with all weapons, until your PER drops below 6. 3 (+5/rank) [Bloody Mess w/o the mess]

Minimum Level 08:

99828 Commando PER≥7; AGL≥6 VATS accuracy w/rifle type +25%, until your perception drops below 7. 1
44CAD Impartial Mediation CHR≥6 +20 points Speech
(must maintain Neutral Karma: 250 to -250)
31DA9 Rad Resistance END≥7 and/or Medicine≥50 +25% more Radiation Resistance 1

Minimum Level 09:

31DAA Scrounger (8) Luck≥6 find more ammo in containers 1
9982E Size Matters (8) END≥7; STR≥7 +10 points to Big Guns/rank, until your STR drops below 7. 2 (+10 points/rank)
31DDE Strong Back (8) STR≥6; END≥7 Females +10 lbs carrying capacity/rank (+30 total).
Males +15 lbs carrying capacity/rank (+45 total).
3 (+10 pounds/rank)

Minimum Level 10:

07FE3 Arwen Animal Ally (new) CHR≥8; requires Animal Friend perk Animals come to your aid in combat, until your CHR drops below 8. 1; (was rank 2 of Animal Friend)
31DE1 Comprehension (4) INT≥7;
requires Educated perk
Can now read 9 additional skill books/skill [for a total of 20 books/skill] 1; +1 point/book read (for up to 25 books/skill)
94EC1 Finesse AGL≥6, AND AGL ≥ STR +critical hit chance = +5 points Luck, until your AGL < 6; and your perm STR cannot be greater than your Agility. 1
default Here and Now Level<20 grants an additional experience level, with all the advantages that brings. Works with current XPR Mult you have selected. 1
default Mysterious Stranger Luck≥6 Mysterious Stranger will occasionally lend a hand in VATS mode 1

Minimum Level 11:

31DB1 Life Giver (12) END≥7; Medicine≥40 Female: +15 HPs/rank; Male: +10  HPs/rank. [Note: these are constant bonus points. When you are at full health, you will exceed your Permanent Health by this amount.] 3; Gender Bonuses
31DAD Mister Sandman (10) Sneak≥60; AGL≥7 Option to silently kill any sleeping human or Ghoul (unless your AGL drops below 7). 1; +10 XPR/silent kill
31DB4 Sniper (12) AGL≥7; Small Guns≥50 +25% chance of hitting head in VATS (until your PER drops below 6). 1

Minimum Level 12:

default Cannibal none In Sneak mode, option to eat a corpse to regain Health; but loss of Karma. 1
9982D Chemist (14) Medicine≥60/50; INT≥7 positive drugs 50% longer 1
44CA8 Contract Killer (14) Karma<0 Reserved for characters with Negative Karma. Ear from any good character you kill sold for caps and negative Karma. 1
44CAC Lawbringer (14) Karma>0 Reserved for characters with Positive Karma. Finger from any evil character you kill sold for caps and positive Karma. 1
31DC2 Robotics Expert Science≥50; INT≥7 +25% DAM to robots; can permanently shut down (must sneak up undetected & activate). 1
44CAF Concentrated Fire (18) PER≥7;
Energy Weapons ≥60 and/or Small Guns ≥60
Your accuracy to hit any body part in V.A.T.S. increases slightly with each subsequent hit on that body part, until your perception drops below 7. 1

Minimum Level 13:

94EBF Fast Metabolism (12) AGL≥7 and/or END≥7 +20% HP bonus when using Stimpaks. 1
44CAA Paralyzing Palm (18) Unarmed≥60; END≥7 VATS palm strike paralyzes opponent for 30 seconds (must be unarmed to do). 1
31DB2 Pyromaniac (12) Explosives≥50; END≥7 +50% damage with fire-based weapons, until your PER drops below 7. 1

Minimum Level 14:


Adamantium Skeleton Science≥50 Limbs get 50% less damage 1
99827 Chem Resistant (16) Medicine≥50; INT≥7 50% less likely to develop addiction 1
44CAB Cyborg Medicine≥60; Sci.≥50 +10% Damage, Poison, and Radiation Resistances. +10 Energy weapons, until your perception drops below 7. 1

Minimum Level 15:

31DBB Better Criticals (16) PER≥7; Luck≥6 +50% damage bonus for a critical hits, until your perception drops below 7. 1
31DB7 Light Step (14) PER7; AGL≥7 You will never set off an enemy's mines or floor-based traps, unless your agility drops below 7. 1
31DC5 Solar Powered (20) END≥7 when in direct sunlight; you slowly regenerate lost Health, back up to 60%. 1

Minimum Level 16:

31DBA Action Boy Male; Agility≥7 +25 Action Points, until your Agility drops below 7. 1
7B202 Action Girl Female; Agility≥7 +25 Action Points, until your Agility drops below 7. 1
31DB3 Silent Running (12) AGL≥6/7; Sneak≥50 +10 points to Sneak; running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt, until your Agility drops below 7. 1

Minimum Level 17


Grim Reaper's Sprint (20) AGL≥7 With a VATS kill, up to 60 Action Points are restored on exit. 1


Ninja (20) Sneak≥80; AGL≥7 Melee/Unarmed attacks +15% critical chance; sneak attack criticals +25 dam, until AGL drops below 7. 1


Tag! (16) INT≥7 Select a 4th Tag skill, which instantly raises it by the Tag Skill bonus amount (7 points with my Tweaks). 1

Minimum Level 18

default Infiltrator PER≥7; Lockpick≥70 You get one attempt to pick any lock that is broken. 1

Minimum Level 20

31DE5 Explorer PER≥7 Every location in the world is revealed on your map. 1

GOTY Perks: GOTY Hard-Core Patch changes:

For the most part, the GOTY perks were fine the way they were, or only needed some minor balancing to mesh better with my Hard-Core changes.  The exception was the Almost Perfect perk (default boosted all your SPECIALs up to 9 points).

FormID Editor ID Perk Level Requires Bonuses (and Conditions)

Pit [DLC02]

07354 Booster Shot 1 END ≥ 6 +10% radiation resistance.
073E8 Auto Axpert 1 STR ≥ 6 +25% damage with AutoAxe, unless your STR is < 6
073EA Pitt Fighter 1 END ≥ 5 +3% damage and radiation resistance; unless your END is < 5

Broken Steel [DLC03]

0108E No Weakness 24 none All SPECIAL stats that are less than 5 are instantly increased to 5.
0118d Rad Absorption 24 END ≥ 7 Your radiation level slowly decreases on its own over time
0118e Warmonger 26 INT ≥ 7 All custom weapon types become available to you without the schematics.
011BF Party Boy 28 Male You no longer suffer the withdrawal effect from alcohol addiction.
011c0 Party Girl 28 Female You no longer suffer the withdrawal effect from alcohol addiction.
011C1 Rad Tolerance 26 END ≥ 7 You do not suffer any ill effects from Minor Radiation Poisoning; unless your END is < 7
011C2 Nerves of Steel 26 AGL ≥ 7 You regenerate Action Points much more quickly than you normally would; unless your AGL is < 7
03211 Puppies! 22 none If Dogmeat dies, you'll be able to get a new canine companion from his litter of puppies.
03213 Deep Sleep 22 none You sleep deeply no matter where you are. You get the Well Rested benefit of +10% XP for eight hours no matter what bed you sleep in.
04C6B Almost Perfect 30 none Take the Almost Perfect perk, and all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. that are less than 9 stats are all instantly raised 1 point higher.
04C6C Nuclear Anomaly 30 none Whenever your Health is reduced to 20 or less, you will erupt into a devastating nuclear explosion. Note that any allies in the vicinity will also suffer the effects of the blast!
04C6D Devil's Highway 24 Karma > -750 Your Karma is instantly set to Very Evil.
04C6E Karmic Rebalance 24 Karma < -250 and > 250 Your Karma is instantly set to Neutral.
04C6F Escalator to Heaven 24 Karma < 750 Your Karma is instantly set to Very Good.
04C71 Quantum Chemist 22 Science ≥ 70 Every ten Nuka-Colas in your inventory is immediately converted into a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Point Lookout [DLC04]

0D1FA Superior Defender 1 none The player gains +5 to their damage and +10/+5 to their armor rating while standing still.
0D1FB Swing For The Fences 1 STR ≥ 5 You'll do an additional 10 points of damage while any two handed melee weapon is equipped; unless your STR drops lower than 5.
0D1FD Gray Matters 1 none Protect what's important: you'll receive 25% less damage when hit in the head.
0D1FE Ghoul Ecology 1 none You have learned to exploit the specific weaknesses of ghouls, and gain a +5 damage bonus when attacking one.
0FC2E Mirelurk Ecology 1 none After hours of studying, you've finally learned to exploit a mirelurk's weaknesses and gain a +5 damage bonus while attacking one.
011096 Punga Power! 01 1 none The restorative effects of Punga fruit now have a greater effect on you.
011097 Punga Power! 02 1 none When harvesting Punga plants, you will receive more fruit.

Zeta [DLC04]

0ABB0 Xenotech Expert 0 none Your familiarity with alien technology gives you better control over their weapons, increasing their damage output by 20%.

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